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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

This is gonna be an ultra super duper short update!

School was a drag today! Nothing much to say about it!

Anyhoots, after school Sandy, Sean, Jun Pei and me worked on our geography project which I think is in the middle of suckiness and wonderful. Basically its average! Whatever it is, I love it and we really put a hell lot of effort in making the bleedy poster! Woots!

Something that really grossed me out as I walked back home! I saw a long stretch of cockroaches. DEAD! They are already disgusting when they were alive, imagine them dead! Now puke!


mammar hey 3:49 PM

Sunday, January 28, 2007

hello it has been a long time since I updated this site because unfortunately, my computer crashed again!! gahh! So now, im updating on the laptop. The computer should be back tmr so wait! Now lets go sleep!

mammar hey 1:08 PM

Thursday, January 18, 2007

There was a physics test today and I have calculated carefully that I will surely fail! Gahh.

Anyhoo, due to too many unnecessary complains/comments by teachers[4 teachers and a principal to be exact!], I have decided to change my hairstyle. Woah big deal I know. The current hairstyle is more toned down and much more decent looking but whatever.

Also, the numerous amount of tests and schoolwork is killing me slowly!! There is an SBQ test tomorrow and I am not prepared, not to mention it is my weakest area ever!

wish me all the best guys![:

mammar hey 1:44 AM

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A short update at 221am[???!].

Every single day has been filled up with both sleeping and mugging so the computer is not really a priority right now hence the less frequent ramblings/ blogging.

Every single teacher and some students are "crazy" about my new hair, saying its too "unacceptable" or "spiky". Yah, whatever! Do you seriously think I give a bother about what you think?

Anyhoo, I just finished completing my math homework and studied[not really] for the maths test tomorrow. Oh and obviously not forgetting, I have hopefully prepared enough for the English test tomorrow as well. I wish hard that the question will have something to do with fear since I only prepared on that one word! whatever it is, I just hope its not on anything happy because you all know how sadistic I am right? and how i adore to write sadistic and solemn stories. My life story is one! No just kidding. I sound so emo.

oh dear, my short update seems so long! Well good luck to me tomorrow!

posted by the ever so hot dude, Ammar(:

mammar hey 6:21 PM

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

School has been really hectic and I will not be updating much so bear with it! Anyhoo, I got my new spectacles which are so uber cool I think? whatever. Will take pictures of me in the new spectacles soon obviously!

So I have homework to do and revision to complete so I have to stop here! good bye!(:

mammar hey 11:24 AM

Sunday, January 7, 2007

I shall start blogging about the ever so awesome trybe camp. As usual, pics open in a new window!

this motorist had some cute dolls on his table windscreen or somthing!

On the very first day, we ha to take a bus ride to Tampiness CC for the dinning etiquette and time management "training" cum lecture which was such a painful bore. However, the fun thing about it was that we had to dress formally that is in long sleeved shirts and khaki pants along with a belt suited up with either a tie or whatsoever. Anyhoo, it was funny mixed with a tinge of fun "admiring" the other students in their smart outfits. I especially like Faizal's as he was wearing something a waiter would wear! Seriously!

Moving on, we had a 5 course lunch at Jack's place and I have to admit it was quite filling . My main course was a mushroom sauce sirloin steak which tasted okay although abit tough and raw. Considering that there were about 200 over people to cook for, it was not surprising to get raw meat so yah.

Next, we headed off to downtown east where I could not wait to see my room and have a nice good bath! It took several hours to settle things out like the dinner food and such. Not only that, it was raining/drizzling. Well so after a bath, the whole A16 group gathered for dinner at the pavilion which unfortunately was already occupied by some other inconsiderate group. tsk! So we decided to gather and eat at the entrance and was kicked away. LOL. Finally, the food got cold and we got wet AGAIN[ what's the use of bathing you tell me?!]

We ate at Gabriel's room instead. Gabriel is/was our group's facilitator and he has golden brown hair which looks like a broom seriously! But he was superbly fun and cool alright! Dinner was a bit bland but I ate it anyways.

We played this card game which reddens your hands if you loose and poor Gabriel had it the worst! haha.

At around 10pm, the whole camp settled in their own rooms. My roommates, Suren and Tien Feng decided to go to our friends' room instead as they had a conjoining door and so it was much bigger.

heres a dork pic of me with hafi's old school

Played black jack and bluff which was uberly fun and exciting. But it got a little boring after a few games so I decide to watch Taboo on arts central instead.

At around 11pm, the boys including me duhh, we headed out to macdonalds to get supper while some headed to cheers for a light snack.

I slept at around 1148pm and awoke at around 545am. It was so early in the morning that I was bored to death!

Here comes the exciting and my most favourite part, the Islandwide Treasure hunt! Will not elaborate on this as it will probaby fill up a thousand pages. Just know that I found the first small marker and the team had to squeeze into a garbage room[ smelly I tell you!] also, the boys had to get pregnant! I know you cannot wait to see me pregnant! gahh! It was nothing really. Just had to take the train and walk around and if people ask, just say you have got a tumor or something! haha

In the garbage room under the compacter!!

Me in the middle being pregs!

had to clean the coffee shop tables!

So by the end of the day I was tired and had no mood to talk plus my legs or thighs were aching badly due to excessive and over running especially at the end! When I got home I slept all the way till the next day!

Had to cover up learning points the following day in school and bid our hopefully not last farewell to the instructors including gabriel and Keren.

So that was about it! Now I need to go get a haircut and holy camoly, I got new specs! Yahoo! My previous specs broke! At least it lasted a year or so.

I shall end this post with an Ugly pic of ms lee!

mammar hey 8:25 AM

Hello people! I am back from camp and I have a gazillion photos including one with me getting pregnant and looking like a dork! I have to admit that the camp was quite fun especially with the best of friends. Not what I expected it to be, it was so much better!

My most favourite part would obviously be the island wide treasure hunt and playing poker until 12 midnight in the chalet! No we did not bet any money or anything just played alot.

Anyhoo, I am superbly lazy to upload all the pictures now maybe tomorrow so yah goodbye(:

I seriously have no mood to blog.

mammar hey 1:18 AM

Monday, January 1, 2007

I am currently in the middle of my English proposal writing which totally sucks since i had to mess up my already messed up room just to find the question paper. Another sucky thing is that I absolutely forgot the format and structure of a proposal! It suddenly just ceased from my overstuffed brain! So Im just doing it anyhow >.
On other INTERESTING news, next year 4F's classroom will be nearer to the classroom block and away from that secluded and stuffy plus unbearable "commers" room or something. So a big HURRAY for that!

I need a new haircut. Im so frigging sick of my current hairstyle.

God my life seems so boring! I cannot seem to think about anything interesting to write apparently. Haircuts and homeworks are my only source of inspiration of writing nowadays. I need to step out of the blardy house and breathe in the fresh air and overlook the comely yet overly dog infested area with smelly warm dog poo! Why do I make beautiful things seem so disgusting? I amaze myself sometimes too.

Seriously, my estate is infested with stray dogs who are not toilet trained and those with owners, do the same but the stupid owners should be responsible enough to scoop up the poop! Now when I go out, I have to stare at the ground like a frigging retard, making sure not to step into any of that disgusting brown solid sometimes black and with flies hovering it. The thought of it makes me want to PUKE! X_X

Yesterday, a humongous dog was tailing me maybe because I had chicken in my plastic bag and it was ever so hungry. Sheesh i hate dogs. No offense to dog lovers though! I just dislike their waging tongue and dripping saliva goo also, it is against my religion to touch them so Ill just hate them.

So I bid farewell and hope to see you AGAIN!
ps: I am so flaming hot that Paris Hilton will burn when she sees me![how narcissus Ammar! Get a grip and stop being a male chauvinistic pig!] bye{:

[edit]HURRAH HURRAY to me for completing my English homework. I actually typed down 889 words for the proposal which is VERY VERY long and now I have to transfer it to paper! Dang. It will surely take me hours to copy it down!

Anyhoo, good luck to Ms Lee in marking my paper! hahaha. It will be treacherous! Man, I am so frigging eviil![/edit]

mammar hey 8:03 AM

Watching Countdown 2007 on Channel 5 right now. Julian hee and Nathaniel Ho are singing sexy back. OMG they sound so fake! The tech-like voice and what not.


Im really super extremely jealous and envious of Suren right now! During the December holidays, he was happily frolicking in JAPAN for an exchange program while I sit here at home doing homework and stare at the stupid glaring computer screen doing some spastic stuff! ergh! GAHH! I would do anything for a chance to visit Japan!! Arrgh! dang.

Crazy Shi Hong just msn-ed me "Happy another 358 days to Christmas '07 and happy 358 days to ur 16th birthday"! Ya wookayy whatever SH!

I am still ever green over the Japan thing!

2 more days to school and to complete all my homework!

bye 2006[:

mammar hey 12:35 AM