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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

yo peeps! yest didn blog because was sleeping the whole day! bleah!

well only recalled the period during chemistry extra lesson. sean sher me and yuhui did not sit together so no fooling around and was quite boring.... saw a disgusting thing on the 3A class wall! guess wad? "i love wet pussy!" as sherm would say, "OH MY..."hahaha...ya seriously man! ok so went hme and slept yay!!

I USED TO LOVE MATH!!!! NOT ANYMORE! why?! because of mdm mah! ya! she gave us tons of hmwk esp today and tests on thurs and fri not bothering that we have chem test tmrw as well and had no time to complete her hmwk!! she teaches to fast and she thinks tha the world revolves ard math nd only math! she says we must be ON! cuz exams are nearng . we got other subjects to study also right??! we have 8 mind you not ONE! baa baa lame sheep la! err... kill maths i tell you!

forget math! during bio well gt back our tests and i got 20/25! thats considered okay la...

then during english had this advertistment for beauty product! sooo fun and all! dot dot dot

then after school got new southwales sci test! was damn hard man! i could do some but not all...just hentam and hope that its right! bleah...hen got music tech! wei en and sokting left early for no particular reason??! okay and left me to complete the script! ok wadevala i enjoy writting the script anyways so i dont mind!

AND I FOUND OUT FRM YUHUI THAT MS LEE READS MY BLOG??!!................... so what??!! i care lor! thats her business she wants to read..lalalala

ok im feeling bored! yuhui sent me the ballon pics (the pics so grainy lor! must be use hp take one! so cheapskate one!hahahaha..jkjk) and im lazy to make the bloody poster...wad must i include??... i guess ill just edit the pics and leave a blank space for the words! that will be done maybe during the weekends! now have to study for the bloody tests..

blye blye pleaple ill glo nlow olkays?!!!hahaa..lames bye!

mammar hey 10:46 AM

Monday, April 24, 2006

hello people im feeling bored now and im gng to do my hmwk rushing here because i eally need to get started on it!

ok so today spent the whole day mugging on the computer!! better get started estuffing my face in textbks! ok so yuhui asked me to do the dumbass SL logo and our name is project j.o.y(joy of youth)...dunnolah how thy got up with tt name so anw here's the logo.

i noe i said i would post the scavenger hunt pics but cant do it now! spent the whole day listening to peterpan songs(its that malay band not that stupid fairytale!!!1) so i made a lyout on their lead singer ariel!i noe its sounds so dianey but shut up they are good okay!!!i like tak bisakah and kukatakan dengan indah !! so nice!

oh and here's the layout! might be using it might not! depends on my mood! bleah!it only shows the top part and not the frames! hu wants to see the frames??!

mammar hey 8:41 AM

Sunday, April 23, 2006

yo peeps..haha! yay today was so interesting and fun man! woke up as early as 7 to get ready fo the scavenger hunt thing and then met up with the rest at cck mrt at 9! then took some pictures and boarded the train...then we ate at minang cafe!!haha the name so funny! so anyways, the real thing was so fun!! we were practically running here and there! there was one very difficult sickening clue that we could not figure out and we finally found it right under our noses!!like wth!

so after the whole thing, we went to eat at singapore zamzam! so delish and cheap man!! then at 2.30 went back there to receive our prize...can you imagine we got third?!?!! sji got second while rgs got 1st! hahaha..we like so extra! then got interview with the malay newspaper!!!like?? haha...take pictures and fun!

we stayed back for bahas sji against rgs! so hangat seh!1 cheer here and there! so fun!!! went back at ard 8?? ya...too bad sab missed her train she was forever chasing !! so sad...she might not be able to see it ever again! if you were there, you would noe wad mean! its like soooo sad!ahahah....

the took mrt home then the bus and anded in front of the computer! will post the pics later...kind of busy now! not much pics cuz was enjoying the fun and my batt ran low halfway! shit man!!

klah chao

mammar hey 12:14 PM

Saturday, April 22, 2006


its 7.30 in the morning and im waiting till 8 to bathe and get ready to go out for that scavenger hunt thing...

so anws yest was so damn sia! i found out we did not need to study latent heat!!! and need to study temperature which apparently i didnt!! so i rushed and study ar! the during the test, almost a page was on temp! and i blew it! i think i did badly for this test! boo hoo..

so anw after sch at 3, got sherm sean and yuhui were fooling around as usual! hahaha...i pricked my hand! i told them i had a hole in my sock and showed them!!!hahaha...sherm was uncontrollable! she was laughing like chicken balls and veggie balls sia!

went home with them and helen..omg i tot helen was the gentle clever harmless type but she was so violent sia!!!hahahahaha...and shermin was then u noe??hahaha..and she keeps repeating hole in a sock! lame pigs la! no wonder helen is so gd in sports! she did 40 incline seh! i did like 33 only and she did 52 sit ups?!!!! i did like 46?! omg lame pigs!

so i forgot to buy my liquid paper again!! spastic pigs la!how can forget such important things one?! i went home to,.........sleep!hahaha

there's english hmwk, math, chem, bio, study SS.....and the list goes on! and this is counted as little u noe! on normal days its more!!!!spastic lame pigs mary had a little lame lamb!err...

okay la want to go andd.......i dunno la wad to do now but will think of something soon...maybe eating?! or sleeping again?! hahahaha

bye hole in a sock!

mammar hey 10:38 PM

Friday, April 21, 2006

hello people. its been quite some time. with tests bugging me, i could not find the time to update. now finally i have! so be happy la! so anyay, tmrw there's a physics test.. err...i so dnt get latent heat of fusion and vapourisation! wadevala.

on staurday got this scavenger hunt sort of thing at masjid sultan and im supposed to go.. wth la..but wadevala..its gng to be quite fun..i think?!

then i must do the damn stupid logo for SL sia...i have no time seh. summore by next week! aiyahs.... its just a logo right so quite fast finish but very hard to come up with ideas...

anw, recently, the amt of hmwk is decreasing! yay! but the no. of test is increasing! noo!! this week we had 7 tests!!! 7 i tell you! 7! thats a lot man! its like a test a day! mostly math tests! damnla..

so i have not talked abt todaybut since its 12.36am, its shuld be yest. ar wadeva ar....aiya..aiya...AIYAH! aiya i dun remember! hahahaha... becuse not much gng on excpt tt the whole class and almost school is folding paper lotuses!!!hahaha..if u refered to one of my previous entries, there's tis post where me cang ning yuhui iskandar haikal and sok ting went to metta home to help fold lotus for thy gave us more...more as in MORE!!! like 50 million like la just exaggerating but its a huge pile!so the class helped no doubt we are the ones getting the cca points not them! haiz my class is so helpful right?! haha..

during assembly when mr sia announced the dirty class, 3c was one of them..thenmr sia announced the dirtiest of all was 3I and the 3cs were like..awwwww....hhahaha..lame pigs la thy all! so lame but so fun!!! so unfair! err.. the C class is always the fun one since last yr and last last yr! i had to go to 3f! why?! why oh why?!

oh i recently only realised that 3c's window boke! 8 of them?!!! i think thy took it out but 8??!! it left one huge hole sia!!!omg!! so cool! if u forget take ur things and door is locked, you can climb through the window sia!! fun! i only passed the corridor there only todaysince the toilet near our class is locked! haha...then i saw it! and thy told me it already was like tt since last week?!!! ergh!!! not fair seh we left out frm the freaking funness!!

shit la so regretful! klah tralala...go liaos

mammar hey 3:45 PM

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

its 2.30am in the morn and i have added in new icons yay! gdmorn!

i really like them! so nice! here they are...can be found under visitor CLICK section!


mammar hey 5:31 PM

today very stressful! dontwant to talk about it la! naw tmrw there's a hml test....shit boring...nothing much to update a just that tmw is gng to be a busy day! bye):

mammar hey 2:15 PM

Monday, April 17, 2006

yay made new ayout again! featuring elijah wood! this time no lines! cuz it makes the whole layout looks ugly when codes are added in....i found this website with nice pics of elijah and decided to do on it! anyway, i still got english and chemistry hmwk to comlete! will complete later! i hope...haha...the holidays been quite boring as im staying at home all day and night! except for certain times to clear the rubbish?? haha...

the weekend is coming to an end! exams are so near! my father keeps reminding me its 3 more weeks till MYE and im like yayaya..i remember! how could someone possibly forget that the exams are nearing! its so nerve wrecking! i dont ven want to imagine what would happen on that day.. hopefully i wont forget any info! will panic for sure! i still have not studied so scaared of it but im so lazy to do anything abt it! lol...

ok thats all lar!

mammar hey 10:44 AM

Friday, April 14, 2006

it has been really busy this few days! tests and all. can you believe that there is a service learning test?? lame shit! today had my NAFA test! i think i did okay a... so far all As excet for 2.4! timing was 11:05...4 more sec and il have A! wad the hell.. also had bio test! i stayed up till ad 4 to study! i dun understand the textbk seh! but anws i think i might do okay...after school called ms wong several times and she din seh! ah nvm wil tink of a way played game of life in library....i only got 175000 at the end! hahaha...the rest all 300000 over seh! so far!

heard frm faza that the server crashed yesterday...luckily my files still here!

my fossil watch is spoilt!!! yes spoilt! the battery is fine but the minute hand is not moving!!! ergh...someday will go scotts road and repair! lucky gt warranty seh! faza's fossil watch also spoil! hahs! klah go fist

mammar hey 12:32 PM

Sunday, April 9, 2006

wadsup? the sky's up! and im being lame! yes LAME! L-A-M-E! bored...made this new layout! quite okay la...this might either be my may layout or this april's layout....

mammar hey 12:50 PM

Saturday, April 8, 2006

hi. i want to tell you about person A. well tis person i think is a happy eventhough he thinks not. for one thing, i heard that drg camp he bathe with two otherr pesons in a cubicle to save time?? i dont think tt this is true la! but the fact that people says so is well...ermm..nvm. well the next weird thing is that this person goes to the boys toilet(duh!) when classes end PE lessons and see the ppl change! like hmmm...okay and he does peverted stuff like the homo stuff like butt slaps! thank god he was not dere when i changeed! how obvious can you get?! next, he acts so cool and all that you wont see that he is happy wadsoever and he accuses ppl of being happy and despise them! like everybody in our class hate u sia! i dunno y u get to 3ple sci! so anyway....i watched this movie call cursed..its a nce show...thee is this one part where this so called cool guy teases a nerd for being happy and all and at the end, he(the cool guy) admits tt he is happy and is in love with the nerd! haha...its like totally the same with this current situation lor.however, i have no prejudice wadsoever agnst happys. we are all humans?!

anyhoo, i could NEVER believed that i could get high marks fo geog but my mindset changed when ms yeo mentioned my name! my heart was beaing like breaking the ribcage lor then she call my name, my heart stop and pop out sia! haha..16/20! can you imagne? even if i dont do well for SS at least i have my geog! my SS is kind of improving which is a good sign! ranking in the honour role is 35! for math! hahahahaha...

back frm boring leader's day! i can die of heat i tell you! what a waste of time..anyway some random pics! food!


mammar hey 2:03 PM

Friday, April 7, 2006

today was so fun! especially after school as usual...when is during school times any fun? so can ning asked who want get CIP points...i, james,yuhui,and sokting volunteered. we dont really care abt getting the points cuz its of no use! we just wanted to have fun! whats the point of sleeping at home? james could not go cuz his mother told him to go back home and sleep and not waste time?! hahaha...the irony! so anyway iskandar came as well so went marsling metta home for the disabled to fold lotuses!! first it was boring lor but at the end this girl frm marsling sec lightened the atmosphere! she funny lor and insane she made me fall off my chair and she thinks my name is baharul! ahahaha...and apparently according to canning,yuhui,and sokting, haikal and baharul were caught in a love triangle with her! then after all tt laughter, met up with jong(james) since he lived near there. he bought us food! yay! then ate ate and laughed and joked abt the insane marsling girl....apparently, jong's perfect girl was her too!! poor yanting! hahaha. came up with a dumb headline! marsling girl commited suicide for kranji boys! damn lor! woulb be much funnier if you were there lor! in the mrt so noisy..

despite all that, there is homework! i just completed my crossword! just left filing and bio! blogging at 3am again! lol...people say im nocturnal! i agree!

mammar hey 6:01 PM

Thursday, April 6, 2006

im blogging at 3am in the morning again! haha! today or should i say yesterday was fun! esp after school! got lame ass YE again then we had to meet at sci lab? then ms wong didnt say which lab so me and aishah assumed it was the bio lab but i found out it was the phy lab!! like wth! never so i had to press staplets down and i pricked my thumb! was bleeding profusely like a fast flowing river of red wine, staining everything in it's path red with anguish and pain! LOL! lame pigs ! no la its not tt bad! so im left with another 200 pages of Angels and Demons! yayness! so anyway back to after school...well since it rained after two bloody hours of pressing staplets, i decided to wait for the rain to stop pouring down. so watched the soccer training and when the rain stopped, the 3cs and 3ds ended their lifesci thinghy so went home with them!! was really damn noisy! so fn and i repeateed what shida said for the whole jouney! haha...shi hong is so sick and osiah was lame spastic pigs as usual, trying to grab attention!lalala... so navin commented on my bag AGAIN! he said it looks girly but i disagree. i mean doesnt he noe style??! okaY it maybe ugly but whats so girly about it?

navin can be so blind sometimes! so anyways, i miss hthe old 2c! its so silent without them...i also missed the primary school days, when i got scolded by mr lye!(haha ! it was the best..his face like shit and i almost laughed!), being the goody goody, thinking up lame jokes with elijah, fighting with hafizafrul, the chance to play soccer without worrying that ur pants would get dirty(bcuz tt time our pants were like very short like mini shorts!lol!), signing our uniforms,faces,legs,hands after graduation!(so fun!)

im being spastic here so im going to stat before i get retarded! tralala~

mammar hey 7:06 PM

Sunday, April 2, 2006

the bahas was so fun! eventhough they did not win, they did their best! at least we got through the quater finals!(: so anyway on 27 April, 1 mth after the reopening of the site, im going to put up a new layout! here it is of Jared Padalecki. nice or not?

mammar hey 4:30 PM


Shermin is a spastic wet rice farmer who practices spastictence wet rice cultivation and has an automatic motorised semen sprinkler! no wonder her crops are spastic! oh ya she also has a buffalo in her house!! hahahaha...mary had a little LAME lamb...

visitor content is up! yay!

Im going to watch bahas today! Ameera is sick so Sabrina is replacing her! I know its sad but Sabrina would make a much better debater than her! and that time at the library when Sab told me and marl, that she wont be debating we were shocked and hoped that Ameera felt sick..and she did! lame piggy.

Anyway yesterday had that SPA talk which is boring buy hey which talk isnt? i went to the class and some chairs were not being put up! i left the responsibility to Suren. Oh well! I asked Suren why the chairs are not put up..he said he put up all the chairs and arranged the tables already...then i asked him why the chairs still not put up? he said oh one chair not up right? then i said no...he replied eh walau i put up wad?!

so maybe some dumbass people frm other class come into our class and sat and din put back the chairs but..Suren also said that he did not put a chair hello if u put the rest of the chairs up might as well put that up too? ok nvm that is spastic past already!

some lame piggies things
suren calls me malek
i call him santa
we call zehang chicken backside/radio antenae/coconut plantation!! ahaha

my class is so happening but too bad it is isolated frm the rest of the classes! so unfair lor! the other class even more happening and we missed all the fun! just because we are triple sci students we have to left out frm all tt fun! so spastice lame pigs lor!

mammar hey 2:55 AM