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Thursday, August 31, 2006

omg! crazy la! i had over 12 msn conversations! and i was like clicking here and typing there and sometimes i forgot what we talked abt and had to scrool up and read! haha siao! so i finished 3/4 of the sorbet icecream my mother bought agn! haha. found out frm kucing that it costs $4.90! haha. i better stop eating and let the other family members try! halehaleho!

if anyone knows the new female singer of the song yellow(sang by yellowcard). pls tag me now!!!! impt!!! kucing is gng to kill me if i dont find out!

mammar hey 12:43 PM

hello hello! so today was okay i guess despite the rain and all. so since there was no school today due to polling day. im lazy to explain why but the point is, there is no school. well so i slept all the way till 12.30pm and bathed! haha. so go out of the house at 1.30pm and met shermin at lot1 at 2pm. since lot1 sells very expensive merchandise, we went to teck whye market instead to purchase the stuff needed on thursday. oh we had to walk under the blocks since it was rainning la! we got caught la in the middle! hohoha. so aftr buying them, i was bankrupt with 60cents left in my wallet! haha idiot! nvm i will get back the money frm the class fund. so later we went to limbang to buy the ____. ya it was much cheaper there. so aftr tt i went to eat at macdonalds. i was so full lor. then i went home and did my homework! haha cool i know. so i managed to complete 1 bio worksheet and 1 math wkst! yay! okay 2 less hmwk. i cant wait for tmr's teacher's day celebration. im not sure if im going back to my pri school. hoho okay a i gtg now bye!

mammar hey 9:32 AM

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

so today nothing much so i wont elaborate abt school. so i will be going out tmr to buy the party stuff for thurs. going with shermin since syariff unable to come. haha okay so i have been researching these 2 hones la, motor razr and samsung sghd510. i dunno which one better! someone help me!

there are 10000000000000 stack of hmwks! and there will be 2 math test nxt wk drg the hols! and antr 4/5 more aftr school reopens! do teachers think we are supermen/women??? crazy!

5 english newspaper reviews
1 english speech
physics wrkbk
physics TYS
chemistry wkst
emath hmwk
3 stacks of AandEmath wkst
social studies SBQ
Mother Tongue wkst
oh and i think there is more but im lazy to check!

amath trigo equations test
emath trigo test
chemistry test
physics common test
and the list goes on!

somebody kill me! luckily i rejected the offer to watch this debate on spore vs brunei! haha. i hate holidays can? its supposed to be stress free and relaxed! butteachers have to butt in and give us hmwks! so i guess i better start on mine! fish

mammar hey 12:50 PM

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

hey so today was boring la! started off with a period of chemistry and physics! oh and there is gonna be a hll lot of test on the first week when school reopens! bleah! ok so got back geography common test. i was like bloody nervous but in the end i got 16/20! hengs man! oh and helen got 18/20!!! crazy la she! so ecess i didnt eat because i had no money! haha. then english was boring because we had to lsten to speeches and all.. sigh. math was okay i guess. i could do the test even though i didnt study for it as i was busy playing bowling yest night! haha well aftr school had to stayback to discuss the teacher's day dedication! well went off smoothly . went back with suren and then slept at home! woke up at 8? to watch you got served. faza lent it to me. nice show la that one! the dance move very cool esp the breakdance moves! hahaho! today no change to talk to kucing la so its kinda boring!okayla i gtg! bye

mammar hey 1:12 PM

Monday, August 28, 2006

blogger's having PMS i think! i cant seem to post anything since 3pm so i will just blog oon! hahaha! crazy! ya so zehang called me up and asked me abt the maths test. i thought it was amath but he said it was emath! shit? i suck at circle properties la! die! oh wells! i might just go mugging at night later! bleah.. oh so learning php is so..bleah! you read once you dont understand, twice also you dont understand! so i gave up halfway! haha all i know is how it always have to start with and end with !! haha! crazy idiot! oh and you cant hack php codes cause they will just give you he html codes instead! dont understand? nvm. you are not meant to! huhu..

i need comments on a new hp! my parents might be getting me a new one and im deciding btwn a motor rzar or a samsung sgh-d510! i have always been using motorola i dunno if its time for a change?? comments people! oh and looking back again at my ppr results, it aint look that bad la! but im just sad because i have not been improving! ya because i have always been obtaining an average of ard 71%! ya so i want to pull it up! 72% maybe? haha i know not much diff but its smthg!

oh you know the spore idol sms competition? i think people are wasting their $0.60 just by asking stupid questions like,"are you and ....together??" or "will you marry me?" or "how old are you?"! seriously rubbish! you could go buy err.. a carton of drink with that! haha! oh and i seriously think that the voting system is so not appropiate considering that you have to pay to vote! so this means that the votes are entitled to the rich people! and sometimes the contestants may come from rich families and the members wont mind forking out a huge sum of money to vote because apparently it means zilch to them! in my opinion, for american idol, the votes are free so the citizens are able to vote for the voice and not the rich! oh and this year's contest is unfair because all the good singers are out with the exception of hady of course! but he may be out next week who knows! its either a case of conspiracy, wrong calculation, bribary or that singaporeans are simply deaf and only bothers abt the looks!

well i hope i can post this entry now!
at 309pm
hello hello! to make things short, today was a foodfull day! yes very FOODfull! hoho i ate 2 pc chicken, 1/4 of a bandito and cheese fries! hungry me! well gt back frm boring madr and slacked at home. i wanted to do my hmwk but i realised that i had completed them all! hoho and im lazy to study for math test! at night maybe! bleah.. so since i have nothing better to do, i will drown myself in learning some geeky stuff aka, PHP. ya faza is currently advertising how cool php is and all so maybe i will try it for my next layout! so hope that i wont mess things up! tralala.. off i go!


and i made this cool new layout! but i may place it next mth since i just put this one up! if you wanna sneak preview u gotta ask me on msn! its really awesome!

mammar hey 9:19 AM

hello hello! to make things short, today was a foodfull day! yes very FOODfull! hoho i ate 2 pc chicken, 1/4 of a bandito and cheese fries! hungry me! well gt back frm boring madr and slacked at home. i wanted to do my hmwk but i realised that i had completed them all! hoho and im lazy to study for math test! at night maybe! bleah.. so since i have nothing better to do, i will drown myself in learning some geeky stuff aka, PHP. ya faza is currently advertising how cool php is and all so maybe i will try it for my next layout! so hope that i wont mess things up! tralala.. off i go!


and i made this cool new layout! but i may place it next mth since i just put this one up! if you wanna sneak preview u gotta ask me on msn! its really awesome!

mammar hey 7:46 AM

Sunday, August 27, 2006

so me and syariff discussing something online but cannot tell you now! surprise! hahahahaha.. okay so today i woke up at 11am watched pokemon and then my parents brought back breakfast and i ate lontong! at 1230pm then i bathed!!! hahaha i know la shut up! okay so i did my math hmwk aftrwards. i just had the urge to do it! haha crazy! ya so i ate dhosai(eh?) aftr tt. hungry pig! ya then i slept till 630pm to watch 2 n half men! nice and funny show la! so at 7 syariff smsed me abt tt thing and we went online to discuss! so ya tts basically my day! lalalalala... im bored la! i want to do hmwk but i cant think of anymore hmwk tt i have. eng maybe? i dunno la! ok i want to err.. go and do something now probably update the class blog! hoho . ke bye bye!

mammar hey 10:16 AM

Saturday, August 26, 2006

neew layout people! finally! ya i noe ugly but wadeva !

mammar hey 10:58 AM

heyheyhey! today was uber funla despite me biting my lip while eating causing the red sticky disgusting, millions of red blood cells to drip in gobules!! hahaha nola its just a small cut la!! hoho! okay so first period chemistry was not as bad as always so hurray! oh and me and my grp was making sure we hand in our mahs hmwk before HE got a chance to copy it! hahaha.. i saw him struggling to do the questions lor!! hahaha. let him learn his lesson!! well so malay was okay and i got 49/70 for my compo..that i did at 6 in the morniing before lesson starts! hahhaah..omg! maybe if i keep doing work at am i would get high marks! ehehehe.. jkjk.. so recess as you know, i bit my lip. math was boring as per normal! biology today was funfun la! after fri prayers went home straight and went nline and guess who was online too? kucing la who else! crazy person! we were talking in malay cuz we want to do well for our upcoming malay olevl! paranoid al dey! haho!ohh and my mother bought more shorbet icecream la!! and i finished half a tub just now!! haha crazy la me!!k want to eat more

mammar hey 7:54 AM

Friday, August 25, 2006

from now on, i will blog in both malay and english. for what you may ask? because, my malay olevel will be commenceing in october! so ya have to mug for it! if you want an english post, read the previous one! ok? gd!

kebosanan. ini adalah perasaan yang akan aku sentiasa rasai apabila datang waktunya pelajaran melayu. aku tidak pernah terfikir betapa pentingnya untuk mempelajari bahasa yang aku memanggil bahasa yang hanya membazirkan waktuku ataupun bahasa yang menyusahkan aku. walauapapun, cikguku telah menukarkan perasaan jijikku terhadap bahasa yang indah ini. beliau telah dapat menukar perspektif aku terhadap bahasa bunga itu. bahasa melayu bukan bahasa yang membuangkan masa ia adalah bahasa yang tercantik di singapura. ia adalah bahasa pertama rakyat singapura sebelum pemerintahan inggris. ia terbahagi kepada pantun, sajak, syair dan banyak lagi. kesemuanya boleh kami megahkan. bukan itu sahaja, lagu singapura dinyanyikan di dalam bahasa melayu. oleh itu, kami bangsa melayu perlu banggakan bahasa kami ini dan jangan memandang rendah terhadapnya, bak kata pepatah, rosak badan kerana penyakit,rosak bangsa kerana laku.

ahhh i know crap! but hey i really need to improve my malay and do you know how long i took to write that? arghh.. and composition takes up around 90/110 of the marks! bloody hell.. ok die!

mammar hey 11:08 AM

halo!long time no talk! so today was boring since i was tired and all but after school, it was a whole new thing! so started off with biology. we were learning a new topic on respiration. boring as always. mother tongue was okayokay. maths was bloody horrible!! so english me and tian fong had to give our speech. i think i screwed it up alot! i said it too fast.oh and tian fong didnt do his work!! he merely copied frm the internet. but he said he editted it but i doubt so as there were words that i barely understand in it. sigh.. so we are going to get the same marks. its no use persuading him to do his work since he will just ignore it! so physics was a bore and so was the presentation abt HIV blablabla... then since i had nthg better to do after school, i went to 3c and waited for navin and josiah. but they had to stay back to clean the class.. so i satyed and help them including hidayah, yuen jun? jeanie, jinxiang. well didnt actually help but just joked ard. aftrwards, we went to eat at macdonalds! the journey was very amusing i tell you! we were running ard like chiildren!! omg. ya so ateateate.. went back hme aftr that and switched on the computer!

anws, we gt our PPR todday. i did badly man! i have never done ever so badly before esp in math!! can u believe frm a 84 to a 72???? crazy! so here are the grusome results!

english 69 b3 (one more mark to an A2!!)
HML 64 b4(one more mark to B3!!)
Amath 75.8 A1
Emath 72 A2
biology 73.2 A2
chemistry 79.2 A1
physics 75 A1
combined humanities 62.5 B4( i so need to buck up my humanities!!)
average 71.3%

sad i know! oh helen gt 81% and she said she did badly! she must be mad! that time i got 81.9% for my ppr in sec2, i was over the moon lor! omg! ok nvm.. so i gotta go now! bye.

mammar hey 8:25 AM

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

great news ppl! i found my biology workbook....IN MY LOCKER!!! how dumb is that? ok LMAO! so i am not deadmeat!

ok today was a happy day overall! eventhough i decided not to go to the movies! sad la i know! but nevermind, that is $7 more to my pocket money! haha. ok so the day started out at the bottom of the mountain. ya was so boring! can you imagine, having chemistry and physics foe the first 2 periods and geog aftr that? oh and ms yeo was so funnyla during geog! talking about BEACHES! haha. well, recess, i ate alot as usual. english today was uber fun can? we were discussing about eve teasing(when a man tries to woo a woman on the streets). so from a discussion, it became a hot debate between cang ning, me and suren. haha cangning said, quote, "if a man were to come up to you and grab your breast, you wont feel hurt right? there will be not bruises right?" HAHAHAHA!! kill me somebody! oh and to top it off, zehang suddenly stood up and said,"ohh so if i stare at you means i want to molest you ar?" hahaha. he ar! okay so maths went by like a drift. surprisingly, i am able to complete the 10min identity test! haha. hurray to me! well, PDP was spent talking with muneera! haha.. we were cracking up lame jokes and telling life experiences! omg LMAO! oh i realise only today that i can talk alot and non stop at a fast speed!haha. zehang said i was rapping! and i felt exhauseted aftr talking! it was the peak of the day la! okay so since i didnt decide to watch a movie, i went to lot1 with zehang, suren and vicky. so we were insulting ppl and okay better not say. when we reached lot1, i thought of cutting my hair but zehang forced mr out of it and now im regretting not cutting! because, when i went home today, i looked in the mirror and thought,"omg ammar, you hair is so huge!" hoho. fine im vain cant help it! so i was talking with jared and he was full of crap la! always have to win! haha but it is fun talking to him! finally i have cleaned my room! no actually it was just shoving the things aside! hahu! i am evil!! well i need a new layout but my photoshop skills are deterioting??correct spelling? ms lee said my arguementative essay is soo freaking long! haha.. i am me! i have to write more than 700 words one even tho the wordlimit is 250! hahahu! ok so i am going to do my homework nw! sians

mammar hey 12:11 PM

Sunday, August 20, 2006

i lost my biology workbook so therefore, i am dead meat! wish me luck on monday!(i know i said this in my previous post but wth!)
so, walao this karang guni kucing saboed me to do this bloody quiz thingy so here it goes,

1.Full name: You dont want to know but anws, Muhammad 'Ammar Bin Mohamad Malek

2.Name backwards: damn this! kelam damahom nib ramma' dammahum

3.Were you named after someone?: maybe? well its a long story! im named aftr the son of a woman who mati syahid! dont get it? nvm not impt!

4. Meaning of name: i dunno?? must be crazy!hoho

5. Nickname: very long also, mr alien red rhino ranger power fish blop blop!

6. Screen name: lost bio wrkbk = dead!

7. D.O.B: 25/12/91 day after tsunami. christmas day! serious

8. Place of birth: singapore.

9. Nationality: singaporean.

10.Current location: living room.

11.Star sign: capricorn.

12.Religion: islam.

13.Height: 164 cm!

14.Weight: 45 kg. must grow fatter.

15.Shoe size: 7.5 or 8?.

16.Hair color: black.

17.Eye color: brownish black

18.Who do you look like: my mother says im starting to look like jokim gomez!yucks la!

19.Innie or outtie: whatever this means!

20.Lefty or righty: righty.

21.Gay, straight, bi or others: im straight. what you mean others? as in confused? haha

22.Best friends: not really. i dont want to have one because sometimes they will end up betraying you!

23.Best friends you trust most: as said earlier.

24.Favourite pals: more than 1

25.Best friend of opposite sex: i said no best friends! get tt in your head! but probaby the ex 2c malay girls.

26.Best buddies: is there a difference between this and best friends?

27.Boyfriend or girlfriend: boyfriend.

28.Crush: guess all you want

29.Parents: ya my parents so?

30.Worst Enemy: just these 2 guys

31.Favourite online guy: guys dont usually come online but probably james ong!

32.Favourite online girl: who else but ms kucing ke byebye siao ping pong!

34.Craziest friend: more than 1000000!

35.Advice friend: i am my own advicer

36.Loudest friend: Josiah!!

37.Person you cry with: ????

38.Any sisters: all my 3 siblings are sisters. sad i know!

39.Any brothers: none.

40.Any pets: none.

41.Any disease: ya YOU! haha jkjk

42.Pager: omg? how long have this quiz been circling ard? pagers??

43.Personal phone line: yes!

44.Cell phone: its brand new but its gonna be spoilt soon!

45.Lava Lamp: no i dont have one! its too expensive amd i may break one!

46.Pool or hot tub: hot tub definately!

47.A car: ohh those sleekyrace car like ones! nice..

48.Your personality: quiet but loud.

49.Driving: when i reach 18? or is it 20?

51.Room: my mother has been pestering me to clean it for days!! but i avoid by saying i have tonns of hmwk to do! whats the point? its gonna get messy again the next day!

52.Whats missing: MY BIOLOGY WORKBOOK!!!

53.School: kranji secondary school.

54.Bed: yes i have one.

55.Relationship with parents: very close.

56.Believe in yourself: du uh.

57.Believe in love at first sight: nope! i find love online! haha talk abt geeky! but i prefer to know the personality than to be interested in the face!

58.Good listener: dont ask me!

59.Get along well with parents: ya ya!

60.Save e-mail convos: msn convos got la!

61.Pray: yes.

62.Believe in reincarnation: are you joking?

63.Make fun of people: every second!hohu

64.Like to talk on the phone: no i prefer smsing!!

65.Want to get married: who doesnt?!

66.Like to drive: you mean WOULD like to drive.

67.Motion Sickness: huh?

68.Eat stem of broccoli: duh!

69.Eat chicken with fork: no i eat with hands! totally primative man!

70.Dream in color: dream in sleep la!

71.Type with your fingers on home role: ....

72.Sleep with stuff animals: crazy! but i do have this marshmallow cushion tho! shut up! its comfy k?!

73.Next to you: ghost!

74.On the walls of your room: err paint?

75.On your mousepad: some IDA thing. dont ask me!

76.Dream car: say alr wad!

77.Dream date: must be my dream girl? duh

78.Dream honeymoon spot: on earth tts for sure!

79.Dream husband or wife: not to be a dream? hoha!

80.Bedtime: 2-4am! depends

81.Under your bed: my hotwheels!! haha!

82.Single most important question: where is my biology workbook???

83.Bad time of the day: when i loose my biology workbook!

84.Your worst fear: allah. and loosing my biology textbook!!

85.The weather is: its at night. what do you think? sunny? crazy!

86.Time: 134am! whay so interested?

87.Date: 20th august 2006.

88.Best trick did on someone: i got scolded for that! hohu!!

89.Theme song: makes no sense

90.Hardest thing about growing up: loosing your biology workbook!

91.Funniest experience: guess?

92.Scariest experience: loosing my biology textbook and having no food in the house!

93.Silliest thing you have ever said: alot.

94.Most desperate and funniest thing i have done to get the opposite sex: siao ping pong! i not tt desperate la pls!

95.Scariest thing while you are with your friends: when joisiah remains quiet throughout! hahu! tt will be the day!

96.Worst feeling: loosing my biology workbook and rejection??

97.Best feeling in the world: finishing this bloody quiz so i can sleep!

1) you who is reading this
2) that bored person
3) faza( i doubt you would do it but im just fillng it up!)
4) you want to do you do la!
5) the siao ping pong ones
6) she/he
7) yourself
8) and you

see i so kind nr sabo you!

mammar hey 4:41 PM

hello! so today was a long day! woke up at 10am! omg so early can? saturday somemore! usually i will wake up at 1pm?? haha. so got ready and left the house at 130pm to meet marl at 2pm at jurong int. so we missed the shuttle bus and had to walk all the way to IMM! hoho. okay so we went to Daiso to find the sculpture ballons but cannot find so we tried other shops but also dont have! so we went to get a bite. was smsing ppl who knew where to get sculpture ballons. since my hp cannot switch on we have to use marl's phone to call my fren so had to change the sim card and all! haha troublesome la!! we went back to Daiso to check again and finnally found some but bad qualityla but bought anws since we were desperate!so finnally jared told us at teck whye have so we were like..!! to the train to lot1 and walked to the teck whye market! had a long time finding the SKP shop but we did and bought 100 at $12!! expensivela!!so we headed back and finally my hp can be switched on!! received a sms from cang ning who told me she could get me 100 for $7 only!! wahlao!!!! so nvm!! haha i took 172 back while marl went to germaine's hse! haha. then got back and ate shorbet icecream! nicest icecream la(get tt kucing!!)!!! so i have tonns of hmwk to do!!! shit can?? and i cant wait for the movie on monday!! haha im a busy person!

eh kucing come online la! very bored la!

mammar hey 10:10 AM

Saturday, August 19, 2006

aiyoyo people! very the busy la lately!!! well anyways, i will blog abt yesterday! so we went to the malay pementasan at cairnhill?? ya so it was abt this lesbian thinghy! hoho creepy la! so thats basically the highlight of yesterday! today well very funla! chemistry mr kat taught instead of bloody ms ho! ya so then mother tngue there was this test which i failed to study for but it was alriight! huhu.. got back the math test which i did poorly in! i feel sad la because my math is slacking. i used to do so well in math but i think its because mdm mah gave too many hmwks tt i cant take it no longerla! haiyah! so bio as usual was fun! sadly ms ooi is going to leave us! bohoo! so borrowed some cds frm faza and i have been watching them. not to mention the eifeel im in love cd frm haishah! thx!

im actually pissed abt this one person in class whom i shall call T. so T sits ard me. well basically T does not d T's hmwk and most of the time copies frm T's grp mates. well when there is pairwork, i am left with no choice but to partner with T. so T never helps out in the work much. for eg. i asked T to send me the content for this project but he sent me useless info and i was forced to find the content myself as well as the design. so at school, T shows MY product ard and he claims tt it is OUR work. so now there is this other project and i hope T does his work by monday or i will be doomed since it is counted in the CA! so hopefully ya! T if you know who you are and reading this, try to work it out k? i dont want to tell it to ur face la! seriously man, i regretted sitting next to T. T should be sitted bside someone like suren? no insult/offence tho because well both dont usually do their work n time either so maybe by pairing up, they would have to be forced to do their work because nobody is gonna let them copy theirs or do their work for!

okay tts it!

mammar hey 5:59 AM

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

hoiis! so im gonna make it a short one cuz i need to go study! i got only a bloody 14/25 for social studies! fish. got 25/35 for bio! lhengs man. tot i was gonna fail it since i din noe how to do the ques. so chem i got 24/30! careless can??!! sigh. ohk so today music tech was a blast since we din do anything(me i mean) hoho. wasted!went back with amal josiah hafi calvin and charles but hafi calvin a charles left us behind! haha ok so i need to chao right now!

mammar hey 5:53 PM

Sunday, August 13, 2006

hello! oh ive been blog hopping and it seems like every single soul went to their grandmother's house on national day! omg how weird! so kucing sioa ping pong have been introducing me to you tube movies! hohu! she ar!! betul2 siao ke ping ke pong! ya so anw, im almost done watching eifeel im in love extended. nice show la but very confusing! so i have been online since morning and sadly my head is spinning like crazy!

there is seriously nthg gd on teevee now! sadla ppl! the life of a person who do not have cable tv! rolls eyes i know! well people i need a new layout but im so fishing lazy to make one! bleahs! oh and happy bday to waniz!

k kebyebye aliens! mr alien red rhino ranger power( shut up! i know lame! a nickname kucing siao ping pong gave me!(: huho!) signing out! byebye sauce!

mammar hey 10:51 AM

hello. so bio test sucked like fish! even if you gave me a year to study for it, i will still be unable to do it! sigh. oh and i failed my math test! i anticipated it so its not so upseting! hoho. so the bio research thing is going on smoothly! its quite fun really! hoho. ya so im staying home all day today! sian. oh and i lost my watch on fri so it felt awkward not wearing it on fri. i will like look at my wrist and ppl will think im insane cuz im nt wearing a watch! haha.. i expected that my sister would steal it really! like she stole my walkman and other stuff! huhu. and guess wad>? i was right! i found it in her handbag! i didnt tell her off tho cuz she would just deny it like she did for the others so ya whatever! im just happy that i found my watch! ok now i need to go off!

mammar hey 4:28 AM

Friday, August 11, 2006

hohoho! today is very extra hectic!! woke up a 130pm to do my social studies homework which i did anyhow because i dont understand sht. and then continued to do maths which for evry question, i had to ask my father for help. what is happening to me? then did the bio brochure which took me some time to do. then i wanted to study for bio but i was freaking lazy and was still pissed of with that subject as the test was postponed and now i have 3 tests tmr! malay which i gave up studying on apparently! maths as usual. sigh. okay so i guess i will be sleeping late again today studying for bio! fish? well im feeling hungry again so bye!

mammar hey 1:55 PM

Thursday, August 10, 2006

hey aliens out there happy national day! today our country celebrates its 41th birthday and i celebrate a day of boredoom! seriously, i could use a job! hohu. so i just finidshed my english compo! i really liked it. its about procrastination. initially i wanted to write on eavesdropping but heck. so sorry i have no told you the question! hahu. write about a time where your actions and words have convinced your friend in stopping his bad habit. it goes sort of like that so ya. here is my first paragraph. hohu!

Procrastination. It is simply an act of putting off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness but it is definitely not an act to be admired of. Josh. He is simply a boy who loves to waste his time on the computer or lying mindlessly on his small but comfortable bed when he could have used the time to do his homework or better yet, study. He of course is procrastinating. Me? Well, I am his so called best friend and I have been sent to this face of the Earth to try and save Josh from being trapped into his bad habit. I have to admit it myself, I too procrastinate but I do not procrastinate as much as Josh does. I do my homework, study for tests and complete my projects. He does the same too except that he does them at the very last minute and I really mean last minute. There was this one time during English lesson. We were supposed to be handing in our composition on that very day after the English period ends. He being who he is, did his composition during the English lesson just in time to hand it in when the period ended. Obviously he flunked it! See what procrastination did to him? So I went on an alleged mission to save him.

haha i know lame but whatever. so im feeling hungry and there aint nothing in the house except instant noodles so what do you know, m going to make some tata!

mammar hey 7:47 AM

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

hello belos! hurray! today was a half day! the celebrations was okay okay! the only thing that made things fun is the part when the choir sang and we made fun of the people singing eg, looking gay, some extra person who is a nerd going up and acting funny! hoho.. i brought my camera but it could not be switched on!! bloody hell! so no photos):

ya so aftr the celebrations, went to lot1 with sean, jesper, josiah and kendrick. ate at food culture. i ate lamb steak! hoho nicenice!!! the rest were like jealous lor cuz thy didnt order it! haha. then went window shopping and we tried to pangsey jesper!! hahahaha funyla!! serious! okay so then went home and slept.

basically tts all!

mammar hey 10:41 AM

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

helo! today was not an exciting day except for the fact that i ate at pizza hut. other than that, it was a smooth day with no ups or down. well first period was chemistry. got back our class test. i got 23.5/30! im still not satisfied though as i have studiied hard for it but in a way, i should be grateful la. ok next period, physics! luckily it was only for a period! hoho.

then, was geography at the ITC lab. it was okay.. not boring not fun and also not much to talk abt. bleah. okay recess i ate alot as in alot alot! okay english was abit more interesting and fun as we discussed some disgusting bad habits! hoho. eg, picking ur nose and eating ur nose wax!! holy crap! ya so after that math was a drag as i cant do a single question for the test! a definate fail! argh. oh and more math hmwk! shit? so no assembly yahoo! then supposed to have the bio research thing but i went to eat at pizza hut with shermin and yuhui instead! haha. hannah had detention and shu wen had dance so only left me devi and helen so in the end didnt go! haaha. so ate at pizza hut! ate lasagne! know the powdered cheese in the bootle? we finished half the bottle!!! hahahaha. we practically ppoured a whole lot in our soup and on our lasagne/pizza. hoho.. feeling jealous? k so went back to school to see if there is the bio research thing but in the end cancelled and i went back. walau waste my time walk back to school only!

klah tts all bye2

mammar hey 9:37 AM

Sunday, August 6, 2006

yay! today/yest was superly fun! so uberly fun that i can like the new chemistry teacher! okay no, that will never happen but nvm. ya so firstly, i met up with suren and syarif at marsling mrt at 2pm and we headed to suren's house because his mother will be ordering pizza. so met up with zehang, kendrick and sean at his place. ya so we ate and chatted and chatted till 3.30pm. wanted to take pics but the camera was low in batt so couldnt take pics. supposed to be watching nacho libre but the latest was at 245pm. so we settled for pirates of the carrebian, at 410pm at yishun GV. ya well, the show lasted for 2 and half hrs! ya its actually not worth watching cuz its not funny and its ending is too abruptla. but anyways, i rushed back hme quickly without them because thy wanted to hang out. well went home and then rested for a few minutes and then headed out again to see the fireworks at the esplanade!! very funla!! nicenice! should go and see! will post the fireworks pics soon i hope. used my hp to take pics so not tt clear. ya basically thats all! now i need a good night's rest so i can complete my hmk by mon! tralala.

ohh btw, i saw the danial that kidscentral kid. he looks so decent on tv but he is a mat tapered la. he was like any ordinary tapered mat, tapered pants and that billabong cap. hoho

mammar hey 3:37 PM

Saturday, August 5, 2006

yoo hoho! today was a blasted day! im very pissed off because the biology test that i studied for till 5am and sacrificed my math and mother tongue homework for was POSTPONED!!!! did you know that i feel sick because of staying up every night to study!!im having a bad cough and about to get a fever soon! my eyebags are getting more obvious eventhough im wearing my specs! Although its the weekend, there are tons of hmwk!! eg, social studies SEQ, Geography, aMath, Malay, biio mindmap and i have to study for another bio and maths twst!!! shit. however, im still going to go to the movies on sat! yay! i dont give a fish la abt bloody hmwks!! damn frustrating!

okayla enough sobbing, anw the malay debate went by smoothly without me forgetting any lines! yay!! eventhough we lost to the opposition team, we felt that we did a great job! ya and mr zainal said i have the debating talent. to be truthful, i take it as a complimentla. i know some may say they dont care even though they feel like they care? pkay crapping. so since i didnt do my malay compo, i had to complete it in the early morning at 6am! omg oonly an hour of sleep can! so ya i wrote crap but in the end i wasted my bloody time because cikgu did not collect it! blasted! oh and i had to sacrifice my recess, eating, with doing bloody maths hmwk which i anyhow did! so unlike me! cannot blame me lar! tired and sick what do you expect.

oh during chemistry practical, we had to do titration but instead of using acid and alkali, we used distilled water. why? because ms ho demonstrated to us the mthod damn slow as usual. ya and bio, we sttudied about the blood! i was half awake then but the mischevious guys at the back nvr fail to do stupid acts that will make me laugh my ass off! hohohuhu.

okayla thats all alien ffriends! i need to rest my stomach now! just ate a plate of briyani rice! dont be jealous peeps!(:

mammar hey 6:32 AM

Friday, August 4, 2006

today i got home early. sigh. i could not find a friend to go home with because apparently all of them had to stay back. well so got back home alone and am now eating currypuff! hoho. so today was Suren's bday. i didnt get him a present well because im on a very tight budget now! seriously! im spending alot lately. well so i guess i will just treat him to a movie on saturday! so anyways, today was stressful and as usual, me, muneera, feng ru and sometimes jiayin were crapping! huhu. ya i was laughing and cracking up lame jokes!! well i cant write much because i have math hmwk to do, bio test to study for andfood to eat! haha. ok bye!

oh and muneera made this up!

mr bombastic,
you are fantastic,
pakai coli plastic,
pantat kena lastic,
hidung elastic!

omg tt is so peverse la.oh and then i told her this

so what pantat mu bulat, bekilat-kilat berwarna coklat, bertahi lalat!

so hahahaha. its in malay btw so the foreign people,sorry because im lazy to translate it!

mammar hey 6:31 AM

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

hullo earthlings!! school was fun today as usual. The beijing students arrived in our school and there was like this opening ceremony that took up one period of maths so ya, hurray!! well tian feng was anxious to see them arrive to our class. and it was funla!! well laughed and laughed and laughed alot today! aftr bio was malay, which as per normal, boring!! there's a compo hmwk and im lazy to do it! bleah!

then english was fun as we had to draw out a comic strip! our humans look like ants la! oh and for bio, we have to do mindmapping and it will be graded! fish. i told mdm normala tt i prefer making notes and memorising words but she say she want us to do mindmap instead!! mindmap is a waste of timelor!!u haf to draw stupid pics tt u might not understand what u drew in a few mths time! ok whatever!

so lalala during physics and laughed during social studies! then aftr school went MAc with shermin, yuhui, and sean and ate till 3.30. music tech actually starts at 3 but we came late lol!! when we reached back to school, it have not even started yet la!! haha

tts all la bye aliens!

mammar hey 9:55 AM