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Saturday, September 30, 2006

ooo i have alot to blog about! Hurray! Lets see, hair, racism, stress, friends and malay samsengs/mats!

hoho. I started off school with this new hairstyle. Its a bit mohawkish and there was the jambu;/ elvis look at the front! hohoho!

Oh so after HML supplementary, i went back to class and found Zehang and Suren flipping through report books looking at their father/mothers' name! Seriously, i think that the making fun of somebody's parennts in MY class has gone too far la! I as a strong individual, TRY to not be influenced by their childish antics, but in every person, there is an inner child! hoho. So not only have they started insulting people's parets, they have been insulting races! If a police came to our class, they will be arrsted immediately! hoho. So i was so frustrated with their nonsense and since im fasting i didnt want to loose my cool so i just left them! irritaiting can?

So i stumbled upon a friend. It seems weird that he is now in Assumption English School. he was a smart ass la in primary school, going to the best stream. And i thought he went to Teck Whye Sec, an okay school. But why Assumption?

So as i was walking home, i saw this two malay boys eating when they should be fasting! This shows how weak a gangster is! Anyways, if they nevr pray to god, what's the point of them fasting right? but still, someone should guide this people to the light!

Okay i have to go now good bye~!

mammar hey 8:22 AM

Thursday, September 28, 2006

school was a mixture of boredoom and funess!

In the morning, only did i start on my Social Studies revision! hoho and then i took a short(ok longer) glance at the PE notes since there is going to be a theory test! stupid right??

Started of with a boring period of math! btw, there is an emath mock tesst tmr! Can you believe it? 3 mock tests in a week! Well anyways, i failed my maths test! expected. bleah!

I didnt want to go for PE since i was fasting and wanted to study for my Social Studies so i will only be taking the theory test not the practical. So the test took 2 whole periods la! The test itself was 40 mins! but i finished it at around 3mins! hoho. So i day dreamed all the way! haha. So then we had to check for our friends so alot of people scored a single digit over 33 marks! hhoho and guess what people!!! I got the highest with FULL marks! holy crap! But its easy what! And everyone was making a big fuss abt me getting full marks! Atiqah called me a freak! I am one!

So i gave up studying for social studies since the test wont be marked!

Social Studies was boring la noo mood to study! bleah! fail fail fail!!

So during englsh, it was for the first time, the lesson was ultra boring!, okay not first time since i slept during one lesson. Oh Tian Feng asked if the revision period would be taken by Ms ho and ms Lee said," Oh Ms ho is Ammar's favourite teacher!" Fish can???! crazy! What sarcasm!

Chemistry was ultra boring! Ms ho was bloody irritaiting can?? So the class didnt understand what she said as always and she said, " You dont understand nevermind, just remember!" i was like ?????? What the fish does she mean by that??! How to remember if we dont understand? And then she went over to the boys' area and asked, " Where are your notes, why you not copying??" in her irritaiting voice! Idiot can?? Is she blind or something? My notes was Directly in front of her and i was busy copying the notes la!! Go get a pair of spectacles la!

Revision period was maths instead! 3 periods of math today!! holy! so my ears were close shut the whole time!

So last minute studying for the SS test! During the test, i only completed the SEQ question which suprisingly, i can remember the content despite not stuying! But when it came to SBq, i couldnt do and gave up. kang Chun actually did his physics la! Crazy!

Okay that's about it!(:

mammar hey 9:05 AM

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

That bus driver is deaf! So i took the 172 bus instead of the usual 300. Dont ask why. I just did! So when it was almost my stop, i pressed the bell but apparently the driver did not stop and continued on! so it finally stopped at some nearby farm! So i had to walk 100000km to my house! Idiot can?

So it was raining heavily in the morning! so cool la! then me and Navin were witnessing the long car queue and awe at tthe coolest of cars and laugh at the weirdest! haha

chemistry test was difficult! It was really giving me a headachela! so anyways, Ms Lee didnt come tooday but she set aside assignments for us to do and me and xiong jie and zhi yang wee cracking up lame jokes. Xiong jie laughs at the lamest jokes! hoho

okay so there was a CCA presentation by Mr Kong during assembly! So it was so boring that i SLEPT!!!! A few minutes later, Zehang nudged me and i looked up and everyone was staring at me. and mr kong said,"hmm some of you are beginning to snooze off". hahaha. So embarassing can?? After assembly people went, "eh Ammar, did you sleep just now?" and blah blah blah

So Geog mock test was ultra diff but thankfully it will not be marked!

I have to go now since i have MATH worksheet, Malay summary and compre and GEOG wkst to complete by 2am! So stress la!!!

so thats all la gdbye!

mammar hey 3:36 PM

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Today was the first day of fasting and the busiest day of all!

since i have been fasting for around 15 years or less,, i have been sort of used to it and it feels normal so nothing's changed!

Anyways, i woke up at 9am and got ready to go for madrasah! So i tried to study for Geog during lessons and in between lessons but to no avail! So i was thinking, screw the test!

Afterwards i went home and had a good 2hr sleep before finally starting on my revision! It was already past 5pm then. So i finished up Agriculture and was left with only manufacturing!

At 7pm, i break fast and had lots to ate and i really do mean alot!! Especially rice! hoho. So i watched Singapore Idol and it stinks can? Anyhoo, why do they call it Singapore Idol and not Singaporean Idol? It just sounds weird and looks grammatically wrong! In the states, they call it American Idol not America Idol!Duh!

So moving on, I finally finished the whole geography revision at 11pm! so im ALMOST prepared for tomorrow's test!

I still have Chemistry to study for! bummer! Why do i even bother? I guess Ill study for it tomorrow morning! hahaha. Why did I have to take triple science??

So i just completed my physics homework and fortunately, it was doable!(:

So i forgot to mention in yesterday's post that i wore all green to town! hoho

green belt
green bag
and a green shirt!

oh anyhoo, this is my baju kurong! haha kucing wanted to know the colour so, click to enlarge!

mammar hey 3:50 PM

Guess what people?? Instead of frigging studying for the amazing number of tests, i went out to town with family to eat at Royal Plaza on Scotts to celebrate my grandfather's birthday! Bummer!

So since there was like a promotion going on with only $7.80 per head, the queue to the high tea reached till the Lido cineplex la can! Oh and it came out in news la people!! My mother almost got interviewed but she refused the offer! hahahaho! So luckily, my aunty she was near the front!(: But we still had to wait for about an hour or so but it was worth it since the food was SUPER SUPER ULTRA UBERLY delicious la!!

I ate alot and i really do mean alot that i could not sit up straight seh! But i still continued to eat the icecream! hoho. Then it took me ard half an hour before all the air came out and i could finally stand straight! And i dont mean the air as in FART okay! I mean BURPing! hhoho.

So later we went shopping at Isetan and bought something!

Went home afterwards and stopped by Sam's Stationary to get my vanguard sheets for that bloody madrasah project!

Noww im supposed to be studying la but im finding info for the project!! ergh im so unprepared la! I dont frigging care la im going to fail the chem test and mock exam! All hail me!

Oh what a day to celebrate the start of the fasting month! hoho!

mammar hey 2:39 PM

Saturday, September 23, 2006

oo check out this cool honda advertistment video!

and this cool website that creates furnitures out of bicycle parts!

mammar hey 4:08 PM

Friday has always been a boring day! why? because we start of the day with two frigging periods of guess wad?...CHEMISTRY! Oh the gore! Everytime i hear that disgusting teacher's voice, i will like cover my ears because her voice is like daamn irritaiting can?

so we got back our malay mock test paper1 and im quite contented by the marks! hurray to me! However, the sad thing is, i got 69 for overall! Its so sad so feel for me people! hoho

Despite its terrible start, one thing delighted me most, especially on Fridays that is, THERE IS ONLY A SINGLE PERIOD OF MATH. As the saying goes, thank goodness for friday. Nevertheless, Mdm Mah seems to always forgets that she has only one period of math on Fridays and drags on till the next period teacher comes or until Tian Feng reminds her that her lesson is over. She will go like, "huh? oh today is Friday ar! Eh your teacher is here already." And so she wasted our free period in betwen lessons!

So then there was biology! We are learning this new chapter called homeostasis. I do not know why but i love bio lessons. Not the fact that the teacher is good because she IS NOT! Its just that the information is sort of interesting?? No im not going to be a doctor! Not ever! At least i think not.

Any the ways, after i got home, i slept like a pig that i forgot to eat my lunch/dinner/whatever.

Oh boy oh boy! I have Geog mock exam, Chemistry class test and Social Studies mock exam to study for over the weekend! Damn it! im so busy la during the weekends with the frigging useless and time consuming madrasah project! Needless to say, i am totally not bothered about the project! PERIOD!

No more books for me! sigh. I will be on my way now and to all the Muslims out there, Selamat Menyambut bulan Ramadhan!(:

mammar hey 2:58 PM

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Today was so effed up la!!!!

All my hard work gone la!!! GONE! i studied and completed the 29 questions circle properties till 3am but still no use! I did the whole math test wrongly!!!!! i will surely get a big fat 0! i was so sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!err

so Malay was fine but still boring.

So we had the english compre test in the library. Its doable but i still think im going to screw it up!

Physics as usual boring!!!!

oh and so is PDP.

So after school, went to lot1 and got my hair cut! its quite nice except for some parts! hmm okay that is abt it!(:


mammar hey 8:24 PM

oh today was so fun la! Maths was just fine.

PE!!! i wanted to post this for a long time but i seem to always forget! so here it is...

Never Stand In Front of Mr Kong Drg PE lesson!!!

He will swing his racket and smash the ball onto your head! haha. So it was fun la and the ball is so light can? so me and tian feng will like smash it up into the sky! Once, Zehang, go hit till the roof!

So Social Studies, for once i had the mood to study!(:

English we went to the library to play scrabble! so funla!! but too bad its only for a period!

Chemistry SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS!! Ms ho's voice is so irritaiting and those high screechy type!! eeee. Endured her lessons!

lastly, I HATE the CLASS JERSEY!!! i wanted a tshirt instead and the design so sucks la!!!!! fish

mammar hey 8:18 AM

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

hoho new layout up! Plain but i love it!

mammar hey 5:17 PM

I am finally starting on my revision! All Hail me!

So first up will be geography followed by Social Studies!

Any the ways, i got back my physics common test paper and was RELIEVED! i thought that i would fail since i did not study much! So i got 24/30! yay! Alot of careless mistakes though!

Today, i kept looking at the wall clock in class la! Waiting for biology to end, the physics and finally social studies! I do not know why but i dont seem to have the mood to listen in class today.

On another note, i have created this cool ayout of nickelback which i hope to put up soon! ya soon. So watch out for it ya? (:

mammar hey 3:26 PM

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

ah another boring day and nothing to blog about!

Go read The Society Of Others by William Nicholson. A real nice book!

Tommorow, i will start on a new book! hurray!

i am busy studying for tests and exams that i would have to abandn this blog, in fact the computer for some time! have fun and good luck1(:

mammar hey 3:37 PM

Saturday, September 16, 2006

oh we got our class photos today! And i look like some gangster in the formal pic!!!

Plus i looked ****ed up in the informal one! Come come i show you!

Go find me yourself. There are only 10 guys in the class anws! click to enlarge

Smile For the Camera!

hoho so "formal" and i look gangster la!!

My idiot face!

And gangster look!

mammar hey 11:27 AM

oh i cannot seem to be able to go to any blogspot sites so sigh. Anyways, I had a cool day! I finished one of my 3 books! yay! Its called Bad Dreams by Anne Fine. Also read Charm School by her too. Its abit sec1 standard book but its nice la! Now im reading society of nothing(I think cant remember).

So first two period Chemistry sucks as usual but M Kat was there too correct Ms ho and clear our dobts.(: Mother Tongue was....I cant recall what i did then.. hmm. weird! hoho

I didnt have recess as i was getting ready for the Science garden thing! So it was raining and we have to carry umbrellas1 hoho.. Im so proud of myself because i managed to grab one of the visitors from one end to my site lor! then I told her about my plant and i did not hesitate! but in the end, she was not one of the judges!! Wasted la!!!!!! Okay but its okay since i missed math lesson!! hurray!

During Biology Ms wong came to teach and all.

after school at 2.30 had the Malay mock exam paper1. I was bloody tired lor and the weather was so cooling and i was half awake duing the exam la! Not only that, the band was making a hell lot of unwanted noise and i could not concentrate. Not only that, the PA system was making all those screechy noises!!

So that was my day(:

mammar hey 9:21 AM

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Oh the Physics common test was doable! hurray! i know yesterday i didnt blog because i was studying for physicsla. What else? okay so abt yesterday, music tech was funla! Okay not music tech but before that because me, Dion, Jared and Luqman were crapping and laughing our ass off! okay so I saw a man scratching his ass. When i mean scratch i mean stuffing his hand INTO his pants and rubbing it! ewww!

So today was fine la! Maths was always a chore.

PE will for eternity be very2 tiring! During social studies i had no mood to study and thus no mood to listen to Ms Yeo excpt when she explained about the emergency glass condom! (:

English was fun because we had this free continuos writting on what came into our mind abt the topic hero. We were not allowed to cancell or liquid or anything. It was difficult for me since i had to take some time for inspiration so my story came out a little cliche! hoho

During Chemistry i was studying Physics! haha

okay that's about it! gdnight!

ps: i submitted a skin on blogskins! go see okay!

mammar hey 10:47 AM

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

hello! oo i did not update yesterday because i was extremely busy finishing up my homeworks and its all done! (: Ok so my whole tale was a freaking mess with alot2 of papers here and there so i did my Social Studies on my bed and then after i completed it, i found out that my bed was too messy so guess where i moved to?.....The IRONING BOARD!! haha. Its really comfortable you know! okay so i have a hell lot of pictures of my messy room will post it up soon!

Anyways, today was the start of the term and it feels so normal! We were greeted by Mr Lau telling us that there were 20 criminals in last month only! oh wow what a way to start school. bleah...

So moving on to Chemistry. I was not listening to ms ho as usual and stared blankly into space. okay put a big L on my head now for LAME. Well anyhooo, after Chemistry was physics and we went through the workbook and aas usual, TF did not do his homework nd Muneera felt into his trap by lending him her book.

oh Muneera said something ultra funny about Steve Irwin's death. ok here it goes, "oh when Steve Irwin died, all the crocodiles had kenduri syukur. Syukur because they wont get sat on again, or having a head in their mouth!" hahahahaha you have to be there to get the joke nd btw, kenduri is sort of erm, a celebration? ya im not sure.

Well, geography was uberly fun2! So lets skip the boring parts. Well Ms Yeo told us something peverted!! She said she watched this show on discovery channel and the women of the tribes bared their breast. The funny thing is that she said,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, "their breasts looks like PAPAYAS and can put OVER THE SHOULDERS!!!!" Everyone got so horny after that. oh then she continued, "The men just wore some ELEPHANT TRUNK on their private area". hahahohohuhuhhihih!

So during reccess, the mat jiwangs stayed in class trying to psedo an emo person, playing the guitar. haha so i stayed and accompanied themla. So English was cool since Ms Lee allowed us to do whatever we wished to do and most of us did Math? haha.

I will do badly for my Math test i swear! I didnt do a the whole of question 2! oh kudoos to me(in a sarcastic way)! Drats. So maths put aside and we were released early since there was no music elective nor assembly! woots.

Went to eat at Food Culture,Lot1 with Zehang, and Suren. Talking with them is a killjoy la. the topics we talk about is very interesting and we would sure end up insulting each other's parents. Oh no wait THEY start insulting each other's parents. I just sit there like a retard and laugh! hoho.

I dunno why but i cant seem to sign in to msn. i tried windows live, windows messenger and ebuddy and only when i tried webmessenger does it works! hurray.

okay so That's about it so here comes the mess!

oh work on the roning board

oh my ulta messy table

the cupboard! hoho

look at that floor filled with papers!!

how did i sleep you ask? I swooshed them off the bed(:

thats all peace!

by the way, i cleaned up my room and now its ultra clean! hurray for me!

mammar hey 1:47 PM

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ahhh... breaking benjamin band is awesome la! so is Augustana! Well im done with my English! Everything! except for Summary. sigh. Ill save that for tmr. hoho. So my father is out so cannot ask about physics and math. Malay i will do tmr as well and Social Studies at night.(:

On a different note, i made this other skin which i like except for the box for the blog! haiyoyo. I have been making a hell lot of layouts but none of them turned out nice and so i submit them to blogskins and then regret it because its so frigging nice! fish? Oh well when i get a real good inspiration or an aura appears around a layout i make than it will be it! hoho.

lets end this post bye singing our ABC! yay!

oh im booored la and kucing's at some NJRC thinghy.

mammar hey 7:31 AM

Stayed up from 6am onwards to complete most of my homewrok! All hail Ammar! So did some of my Physics and left out alot of questions since i did not know how to do them! ahh. Im so going to faail the Physics common test when school reopens. bleah. It is so freaking ironic since my father is a physics teacher. Im a 100% GUNDU!!

Nevermind. I did 2 out of the 3 math worksheets and the notes this morning! hoho so happy!

Im halfway through my English newspaper review and i finished my comprehension except for the summary(oh the gore!) and the speech as well! oh hurray to me!

See all that in just 6 hours! im so efficient la! okay Ammar STOP the ego-ing.

Are you guys ready for the grotesque news?! There is still 1000000 assignments left to do!! let me list them out.

1 senseless Social Studies SBQ
1 extremely difficult Math worksheet
1 boring English summary
Some ultra hard physics questions
1 Malay comprehension

okay fine not alot but they are very very difficult!

fcuk? My family ate macorani(??) and cheese while I was asleep yesterday! ahhh.. i feel like crying la! Nevermind. So i wont drag on yesterday eventhough it was uberly fun! i ate this ultra delish burger with succulent beef patties at Mad jack! oh and i went into a supermarket and for the first time i was fascinated by the products.. I was ohh-ahh-ing here and there! so Jakun(eh??).

So i better finish up all my homework now since school reopens in less than a day! And there is madrasah tmr which means less time to do my hmwk! oh maybe i will just bring my work along! bye kids!

ps: breaking benjamin is an awesome band!!!

mammar hey 3:59 AM

Friday, September 8, 2006

so i am freaking bored stiff here. I tried doing Social Studies but to no avail. haiyah you can not blame me since I cannot understand a thing the source is stating! bleah. not to fret i will complete it sonner or later. yup soon.

well abt the josiah and jared contraversy, pls get a life la! why get all so muddle up because of one bloody camera??

oh i went all bongkus(??) just now! Dont ask why i just did!! oh I have NOTHING to blog about. Well im going offline now! I will either sleep or do my homework. bye

mammar hey 8:36 AM

I better go start on my homework! soon...

i have been thinking of changing the layout and i have one ready and Faza canot wait for me to put it up!

however, i will only do so after i complete ALL my homewrok! Its going to be long so wait! Im going to start them at night! i hope.. Who invented procrastination? i want to kill that person!
btw i just submitted a skin on blogskins so comment!(:


mammar hey 3:41 AM

Thursday, September 7, 2006

everybody on msn has turtles on their nick? oh steve irwin died? oo big deal? so instead of a turtle, i decided to put a sheep! siao. i heard that they are having a STATE funeral for him. crazy siao ke ping ke pong! he deserved it what. crazy go and jump onto the sting ray's back. hahaha im so sadistic! just kidding la! i do have a little bit of pity for him la. A little only! huhhuo.

mammar hey 10:28 AM

i slept till 456!

the online maths hmwk!

Sets - An introduction
Promote Independent Learning ( my ass!)
Instructions:1. Read through the PowerPoint Slides2.
Download the worksheet in word document.
Fill in the blanks using the information gathered from the textbook Chap 1.3. (might as well just give us notes in class!)
Answer the 2 Practice questions. ( which are totally cheeken! whats the point!)
Together with the worksheet, hand in on Tuesday (12/9)when school reopens to your respective Maths teacher.( DUH?! who is so stupid to go hand it in to their english teacher!)

i guess what kucing says is right. Sleeping late will make you more hot tempered! dammit! So i slept at 5am again yesterday while trying reluctantly to complete my malay homework which totally sucks since it is comprehension and all! but all in all, today was a fantabulous day! quite. so hurray for that!

so basically, i woke up at 7am bathed till 7.15am and got out of the silent house at 730am. So i missed the first bus, big deal? The second bus was full but it was 740am already and im going to be late if i waited for the next bus. or so i thought! so i was standing on the steps on ONE leg throughout the journey! what an ass. so when the doors finally opened, my legs got stuck at the door and i "whoosed" to the side and now i have a bloody scratch on my leg! so walked all the way to school from the interchange and guess what? i reached school at 745am!! math starts at 8am! ahh should have waited for the 3rd bus! i risked injuring myself for math class!

oh mdm mah doesnt know her ABCs! so the thing is, she asks us to do a few math questions and this is what she wrote," 7(i), 7(d), 7(h), 3(b), 3(d) , 3(c)"!!

so muneera said, " if mdm mah could rearrange the alphabets, she would put "b" and "d" together!! hahahahaha!! get it? nvm.

so she began to sing, " a b d c f g h i d z m n p o....." hauhuho!!

then i said," now i know my ABD, next time wont you sing with me?"!!!

omg! we were laughing like mad that we almost forgot to do the questions and almost got scolded by mdm mah! holy crap!

at 1030am, went for malay class. it was a drag. i preffered yesterday's malay class as it was quite interesting. we were discussing about the issue of teenage love. so cikgu went blabling on and on abt its cons! then cikgu aimed at faizal and blabbed again! out of NOWHERE, JALIAH that crazy idiot(joking only) go and blurt out faizal's gf name!! and evryone went like,"Haa( you know like taking in a deep breath!) omg" really funny the reactions and apparently his gf is chinese/indian. and cikgu was like,"eh ini bukan nama melayu ni"(eh this is not a malay name) and had a suspicious look! so haikal diverted us to move on! haha.

so back to today! after malay class, me and haikal went to have our breakfast at Food Culture, Lot1. he had the urge to eat bubur pulut hitam(because he doesnt know what it is in english and dunno what to tell the cashier!) but ended up eating fried rice. i got wanton noodles which totally sucks la!! dont ever buy the wanton noodles there . i can taste the msg! should have gotten something else!

reached home at 130pm and slept all the way till 456pm! so kucing came online at ard 5pm? ya but went off to play some food game on the internet! food manaic la! now im bored. oh before i forget, the service learning pictures, i decided not to post them because im too frigging lazy to load them onto the web! good for me, always bad for you!

mammar hey 8:25 AM

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

oh today was spectacular! so i could not sleep yesterday and i began drawing some pics for some vectors i might do. its real nice!! seious! oh i was flipping through my last year's art sketch book and i saw my alicia keys sketch! its nice despite the grid lines. i coloured it in! hoho im posting it! click to enlarge. so anyways, i took over hundreds of pictures today as always!

woke up at 8 and bathed and went out of the house at 830 and met them at the MRT station at 845 and left straight away to the fei yu service centre. upon reaching there, we got ready. since i was stationed sculpting ballons, i got to stay in the air conditioned room while waiting for the games to end. too bad no games photos! so practiced sculpting and then when they finished we taught the kiddies! they are so fussy naughty but funla! so then the skit. fairuz made them laugh la! okay so then went lot1 with yuhui and shermin go eat pizza hut with audrey! we finished half a bottle of cheese!! omg! im feeling nauseaus(??) now. will post the pics later downloading em! tts for now! gdbye

mammar hey 5:35 AM

Monday, September 4, 2006

Sorry for not updating earlier but the mass of homework is killing me and alluring me to complete it but alas, my languid self has magnetised me to the front of the computer! However, the good news is, I almost completed my English speech and my math except for a few thorny questions ! What a encumber of the shoulders! The bad news on the other hand, is that, there is more unfinished! sigh. I shall not bore you with gory and grotesque homework!

Let’s talk on a much more appealing scale here, my life! Hoho im just joking! My life is not interesting! Im being meek here mind you! Ya today was a bore! Talk about going to madrasah(religious class) and listen to the monotonous teachers. But all the same, I still relatively enjoy the lessons because it is sort of intriguing.

So afterwards, I got home, I indulged myself in a packet of luscious and succulent chicken foldover and then, I slept all the way through the day. Ahh, the usual case! I woke up and I had this sudden sensation to perform my undying obligation as a student and strive to complete most of my homework! Haha.

Well, then it is off to the glaring monitor screen radiating x ray vision into me! Its 150am by the way! I feel abit nocturnal these days, infact, all holidays as I sleep late and wake up tardy! So not natural. My sleeping cadence has certainly been distorted! The lack of sleep has made me comatose (lack of energy). So as you can tell, I am quite in the middle of a bore session, as always. Oo I can hardly wait for tomorrow’s service learning! Its gonna be electrifying! Now, shall leave you in peace!(:

mammar hey 4:53 PM

Sunday, September 3, 2006

had lots of fun today! i was supposed to be doing my hmwk today but hahaho i DID NOT do it! ooo surprise! haha. well i woke up at 2.30pm! can you actually believe that? 2.30pm? ya so bathed and ate chicken rice again! hoho. well my sister wanted to play badminton so i followed la.. played till 5pm. then chatted a while and then got ready to watch 5.55pm movie with my cousin. so i watched monster house! i got to admit, the storyline is a wee bit lame but overall its funny and scary!hohoh go check it out! well there is religious class tmr! sigh. so not looking forward to it. oh but i cant wait for monday's service learning! will be uberly fun!! oh i ate 1/2 a tub of another sorbet icecream! hahaho..aite bye!

mammar hey 12:34 PM

Saturday, September 2, 2006

wtfish? haha there is this overly manja-ish/mushy girl online now. i dont even know how she got my email! haha.. oh and i just go along with it being mushy and all! omg you guys should try it sometime! you get to enjoy this eeky feeling and your hair on the neck starts to stand!! haha. i hope she doesnt read this! so effing fun la!

mammar hey 9:11 AM

haha i just submitted it and its alr in the top 15 rated! huhu

mammar hey 9:08 AM

The glaring bright screen is gawking blankly at me while my sleepy eyes are fixated to it. A sensation of boredness begins to engulf me like a lion and its prey. Somebody, anybody save me from this repulsive and superfluous episode. Get me out of this empty hole and bring me something to do!!!! Well there is homework but who does them anyways? They have got to be fanatical to think it is pleasurable and electrifying. Ahh , oh well, I got to live with it then. Being bored to death I mean. A life in my shoes is a life of a err.. couch?? Ya I just sit immobile there in front of the tube like a retarded idiot. Bleah.. should I just murder myself or should I just leap off the edifice? I guess I will just go into a deep trance! Sweet dreams. bye

ps: ill update more when i awake!

mammar hey 7:52 AM

as promised, teacher's day pictures!!! yay! alot2 of them! click to enlarge! opens in new window i hope!

wan zhen and jun pei directing the classes to their positions!hoho
xiu han avoiding the shot!REVENGE!
the band played better than i thought they would!
the crazy ol' JALIAH!!
the sec1 and 2 ELDDS performance. i have to admit a little kiddish?
this is their sir! he was feeling it y'all!
oo praba the drummer!
ms karen wong running to take her award!
ms lee receiving an award.
the teachers' pledge
getting the things ready for the party!
playing with the balloon michelle?
ahh i like thhis pic!
its party time!
their "guns" cocked and ready! hoho
haha ms lee trying to get it off!
still popping the poppers!
the crazy people!
ms ooi taking our picture haha!
advertising for canadian pizza ms lee?
the guys excluding syarif who went to get the cake!
most of the girls
the 10 little indians being crazy! as you can see, there are blue strings on my hair! apparently someone sprayed me with the stingy thing!
ooo illegal gathering while eating pizza! hhahaha xiu han!
haha syarif was going to block the shot! so funny lar their reaction!!!!
hahaha so sorry muneera i had the urge to post this!!!
oh the cleaning up is always tough! thx christine, kash, beatrice, sokting and many more fr helping to clean the class! sorry i had to leave early! hahehohu
back to PRI SCH!! rashid and qahar being mad and going up to the PA box! siao..btw i found out that muneera is rashid's cousin?haha
this "jail" filled with computer tables was outside the boys' toilet! hahoho
nice tents eh? i dunno why but the school is now filled with millions of tents!
oh my feet used to be the same size as the print!
the poisonous plant garden!!! i still remember that day when mr tharman visited there and we had to give a presentation!haheho
oh hilda!
the teacher looks like she is scolding hui ying! hahaha
the koi pond


mammar hey 4:07 AM