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Friday, August 31, 2007


Hey lookie, lookie, my Triump push up bra eyebags! *gasp*

I am happy/ecstatic/thrilled that the weekends and September Holidays are nearing!

Finally, a break from all those insane studying.

Anyhooways, tomorrow is the ACES DAY cum Teachers' Day celebrations.
So, every class will have to submit an entry for the class flag competition by tomorrow.
And, the stupid school involved both the sec4s and sec5s.
How clever, really![sarcastic]
They know we have the prelims yet they still make us do stupid stuff like this!
Our last paper for the week was today and that means we only have a day[a few hours] to come up with a 1m by 0.5m flag!

But, being the responsible vice chairperson that I am, I actually spent time on the bleedy flag by scotch tape-ing pieces of drawing blocks together! LOL. It is still a few cm short though but who gives a bloody damn!

And viola, the oh-so responsible vice chairperson came up with an alien looking, super ugly, nonsensical flag which he does not know how to bring to school tomorrow! Oh the joy of it!
Oh look, the eyes are saying 'F'!! Not sure if that is even its eyes! Oh well!

Hopefully tomorrow does not rain and spoil my ugly flag! tsk!

mammar hey 2:56 AM

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


This is gonna be a short post because I need to get back to geography-ing. Dang.

So, HML paper today. I would say that cikgu gave us multiple hints that most of us overlooked! cikgu, cikgu. Tsk.

Tried to study after school but was too hungry. So I went home.

Bad choice. Because I slept straight away after eating. Dang.

Conversations of the day
Me: Don't you think that my eye bags are disappearing?
Faza: No, actually they kinda look like push up bras.
Me: okay...

Me: How do you explain ageing population.
Faza: ehh- ging, ehh- ging, EHH GING!
Me: what?
Faza: you ask how to spell right? It's EHH-GING!
Me: no...

Okay let's go geog-ging! [as in jogging. Geddit?]

I miss the long conversations we would have online or while SMS-ing. How we would complain that our handphone bill will melambung if we continue. I miss calling you earthquake woman because of your constant laugh out louds! I miss the times where we would compare results and say that the other is so much smarter etc. I miss the times where we would stumble upon each other and smile lebar-ly like no one's business!

GOD, I miss you!

Have a fun birthday and do well for 'O' s!

mammar hey 11:40 AM

Sunday, August 26, 2007


[above] yeah right...
I'm not really stressed out.

Stayed back in school again for for another three hours after Malay extra lesson.
I did not oversleep! YAY!
Because I slept early the night before!
First time.

Studying was quite productive.
I finished ALL my Social Studies topics for prelims.
But, I am still in a dilemma to study conflicts or not.
If I have time maybe.

I know that I PROMISED to start on geography.
I will after this entry!


My posts so far has always been about school and studies. I make myself sound so nerd when I am actually not.

I know.

"Don't be in denial, Ammar"
- what Syarif might say. [LOL]
Something random to proof that I am no nerd.
Movies I have watched in THIS month ONLY!
In no particular order,

code name: the cleaner
BRATS[human version. creepy. why did I watch?]
high school musical 2
hostel 1
hostel 2
she's the man
american pie 1
dream girls
simpsons the movie

what else?

How nerd is that right? - sarcastic


Jessica Biel is on LIME's cover!
Hot is just too mild to describe her!
She's more than ethereal, she more than beautiful.
- sinks into dreamy mode.

mammar hey 10:13 AM

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Im'ma Shine. Im'ma make it!

Stayed back in school just now for four hours to study Social Studies. I am so glad I made a decision to study in school instead of at home because I know that if I were to study at home, I would either sleep or use the computer!

And thanks for the company Atiqah, Izzaty, Ellysa and Amirah.

so, prelim 2 is just a few days away!! And, I have yet to study Geography!!!
Dang. Tomorrow. I promise.

What Mr Lim said really scared me. I dunno. Whatever Mr Lim says always gets to me. He is so intimidating, it's scary.
But, today Mr Lim was super blur. It was hilarious!

Anyhooways, I better make sure I wake up early tomorrow and attend Malay class! LOL!

So You Think You Can Dance season 3 is already over in the states and yet it is still not shown in Singapore. Boohoo! But, I managed to watch most of the dances on youtube!!

The recent season's dancers are SERIOUSLY GOOD! as in GOOOOOD!
Dang. They are so much better than season two's.
So you peeps out there must go watch oggayy?!!
Just type in SYTYCD in YouTube!
AHHH! watch the contemporary, Hiphop, group and samba dances! HOT!!!



mammar hey 10:20 AM

Thursday, August 23, 2007


School was so "happening" today.

So, it was raining and the ground was wet and all. That means that PE will either be spent playing table tennis or nothing at all.

Mr king berKong choose to do nothing[at first]. He insisted that some other class were using the table tennis facilities and that we watch some table tennis videos instead. Of course the whole class moaned and all because PE was the only time that we could relieve ourselves from reality and the fact that the prelims are near.

And, 4F is a "grudge-ful" class. When he showed the stupid videos, most, if not all began taking out our books and started to study/revise. His expression was classic! Priceless maybe.

The rain stopped and 4F being the persuasive class that we are, got Mr King berKong to let us play! Hurray Hurrah we were.

When we reached the parade ground, we were all surprised/amazed/shocked/flabbergasted that many from other classes were PE-ing. And, the table tennis facilities were NOT even used!

Mr King berKong is such a huge fatass liar dude!

Played captain's ball.
I accidentally bit my tongue and it bled. [No kidding. I thought that I was going to die.]
Shermin somehow made her gums/lips bleed.
Sean fell down during soccer and his knee and elbow bled.

Basically some got injured! How much cooler can cool get you tell me?!

And, Kang Chun's hair caught fire when Yu Zhong played with a lighter. Pity I was not there to catch the live action but it seems wicked dude!

Kang Chun cried because he might have frizzy hair and probably a nearly bald patch on his head.
I feel for him. I mean its HAIR!

But if it were me, I would get over it the very next day and think,
"omg! My hair caught fire! How cool is cool? Like its not everyday that your hair catches fire! AHH!"

Im so sadistic, it's hilarious.

Let's Physics and Malay now!

mammar hey 2:48 PM

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


So, a few days ago, I mysteriously lost my expensive $3.00 blue pen.[Yes, I am that bratty.]
And, the very next day, I lost my other $1.90 pen.

Today I was so frustrated because I had no pen.
I hit the table and....

Magically, my expensive $3.00 blue pen, missing for long time dropped onto the floor from dunno where!
God must love me a lot today.
Not saying that god never loves me because he does.
He is "maha pengasih dan maha penyayang".
Just that today He loves me more!
Thank you god, love you too!

And, I can't believe that I am saying this but after watching High School Musical 2 I actually find that the songs are actually quite nice.[Even though we all know that their voice were seriously edited!]

My favourite, Bet on it - Zac Efron[or not]

Woggay moggay I better go do my Malay compre and English compre NOW!!

Happy Birthday Ms Lai and Taiyi!

mammar hey 12:48 PM

Monday, August 20, 2007


Today and yesterday was very productive![I think]
I managed to finish most of the questions in the Geography 2005 paper.
*Plus I managed to sneak a movie in between*
I studied agriculture halfway today!
And, I am doing Chemistry now!

Most of the above are not compulsory and I did on my own.
But now, I have yet to complete the necessary homework! ARGH!
English comprehension!

Plus, I do not know what we will be studying for Physics tomorrow. Nobody seems to know. How to do self revision before class??!! HOOOWWW?!!!

I just sound so nerd.
But you know, nerds these days are like super duper cool with their awesome high techy gadgets thingamagic.
Besides, being a nerd is like the "in" thing these days! Like omg!

*I just portrayed myself as a nerd and himbo at the same time.*

Seems like I blogged today so,

Happy Birthday Faza and Sarah!!!

mammar hey 10:44 AM

Sunday, August 19, 2007


I missed Malay class today because I overslept and woke up at 2pm!! Never happened before!

Dang the fang.

Oh well.

Anyhooways, yesterday I had my OLevel oral and I think I did borderline! I screwed up my reading and worse of all, in the middle of the conversation I stopped[not stone] for 10 seconds! I seriously did not know the disadvantages of having your grandparents stay near the married couples.

Plus, my examiner was blur.-__-"
Won't elaborate.

And my first Physics IP coaching class after was a bore. Practically no mood because I cripple my chances of getting a distinction for my English oral. But not as worse as Ms Lim's class though. No one can beat her. LOL.
And, Mr Koh Chee H was so stupid.

Me: [walks into class after oral] Is this class Band 3?
Mr KohCH: I am Mr Koh.
Me: [thinking to myself - did I ask for your name? I know who you are , BODOH!]

Yah, kind of brainless he is despite his overwhelming knowledge on the subject everyone hates most, Physics.

Doing geography now and hopefully Chemistry later.

Happy birthday FAZA!

[I know it's tomorrow but I don't think I will be blogging tomorrow so here.]

mammar hey 6:53 AM

Thursday, August 16, 2007


People keep telling me that I think too much.

I dunno. Do I?


Anyhooways, if I were to pile up ALL my school work, it would mountain and giant over the oh so glamorous Everest! No kidding.

I just completed one of the three Social Studies homework and have yet to finish up on Chemistry and the 2 English assignments!


This is so dang the fang dude.

The last 5 periods of math got me thinking - math is frigging fun dude. And tiring at the same time.

You are so nerd Ammar! tsk.

Okay back to English.

Come on children. Stretch. - Gova Shivanan style.
[don't try to understand.]

mammar hey 2:45 PM

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Tons of homework to complete but only a few done.
Math functions Tuesday
Math Cedar CHIJ and other schools I can't recall Wednesday
Biology paper1 paper2 Tuesday
Biology SPA skill1/2 enzymes homeostasis this and next Tuesday
Physics Nov2004/2005 tomorrow and Friday
Physics Forces tomorrow and Friday
Chemistry metals calculations ABS organic chem Wednesday and next Monday
English Oral revision/practice Friday!!!

As you can see most of them are only half done! And most of them have to be completed in this week!

And I have not included revisions for prelims!!!

I am DEAD!
In humongous CAP LOCKS!

Other than that, I am watching Hostel and reading up on Forces later.

So yeah!

You gotta love me.
Something random
Wing Loon is funny once you get to know him better.
Readers Digest jokes are getting more "intellectual". Takes a long time to understand. Maybe I'm just going stupid/dumb.
I miss Mother Tongue classes. Surprising indeed.

And some IDIOT CHEENA AHBENG "cannot-understand-what-you-are-talking-because-you-are-shouting-like-mad"
keeps calling my hand phone and leaving weird messages about buying a bicycle or lock or whtvr[Don't understand "beng" language. To profound for me.] despite me telling him 11231289423578 times that he got the WRONG number! He only stopped calling when I shouted rudely at him because he was shouting rudely at me and I was friggingly trying to sleep! Stupid old man!

Cannot blame him though. Maybe he doesn't know what wrong means. Pity.

Anyhooways, congrats to those who got A1s and A2s for their MTL Olevel.
In a way, I do feel a tinge of jealous surging because I got a B3 and I take HML and I cannot retake. Embarrassing to the max to the max!

But, jealousy aside, you people rock BODOH!!

YAY to Muneera, Syafiq, Amal, Luqman, Syarif, Izzaty, Haisah and more and more!

And more!

Hostel is taking long to load. Guess I'll be studying Physics first then. Dang the Fang.


mammar hey 2:58 PM

Saturday, August 11, 2007


I so have a weakness for good movies.

Definitely my Achilles Heel to not study at all.
Watched a dozen and one movies already in just 3 days.
Screw the internet for providing free yet illegal movies.

yeah, blame the world wide web and not yourself, Ammar!

On the upside,
I did complete one and a half SEQ though.

And, where are you??

mammar hey 1:20 PM

Thursday, August 9, 2007


I just wasted a dozen tissues, dabbing the excess oil off the fried jackfruits. Ergh.
And, I just tasted the best watermelon and "matakucing" ever!

And, Happy National Day all Singaporeans!!

And, I changed my layout yet again after only a few weeks!

And, I think that this new one is nice and HOT because it is a vector of ME!
The previous one was hot too since it was me also. Just that this is much HOTTER.
And, I think you are probably thinking, "how chauvinistic!"
And, I don't care.

And, I think that there is too much "and"s.

And, I need to go do some Geography and oral practice now!

And, I think I sound "slang" when I read.
And, I dunno why?!

And so, goodbye!

mammar hey 7:06 PM

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


National Day celebration today and it was okay. Just okay, but definitely better than last year. I think?

I have tons of pictures.

Band and flag twirlers were amazing and HOTsomelicious.

And, the sun was super duper angry then!
But, clever me brought along two packets of tissue paper to wipe off the buckets of sweat.
I am so prepared for anything.

Anyhooways, I thought of tagging along with Ellysa, Izzaty, Atiqah, Iskandar, Faizal and gf to town but since I want to save money and all, I decided against it. And now, I am as bored as a table[don't ask why.]

Okay, pictures y'all! No stupid/funny captions because I am lazy.

BUT, I "cleaned up" all YOUR[sabrina, kendrick, sean, ellysa, yana, and more!] pimples and blemishes so that YOU will look like pretty and handsome babes and hunks! So, must thank me for giving you digital skin treatment okay! For free some more! TSK!.

Mr Kong Look lonely here. As always. duhh.

I look asif someone decapitated my head and Suren is carrying it. X)

mammar hey 7:03 AM

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


So, my sister got a new laptop and she handed down to me her old one. However, I rejected it and gave it to my Primary 5 sister instead.
So, now I can hog the computer all to myself!
How cool is that?! Now everyone in the family except my mother has their own desktop!

Anyhooways, Chemistry and Biology SPA was not that difficult but nor was it easy. I don't want to jinx it, so yah.

English class is fun as always! Conversations of the day always come from there.
Shout out of the day #1
So, we were discussing whether money is an appropiate form of gift or not.
ME: Well, you don't give teddy bears or home made cards to charity organisations! You give money!!

Shout out of the day #2
So, we were discussing about the latest fashion trends and one group said leggings for women and,
DARYLL: What's the difference between leggings and stockings?
ALVIN: You wear stockings on your head!

English class is da bomb I tell you!

I have watched both Simpsons and Disturbia!!
And, both, I must say is exceptionally awesome but not to the extent that I would watch it again.
But, it is good!

Oh, and how can I forget this. tsk

Ms Yeo said F!@#ing SL*T to her maid!
Because her maid stole $1000,
Because her made bought a hand phone without her permission,
Because her maid brought her friends up into the house,
Because her maid had a boyfriend in Malaysia,
Because her maid used the master bedroom toilet,
Because her maid took pictures of herself[nude I presume] in the toilet with Ms Yeo's towel on her head.
Because, Ms Yeo is frigging cool!

Alarming but definitely a story.

Oh, and I changed my layout yet again. I submitted this to NOISE festival and let's pray hard that it gets shortlisted, no?

Anyways new additions to the all-mine computer.

mammar hey 2:25 PM

Friday, August 3, 2007

Hydrochloric acid
I have no idea for the above.

Tomorrow there is the teacher meeting thing-y and I don't think I am going because my father cannot make it. so, yay!

And, we have to submit our school timetable tomorrow as well.
I don't think that I will be able to finish it if I want to do it SERIOUSLY.
Because, there are tons of homework to complete by tomorrow as well.
So far, Chemistry is done and Math is 3/4 way there. All that is left is English comprehension.
So don't blame me Ms Lee if I don't complete the timetable.

Beijing people are here in our school again.
They made me loose one period of Physics.

And, English lesson today seemed exceptionally boring.
But, Luqman, YOU are as noisy as usual. I know that you are reading this! LOL.
Sometimes right, I think that you are too noisy until I cannot concentrate on my work.
But, I think it is great fun having you around.

No quotes/conversation(s) of the day today! Boohoo. So boring.

But, there is MOMENT of the day!

So, there was this err, mentally disabled man in the 302 bus. Or as Fairuz would say,"tak siuman".
As we got down, the guy kept pointing at Muneera and sticking out his tongue! Muneera's reaction was super funny to the max to the max! Classic.
She was like, "Ammar!! Ikut aku, ikut aku! Takutlah!!"
HAHA. But that man walked in a different direction and Muneera was so relieved and made a dash for it. LOL.
Coincidentally, I walked in the same direction as that man and he was pointing at other girls and tongue-ing them. EWW lah!



mammar hey 1:43 PM

Thursday, August 2, 2007


School was fun?

I failed my PE test. I think.
Mr King "I love to scratch my chest" Kong has got attitude yo!
So I sucked at table tennis and he kept giving me this exasperated and "walao" kinda look when testing me.
Not even a smile or an encouragement. tsk.

But, I don't give a heck about this PE test. He treats us as if we are supposed to be professionals.
All I care about is that I got GOLD for NAFPA. So, Hurray already!

I realise that our class never ever played basketball or soccer. Instead, we will play tennis or table tennis. Maybe AhKong is an expert in these areas.
I saw him playing soccer one time with the teachers,

HE SUCKED THE SHITT out of the Earth.

No wonder our class never played soccer because I think AhKong do not want to be embarrassed or something. Imagine if we tested him and he could not even shoot a hoop or score a goal. We will give him an exasperated and irritated look. HAHA.

Ok enough about Mr Scratch chest.
Quote of the Day#1.
Mr Kong: Some of you hit the ball in an "unorrodox"[unorthodox] way!!

Quote of the day#2.
Ms Lai: Okay, I will start being more of an "s" [ass]

The Ms Lai quote is complicated. Won't go into details but she really said that.

I am entering the NOISE festival and submitting my artworks. YAY.



ps: Ms Leong is super scary! I don't dare ask her any question. LOL. Oh, dear.

mammar hey 2:54 PM

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

School was dull and all.
Like always.

MDM MAH was absent. True shocker indeed! I wanted to do math revision but ended up making geography notes. Like you needed to know that.

Anyhooways, during Malay lesson, there was this surprise test. It was very unexpected and "ergh-ing" because I felt so sleepy and had no mood for a test.

After school, I went to eat at Long John Silver with Jeanie, Jared and Victor.
I had a super duper great time joking around with them! It was the first HARD and LONG laugh I had since dunno when.
"Oh, Dear"

Talking about "Oh Dear", I will be in band A1 for math and that means that Ms Leong will be my new Math teacher. And Kendrick is in my class! OH the horror! Let's hope he will be less of an irritant!

Then, Jared and I went looking around for a present for Yana and I think we got her something nice.

Convo of the day #1!
Jared: You know what Ms Leong once said?
Me: No...
Jared: Okay someone in class asked why she loved to talk to herself.
Jared: And you know what she said?
Jared: I am a good conversationalist and a good listener. So who can I talk to? Myself!

Convo of the day #2!
*Jared tells this story, I wasnt there but,..*
Jared: ms Ram are you Hindu?
Ms Ram: Yah...
Jared: Then why don't you wear the dot on the forehead?
Ms Ram: You mean a bindi?[pronounced as pindi or smtg.]
Ms Ram: We don't need to wear it all the time.
Jared: Then what is punde?
Ms Ram: EEEEEE Jared!!!!
Jared: What? seriously I dunno.
Ms Ram: *whispers* vagina...

Oh well, that's today. Let's hope tomorrow will be a better day.

mammar hey 2:56 PM