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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Hello blogging world. I havent blogged in a while and I dont think I will be making a comeback anytime soon. It's gonna be an ON-OFF thing so watch out!

I just wanted to keep you guys updated on recent happenings in my life during this oh so glorious yet busy holiday. Well, so you know Im alive and well.

Speaking of busy, things are starting to get worse as I begin my treacherous quest of completing ALL my holiday assignments on time. I AM DOOMED!

Anyhoots, lets talk about AUSTRALIA!! No not that 3 hour long movie. I am talking about the place, namely Melbourne. Oh LOVELY MELBOURNE how I miss you much!!
The whether was dry though but the fun outweighs the torture. for surezzz.

So we shopped and we hiked. Yes, we hiked alot! Like on most day tours we had to get out of the bus and hike up a mountain or climb a million steps to get a picturesque view of the gorges or the magnificent waterfall. AHHH...

Ok so I'll just post up a few pictures from the trip.

Now, Let's talk about class OCIP to BATAM!
All the stressful preparation and careful and meticulous planning paid off!
The kids had fun, we had fun, the world is a fun place. AWESOME!!

It was also a partaaay!! If I can say so myself.
Our lodging and accommodation was terrific. We had huge beds and a bathtub and HOT HOT water!! AWESOME! I never want to get out of the bathroom.

So photosss!!

Ok so what's next... OHH!!!

I had an AWESOME christmas party cum birthday party at the expensive SEOUL GARDEN. Emphasis on the expensive!!
Like i told ma peep, "it burnt a hole in my pocket but it surely carved a place in my heart"
I know right?

Ya okay, photos!!!

You know what, the rest of the photos are on FB so if you dont have one get one!! Cus I go there more often than I blog(:

ANWs, before I disappear again, lemme wish y'all a HAPPY NEW YEAR(:(:

mammar hey 9:49 PM