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Friday, March 31, 2006

hey spastic pigs! haha...that is lame shit. So anyway today school was okay la. 2 teachers didnt come but we still have to do assgmt and worse..TEST! then after scholl there was another leader's day rehersal... alot didnt come. i should not have came lor! could have cut my hair! ive been waiting since march holidays to cut my hair but something dumb just keep turning up resulting in my hair to wait!

arh lame piggies lah! nothing to update! visitor content is under construction! ive made the wallpapers. im very busy you know got a proposal to complete...cant wait for NAFA test!!! and the 2.4 run!! 1April leh!!! arr so gonna be cool! i want get gold again!

whatever la! ciao

mammar hey 12:17 PM

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Today well...Today was like any other day. After school I watch Kranji Idol (band). There was this one group which sounded so fantastic!! seriously! The singer was not like those who think they can sing but they really cant! He was awesome! No its not Danial's group! I have to admit this...Stozer really cant sing! and Danial...ermm had an english accent to it although he's not that bad! Waniz was average and tinted pistols?? well...hmm...nevermind.

So i went for CCA..had to do this proposal for a competition. Some Lame thing. So anyway there are not really much homework just english and maths( i had to redo the whole thing because i did it all wrong! oh well!).

i hate tomorrow. Why? because it Thursday! I hate thursdays. For one thing, there are mostly math tests and secondly, there's boring physics! Also not to forget PDP!

Well lets talk about PDP. Hmm..Service learning is replacing it for now. Ya thats fine BUT i cannot tell you how i dislike the trainer! For one thing, well...he is overdramatic and acts happy! He does alot of hand exercises. But that was not what made my brain automatically register him under my hate list! It was his hearing! Yes hearing! when people stood up and say out the answer, he asked the person to speak louder when he/she already has and i thought everyone could hear. Also, when James was presenting, well he(James) was elaborating his points. then, i said, " huh? need to elaborate ar?". In a shocking manner. Also i talked softly. Then that trainer apparently heard me say elaborate! so i told him i wasnt asking James to elaborate.. i was just...i didnt get to finish my sentence and he said i had to present our grp's work(initially it was Sean). well i calmed myself down not wanting to argue with him because it would just make things worst... also Ms Lee had said to be nice to him. oh well so i presented can say sloopy..why? because i was so fed up with him. There is this phrase in Malay, "pekak badak" or deaf buffalo! it simply means that a person can only hear soft and not loud! it totally refers to him! no offence to him but im voicing out my comment to let that feeling of fed upness out. Not to make any more fuss out of it i shall stop now!

mammar hey 9:13 AM

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hho lets go! yay my site is finally open but not yet to public! Well its been a long time since i posted anything. I just wanted to say that school's been a total drag. I think im going to flunk my geog test. Well maybe not flunk but just a passing grade. Why must combine humans be included in L1R5?! thats insanity! Oh well! So i had to stay back for some dumb leader's day thingy. It so sucked that i slept through it! I mean it! i slept! Go ahead and laugh your ass out! So Lessons today..well...i dont remember a thing! oh..We got back our eng common test papers and i got the same marks i always get for compos this year...19!! i wrote more than 350 words at the bottom of the paper because i did not have time to count and Ms Lee wrote down, "Haha!"

During street dance well changed insturtor again and a new dance! its moderate. nothing much well anyways im felling EXHILARATED because there is not homework that is needed to be handed in tmrw! Gotta go now! chao!

mammar hey 4:40 PM