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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ahh, was thinking of joining the competition and win the iMAC laptop but the deadline was over. Dang.

I was thinking of writing about global warming and its social issues. I was overly enthusiastic about it, until of course I scrolled down and saw the 27th April deadline which was like yesterday.

maybe next time eh?

So today was a day out with the family minus my elder sister. Albeit I was quite reluctant to go in the first place, mainly because it was early noon and I was still sleepy, I had to go because I was famished and was craving for a scrumptious meal!

We ate at Zingdo, Jurong Entertainment centre. The food was nice, not too bad but at the same time not that tasty.

Every time the family goes out, it sure will be especially noisy and chaotic that people will have their eyes on us. Okay, maybe not the whole family. Just my mother and sister. I am the more erm, how you say, toned down person. In public of course. But, if I am at home or in school with friends, I can be the wackiest dude alive!

Am still upset about the GAHH

Tag replies:

ami: booyah!

SELAMAT HARI JADI/ HAPPY BIRTHDAY/ SANAHIL WA YAGAMI[arab]/ whatever it is in tamil and chinese to AMIRUL!

mammar hey 2:44 PM

Saturday, April 28, 2007

I entered this poster design competition on Stomp.

The first prize is a $1000 Crocodile voucher.

Hahaha!! I know. Stupid prize. But, I entered for the fun of it(:

Tag replies:

amirul: I have never been taught by Miss Yap. So, I dunno anything abt her teaching style.

rena_R: Hello you!

mammar hey 2:43 PM

English Prelim was okay. I did the topic on advice.

My story was stupid.

The girl I gave the advice to in the end became a bulimic. And, I only realised that I suddenly became a girl at the end of my story because I wrote about being in the toilet and saw this girl throwing up and the only way I could go into a girl's toilet was if I was a girl. Idiot neneh lah!

But, feature article was okay. Not too bad. I sound gay in it because I had to use a "chirpy" tone. So not my style!

The Comprehension passage was interesting, about France footballers, namely, Zidane and Theiry Henry. Miss Yap must be a France fanatic! WOOTS! Unfortunately, a lot of France players already retired.

But, the questions were tough. I just hope to get an A2 for my English. At least a B3.

Today, I felt rich. So, I went to lot1 and...

I got myself:
a $2.95 liquid paper from Popular.
a $8.00 Gatsby hairwax from Watson.
a $1.35 packet of MnMs, crunchy flavoured from Watson.
a $2.80 worth of Old Chang Kee oily food[Squid wrap, carrot cake and pepper O]

I almost got myself sweet talk but restrained myself. My POSB cash card is gonna reach $0 soon.

I dunno why but kucing and me seem to disagree on food a lot! For one thing, she thinks the Banmian from food culture, lot1 is disgusting.

Also, she dislikes the carrot cake from Old Chang Kee, which actually melts in your mouth at first bite.

It's either she is weird or I am. I'm sure it's her. LOL

I decided to vary my font size. So cool.

tag replies:

CHEESEjoobs: For the last time, there is no cyclops smilie! But, if you click on the plus sign beside shout, you will find other much nicer smilies okay?! And the fade is uber cool right?

alyssa: ZOMG! Paisey kemama! Sorry lah!

mammar hey 7:44 AM

Friday, April 27, 2007

Tomorrow's the first preliminary paper for the sec4s. English. I think that I am ready.

Nothing much happened today. Basically, it has been a very boring day.

Oh, wait!! I totally forgot.

During CE lesson, the class went down to the canteen to commemorate the end of our service learning and indulge ourselves in 6 boxes of mouth watering Canadian Pizza. Maybe not so mouth watering since it was not so fresh but hey, it's free food. Who could resist such delicious offer? I sound so cheap.

So, Sean and Feng Ru sang for us while Suren did a dance.

ok I fly(:

Happy birthday to Shu Wen!(:

mammar hey 2:25 PM

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Today was painful!

So, during PE lesson, I took my NAPFA test. All was going smoothly until I got to shuttle run. At the end, I sprained BOTH my ankles but I got a good timing. I could not stand up and did a little stretching. It was fine at first but as the day progressed, it got worse and I had to walk like a retard. A RETARD! It's difficult enough to walk with one sprained ankle, but two?!

My mother said it was neither a sprain nor a muscle strain. It was just my imagination.-___-"

But, I never really suffered a sprain before so I do not know how it feels.

So, my mother massaged it with some oil or something and I don't think it did much difference. And, the swelling on my left leg is getting hugey!! But, I hope that my ankles heal soon, so I don't have to go to the doctor and I can run my 2.4km next week!

But, other than that, I am confident that I will get a Gold for my NAPFA this year again because I could do 5 chin ups! Was overjoyed despite 5 being a C.

So, Friday is the English paper and I have not prepared for it. Dang. Later on, I have to prepare for my Math and Biology test! GAhh!

Tag replies:

dellysda: err.. Yay?!

allysa: I like the skin and the tagboard as well! Once, you reopen your blog, why not upgrade to this uber cool tagboard eh?


mammar hey 2:53 PM

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Today was indeed a fantabulous day!

Lessons were less boring and Malay class was still fun despite Hidayah being sick and silent and all. LOL.

So, the class got back our math common test and I have to say that I was quite upset because I could have gotten full marks if I had not have been so stupid as to check my work and changing the right answer to a wrong one! But, 20/22 is satisfactory for me(:

SS SBQ test was difficult to the extreme max because, I could not understand anything until at least 20 minutes later! But, I did complete it in the end. Alhamdulillah.

I totally forgot that we had English IP in the afternoon and had not prepared for my composition. So that afternoon, it was one of the few times that I had to think about what to write on the spot. Usually I would prepare a story before a test and relate it to the question.

I did the topic beauty and I think that I will do okay despite knowing that I would get a few/ a lot of tenses error. I wrote about me being in an accident, and having an ugly face. The whole world outcasted me because I was ugly blah2. Then I went for plastic surgery and after that, still people did not accept me and came to the conclusion that the world is evil and beauty is not a factor for our own existence blah2.

okay, I want go watch CSI now(:

mammar hey 9:49 PM

Today is a bad bad day!

We had Physics IP coaching which sucks because I always sleep during Physics IP coaching. And I did! When I woke up, Lcube was talking about single coil thingy. Albeit I did copy down the notes, it was in swiggly lines and I was like.. what did I just write?

Next, it was raining pigs and cows! Yes, pigs and cows!

So, I shared an umbrella with Xiong Jie and my left side got drenched whereas my right remained dry. You cannot imagine how ridiculous I looked!

Then, I decided to cut my hair and the stupid woman made me look half nerd and half MAT melayu sesat! And it was really short and ugly! I paid $10 for an ugly haircut. GRAHH!

Furthermore, she did not want to admit that she cut my hair wrongly. I told her that it looked weird and she went,"huh? What? I don't understand. What is weird?"

I know. -___-"

I think I knew why it rained so heavily! God did not want me to cut my hair on that day.

So, I decided to avoid anybody I knew on the way back home. KNN!

I was so frustrated because at home I tried to style my hair in 127634543478569357 different ways but I still could not hide the fact that it looks horrendous!

But, Malay class was fun because it just is and always is. It's just that today's class was more interesting and funny!

I feel like going bald.

No, just kidding!

That will only happen in 2 yrs time when I go for NS!

I think I should reply tags on the post instead because I want to.

CHEESEjoobs: I know my layout is hot and so is cheese. And yes, NO CYCLOPS!!

Faza: You are a very influential person. thx.


mammar hey 2:59 PM

Monday, April 23, 2007

Hurrah! Layout is finally changed! But, I was too lazy to change the scrollbar colour since I am using Mozilla Firefox which uses ordinary scrollbars. So those IE users, bear with the uglyness!(:

But, other than that, Im quite loving it!

See how beautiful big pictures are?

It's 2am and at 5am I have to go bathe and get ready for school. My feature article is done but I still have to copy it down on foolscap which I will do later in school. Hopefully. My malay is halfway done and will be completed later in school as well. My Chemistry is done!

Procrastination is eviiil baybeh! EVIIL!

bye nenehs(:

mammar hey 1:58 AM

Saturday, April 21, 2007

I finished my English feature article and exceeded the word limit as always but what do I care? All that is left is Malay and revision for emath and I am done for the day! Tomorrow will be relaxing. I'm so loving the new examination plan. Also, I might be changing my layout to this uber cool/retro/plain/professional skin. It has a bigger blogging space so my pictures will be larger! Hot kebyebye!

This morning, I was feeling vain and stared at myself in the mirror looking for pimples and blackheads. To my horror, I saw a frigging line separating my tan complexion and my fair[lol] complexion! or rather, a tan line. It must be because I wore the bandanna yesterday for the whole day! Lucky for me, I have my fringe to hide it!

On Tuesday, I will for sure cut my hair!! I really cannot stand it! I don't care what people think. Scissors and razors here I come!

ps: The new KFC "melts" meal is not delicious y'all! It is a bit disgusting I must say and very difficult to eat. Maybe it's just me. But I will continue to eat it though because, for one thing it has loads of cheese. It would be better though, if it came with beef instead of chicken. Beef is hot stuff! I am weird, I know.


mammar hey 4:36 PM

Friday, April 20, 2007

Yay! IBEX is not last y'all!!

And now, I have a sexay voice right![Due to excessive screaming that is]

We were quite upset about the cheer though. We did not know that we were not allowed to use pails/drums or party poppers. So that really brought down our points by a lot! But 4th place is better than last(:

And Syarif Dol, fell down near the end. He ran for the house y'all! Hope you get better by tomorrow dude(: IBEX loves you! WOO!

Time for pictures. Click to enlarge. Opens in new window(:I like this picture. You are entering the twilight zone...



Our erm, mascot?

Ms Yeo is always so glam!

Everyone was so hyper. NOT!

The battle of Jaguar vs Ibex

Khadijah and Hidayah.

Khadijah and me. I know. I look selengeh!

I love this picture. Hot nenehs!


mammar hey 2:43 PM

Yesterday's oral was okay. I think I did better than previous years. I got Ms Lim Lay Yong! I dunno why people think she is a bad examiner. I agree to a certain extent that she is sort of bad as she was shifty eyed but at the same time, she was just like any other examiner except friendlier. Oh, and she asked me an easier 2nd question. Others got, do you prefer practical or technical studying? or smtg. But, I got, do you prefer to study in a group or alone?!(:

So anyways, Biology test was postponed and as usual, Mdm Normala forgot to tell us!! She says 4E is not ready yet. I dunno why but she likes to follow 4E. The class was like," hello, that's 4E! We are 4F! We are ready. Don't have to follow them!"

But, I was at the same time relieved since I did not study much. However, I could have used that time to study for the math test on that day as well. So I screwed up the math test! Dang.

So, during biology practical, the people at the back were defacing red beans, green beans and kidney beans by drawing on them and poking holes through them! LOL.

And, during SS lesson, I played with blutack and shaped them onto my nails like some gay idiot. It looks super cool though1 Like neon fingernails! LOL.

I went home early and was faced by the same dilemma again on whether to cut my hair or not! haha. I can't help being vain! So I did not cut my hair.

I did more IQ tests today. man, my life is such a bore.

I did a brainteaser test and I got 24/30 correct!!! How cool is that? PHD certified some more!

Congratulations! Your score is in the 91st percentile. This means that if one hundred people took the test with you, your score would rank higher than 90 of them on average.

When we analyzed your test, we also discovered that when it comes to logical ability, you measure in the 100th percentile. This score indicates you have unusually strong abilities when it comes to to solving problems with logic. There are situations that require having a very precise thinking process to cut through the array of stimuli, and you can do this well. You can easily detect the underlying logic while others cannot. While others may get confused by things that are complex or out of order, your logical ability allows you to persevere and solve multi-layered problems.

Try to understand that y'all!

up, up and away!

ps: Kranji sec is gonna have two prelims and 3 papers only for MYE. They will choose the best among the 2 prelims for entry to JC! How fly people!

mammar hey 2:36 PM

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I was busy practicing for my English oral for tomorrow that I actually almost forgot that the computer was still switched on!-__-"

I really want to do well for my oral and improve from my last year's score of 27! Which obviously sucks to the max!

I actually wanted to get a haircut today but I was lazy and I wanted to save "some" money for I dunno what reason. My hair is seriously thick and messy and crazy and difficult to manage and etc. Maybe tomorrow.


So, Emath common test was not bad after all and I am confident of a pass definately!(:

A funny incident happened during Physics lesson.

So, I was asking Zehang some math question and apparently Lcube caught me and when I turned around, this is what she said," The dustbin is just at the back!"

I was like huh? i had this puzzled look and went," huh? Okay... No link."

Weird I know. She must have the I-like-to-make-no-link-comments
-this-is-so-fun! attitude during lesson time!

Okay, I have a a colossal amount of homework to complete plus, I have to watch CSI at 10pm and of course, practice more oral!!

chao kebyebye peeps!(:

ps: Faza, I know! I want to get one fast but like I said, I am a lazy/malas/pantat berat/berat tulang kind of person so when I have the mood, I will change the tagboard! ok? Best!

mammar hey 12:38 PM

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I found out that my sister stole the pens that I have been looking for since 1234567 dinosaur years ago! At least she was clever enough to steal the 2 most expensive pens! Like wth?

But, seriously, she does not know how to lie! Anybody can see right through her!

Anyhoots, tomorrow is Emath common test and I hope to do well especially for the probability questions!!

Besides that, my English preliminary oral is on Wednesday and I hope to do well.

Also, today the class got back their chemistry common test and I am delighted to say that all of us did awesomely well! I was not satisfied because I wasted two marks because I did not read the question carefully, giving me a score of 28/30! Which of course is excellent but I felt that I could do better but Alhamdulillah!

I took an IQ test on the net and got a score of 129. I am not sure if that is good or bad. Neither am I sure of the maximum score. But, I am sure that I am a Visual Mathematician!
This means you are gifted at spotting patterns — both in pictures and in numbers. These talents combined with your overall high intelligence make you good at understanding the big picture, which is why people trust your instincts and turn to you for direction — especially in the workplace. And that's just some of what we know about you from your test results.

Yah, okay, whatever that means!

gdnight people!

mammar hey 2:50 PM

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Some people can be so full of themselves, egoistic and arrogant.

Claiming that they are something when they are not. Infact, they are nothing! Zilch! Nada!

All they are, are talk and a tinge of action.

So what if you won some effing competition? Whatever, dude!

I have been lagging behind for revision and now, I am just starting on my Social Studies! I really hope to do well for it! GAHH!

My test results so far, have been satisfactory. Some are good, but most are borderline but Alhamdullillah, at least, I have not failed one yet!

So I might update less and less as it gets closer to the examinations. hoho.

ok byebye?

mammar hey 4:11 PM

Monday, April 9, 2007


I accidentally delete all of my music files!!!


mammar hey 5:47 AM

Sunday, April 8, 2007

The weekends seem so relaxing nowadays. Maybe because I am getting lazy with revision! I think I will start mugging like crazy after THIS post. Hopefully.

i have been storming up ideas for a new layout. Even though this current layout has only been up for one month ++, I am already getting nauseous of it! So, I decided to use the drawings I did on my writing pad! hoho. If you sit beside me in class, you would already have seen my "beautifully" decorated writing pad. Here's a small preview! Ignore the bottom part. It's too disgusting for your PG13 minds! LOL!

The front.

The back


mammar hey 9:14 AM

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Leaders' Day was a blast!

Despite having to wait for 5 long hours in the classroom before finally going up on stage, I had fun bonding with the minahs[Ameera, Ellysa, Eja, Sab]! The school should have asked us to come at 7/8pm instead of the instructed 4.30pm! tsk.

Anyhoots, while talking crap about family, funny stories, ghost movies and etc, I tried to place my leg over my neck and my leg cramped! At the same time, Zheng Xuan was rolling on the floor like an egg and his leg cramped as well! So we were both screaming in agony!! A few hours later, I decided to stretch my legs again and this time, my other leg cramped! The others did not realise even though I was screaming like crazy. -___-""!

Oh and I got a new nickname, pantat vibrato[ask personally why and I'll show you!*cheeky smile*]. And Ameera got a new son, Stozer!

So when we were finally up on stage, I was sweating like a pig! I dunno why, but these few days, I have been sweating a lot! Even when I'm walking real slow or when I'm sitting down doing nothing. I hate sweating!! I blame global warming!

Anyhoo, on the stage, there was these two boys behind me cursing and swearing and talking. I was like,"shhhh!" But obviously they did not hear me because they continued swearing! I think they were the sec2 NT soccer boys. They should be grateful that they were allowed to go on stage since they did not attend any of the rehearsals while the other chairpersons who did not attend as well were sent back home! Ungrateful b*stards!

So, the food was not great but at the same time, it was not atrocious. I have tasted better catered food!

I went home, and slept till the next day!

mammar hey 6:30 AM

Thursday, April 5, 2007

I was doing my social studies SBQ homework until I went online to ask my friend a few questions. Only then did I realise that I was doing the wrong paper! Halway through! wtfiletofish!

So anyhoo, today, there was another Leader's Day rehearsal. I thought that it would last only for an hour like before. I was so freaking wrong! It lasted for 2.5 hours ++. And half of the time, the chairpersons were lazing around, complaining and cursing the bloody event because we were the last to go and had to wait for the prize receivers to rehearse first. Somewhere towards the end, some impatient people left, one by one! hohoh.

Oh, our geog presentation sucked to the max because the bloody laptop did not play our bloody video on flash! GAHH!

Let me fly off now. I have 2 social studies SBQs to complete and 2 physics homework to do plus I need to sleep-____________-"


mammar hey 2:48 PM

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Bloghopping is cool y'all!

It's really interesting to find out that your friend knows your other friend on the other side of Singapore and that friend knows another friend of yours and then, that friend knows the first friend and then you find out that, that friend knows your friend's friend and that friend friend's friend knows you and your other friend! It becomes one cycle of friends and it's super cool lah can? Dont get me? Well go bloghopping and you will figure it out. Soon.

Alot of friend seh.

Oh man, my singlish slang is coming back to haunt me! Not a good time dude/dudette!

mammar hey 2:55 PM

Alot of people are going MIA/ hiatus from blogging which sucks because now I have lesser blogs to read. hoho.

Anyhow, the three nerds came to my house at 130pm to FINALLY complete the geography project. I don't quite like the poster but I LOVE the flash video which was nicely edited by yours truly! If you cant see the captions, please click on the pictures to enlarge. It opens into a new window.

mammar hey 1:48 PM