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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sorry for the lack of posts. I have been very lazy to blog lately. Also, yesterday, I had to study for some math test.

Anyhooways, I met up with kucing hey today! She made me wait for 1.5 hours ogayy! I thought she was going to be a no show mayyn! But, I decided to indulge in MacDonald's apple pie while waiting for their train to arrive from BRADELL!! So far away mayyn! I actually thought of doing amath while waiting but, I didn't want people to see me as a kranjian nerd sesat[lost] at admiralty MRT station. LOL.

So, when she finally came, I was so relieved. What I do to get my hands on a Corinne Bailey Rae. LOL.

And, thanks to her friend Shabana for everything!

ok, got to go listen to some bailey rae!

mammar hey 2:16 PM

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sometimes, I think that I let people take advantage of me. Like, I will sometimes do their homework for them. That is if I feel like doing it. And, most of the time I do.

What can I say? I am a compassionate person. Too compassionate maybe?


Let me go kill myself now can? I have a stupid friend who asks me stupid questions and acts like a stupid idiot. Don't ask who. Really mayn! Cannot tahan[take it!]!

Maybe it's just me?

ok bye(:

mammar hey 12:51 PM

I already added some photos onto my new photography blog and all. It's amateur photography with a budget camera. But, a man can dream can't he?

Anyhoots, I just realised that my portfolio links are broken an etc. So, tomorrow, hopefully, I will change them!

ogayy bye(:

Tag replies:

ly: err, good for you(: and that phillip is siao neneh!!

Faza: what fav icon?

Kucing: lerr, leceh lah mau relink!

waneez: memang semacam like you!

nsza: SERENA!! long time no talk eh?!

mammar hey 7:33 AM

can the day get any boring-er?

mammar hey 5:14 AM

Saturday, May 26, 2007

So, I changed the layout yet again!!

It's quite plain and simple but I love it ogay!!

I know the navigation and pop up windows are irritating and annoying and what not, but I wanted to try something new and etc.

Took me some time to finish it. Luckily, there was NO school for me today!

Also, it only works WELL on firefox and not so well on IE. So go get your mozilla firefox NOWWW!!

okay I want to sleep(:

mammar hey 9:37 AM

Friday, May 25, 2007

I'm feeling horrible today. Partly because I could not find someone's UNO cards which I thought I kept safely in my bag! I have always taken care of peoples' belongings properly with TLC. So, having lost these cards, it made me feel EMO throughout the day! It's surprising that something as small as cards can make me feel down for the rest of the day!

FAZA!!! I promise I will make it up to you! I know that the cards have a lot of value to you since primary school etc. SOORRYYY!! I feel so bad ogay! I will buy you a new set of cards and if i can't find the exact same ones, I will get you Mitch Albom's recently published book or something!! Oh maynn.

Because of that, I had no mood to laugh during "100 days with Mr Arrogant". Neither did I have the mood to do the math questions during the Math Olympiad training! Nor did I have appetite to eat! And I always eat a lot! But, now, I can't even bring myself to finish a bowl of noodles! GRAGH!

Anyhoots, on to much more EMO stuff people!

I had my haircut and the stupid unexperienced hairdresser just gave me a 5 minute trim! YES! Trim! I asked for a short cut, she just sniped abit here and there and done! She obviously looked inexperienced while cutting! I was super nervous that she was going to transform me into a fugly idiot who lost his friend's UNO cards or something!


So, I had to resort to cutting my own hair. Yes, I cut/trimmed my own hair! Now, it looks so much better! Still long though.

so, I went online and this GAY SEX OFFENDER talked to me on MSN. I was like WTH?!
He is Phillip
and, I am mammar hey.-___-" (E-mail address not verified) says:
hi (E-mail address not verified) just sent you a nudge.

/mammar hey// vote for ME people! says:

/mammar hey// vote for ME people! says:
do i know you? (E-mail address not verified) says:
24 m chinese here (E-mail address not verified) says:
Philip (E-mail address not verified) says:
nope (E-mail address not verified) says:
u stay CCK?

/mammar hey// vote for ME people! says:
how did you get my email? (E-mail address not verified) says:

/mammar hey// vote for ME people! says:
oh (E-mail address not verified) says:
u study Kranji/?

/mammar hey// vote for ME people! says:
seriously, who are you? (E-mail address not verified) says:
u sec 2 or 3? (E-mail address not verified) says:
jst a guy pop out from no where (E-mail address not verified) says:
ok (E-mail address not verified) says:
u need cash???

/mammar hey// vote for ME people! says:

/mammar hey// vote for ME people! says:
why? (E-mail address not verified) says:
thought of paying u some cash

/mammar hey// vote for ME people! says:
for? (E-mail address not verified) says:
and u do a small favor for me

/mammar hey// vote for ME people! says:
wht favour? (E-mail address not verified) says:
erm.... (E-mail address not verified) says:
here i go (E-mail address not verified) says:
jst wanna touch and hug u naked...not more than 20 mins....jst a while....nothing more than tat (E-mail address not verified) says:
andi will giveu some cash

/mammar hey// vote for ME people! says:
im a male. (E-mail address not verified) says:
yah...i know

/mammar hey// vote for ME people! says:
and you're a male (E-mail address not verified) says:

/mammar hey// vote for ME people! says:
thats absurd and disgusting please! (E-mail address not verified) says:
ok (E-mail address not verified) says:
nvm then

/mammar hey// vote for ME people! says:
and get a life (E-mail address not verified) says:
delete me.....

/mammar hey// vote for ME people! says:
wht's wrng with you? (E-mail address not verified) says:
i am born like tat

/mammar hey// vote for ME people! says:
ill be glad to (E-mail address not verified) says:
no choice

Nothing much my ass sia!!! Small favor some more!! Disgusting gay freak ogay!! MSN is so corrupted with creeps mayn!

Anyways, VOTE FOR ME PEOPLE!! You must register first though. I'm like so pathetic can! One mere vote only! So please!! JYI!! It's payback time!

mammar hey 8:51 AM

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I want to watch Heroes now but I cannot stop thinking about Faza's UNO cards lah! I seriously thought I placed them in my bag yesterday! Hmm. I really need the Sodium mental thingy to make me remember![go watch Hannibal Rising!] I will search for it in school tomorrow. HOPEFULLY, it's there! If not, I am so dead lah! Time will tell eh.

I have loads of pictures. Later I will post. If I remember and if I am not asleep. Grahh! Ok. Where did I last place those cards?

mammar hey 7:38 AM

Monday, May 21, 2007

My body is like friggingly aching all over from I dunno what. Since this morning seh. Te madrasah exam paper sucked today. 1) I studied the wrong book for Arab!grr. and 2) I got confused for Ibadah. Sometimes I think that it's unfair that some people can get so high a mark despite not studying. Really makes me want to kill myself!

Ogayy! I cannot wait for tomorrow! Another date with Social Studies and of course, more free periods! Woohoo! Oh, I also cannot wait for photo taking! Hopefully, my hair did NOT grow much over the weekend! And that I don't have a bad hair day tomorrow!

mammar hey 10:08 AM

Saturday, May 19, 2007

I was bored so I decided to browse through blogskins to look at nice and beautiful skins to get inspirations for my next layout. And, I realise that most of the good designers use PREMADE images from Deviant Art or Imageshack, and they just retouch it by adding brushes and cut here, paste there, etc. Yes, it looks hot! But, it looks hot because of the PREMADE image. tsk.

ok bye(:

Tag replies:

Dellysda: yes Straits Times!

JYI: I know!

Faza: Hershey's? ogayy. But, must remember my sweets tau!

Nat: what tabir??

mammar hey 9:15 AM

I planned to blog yesterday but I slept till I dunno what time. So, today will be a very very long post with tons of pictures. Despite sharpening the pictures, Blogger's lousy photo uploader makes it look low quality!


As usual, the periods before recess was a date with the social studies textbook. But, after recess was fun, joy and laughter. Since the HML students had free periods with no teacher around, we decided to take advantage of it.

At first, Ameera, Haikal, Zatie and me played sahibah! It was really fun because we kept making dumb words and kept slenge-ing. HAHAHA.

Ameera: you see! TAAMR!! TAAMR!!
Eja: heh?
Spot the obscenity(s)! Hint: look at the top right!

After, we played battle of the words and yours truly keep reining MOST of the rounds.

Then, Haikal became guilty because he thought he should be studying and all and left. I know. *rolls eyes*.

So, Faizal, Zatie and me became super restless and played around with the sahibah pieces. Making stone houses, dominoes, super tall towers etc.

My very own stone house?! LOL!
Failed attempt!

Finally success!

The tallest tower!
The city of Mohenjo daro![Look at your sec1 history txtbk!]

Later on, Faza came by and suggested playing cheat/bluff with her Winnie the Pooh poker cards. It was seriously fun ogay.

At 315pm, the whole of 4F headed off to the Science Centre to watch the Omnimax movie, The Human Body. It was really cool and all. But, since i was half asleep, I slept at some parts during the movie. Stupid, I know!

Everyone looked so dumb here.
So cool right? Like spaceship like that.

Went home and slept.

So, about TODAY!

Again, before recess I had another date with social studies. And while I was somewhere in the middle of the industrialization topic, Faza invited me over for a game of cheat and snap and also "guess the card or buy me a chocolate bar"[I lost-__-"]!

We got bored with her Pooh bear cards and played sahibah instead. Scrabble version. LOL.

Somewhere near recess, Haikal decided to butt in and created a havoc by being noisy. DUH!

After recess, played battle of the words but this time I keep loosing! boohoo. Then, played cheat again.

Went home after.

ok bye(:

mammar hey 7:27 AM

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hurray! Blogger is well again!

Anyhoots, today, the HML students had no intensive MTL revision since we already took our MTL OLevels. So, I did my self revision. Well, until after recess that is. Haikal, Faizal and me decided to play SAHIBA! LOL!

Had fun with you guys. serious.

Then, at around 12, went back to class to check our math paper1. I must say, I did okay but could do better if not for stupid careless mistakes! tsk! And to top it off, I was quite shocked to know that this other person got so much higher than me! And, this person was not the type to study or do homework. So, it was kind of embarrassing and disappointing. But, 64/80 for paper 1 is already good(:

Later at 115pm, we had to brace ourselves for the ultimate shock of our lives! What else but our poor English results! I wanted to kill myself man!!

My overall for English was only a B3. If not for my good oral marks, I would have gotten so much lower. But, fret not, there will be a second prelim and I MUST do well for that! MUST I emphasize!

So, I got home, sad and obviously disappointed. At home, this guy from Straits Times called me up on my handphone while I was eating. So unglam please! But he just wanted to ask what school I was from. Chey! But, how often do you get a call from your daily newspaper? tsk. He told me that my poster was shortlisted etcetc. How cool is that seh?!

How flawless is my skin kan? tsk. no retouching. I swear! LOL. Self appraisal please!

Tag replies:

CHEESEjoobs: I know I have a small body. Don't rub it in ogay!

Faza: My mother almost killed me too. She insisted I redo it but I was malas and whtvred.LOL.

mammar hey 2:13 PM

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Today, I cleaned up my cupboard! Hurray! I know, like finally, after several persuasions by who else but my mother!

So, anyhoots, I received an email from The Straits Times[WAH, WAH!] that the poster I submitted for the my family, my heart competition was shortlisted for voting. The problem is, I do not know which one of the two posters i submitted was selected. But, whatever it is, I am just happy that I got shortlisted heh!

Like a waterfall of clothes!

While flipping through the clothes, I found my Sec1 PE Tshirt. I can't believe I was that small!

Arranging the clothes by order.


ok bye(:

Tag replies:

Faza: I'm thinking about it.

JYI: You better win the iMac!! Because, I voted for you! LOL

mammar hey 12:32 PM

Since there was no school today, I slept till 1pm!! It felt so good oogay!!

Anyhoots, I have been listening to music on imeem. It's a pity that they don't have full length Corrine Bailey Rae songs! I really like her songs.

Oh, and I'm back to Maroon 5! Their album is rocking my speakers now! I bought their first album. I'm thinking of buying their next album. But, at the same time, I'm thinking of buying Linkin Park's new album which rocks I must say, especially given up and shadow of the day! Since I have no money for both, I would have to make a bloody choice! Boohoo!

Ok bye((:

Tag replies:

Faza: Nerds rule ogay!

mammar hey 5:29 AM

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hurray! Hurrah! Emath paper is finally over and there is no school tomorrow! I won't talk about the paper because it was super duperly difficult ogay?!

Anyhoots, I learnt a lesson today that is not to drink coke in the morning if you have a class after that! Why? Because you will fart and burp and fart more! Serious! I was doing the physics test after a hearty MacDonalds breakfast and I popped a fart! LOL. I know, you're probably thinking,"EWW!" So did I. HAHA.

Okay, so, these past few days I have been serving through the net looking for HOT mozilla firefox themes. And, I ended up with this cat layout. It's a bit too cute for me, but the other themes offered with either cocked up or super fugly!

Anyhoots, the cat layout is super cool because it uses fishes to load the site[nvm, if you don't get me!] And, the cat at the top right will animate when loading. How cool ogay?!

Because mozilla enables me to change the layout, I love it((:

Tag replies:

CHEESEjoobs: The keyboard is da bomb seh! And, it doesn't matter that the shops are boring, it's the company that matters(:

Stone: Good Luck to you too!((:

Yana: Multi million dollar ogay!

Dellysda: up up and away!

EJA and EERA and ELFA: I had fun fun fun too!


mammar hey 9:49 AM

Sunday, May 13, 2007

I never really looked at how many posts I had so far on this blog, so today, I looked at it and was surprised, shocked and flabbergasted to see 286 posts so far!! And that is not counting the entries I had on my previous 3 blogs!

A true blogger, that's what I am. But, I think that the main reason I blog is so that I can design stuff on the net. LOL.

And, if not for Faza, I would not even start web designing. So thank you.

And, if not for KranjiSS, I would not even meet Faza. So thank you.

I must say, if not for some people[or things], I would not be the person I am today. So here comes the most controversial question, nature or nurture?

And like Mdm Normala says,"Its 70% nurture and 30% nature". Because, we all know that it can never be 100% nurture because, in Biology we learn in chapter heredity, that genes play an important role in making us, us!

Sorry, but I can't help being a nerd. Because again, that's what I am!

Monday's the emath paper 2 and I have been mugging[a little only!] for it since 2pm in the afternoon with little[or a lot of] breaks in between of course. I really hope to do well for the paper because so far, the practice papers I have been doing is killing me!

Also, I just realised that I have been brushing away[or rather brushed away!]! My account is still inactive after so long. And, I think that it will remain that way for a long time since I am a lazy bum bum.

Anyhoots, Imeem is the goddess of music! I just only made an account. I know, I am a little[or a lot] bit too slow. But, the downside about Imeem is that, the music cannot be downloaded unlike Of course some might say that does not allow any more downloads. But, being the hacker I am, I am still able to download it. hehe.

Ok, I think that this post is long enough. bye fly(:

mammar hey 12:14 PM

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Had an awesomelicious night with Jared[racist cat], Faizal[act cute], Eja[pendek], Ameera[tinggi giler], Farina[tinggi giler2], Atiqah[emo], and Ellysa[Lilly Allen]!!

The drama was okay but I did not understand some parts partly because Jared was constantly bugging me for translation because the stupid subtitles was cocked up! But anyways, it was worth the $6 since I had a great post drama night[lol]!

Though we missed the bus but while waiting we had great fun joking around, making fun of Jared and he making fun of us. Jared experienced a cultural difference, definitely!

Oh and of course what would the night be without 123456 million self obsessed pictures of us!? I will get the rest of the pictures from Eja and post it up soon ogay?!

Also, I heard that the Vivo outing was boring, so I guess, I will have to thank my mother for not allowing me to go! hhohoo!

Ok, I want to go sleep((:

mammar hey 2:59 PM

Everyone's going out "towning" yet here I am at home doing nothing but sulking! Boohoo! I initially wanted to go to Vivo with some people before going to the drama but my mother had to butt in and tell me that I could not go! So, for the whole day, I will be ignoring her until I get over it of course! GRRH!

Oh and ironically, she is now out with my father to dunno where! WTH!

Never the mind! Instead later at 630pm, I will go have dinner with another group of peeps! Hopefully it will be fun but I doubt so. What's fun about dinner at Lot1??

Anyhoots, math paper was okay I guess. Not that bad. There were some questions which I was unsure about so I just "hentam"[anyhow] put in some answer! But other than those stupid questions, the rest were do-able. I don't want to JINX it by saying it was easy because everytime I do, my results will turn out bad.

Ok, let me go cry my eyes out now!


mammar hey 5:17 AM

Friday, May 11, 2007

Oh man, tomorrow's Emath paper1! I am super scared because why? I have NOT studied some topics ie, transformation and angle properties! GRAHHH!!

Hopefully I can finish them before tomorrow!

At the same time, I cannot wait for the tomorrow's pementasan[Drama performance] at NJC!

I am still deciding whether to go with Faizal and co. to Vivo City first and then to the drama or not.

Ok gotta go study now! bye!

Tag replies:

dellysda: YES!! Like so asdhhdfuyefu!

mammar hey 12:52 PM

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I seriously cannot believe that people can get ever so desperate in obtaining a colossal amount of votes for the competition. And all for what? A superficial and materialistic prize, an iMac!

I will admit that I too will be excited if I had the chance to win an iMac but I won't go through drastic measures such as posting Friendster comments on stranger's Friendster, advertising my vote. Have some pride please? Don't you feel a least bit cheap?

No offence JYI! I loved your entry and all and at least you try to get votes from people you know!

But, people like NATHALIE from, is insane to think that I would vote for her for nothing just because she placed an advertisement on MY friendster!

I mean, your entry is freaking dumb and common! DUMB i stress. Why not write on something that will change the world forever, like GLOBAL WARMING maybe? tsk. But homosexuality? That is so cliche please? Have some originality. Well, I have to give credits to you though for getting this far in the competition. You were probably the last five who got shortlisted anyway!

Seelah, people like her make me switch off my study mode button. tsk!

OK gdbye!

mammar hey 12:10 PM

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Today, I got me a new writing pad! And as expected, I began doodling on it during Math like nobody's business! I was feeling bored then. I love the outcome. It sort of had a theme to it. Robots and aliens.

Anyhoots, I have a lot of homework to complete by tomorrow such as my geography assignment which I just completed and my Social Studies SBQ which I am TRYING to do, if not for the computer. LOL!

I am currently waiting for the Heroes video to load on the computer. If you do not know what Heroes is, it is a TV serial which is uber cool and hot! A must watch definitely!

And they say men can't multi task! Boy, are they so wrong!

Ok it finished loading! tatabata!

ps: kerani babani! I am so glad you're back!

Tag replies: Faza!! I know! Get it for me on my birthday! I know, dream on.

mammar hey 2:18 PM

Monday, May 7, 2007

Blogger is going wacko on Mozilla Firefox. Now, I have to use IE. Dang.

Sab, Yana! Remember our 3 in 1 toothbrush idea for the YE competition. Some guy decided to make it a reality. hoho. We could have been famous and RICH!

Someone get me this! An optimus concept computer keyboard! It has a small OLED display in every single key! But, the catch is, it fetches a whopping $1500!! Insane! Maybe when I grow up and get rich, I'll get me one. I bet that when I grow up, there will be an improved model. LOL.

I actually find Emath relaxing and fun. Albiet, it can get boring at times. Usually, the boring part is the easy questions. I am an official NERD! yay!

Oh, I am an official LOST fanatic as well! I already caught up with the states' telecast and am now at episode19! The show gets more interesting every episode. I can't wait for May10 where some guy will post up the 20th episode!

Speaking of TV shows, I have been watching Heroes as well and cannot wait for the 21th episode to be posted online. Shh. Faza too is crazy[ok, not so] about Heroes. So I have someone to discuss the show with.

tag replies:

dellysda: heho!

alyssa: I know. How cool?!

kucing: I can't wait to talk to you too! Saya rindu sama kamu juga!! After exams. i promise((:


mammar hey 10:35 AM

Sunday, May 6, 2007

I have been doing emath and watching Lost on the net today.

Let's just say, my life is dull and boring.

Anyhoots, today, I ate the best pizza ever, full of melted cheese and of course BEEF! I will never be a vegeterian ever! I dunno how I will live without beef.

The only reason I blogged is to tell you that I ate pizza so you will get jealous. So, get jealous NOW!

ok bye(:

mammar hey 11:21 AM

Friday, May 4, 2007

oh yah pey ya som balik lah roti prata char kuay teow!

Till now, I still don't understand that phrase. Why tell the roti prata and char kuay teow to go home? It makes no sense.

Anyhoots, today was one of the hectic days but I'm getting use to the new timetable.

Oh and I missed a new math topic. Don't ask how. On Monday I must go meet Mdm Mah eye to eye. Not good, people.

So, after school at 430pm, Sean, Navin, Kendrick, Jesper and me went to catch Spiderman 3. As usual, I was the late one but I made it on time for the movie. I have my reasons and no it's not sleep.

The movie was okay. All I've got to say is that the effects were fatabulously awesome and so were the action and fighting scenes. But, the middle part got kinda boring and I almost fell asleep. Overall, the movie was funny and definitely worth watching!
Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter and Fantastic Four, here I come!

Too bad the OLevels are near! Spoiler.

Tag replies:

dellysda: you too!(: And, if you DON'T think the pics are disgusting you are weird. I'm glad you're not. LOL

faza: nolah! I used the sharpen tool.

CHEESEjoobs: You are one sadistic dude!

yana: you might see my sister because she teaches at Yuhua primary School, near Jurong.

natasha: what did you expect me to do? The class was getting mental!

mammar hey 7:50 PM

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Nice right? spent days making the vector and working the pen tool. I love how it turned out! hoho. Click to enlarge(:

Anyhoots, school was a drag partly because I slept late last night finishing up my emath worksheet which in the end Mdm Mah did not go through!

I slept during math but surprisingly, I could do the questions on that topic. LOL.

I brought my camera to take the picture of the whole class for the graduation thingo. BUt, everyone including me was feeling ugly with eyebags and all. So, I will have to bring my camera again tomorrow!

And, our new school timetable sucks! For my class that is. I can die just by looking at it!

So, here are a few pictures from today.

Was welcomed to class by this.

Another dragonfly appeared right after the first one died-__-"

People were screaming everywhere and I was trying to read my newspaper so, since it was flying under my table, I stepped on it and picked it up and took pictures of it. I am sick I know but they all were going crazy!

Wonder what the fuss is all about?

What else but the new and stupid plus crazy time table!

mammar hey 1:07 PM

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Labor Day today and I am stuck at home!


I might be doing some math revision or not. It depends on my mood.

And, my mood says that I don't feel like blogging. So, byye(:

Tag replies:

CHEESEjoobs: I get it. You wish that you only have one eye. Weird but understandable nonetheless. LOL!


mammar hey 11:41 PM