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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Hey so sorry for the late update. Im rushing here because I need to be off to complete my homework. Bleah. The last 2 days spent in school and doing school work. gahh!

Well anyhoo, the KL trip was fun and great. No souvenirs for you people though. No money! The whole family spent about S$1000 in four days in KL! I bought a shirt, a wallet, a pair of shoes, pants and a hell lot of FOOD! Imagine that. I will update more about KL when I finish my homework!! Wait a nong nong time okay? lol!

Well so I got my first christmas card cum birthday card in my mail for the first time in my life basically because I dont celebrate it[christmas not my bday. duhh]. Well thx to Jiayi and she gave me a pet cockroach too! lol[its a fake so I cant eat it. dangg].I named it Bob. Im not sure if its a boy or girl so I assumed it to be a boy. Hopefully it is!-__-.

lalala okay okay I better be off now. And BORAT is a disgusting but LAME show! But I loiike!

Kaching kaching bling bling bling! I need $$$ peeps. Wait for next year.[the time is 5.55PM how cool!]

mammar hey 9:55 AM

Saturday, December 23, 2006

I stayed up last night watching the whole of prison break season1 and tried to complete all my math assignments. I thought there were only a few question but boy was I very very wrong!! I forgot some of the equations and had to revise a bit but I managed to complete a few questions. A million questions to go! I know you might be thinking, if I had that much of homework what am I still doing here updating this bloody site? Well that is because i am doing my homework IN FRONT of the computer and Im sick of numbers already! Bleah I know I am insane. So I am currently on my fourth math assignment out of 11! GAHAH! I hate my maths teacher but I guess its reasonable considering that next year is the OLevels. dang..

I still have biology[ which I am sure the teacher will collect a few days after school reopens so I am less bothered about it.] And, there is English proposal writing which sucks because I hate writing proposals big time! gah! And, there is physics 10 year series to be completed plus a physics test when school reopens!! I am so not ready!! Not only that, I have to prepare for some stupid competition!! No not the stress bug again! I am starting to suffer from hair fall again.

Blame the idiot procrastination!!


PS: I just watched high school musical on VCD and its like so gay and dumb! I wonder why my friends actually liked it?! Its either they are joking or mental or gay?! *gasps*!!


mammar hey 9:30 AM

Friday, December 22, 2006

Went to school today to discuss some competition thingy which I am not bothered about. I downloaded Mozilla Firefox a few days ago and its almost the same as Internet Explorer except that it has normal scrollars which makes my layout ugly and it has this cool function of having alot of websites in one window.


I will be going hiatus from this Saturday till around Monday as I will head off to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . So I will be celebrating my birthday which is on Christmas day[in case some of you do not know] there.

Tmr I might be meeting up with Faza to collect something and i heard from a friend that there are tons of Math homework which I hope to do by tmr[surely die]. And there is an upcoming physics test when school reopens and there is still english letter writtng. I am so dead and I am going to hate Sec4 life. Bleahhh!!

big bad babbling band of baboons! heheheh.

mammar hey 5:05 AM

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

New layout people! It looks dull and dead I know but I actually quite love it. So its either you love it or you hate it!

And to Faza's sister. In case you havent realised yet, I did all the teasing just for the fun of it. I dont want you to go kill Faza or anyone. Yes its for fun and you should try it someday. Not only do you get the fun from people being angry, you, well thats it actually just getting euphoric. I know I am very sadistic but thats me. I love Final Destination3 and the gory and grotesque scences so what do you expect? Thanks for calling me clever but I really am like everyone else. Stupid and dumb and do stupid and dumb things like this to fill in my boredness so ya. Sorry but I still think its bitchy to call your own mother a bitch and that is exactly why I called you one. And you say its just ranting? Hello?? Its like putting up racist comments and telling the government its just ranting. See if they will keep you out of jail?

Okay it is not really relevent to the other readers out there so if you want to comment, comment on the layout. (:

Okay Ammar out!

mammar hey 12:41 PM

Lalala. Read something on Faza's blog which is super ultra funney. But I sincirely hope for her safety! LOL. No seriously I am! Go read her blog if you dont get what I mean. Link is under affies. its ethvren.something lol. Will update more later in the day so tralala.

I updated the ME page because it seems empty and plain and i know you kaaypohs out there want to know more-__-"

mammar hey 6:27 AM

Monday, December 18, 2006

362 photos people!! *GASPS*[in shock]! But I will not be so crazy as to post every single one of them here! That would be insane-_-". Anyhoo, I will just talk about the main points and let the pictures convey the thousand words to you!

So I had to go to school to prepare the things to be brought to the garden festival. I especially like the part of planting the mock strawberries in gel![i hated the part of uprooting them from the garden though. I got 11 mosquitoe bites from there!!]

Then we[me helen hannah shu wen kash marilynn and salmah] ate spagetti for dinner and heade of to suntec. Nothing much happened in the bus as I was busy listening to Orson on my handphone's mp3.[Im quite poor. I dont have a REAL mp3 T_T]

So, the moment we stepped into the convention centre, we were AWED!!!! By the comely scenery and the humongous variety of beautiful plants and flowers. Even the veggies looked appealing! OH then,, Mdm Normala, my teacher, FORCED me to wear the tree outfit! Walao! They had to chase me around the place! lol. i gave in in the end -_-".

So we had to explain stuff to important visitors. blahblah. At night, the president came and I was in my tree outfit standing there when he suddenly called me out to take a picture with him! Omg! So the rest of them tagged along and managed to grab a picture with him but the picture is currently not with me right now. Its with kash so I will post it when I get it. duhh. Well thats the end of friday!(:

I came at around 6pm and then sat down waiting for people to pass by and explain. but that was not the best part. At 1030pm, the Minister Mentor, Lee Kuan Yew came in a golf buggy and I had to present to him our booth. So I wasnt nervous since Ive presented to 1000000 people already and he's a person right?lol.

So thats basically it. Now for some plant photos which Im sure youre much more interested in. duhh.

okay done! its not everything though! Im just lazy to upload them. So make do with this! Alot already okay?! Be grateful. And CLICK TO ENLARGE!

mammar hey 9:50 AM

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Yesterday's trip to the Suntec Garden Festival was better than expected. It was actually fabulous and the flowers there were beautiful!! I have a lot to talk about so ill save that for tmr! Im feeling quite lazy now. For some suspense, ill let you know that I dressed up as a tree-_____-". And there are 186 pictures taken yesterday and more today! Im doing night shift ALONE! dang! Hope itll be okayyy.

Anyhoo, my newest and most favourite band of the year is ORSON!!! you have to listen to their songs! Its full of awesomeness!!!*_*" Its a wonde that ive never heard of the before! Why have I not?! you have to go listen okayy?!

mammar hey 2:48 PM

Friday, December 15, 2006

I might not be able to update on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Why you ask me? Well because I have to do shifts at the garden festival at Suntec City convention centre. Dont ask why. Its a stupid reason!

Will only be getting like what? 10$ a day?![thats like slavery!] Imagine that. 5-6hrs sitting at the booth in front of bacterias and soap[The school was doing this project on antibacterial properties of herbs and antibacterial soap. I know. WHAT?]. Apparently I have to present the project. Dang. The president or prime minister will be appearing themselves at the Garden Festival. Im like so what? I see their faces everyday on the news. i do not need to stare at them any longer. Not to mention present anything to them. I dont mind going for one day but 3 days?! I need a gun pointed at my head or Ill just jump off the window ledge!NOW![no just kidding. duhh. Dont go call the police or social services. They'll jail you for FAKE-RY. Is there even such a term? -___-"]

However, I hope that the other booths will be much more interesting than the school's and that there are actually comely flowers to admire and not any ugly smelly new weird hybrids[You never know!]

Slept till 3pm today. Dont ask why AGAIN because I dunno why myself. I made 4 versions of an Elijah Wood layout and still not liking any of them. My portable harddisk almost betrayed me by deleting all my files[Luckily it did not!*phew*] And watched prisonbreak today. Still waiting for FAZA to burn the DVD for me. Its almost midnight and I so dont feel like going to bed yet.

Still dont feel like going to bed.
Nope. Not yet.
still waiting for the sense of sleepyness[??]

okay goodnight.[I still dont feel like sleeping though. Must be insomnia.]

mammar hey 3:55 AM

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Yellow! The last three days have been so fun and exciting that I had no time for the computer! *WOAH**!! Big shocker I know! But I was flat out tired when I got home that I dont even have the strength to switch the computer on not to mention unable to type![Ya right Ammar! as if!]

Okay lets start with Monday Monday Monday!! Went to Bugis that day and boy was it crowded like a riot! Well Anyhoo, I bought 3 clothes. One from Jeep[I know childish but its nice okay!]. And 2 from "Give me back Sunday". Its real nice and I got it at a bargain! Here's their website so check it out!

the Jeep

The 2 from Give me back Sunday

on Tuesday, the whole family minus my elder sister went to Johore Bahru, Malaysia. The drive was long and excruciating but listening to Augustana on the Mp3 just shortened the trip. So we went to almost every shop in the Aeon Tebrau shopping mall and I only got one shirt from the reject shop! Its okay not really fond of it but its nice! And i bought this huge rainbow lollipop from their Toysrus! haha kucing will surely be jealous! Took me 1hr to finish 1/10 of it! crazy.

The shirt

the lollipop!

On Wednesday aka today, went to catch a movie with Nur Serena Zainal Abidin. Supposed to be watching Open Season at causway point but ended up watching Eragon at Lot1 . Ya because she had canoe training in the morning so she cant make it! Imagine that? Training during the holidays? totally insane! So we bought a huge tub of popcorn as in REALLY REALLY huge and two medium sized coke/pepsi. And It was super SUPER ginormous. But.... we finished the whole popcorn tub and the big drinks and I went to the toilet twice.-_-" And i spilled the last few popcorn on her! I am officially the clumsiest person on earth! Anyhoo, I am still full from the popcorn that I dont have the appitide to eat white sauce pasta! Dang!

i am currently working on this new layout and Faza has a gorgous layout out! its so GAHH! Go check it out! [get this Faza, im actually publicising you on my blog! So hurry up with the prisonbreak dvd dwnld!!(:]CLICK


ps: eragon is a boring show dont watch unless youve read the book!

[edit] There was bright lightning and loud thunder when I was bathing and it sounded like a war and an atomic bomb fell! So the lightning struck the water in the shower and i almost got electrocuted! Holy crap and the house actually the whole block blacked out TWICE! Imagine that!

No Im just kidding about the lightning striking the water. LOL but it was fun telling it while t lasted!(:[/edit]

mammar hey 11:48 AM

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Ergh. Im so frigging bored to death at home!! I am downloading prisonbreak season1 and 2 on the computer right now. shhh!! But its taking its bloody sweet time to finish downloading! bleah..

Anyhoo, on Monday i MIGHT go town-ing with my sister to get some new clothes for next year and then at night I might maybe join my ex-2cians to catch a movie at vivocity! I hope they are watching dejavu or eragon. Then on Tuesday, hopefuly my friend will not be attending her class chalet and join me for a movie at causeway point instead. Will be watching open season. So I am happy that finally I have a busy schedule! No more slacking around at home!

I finally got my IC later from the government and cannot wait to make it on the 22th dec. One thing I am worried about is that under my religion, they say that it is unknown?! holy camoly! I am an Islam and not a terrorist. Dont get me confused with them aite? Good!

Bleah! Another 1hr 33 minutes before the part 2 of prisonbreak finish downloading and another 12hrs before part1 finishes. Omg! I will probably continue part 1 tmr.

mammar hey 8:38 PM

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Yesterday I went to get a haircut and it turned out UGLY! Lets not talk about my UGLY haircut alright?

Anyhoo, my father got me a 40gig portable harddisk! Hurray! Now I can store all my huge adobe files and carry it around! However, I still need to pay him back the $102 after I get my $300 scholarship! Oh I found out that I missed by 1 position to get the $500 scholarship! Idiot pig I know!

This month and last month, I bought a hell lot of gadgets. Lets list them out! Keep in mind, I bought all of them with my OWN money!
1. Nokia 6151 handphone
2. Micro SD card reader
3. Portable harddisk

Actually its not that much but considering it is with my own money and I am poor, It is quite alot to me!

Im going bowling again today. And I made this ultra nice blend which I may turn into a layout. Maybe... Here it is and dont steal!

mammar hey 7:18 AM

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Today I went bowling with my parents and it turned out well. My bowling shoes were much tighter but I didnt rent another one from the counter because I hate the shoes they give. Its either slippery or its stinky. So I stuck with my tight pair.

Since it has been centuries since I played bowling, I started off very very weak. Like scoring a nil or just hitting one or two pins. I had to get my rythm back on track. So for the first game I scored only a pathetic 42 points.

The second game was much better because I already found my rythm. But I was still not satisfied with the 91 score.

So during the third game, I played better and I scored a 106! Hurrah! Hurray! Yahoo!

Then we went to grab a light snack at the poolside cafeteria. Ate chicken wings but it was too oily so I didnt finish it! I can take oily food but not so oily because im afraid of getting a stroke at a very young age. crazy idiot. I know.

So anyway, last night, I had the strong urge to watch Harry Potter and the goblet of fire on DVD for the 100000000 time. But i only watched 3/4 of it because I felt sleepy and all.

Anyhoo, let me talk abt this ultra weird dream I had two nights ago. There was this party at my house and there were celebrities in the house. duhh. So out of all the celebs, Pdiddy stood out. I dunno why. He was sitting on the couch holding his golden trophy, looking glum, wearing his retro sunglasses. Then I went to the toilet and there were alot of shoes in there, including 2 pairs of floral printed converse shoes.

I know its very weird and I dunno the relevance of this dream. I just wanna let you guys know! Maybe in the future, I will be famous and meet pdiddy when im wearing a floral printed converse shoe in the toilet. HAHAHAHAHA.M

mammar hey 2:46 PM

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Yay people! New layout finally up! I know its a bit plain and choppy but I love it and if you dont, well that's your bleedy problem!

I hate the sidebar though. It seems to make the layout ugly but in time i will get use to it. I also changed the music to Teddy Geiger's These Walls. I dunno why but I just love the song.

Tmr, I might get a hair cut! Hopefully. My hair is a bush and when you dig through it, you can find all sorts of stuff in there! lol

oh and an insect flew into the house. At first I thought it was a bee because it was humongous but it turned out to be some blue bottomed insect. Heres a picture. If you know the insect feel free to comment(: Oh it broke a wing and made a racket. lol

So hope you guys lovve the layout(: bye

mammar hey 8:32 AM

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Hurray I am done with my vector layout and I am happy to say that it turned out beautiful and modern and cool! well at least I like it. But I know that you peeps will like it once I put it up! Maybe tmr or nxt week depends on my mood. Well anyways, here is the vector that I made but its not the layout duhh.


mammar hey 7:14 AM

Monday, December 4, 2006

I just finished eating two big bowls of porridge! No im not sick I just love porridge. Dont ask why. Well, I hope to get fatter by the end of this year so lets pray hard yeah? lol.

I am currently making a vector kind of layout and hope it turns out well so im gonna take a few days to make it. I am currently on the verge of dying of boredoom! People, my life is so boring and uninteresting! When I read other people's blog, it seems that they have a hell lot to tell the whole world about and me? Nothing! No Nothing! ahh! I am officially crazy, insane, mad and stuff. lol

gdbye you pitas!

mammar hey 7:32 AM

Sunday, December 3, 2006

I managed to escape the trip to the zoo by falling asleep! hurray to me and the power of pretence!

I spent 4hrs on the computer reading celeb news. It has been quite some time since I did so and today, I managed to catch up on the action I have been missing. And tsktsktsk, the good girl, Britney is hooking up with Paris and now she has flashed her you know what twice! Crazy cow in melted zebra. I know.

Well, I heard on the radio that KFed, britney's ex, had an affair with a porno star?!! is Britney not good enough for you? That dude is one wacked off idiot with boobs in his teeny weeny brain. lol.

okay, away from hollywood and back to stucked up, boring reality! The holidays are so boring and homeworks are so tiresome! I havent even started on any of my homework. Not even one and now, my arms and body is aching. Dont ask why.

The Asian games opening ceromony at Doha was beautiful i tell you! The comely projecting lights and props! Dang! I wish I was there. However, it was a little bit draggy since im watching it on TV. So, I fell asleep watching it. -_-"

life during the holiday feels like a dead flower. figure that out yourself you gundu!

mammar hey 8:35 AM

Saturday, December 2, 2006

My parents are forcing me to go to the zoo tomorrow! I know! Freaky and weird! they say I have been in the house too long. You think i like being in the house for so long? But the zoo? That is just awkward and mad! Take me to the movies, shopping anything but the zoo? Im almost 15 years old and they want me to go to the zoo?

Anyhoos, i made this cool new layout for blogskins and i love it! Wanted to use it for this site initially but hey i have to be generous. lol.CLICK

had a great time chatting with kucing on MSN aout random stuff! haha.

Oh btw, a few of my friends and I made this podcast for this competition/project about IRAS and Singtel and I think its funny so ill share it with you! Its a youtube link CLICK


mammar hey 9:04 AM