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Saturday, September 29, 2007


I know that I am not supposed to blog right now. But, I just had to type this down and get it out my chest.

Recently, the secondary four teachers carried out a meeting and they all agreed that they will carry out moderation on the results. Yes, yes, I WAS very happy about this indeed. Ecstatic in fact.

However, today Mr Roland Tan came to class and informed some of us that they were going to moderate those who got 20 21 22 23 and 24. I have no problem with this. By all means, moderate!

But, when he said that those who scored 11 12 13 14 and 15 will be moderated as well, I was shocked to the max. I feel that this is seriously unfair. Especially tho those students who got less than 11 points for their L1R5.

They(we) worked really hard and studied their(our) asses off just to get points that is this good so as to get into an excellent JC!

But, now, there will be higher competition to enter the same JC and our position breached! Because those 11-15 pointers might get moderated up till 10 points or even worse(for the below 10) below 10!

If you wanna moderate, don't moderate one or two or eleven, moderate ALL our scores! Now, only then will it be fair and justified! Hasn't teaching Social Studies and the principle of fairness taught you guys anything? tsk! Wanna spark off a school riot is it?

And, I am not saying this only for those below 10, I'm saying his for those 16 17 18 19 pointers as well! they too deserve a chance to get into a BETTER JC!

So, as you can see, I am super duper furious/livid/angry right now! My position in the top 5% is shaky and I might not get that $500 edusave scholarship award!(and have to settle for a $300)

It's NOT only about the money. It's about my future! OUR future!

You say, it's only for one month! But I say that this one month matters. It's the bonus loyalty points that matters. It's the experience in that JC that matters. It matters! Don't tell me it's no biggie cuz it is!

So, let me repeat myself again to make it shiny and crystal clear!


Oh wait! Better yet, Don't moderate at all! HAH!

Let this be a lesson to us that studying hard is not enough! you must study harder, to infinity and beyond. Make this a motivation to do well for the epic Os!

*Ammar dah gila!*

And, Ammar needs to study biology now!

mammar hey 11:31 AM

Monday, September 24, 2007

Never thought I'll say this but,

I'm going on HIATUS!

And Kamalah Devi,[not real name] it was so fun chatting with you today! You crack me up like zebras![Don't ask]

:I am bold and she's not. [hahahahaha]


:can legs look sad?

:hahhaaha!! you crack me up! sad legs?

haha really wht? like so skinny and solemn.


:hello kamalah!

:haha hello muthu!

*Me tells an embarrassing story, not to be aired here*

:yes that was the story of muthusamy s/o ravikrishnan

:who lived in rotiprata and chappati land!


mammar hey 1:00 PM

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Sorry for the lack of updates. Been busy with studies and mopping around about the lousy prelim results[especially English and combined humanities.]

Well mostly busy studying.

Like Ms Ram said, we need to master conflict among countries and diplomacy and deterrence. Because there is a high chance that this chapter may come out.
So, hour after hour, day after day I have been doing conflicts SEQs!

Now, I am worn out already! May continue after buker or after this.
Anyways, I can't believe I got a B4 for English[Lucky my H.Malay was an A2, can replace] and I missed a mark to a B3 for Combined Humanities. That leaves me with a mere 10 points for my L1R5. I guess that it is actually quite good considering many got over 20. So, syukur Alhamdulillah.

I am still disappointed though. Still sitting on the fence on the JC to go to for my one month. 10 points where to go seh?!

alright lets do better for 'O's and can go super good JC ogayy?

mammar hey 5:37 AM

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I must say, so far my results for Prelim 2 has been satisfactory. And I say this with a tinge of disappointment.

There was one particular result that did not meet my expectations even though some might say that that mark I got was more than excellent.
But, I know that I could have done better.
I lost five marks just like that because I misinterpreted the question.
Dumb could not have gotten any dumber than that!

At the same time, I feel satisfied because I have not failed anything. YET. So, syukur Alhamdulillah!

Oh and I got a huge Toblerone chocolate bar/stick.[Too bad I am not a big fan of chocs though:(]

Not gonna mention any of my results here like I always do because during this bulan Ramadhan I am going to try to tone down my arrogance[ie riak-ness].
Anyways, I pity Helen. She took it hard upon herself because she did not get her expected result for Geography[ and I think Chemistry and English]. She was further bummed when Mr Lim told the class that the school will use the Prelim 2 results and not the Prelim 1. Because she did terribly well during the first prelim[ 10 points hello?!]

Oh well, that's life.

I am so scared for tomorrow! Math, Biology, Physics and H. Malay papers! :X
Let us pray.

Okay gonna do some Physics and apply anti eyebrabags cream!

ps: When we got our geography results, I felt like strangling that arrogant cheehow! Yes, yes we all know how well you did for your geography. Big fat freaking deal. tsk.
Oh sure, why not stand up and applaud for yourself! *rolls eyes*
But, I am sincerely happy for you though. 18+ marks of improvement. That is POWERR!

p/ps: And I realise that my class like to go "HUH?!!" alot! Like ALOOOOT!

mammar hey 1:48 PM

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Yesterday night I went seving in YouTube looking for cool guitar sounds. I found much more than that! There were really cool musicians with holy wow voices! They sound better that the nowaday singers who sing about nothing else but crack and sex.

So if you go to YouTube, search for these people.

1. MEGHAN JULIUS! [username: mynameismeghan]

Look how she plays the keyboard! Her fingers move like waves!
Her voice is super mesmerizing! Marry me please Meghan?!!

2. FRANK! [username: mychemfrank]

Hot guitar sounds dude! Man, I am so jealous!

3. Rosie [username: rosiemoo]

4. Matt Wertz [ This is a already a big shot singer. Can't believe I've never heard of him!

These undiscovered talents! Make sure someone discovers them! Especially Meghan Julius!!

OK that's it! Gotta do physics! Bye!

mammar hey 10:01 PM

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Biology paper 1 today and it was doable but definitely not easy.

Finally a break from all those exam stress. Even if it is only for three days.

Have you guys watched How I met your mother?
Because it is super duper hotsomeliciously fan-freaking-tastic and hilarious.
My favourite character is Barney.
Barney: This is going to be LEGEN... wait for it. wait for it... DARYYY!

Must watch ogayy?!

Have you heard the song Ramalama bang bang by Rosin Murphy?
Because it is goood with triple 'o's.
I have been addicted to it since.
Very zombie-y!
I loike!
*unzip my body take my heart out.*

Okay watching The Vacancy *high quality* right now! Don't disturb.

mammar hey 6:30 AM

Friday, September 14, 2007


The first day of Ramadhan did not go off to a good start. Because I did not sleep well yesterday night, I could not really concentrate on my Chemistry paper. Most people said it was quite easy but I beg to differ. Besides, during the paper, I had this urgency to head off to the gents but me being me, I had no time to waste and tried to withstand it instead. It was not an easy feat, I must say. Also, there were some private issues which made my glass half empty today.
But, I know that this is Allah SWT test on me and I accept it with great pleasure. Syukur Alhamdulillah! Because without this test, I would not have learnt from my mistakes.

Oh and we all know that during this month our friends from other races will keep teasing us with the stupidest of all stuff. ie, "you wanna eat halal pig?" "you want a bagua?"

I really wanted to "cekik" them but I am glad I did not. I calmed myself and told myself that they are the ones who would suffer in the end. They will be the ones screaming away in hell not me[Insyaallah].

Also, I did not talk back to anyone and tried to be less sarcastic. LOL.

Despite today being a horrigible day, I am proud that I managed to handle it well. Three cheer and three cheers for Ammar! Hip Hip Hurrayyy!

To all my muslim friends, Selamat menyambut bulan Ramadhan!

mammar hey 10:00 AM

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Studying Biology is such alaborious and painstaking chore. There is so much to memorise but so little time and memory space! I am not even sure if I can finish all the chapters by tomorrow! Hopefully yah? Oh and there is still math I need to study for! Dang.

Examination is the root of success suck- ass! *sigh*

You may ask what am I doing here then? Well, I just could not resist blogging about my internet escapades thus far.

Recently, I stumbled upon a blog which sells clothes and most of them are affordable. Plus, the meet ups are convenient. So, I thought why not try to shop for some new clothes? But to my dismal, most mini blog shops sell only womanly stuff and the men stuff are so few. Moreover, most of the men online shops in Singapore require ATM transaction and I just don't trust online banking transactions. LOL.

And, then, I went online window shopping on Yahoo. I found this Nike bag which was is super duper hotsomeliciously fan-freaking-tastic! But the "surprising" cost was is $200! Dang.

So, I entered Nike's website and found other super duper hotsomeliciously fan-freaking-tastic stuff as well. And, obviously at super duper high prices which does not fit my spending quota at all!

Maybe when I get rich or something.
So, that is why boys an girls, if you wanna get rich, you gotta study for examinations and get good grades and get a stable job with a high stable income so you can buy super duper hotsomeliciously fan-freaking-tastic stuff like Nike's!

So, that is why, I have to go back to studying Biology. Who knows, you may be looking at a future rich- ass doctor?! LOL!

Dream big 'Ammar!

mammar hey 5:36 PM

Monday, September 10, 2007


Laugh of the week #1
[lil' racist]
[by Jared]
A: Describe Brownian motion.
B: A bunch of blind Malays hitting each other.

Speaking of brown, I realised that my house is full of brown! Don't believe me? See for yourself! I'v got brown tables, brown sofas, brown chairs, brown benches, brown trolleys, brown shoes, brown food and brown food stains! Nothing to do with race though! I know what you are thinking you sneaky little thing!

Told ya!

Anyhooways, I made this cool Milo Ventimiglia vector or famously known as Peter Petrelli in the series Heroes! Im gonna make it into a layout and currently it is now my desktop wallpaper! Here's a sneak! It may look weird and greenish on some computers though.

Tomorrow's Emath paper1 and how the hell do you draw a frequency density graph? Dang!

------>Off to number land!

mammar hey 6:30 AM

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


The new Hairspray remake is so unlike the old one!
If you watched the old version, you would know that Tracy got accepted on the first audition and was not discovered in school. Also, the part where the teacher scolded Tracy because of her big hair was in the later part of the movie. And, the old version does not have people singing and dancing EVERY single time! And, Penny always wear a shirt with a big 'P' on it. And, Penny's lollipop is so much bigger! OH, AND, it was not Tracy's mother who was freaked out by them entering the 'black' zone! It was Penny's mum[that scence was super funny!]!!!Tsk. It's still good anyways.

Btw, have you guys seen Mad TV? You guys so have got to catch it on YouTube! It's
super duper hilarious!!!! My favourite is the Job interview and Lida and Melina!

okay goodbye and enjoy the vids! Go check out YouTube for more!

mammar hey 11:17 AM

Monday, September 3, 2007


I have been so busy lately, watching Grey's Anatomy season3 and making a new layout that have I neglected my dear blog!


Teachers' Day cum ACES Day yesterday was a blast. The party at least.
Well, pictures later. Tomorrow maybe.
Because I have yet to edit them.
The surprise did not work out but the mini concert went smoothly.
Plus, everyone enjoyed themselves. At least I hope so.

So, Happy Teachers' Day to all you crazy and diligent teachers no matter who you are!

Did not buy any presents or make any cards. Because, I did not have the financial capability and I just did not have the time. Let's see, prelims and designing the class flag. Dang.

I might be starting on Physics later while waiting for my Dead Silence video to complete buffering! Yup, I have an urge for horror and violent butchering!

Its gonna be so fun to watch!!

ps: Holidays are a scam! Teachers have an excuse to give students more homework and not forgetting, more dull and jaded LESSONS! Sometimes I think that school days are way better!
I have seductive eyes because Amirul says Triumph push up bras have an extra seductivity factor to it!
Dang. For once, I love my eye bags.

tsk, ya right! Sorry, pay no stupid attention to me.

Ok, let's go physic-ing!

mammar hey 1:26 PM