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Friday, March 26, 2010


I have been EXTREMELY busy this week! Cannot tank!
Still have yet to finish both NUS and NTU scholarship essays!
Almost done with the NUS one so cant wait to get it over and done with!

Let us talk about something else will we? Like how weird I am? Yeah.
I like to take alot of risk.
I have cut the collars of my expensive shirt because I think it looks better with the collar short.
I have washed my oversized shirts in boiling hot water because heat shrinks cotton fabric.
I have sewed the clothes and pants I bought, myself to fit me, sometimes changing the design drastically.
I have painted on my bag because it look too plain.

Recently, I had a Britney moment, late at night, 4AM to be precise!
I decided that my hair was too thick and so I took out my pair of scissors and being the Edward Scissorhand I am, I cut off the sides of my head.
However, I went abit too far and there was a weird bald spot. So I took out my razor thingy( the ones to shave mustache etc, that one) and shaved the sides to make it even and I kinda went overboard and shaved the sides of my head entirely! HAHAH
But, I was happy with how it looked though.
I needed to escape from normality and this new haircut was definitely different!
No I am not EMOKID374.

So, I dunno, but I was still possessed or something cus I went ahead to cut the back of my hair. It was super difficult to do cus obviously I do not have eyes at the back of my head! HAHAHA

There were mixed reactions to my haircut of course. My mother went berserk!
"AMMMMMMARRR!!! APA JADI DENGAN RAMBUT AMMAR???!" ( Ammar, what happened to your hair?)
*silence for like 2 seconds*
*another 2 seconds of silence*
*yet another 2 seconds of silence*
"Eh kat belakang tak betul, amik gunting, ibu tolong" ( eh the back not straight, take scissors, let me help you cut.)

HAHAH My mother is weird like that.

So after that hysterical incident, I went out with Yu Hui and Florence for Free B&J and an entire afternoon of camwhoring with my new baby camera!
Unfortunately my baby was so tired taking photos of us at Novena and then Far East and then Botanical Gardens that once we reached Esplanade, he decided to fall asleep and never wake up!
:( :( Sad.
I totally forgot to bring the extra battery pack because of all the drama at home.

But, the ever resourceful Florence brought her own camera! So all was fine and dandy and more camwhoring for us!! WOO!

The rest can be found here and here! Please right click and open in new window/tab! thx!

mammar hey 6:22 PM

Friday, March 19, 2010


So a few days back, i went and bought myself a new camera!!
You see, for every A I got for my H2 A levels subjects, I get $100 and for every B is $50. For every A i got for a H1 subject, I get $50. Hence I got

Hence, I decided that I wanted to spend it all on a semi pro camera! woah woah! No clothes this time round! HAHAHAH
I was so excited!
But I am sad to leave my Sony DSCw110! Good times!
I remember your first photo was Nasi Briyani at Holland V hawker centre! hehehhe

So, my camera, Canon S90, costs 749$ with ALOT of free stuff included! Yeah, definitely over budget but Im paying off my father the other $350+ via installment after I get my NS pay! HEHHEHE

Life is good (:

Heheh Homemade heart shaped lens!

Testing out shutter mode! Love this!

Channeling my inner JU-ON! HAHAH


Testing out my homemade heart shaped lens and bokeh function! Cant make heart shaped lights bokeh thingy cus my lens too small and the hole I would have to make would have to be smaller than 0.75cm in diameter! SADDED :(

Homemade 5 holed coloured lens

Testing Aperture mode

Testing Nostalgia mode!! Cool function!

Testing colour accent mode!
Here's a preview of my new hanger rack! HEHEH
Took out some clothes from the closet cus it was too full! And now I have somewhere to hang my pants finally!

Okay more updates soon!!
Tomorrow hangzy outzy with hockey boys! Need to catch up!!
Tuesday, Ben n Jerry's FREE CONE DAY!!

Cant wait to bring out my new baby (camera) for a ride!!

In other news, Uni tuition fees will be raised 3 to 18% this year onwards!!! Shit.
Save up and better get a scholarship!!!

mammar hey 4:38 PM