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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

hello people! well today had the Math olympiad competition in the morning and obviously it was difficult and i just stuff in any answer! like bloody hell man! so later in the afternoon at 2, met with helen and hui qi and their brothers to watch XMen. met kendrick later atcauseway there .bought the tickets and saw xiuhan linlin and yuzheng there too. ya so basicaly the movie was awesome but it didnt quite follow the cartoon or the comic whatever! well firstly, rouge was not supposed to loose her pawers and now her mother aka mystique are both HUMANS! or rather HOMOSAPIENS! hahaha. next, all was supposed to die i think except for wolverine and it is so strang that magneto still has his powers though he was injected four times with the cure! but whatever, it is still an awesome movie and you should catch it! well it is a movie! there are few movies which follows the book closely! haha..

so afterwards, we went to walk around causeway and i bought my The Click Five CD from popula since i had the voucher! better use it now than never! haha well here's the cd! click to enlarge!

jealous already??! hahahaha...

solater went to the library with kendrick to borrow a book for the english task. i borrowed the lost city by clive cussel. started reading the first chapter and was quite boring but i hope it gets exciting at the end! hahaha. ok so then i went home and watched opera!haha..'

tmrw's there's life sci! looking forward to it!

well thats all i did today! gonna listen to the CD now!!hahahahaha!

mammar hey 10:45 AM

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

good afternoon! sheesh i sound so formal! so anyways, im feeling kind of bored! my parents went out to buy furnitures! guess wad?! im moving into a small room! smaller than my current one! bleah! seriously i dont care! i have some ideas on how i want to paint my room and all! hopefully my parent let me! and it does not look ugly! i tried it out on photoshop to see how it would turn out and it looks nice! its really simple and all! colours of orange and white! hmm.. basically that's all! im thinking of changing my layout! this one looks erm..ugly?

mammar hey 6:18 AM

Monday, May 29, 2006

some random weird and ironic pictures

here you have well a broken cone?

now this looks normal right? its just a motorcycle!

but hey! what's it doing beside this sign?! so ironic isnt it?

mammar hey 3:07 PM

hello! sorry i did not update yesterday. not that anyone bothers since not many reads my blog! well the is pactically a good thing because i can voice out all my thoughts about others! well firstly, let me talk about yesterday's opening of the kranji garden. the role of the student leaders was to give out goodie bags filled with fruits and all. we kinda stole some but i wont elaborate on that because it would take a million years to do so and im not that bothered!

anyways, i just realised that i really despise this particular person whom i shall call goat and i think most of the kranjians know whom im talking about! he is ignorant, arrogant, sickening, unshameful, happy go lucky and a bloody idiot!

not many people see him as a friend they only seem to be because they are afraid he would bring his so called army and bully them! well im taking a stong stand and im not afraid of him. infact, he too is human which makes us no different at all.

all his followers are just well, followers. they are like his slave and his workers. its a wonder how he got into a good class. He probably cheated or bribed the teachers. but who in the world cares. And how the hell does he become a prefect is anyone's guess! he is i think abusing his power and someone should strip him of his unsuitable role.

he is too outspoken which is a bad thing because he tends too get too rude. and he has this thing against gays and goes ard calling every single person a gay! yet he acts like one himself you know trying to harrass each other thing! which clealy shows he detestes himself and i feel ultra sad for him! but seriously, i dont give a damn!

he can break his leg and get it amputated and not play soccer for all i care! he certainly deserves that! burn in hell! no point in me saying that because that is extremely obvious!

well i better stop here now before i get too offensive and he will come crying to me asking me to delete this post! but i doubt he will ever read it and not many will since my visitors are at minimal.

So anyways, i will be watching XMen with helen huiqi and wenting. i dont care if they are all girls! so long i get to watch it im a happy man!

mammar hey 1:43 PM

Saturday, May 27, 2006

my first shot on photomontage on adobe photoshop that is and i kinda like the way it turned out! credit me if you are using it!

mammar hey 4:36 PM


my eyes,
they see your beauty,
capture your light,
enhance your love for me.

my nose,
they smell your fragrance of chanel,
sniff in your everything,
suck in your love for me.

my hands,
they touch your smoothness of hair and skin,
hold your fingers with care as if they were glass,
grab your arms when you try to escape your love for me.

my ears,
they hear your every whisper,
absorb your every laughter,
listen to all your love for me.

my mouth,
they say my affection for you,
pronounce your name in my sleep,
kiss your subtle lips and all your love for me.

i give in to you,
to you i do,
i do everything you say,
all you say is true,
and truth is all i need from you,
if you love for me too.

okay im being lame here! somebody stop me from writting poems! i think im getting to addicted to them!

will it ever stop?

my feelings are genuine,
are genuine as leather it is,
it is so subtle you are unable to detect it,
dectect it if you may,
you may do as you wish,
you wish as i know to love me,
love me you have,
you have to have trust,
have trust and have faith,
have faith and have me,
have me in your arms,
in your arms you will hold me tightly,
me tightly oh so tightly,
so tightly you must,
you must stop here now.

yes i must stop here!!! dont write anymore!! bloody hell!!!

mammar hey 1:04 PM


the door opens,
instead of you,
all i see coming through,
is an illusion of nothingness but a simple vacuum.

the door opens,
instead of you,
all i see coming through,
is a shadow of blackness aiming towards me.

the door closes,
instead of you,
all i see coming towards me,
is the shadow growing,
trying to engulf me into it's nothingness,
like a black hole.

the door closes,
and in an instant,
all i am is a forgotten memory,
but whose memory is nothing but mystery.

and SNAP,
my eyes open welcoming you into me,
all is not but a dream,
the shadow is nothing but a mere portal,
bringing me to you,
bringing me back to reality.

another one of my bloody creations. as you can tell, im bloody bored!

mammar hey 12:33 PM

Not as it seems

the bright specks of beauty lie peacefully on the black silky nightsky,
illuminating the darkness,
as i walk down and walk on,
walk on,
walk on,
and walk on.

amist its beautiful appearance,
the specks are not as it seems,
not what expected,
not what gives,
in actual what seems are big giant fatal balls of flame,
as they shine down and shine on,
shine on,
shine on,
and shine on.

beautiful anything may seem,
not to be deceived by what looks they give,
what comely maybe as ugly as the woman flying on the broom,
but the woman,
as much as she may be unsightly couldbe,
and maybe,
the most preetiest soul on the planet,
and in the night she cries for her looks,
as she cries down and cry on,
cry on,
cry on,
and cry on she will forever do.

hahahahaha! first time writting a poem! well not really but yeah... so tommorow im going to school for the opening of the garden in school. MPs will be around and i will have to wear a bloody tie! lets hope it doesnt get to hot there will we?! oh please! so anyways,not much to write about! im just suddenly inspired to write a poem! hawhawhaw!

mammar hey 12:21 PM

hey ho lets go! So today was the meet-the-parents thingy. I was not nervous. What's the point in being so?! So got a look at my results and took back the report book! found out i got a B4 for english and not a C5! what a relief! Basically my two main weak areas are my english compre and my Social Studies! bloody Source based questions! hahaha. so i went to have lunch with my parents at food culture and bought a new pair of Kappa shoes. I saw this converse brasil bag! holy crap man! it was bloody beautiful! but it cost a bomb! not just any bomb, a nuclear bomb! A $39.90!! hahahaha. it might be cheap for some but not to me! so my parent are going to be giving me $40 because they promised $10 for all A1s and $5 for A2s! hahaha.. they are also planning to submit my results for the cdans scholarship! hahaha..hopefully i get the $600!

so now im home alone singing my heart out and soring my throat!! haha! its going to take a million years to complete the mountainous pile of hmwks! its just a month you know! not a freaking year! ok im going to sign off right now! going to join some challenges on endlessrain blends! that's me alright! neglecting school work for webdesign!

PS: had my first sip of coffee IN FRONT of my father! ya he is so against me drinking coffe because he's afraid i will be a cafine addict like him! haha.. but my mother ENCOURAGES me! haha. She wants me to kill all my bloody brain cells and make me get parkinson disease and insomnia! you know the parkinson disease where your hand wll keep shaking! okay bloody hell! my sign off is so bloody long! ahaha! okay gd afternoon! haha!

mammar hey 8:14 AM

Friday, May 26, 2006

today was fun boring and hectic all at the same time! we had our phototaking and i hope i looked alright! so then we had free periods till the end of school! bleah! so our sales today was at its minimal! but heck finally i got to sell!! hahahahaha!!! then me muneera helen sean yuhui shermin kash and wanting played UNO which A game never seem to end! and finally we gave up and played heart attack! then it was time to clean up the filthy classroom! we did then supposed to be watching with kendrick shihong and zheng xuan XMen3today but cancelled!ergh!! nvm might be watching with helen jing wen tian feng and wan zhen! oh so anyways ive changed the layout! quite plain and ugly but who in the world cares! so long that i have changed it its fine with me!! oh and my father told me that i got 13th in class and 17th in level!!! bloody belles! what a relief!!! i thought i was going to be last in class or something! phew! and 17th in level?! haha must be the ohers do very bad this year!haha..anws, i got to chao right now! TV here i come!

mammar hey 11:55 AM

Thursday, May 25, 2006

yay i madde a new layout! though it may not be nice but at least it new! its going to be put up maybe tomorrow or friday! (: watch out for it!

mammar hey 4:55 PM

is she kidding me? site of the month? i was onlyy playing around when i entered! but anyways my site really does need more publicity and even the class blog has more tags and im starting to think that the class blog layoutCLICK is so much nicer than my current one! haha i think maybe i was working like hell on it! now its time for me to think of a new layout for this site! ergh! so frustrated so hard to think up one!!

anyways, today morning, was spent on editing the entries and changing the font size!! me and christine the designers suddenly became the blogmasters! we really have to win this if not ill die man!! alot of freaking effort and time spent waiting for the bloody computers to load and redoing the layout when adobe photoshop hanged!! so again i didnt help to sell anything for service leaning cuz i was busy editing! bloody bells! so we had make up street dance lesson and new trainer! why am i not surprised?! so he taught us good man!

anyways, im going of to think of a new and nice layout!! tmrw phototaking!! yay!! just in time to flaunt my new hairstyle but im afraid my eyebags will give way!! nevermind i may wear my specs to hide them!

mammar hey 2:35 PM

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

hey i went to cut my hair!! yay!! so happy! its so nice! just in time for phototaking on thursday! anyways, here's a picture of my oil blotter that sandy gave to me for fun! long time never use because guys dont use blottr but anws, here's the pic wshowing a hell lot of oil!!! but im so lucky im pimple free!! eventhough i have encountered some, it goes away instantly! and i have normal skin!CLICK TO ENLARGE!

mammar hey 3:04 PM

im so bored bored bored at music tech cuz we are not doing a single thing and im listening to some crappy music! oh how i miss my computer! let me go home.....oh i miss you you know! bleah!

weird bored crazy snap
wake up you lazy pig
dont go around listening to crap
if not your ears will grow big

weird bored crazy bam
i know this makes no sense
but i just want to tell you i like to eat ham
and i cant find a word that rhymes with sense but tense

weird bored crazy bang
shoot me dead this instant
let the blood ooze out while i hang
and the silence constant

weird bored crazy spam
im supposed to be dead now
so just scram
oh why when where how?

mammar hey 7:37 AM

hello!! im at school now waiting for my music technology trainer to come!! it starts at 3! anyways, later at 5 i will be gng with tien feng ming fang sandy and james to buy the ingredients for tmrw's pasta! today's sale was quite okay despite not having to sell the cornflakes!! the cornflakes were so soggy! why?! because they bloody put it in the freezer for it to cool!!! HELLO eatrh to you guys!! do you know that if you put in the freezer and take it out, the water will condense and the cornflakes will get soggy!! due to that we did not sell it! bloody! anyways i had great fun with devi kash helen shermin hannah and muneera and fairuz. devi was pretending to be ms universe and kash was the host who asked her questions and the rest are the judges!! too bad we didnt bring camera!! anyways, devi won a ballon flower and that huge ballon hat!!!! omg so imao lor!! so funny was laughing like mad!! then she became singapore idol contestant the next careless whisper!! hahahaw!! then i wore the ballon crown for fun and i look like the teletubies!!hahahahahah should have seen me!! should have taken photos!!! ergh too bad cant bring a bloody camera!!! so anyways, here is the class blog the layout the link! crying out for cristine who needs to see the layout! LINK! a bit messy as i had to redo it a gazillion times!! btw, the judging is tomorrow so fellow 3fians please remember to continue to post in your entries!! thats the only way for us to win!! which i dont care if we do or dont cuz its bloody shit! hawhawhaw!! im soo freaking bad!! i gtg do something else other than blogging now!! bye!!!

mammar hey 5:49 AM

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

hey sorry didnt update in the afternoon! was busy making the class blog layout. i had to redo it 4 times cuz the first was too ugly the second time adobe photoshop hanged and the third time when i almost completed, it hanged again!!!! bloody hell man!! anw school was fine and all and i realy shuld be getting off the net now! bye!

mammar hey 6:02 PM

hey sorry didnt update in the afternoon! was busy making the class blog layout. i had to redo it 4 times cuz the first was too ugly the second time adobe photoshop hanged and the third time when i almost completed, it hanged again!!!! bloody hell man!! anw school was fine and all and i realy shuld be getting off the net now! bye!

mammar hey 6:02 PM

Monday, May 22, 2006

hey people! this maybe my next layout or it might just go to the uncoded layouts
section if i ever make a nice one!! comments people!! ignore the copyright coi thing!CLICK TO ENLARGE!

mammar hey 9:22 AM

sowie i dinch UpdAtes YeStErDaY NoRhx!! ahahahahahaha!! you so need skills to write those words fast man!!! anw i didnt update yesterday because i was out all day! my cousin's son's bday! anws, heard that the server was down and luckily fr me, nthg was lost! hoorays! and!! today had freaking madr exam which i totally din study for!! anws had a fun conversation with serena!! we were pretending to be those ahlians! even when we are not esp not me since im a GUY!! but i joined in the act anyways! here's the coversation!!! ShOo FunNnii CAnS?! decided to place it in htm format at FREEWEBS.COM since its toooooooooo long!! so haf fun reading!

mammar hey 7:25 AM

Saturday, May 20, 2006

hey people added a reads and downloads section in the visitor section!

mammar hey 3:59 PM

yo! today was not fun! it was B-O-R-I-N-G!!initially it was fun cuz there was no teacher around and you can make a hell lot of a noise and no one will care! but then, there was this class blog thinghy! and im assigned to be the designer! holy crap! i already have like 3 blogskin requests so far and now this?? ok so wadeva! then at 10.15am i went for math olympiad training while the rest of the class discussed! i dunno why but at this session, i was actually paying attention! so unlike me! while me and some others were having training, the other sec2 and3 were being punished! hahaha! we were let off! then when it ended, me xiong jie and wei en rushed to class to see our overall marks including the CA and all! so we gt there and evryone was sitting outside and the class was clean! apparently, there was a mass cleaning! hahaha! i no need clean! then we gt back the results with the CA and SA counted together! i did fairly well! but badly for english!!! after that i went for my prayers while the rest gt to stayback for punishment! i have to serve my punishment on monday eventhough i didnt do anything wrong!! holy crap! and i scored 16/30 for my english compo!!!! wth! that is so low!!! i nvr gt so dipping low marks for compo!

here are the results anyways

english 57.8 c5
higher malay 66.1 b3
amath 81.8 a1
emath 80.9 a1
chemistry 74.5 a2
physics 71.5 a2
biology 79.6 a1
combined humans( social studies and geog) 63.6 b4

overall percentage 71.975% !
could have gotten a lot more if not for my english!! errgh!

so long!(:

mammar hey 12:59 PM

Friday, May 19, 2006

hey! well today or yesterday, was awful! we gt back our results except english. but anyways, it was horrible!!! i never scored this badly before! so anws, here's my results except english!

higher malay - 62/100 b4
emath - 72/100 a2
amath - 82.5/100 a1
chemistry - 79/100 a1
physics - 67/100 b3
biology - 80.5/100 a1
social studies - 31/50(62/100) b4
geog - 36/50(72/100) a2

i cant believe i gt 62 for hml??! its because of my lousy ppr1! if not i could have done fairly well!! and my emath??! hopeless! and 67 for physics?? and to think that my father is even a physics teacher! and 31/50 for socialstudies? thats terrible man!! i studied hard for all these subjects!! ergh! anyways, thats done and cant be undone! i just hope my english results will be great! no mood to talk abt it anymore so lets change subject!

so aftr school ate at MAC with tin feng yuhui and shermin. we joked ard then at around 3pm we wnet back to school fr the SL thing. discussed and all...

anyhoo, tmw's post exam activity is making a class blog for the whole day!!! the school is agnst us having blogs but thy want us to create one? what irony!!! so anw i gtg now!

mammar hey 4:18 PM

Thursday, May 18, 2006

hey! today like yesterday was amaaaaaazing!! not as fun as only around 14 of us came but the movie was excellent!!! for some of you who didnt know, we watched mission impossible3. at first i thought, it was going to be such a bore! but even the frst part was interesting and the explosions were so real that i was terrified as in i was ermm.....what's that word?? its like suddenly came out of nowhere and scared you! like BOO! then you scared something like that! arr whatever la just know that its good! sean was asking if we wantes to watch davinci and try our luck tmrw! we could try but tmrw??!!! are you mad sean?? im going to go bankrupt man like this! the whole week spend here spend there!! so anyways am so scared of tmrw( which apparently is today since im blogging at 1.30am in the morning!) why you ask??! because exam results are comming out tmrw! and im nervous like hell!!! oh someone please save me!!!!! arrgh! hopefully, i will do great! but i cant hope much for math and my higher malay though! because, i know i screwed it up updside down rightside up/down leftside up/down and downsideup! oh well! well not much but made a hayden vector/ paint/ lineart! or wadeva! i really put a hell lot of effort into it! it took me 3 days to complete it! though it might not be nice, i still like it! and i see improvement since my previous vectoranws, so here it is! CLICK TO ENLARGE! bye! and gdmorning!

mammar hey 4:34 PM

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

yo! today was GREAT!! get that GREAT!! i really pity those who has to stay at home and do nothing cuz i ad an awesome time!! dont be jealous! well at 2.30pm, me and family went to royal on scotts to eat a buffet! and it was scrumptious! i ate two serving of a plate of main course, a salad, a plate of dessertS and fruits!unforunately, the pictures are in my handphone and i have not installed the programme yet into my comp( due to rebbot!) so i cant transfer in the pics! so anyway after that, my father sent me to downtowneast costa sands for the CHALET!! the ex2c chalet! at first it was quite boring and all cuz bbq not started yet and there we no games for xbox! so sat around! the other guys went to play LAN?? i dunno at somewhere! so left the malay girls and me the only guy! im nt gonna play LAN or wadeva cuz my stomach still full and i cant get up so helped the girls with the fire and all! when the fire burned, we started bbqing!! yay!! the boys still not back yet! so while salmah was cooking, me sarah faza crystal felicia and kendrick(he gt back frm LAN cuz he dont like to play it!) played xbox! yes we rented the games and lent an IC frm the next door chalet!! hahaha! played felicia and kenny played fifa while me faza crys and sarah played the racing game! by the time we finished, they already cooked alot and the boys came bck at ard 7.30pm and all the food was being cooked! thx salmah! she din even want to take a rest!!! so we made frens with the next door thy were frenly! then we ate and joked ard! and then me munkit shihong calvin zehang josiah played YADA( what kind of name of a game is that??!) ya so it was fun but halfway we were getting ready for shida's surprise party! and all that, so we surprised her and the cake was delishious and shida placed icing ON MY fACe!! holy shit! pink colour summore then i washed it off! since it was 10 oredi, most of us went hme leaving those hu were staying overnight! supposed to be gng hme with josiah sean and kendrick but went hme with joan felicia and crystal instead cuz they taking taxi and i need to be hme early! so we had no money at all!! so crystal said later she go up her hse take money and pay for us first! then in the taxi we calculated the estimated cost! it was $0.10 per 8 seconds!! haha! and we calculated for and hour it will be ard $45!!!hahaha! but we were so wrong, it only came up till 23.50!!!! hahahahahaha!!! so went home and gt a call frm shida saying we will be watching MI3 tmrw( which is today!) at jurong pt at 3! those wanting to go meet us at world of JJ at lot1! so anws, its just like old times where we will watch a movie the day after the chalet! laz yr it was aeon flux! hahaha evry one was sleeping in the theatre cuz thy din slp well laz night!!hahaha! anws, i din have the pics at the buffet but i do have the pics at the chaleT! its not edited though cuz im LAZY!!! hahaha..not all of the pics cuz i lazy to upload!! but anws, CLICK TO ENLARGE!

aww salma is shy!

shida looks like a cat here!

we thought of drinking this!! mwahahaha!

The ultra delicious food!

Joan ar!! cannot stop taking photos of urself izit??

guess who's ass???............JOSIAH!!! hahahaha fatass!

nice face shida! looks like blood!

Eat that you!! hahaha

the cake duh!

mammar hey 5:33 PM

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

hello people!!! i have completed my last papaer! biology! the difficult paper of all! why? because the textbook talks crap! thats why! i had to take 5 mins just to understand a single sentence! but anyways, the paper was not too easy and not too hard! i gt to know frm my father that mdm mah told him that i did BADLY for math eventhough i passed! a lot of careless mistakes! why am i not surprised?! blame the school! they put maths on the same day with humanities! hello?! go knock your head on the door! but anws, im soo sad even though i know its expected! but i have always been so good in math and this?! what a bummer! results are comming out on tursday and i scared to death! please no more bad results!

okay exams are over and the holidays are in! not really holidays but i will not be gong to school till thurs cuz i have no paper! woots! bleah1 its soooooo freaking B-O-R-I-N-G at home! and davinci code s nc16??!!!!!! WTH!!! stupid movie critics! blasted freaks!! are you prejudice againts under 16s??? you think we 14/15, we wont understand a thing???!!! i dont see how it is violent or gory or is there any adult content??!! all there is is a bloody mona lisa picture and 2 people trying to figure things out!!! what has got into the insane movie critics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???!!!! this is unfair! i feel likesecond class, lets form a liberation party and ask for a separate land!!( Sri Lanka..nvm if you dunno!) hahaha! but its so sh*t! but there's still xmen3, spiderman3, superman, poseidon( i think its like titanic!)! i hope none of them is NC16 as well! im gonna kill myself if it is!

so anws, i made this panic! at the disco layout! not too nicebut its gonna be cool! but maybe i might make a better layout?! see first! enjoy! CLICK TO ENARGE!

mammar hey 9:19 AM

Sunday, May 14, 2006

hey i made a lineart totally myself!! i drew the picture before hand and i din use no pics frm the internet! not quite nice since its my first but heck! i like! CLICK TO ENLARGE!!

mammar hey 6:16 PM

hello! basically i spent the day studying and making a new layout! i don feel like blogging much so gdnight!

mammar hey 4:02 PM

Saturday, May 13, 2006

hey people.. ive been feeling miserable lately eventhough the exams are comming to an end! its just been so hectic the past few days especially today! my father wont allow me to use the computer( im using secretly now!) because i still have biology left! but i didnt study anyways! and my mother keeps telling me to clean up my room and put away my books.."kemas bukunya la! tengok TVje ibu tak nak rumah dier serak lah! pergi ambik plastic bag kau pergi kemas bilik kau pastu letak buku2 kat bilik"(in english it means, go clean your books. Only know how to watch TV. I do not want the house to be in a mess! go take a plastic bag and go clean your room and then put your books in your room!) and i would argue"tapi exam belum abislah! lagipun macam mana nak belaja kat bilik?! takde TV?( but the exams are still not over and how am i supposed to study in my room? there's no TV1)" and she would reply"TV, TV aje ingat!( only think of TV only!" Hey i hardly go to my room man! i spent half my life outside my room! sometimes i sleep on the sofa!!

okay firstly let me state my 3 simple conditions for studying! first i should have a carpet floor or a soft floor wadeva as long as its soft! next a table but i prefer doing work on the floor and lying down! lastly a TV n front of me to keep me AWAKE!!! eversince i started doing this in sec2, my grades have been improving and i want to carry on that way! i know im not the smartest in the family but thats my life! i want to be stupid thats my poblem! i cant never beat my sisters who are in the well known schools like NJC and NUS and im like in KSS?? u dont even know what KSS is!! BUT SERIOUSLY I DONT CARE!!! god!

okay so i am not allow to study until icleaned my room but then a few minute later my father will tell me to study and i would say, ask my mother! then my mother asks me to clean then my father asks my to study! and im basically sitting on the fence not knowing what to do!

today my mother is so NOISY!!! even my father could not tkae it! she was practically shouting here and there and here and there again and agian!!! i could go deaf!!!!! idunno what got into her today!!!

okay sorry about my shit life but anyways, i while i was so called cleaning, i stumbled upon my sec1(or is it sec2 cant remb) sketchbook! and there was this art test and i scored 77/75 yes 77/75 not a typo!! while i was reading my ans, i cant believe i had studied for the test( i know alot of people didnt!) and i cant believe i wrote that! i mean i dont understand a single thing i read!!! seriously! i was really into art that time and for the art exam i put in alot of effort and got a mere 74!! i was expecting at least an A1 while the rest got 80 marks over! i was near to tears man!! so sad i guess when you are so close you feel sad!!!damn!! so anyways, i scanned in my answers! i doubt you would understand a thing!! click to enlarge!

tata! i added a comments tag btw!

mammar hey 4:01 PM

Friday, May 12, 2006

hello! the nightmare's almost over!!! im left with biology!! and madrash exams!! damns lahs!

so anyway Amath was fine...better than EMATh PPR2! i hate math! geoeg was fine and i completed it just in time and had no time to check!! so hope i did well! then aftr geoog, it was raining heavily so me sean and james slacked outside the staff room and chatted abt dunno wad! there was bio Q &A session at 1.45pm. me and sean din want to go eventho i had brought my bio book along! y? cuz we have not studied a thing and wad questions do we ask man? so when the rain lightened, we walked back home..i went to popular bought a new pen cuz my BRAND NEW pen ran out of ink in the middle of geog exam and i seached my pencibox for a bloody pen! this is where the drama unfolds...

i went home and at the door, i searched for my key in the pocket but it was not there!! oh bloody shit i thought! then i ding donged(haha) no one was in! just my freaking LUCK! so i sat outside on the bench and ate my bread! i 4gt to eat it for breakfast! so i decided to find a payphone to cal my father! initially i wanted to call my mother cuz im araid my father still working and all..but i dint noe her no cuz she just changed it and i dont bother to noe! so i could not find a 10cent phone and walked all the way to lot1 yes walked!!! luckily i lived near! so there was a 10cent phone and i caled my father and 15mins later he picked me up! apparently my mother was in johore! Imao! so at the door again, the gate was locked! and my father didnt have the key with him!!! dots lah! then he went down to the car again while i waited for him to gt the gate key! so happily at home i drank water to quench my thirst and slept!1 feels so great!

AND CHRIS IS OUt!!!! BLIMEY!!! he so bloody goooooooood lor!!!better than tt old man, taylor! sickening! anw i still do not noe how to change the htm to php....oh wells! today was exceptional!

dots off people! (:

mammar hey 11:31 AM

Thursday, May 11, 2006

just a quickie! im back!!! okay now i have to go study for geog! chao!

mammar hey 10:28 AM