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Friday, January 8, 2010

The computer hates me :c :c :c

For the past few days, it has been running super slow and threats detected here and there.. All because I tried to download Adobe illustrator illegally.. hehehe.. What I do for free stuff.. hehe

Well, I guess, it is partly my fault.

So, like yesterday I was working on some photoshop thingy for 4hrs and I saved it all.
This morning, I couldnt open photoshop to begin with, what more my psd file.
So, then I installed photoshop on my father's laptop, and GUESS WHAT???!

The file wasnt saved properly!


heart pain, I tell you...

So, I decided that I was gna redo the whole thing from scratch :c

Wanna know what I was working on??


I know right???
I got super worked out over a stupid Na'avi transformation thing I did to my face..
Btw, I look like a cross between mystique, stitch, eeyore, smurf, and a goth kid! HAHAHAH

Here's the before photo.

Ignore bald spot please. thx

Speaking of this Avatar craze, some people speculate that it was a ripoff of POCAHONTAS!!
But then, I read this article, and WOW
I was amazed by the huge similarities!
please right click and open in a new window/tab. thx.

Well, whatever, it is, Avatar was a really good watch, and, who cares whether it was a ripoff or not??!

Im feeling sleepy now, so ill update you guys on the 2 recent movies Ive watched (Universal Soldiers and Whiteout), later or tmr..


mammar hey 5:36 PM

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


My sister is bloody rich now, she got herself an IPhone. Waloas.

Today's adventure at Jurong east Swimming Complex was a BLAST,
eventhough it was only 5 of us!! HEHEHE
Furthermore, we had the whole complex to ourselves( and some others) because it was a school day!! HAHAH Life is good.
Didnt take too many photos though.
Its times like these that I wished I had an underwater camera!

After a nice shower, we headed to Westmall to meet Jia En and have lunch!
Satisfied my KFC craving! WOO0o!!
Chicken skin, you are my best friend!!

So, some movie updates...

I watched Whip It!
I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie!
Its like the normal indie movies but its good acting and the plot wasnt that bad.
I LOVED Drew Barrymore in this movie!! Her character is ultimate PWNZ
The juno girl (I forgot her name) was really good too and likable too. Although sometimes you just wanna slap her on the face cus she makes stupid decisions.--> good acting.

I also went ahead to watch a late night scary/thriller movie yesterday called sorority rows.

It was NOT scary at all, nor was it thrilling.
It was a cliche, "I know what you did last summer" movie, where a guy finds out and goes on a killing spree. The serial killer turns out to be some "unexpected" out of nowhere guy.
Seen that, seen that, seen that.
Dont bother people.
Dont even talk about the acting, because it was mediocre to the point of mediocracy.
The only parts they played well were being bitches, cus maybe it comes naturally to them. Im not surprised there.

More movie updates ASAP(:

For now, goodnight, sleep tight(:

mammar hey 8:26 PM


sorry, I have a sudden craving for DURIANS! heheh

I was supposed to write this post yesterday but now its today already! HAHAHA
So I went to watch AVATAR3D with Jia En and Daryl!!!


I know right? Like finally..
So, anyways, It was an impromtu outing cus I had to get out of this hell hole I call home.

As usual, I was the one who was supposed to be late because I wanted to do Zohor prayers and shop alone for a while.. hehehe
But, in the end, I was the early one!!! And we had to switch from cathay to lido..

The aunties at the counters are grumpy and menopausal!
I got a bag for myself at 18$! Supposed to be 19.90$ but when I paid 20$, the shopkeeper gave me back 1.10$!! HAHAH I didnt realise until after I reached lido! HEHEHEH.
The movie was AMAZINGLY AWESOME!! That there are no words in my vocabulary to describe it!!! ( okay my vocabulary not that big, but you get me lah, okay shut up)

After the movie, I was kinda hungry so I got cheesefries and we played cards till we were satisfied and decided to head home!
Should have taken photos, but I forgot. As usual..

I met Jaliah on the bus, and we had a nice chat(:
Nice meeting you belo!
On the bus home today, I tried to cheat the bus system by paying 55c instead of using my ezlink to pay the FULL adult fare cost! heheh.. I almost got caught but phew..
Sorry, bus company, but I will start to pay the full price once I get use to it, and once I get a JOB!
So, it may take some time, months maybe. So be prepared.
But, it wont matter, since you guys experience supernormal profits anyways. Dont complain. Other companies are experiencing subnormal profits kay!

Swimming at JE swim complex with the class tmr!! Or part thereof.
Cant wait for the wave pools and slides!!!!

mammar hey 2:18 AM

Monday, January 4, 2010


Today was the first school day for most students and the start of work for those that work, I think. I dunno I dont't work
AND, I just found out that JC students start school one or two weeks later than other students? I don't remember doing that last year but everyone I asked said so.. STM

so, the point of this post is to mention how sad and jaded my morning , day and night was and will be for the next 3/4 months until NS.

I feel like an ultimate sloth cus this morning while others in my family were out to work or school, I was still on my bed, lazing around!!

I know, I know, I should totally get a job.


1) Im an ultimate sloth, remember
2) I dunno how to write a resume
3) I am undecided on what exactly I wanna do in Uni or in life

So, I decided that I shall watch a movie or two or three to occupy myself. What else right?

FAME was such a bad movie with a really big budget( it seems)
The plot was extremely messy and the characters were weak! It had too many focus that there was NO focus! If they focused on just a few characters, I think that it would make a fairly good movie. But, still, incomparable to the Step Up movies.

Anws, there was this actress who looked really familiar(far right) and I could not put my finger on who it was until the ending credits!! HAHAH It was Kerrington from So you Think You Can Dance!! Wow. I cant believe I missed that!

!!!!!And I thought Naturi Naughton was a Japanese GUY! HAHAH turns out I was wrong on both counts! Apparently, Naturi is an African American GAL!! HAHAH !!!!!

So then, I was still kinda bored, so I watched Up in the Air, starring George Clooney.
The movie looked like it was filmed with a really low budget.
More and more movies are going low budget! Or at least movie producers are making it look that way... What is up with that??!
Invention of Lying, Where the wild things are, world's greatest dad etc..

Okay, back to up in the air.
It was really good! Clooney was really good and so were the other two actresses. However, the ending was abit depressing though.. For Clooney I guess?

Well, after that, I fell back to sleep until 4PM!
4 in the bloody evening!

I only woke up to eat and do my daily prayers.
At 7 ish, I fell asleep again!
until 11pm.
And, now I am wide awake!!!! Someone needs to cure me of this sleeping disorder I have cus
1) its not healthy
2) I have mighty eyebags
3) I get sleep paralysis often!

what's no. 3 you say? go look it up on google or wiki!

edit: I might be going for a walk in interview tmr for some data logging shizz! 1500$ for one month's work. should I take it? I dunno.
Let's see what time I wake up tomorrow! HAHAH



mammar hey 5:58 PM

Saturday, January 2, 2010


So Yest night, I didnt go to sleep because I was sooo engrossed in reading this book, The Secret Life of Bees!
This always happens to me, which explains why I dont read novels last year cus of As and stuff.
Anyways, because of that, I slept through today! From Afternoon till night!
I am a nocturnal creature, I can't help that.

In the early morning, I went to accompany my sister to some APEX thing.
Its somehow like an volunteer group to mentor madrasah students taking PSLE.

!!!Apparently, if the madrasahs do not meet the required PSLE benchmark for that year, they will be barred from enrolling any primary 1 students for 3 WHOLE YEARS!
That is tragic. Seriously.

So APEX mentors ie us, have to sort of tutor them with the Math, SCI and English stuff.

This is my first year, and It'll give me something to do whilst waiting for enlistment! Besides, I think that it will be fulfilling and satisfying for me!

Today's meet up was some workshop on how to be a good mentor!
The lecturers were extremely GOOOD!! I swear! They help me understand that being a mentor to these students is not just about being a tutor but understanding their problems and needs!

Okay, I am really excited for this and I hope I can become a good mentor to all my students!

Btw, APEX needs more volunteers!!
So, If you are free and wish to do something meaningful.
If you do not wish to see Madrasahs perish,
contact me on FB or on the tagboard or sms me!!

okay thx bye(: Gonna indulge in prosperity burger now(:

ps: new line arts I made :
btw, pls right click and open in new tab/ window!! THX

mammar hey 11:20 PM

Friday, January 1, 2010

2 in one week!

HEHEH since I had all the time in the world, I decided that I should scrap the previous layout and come up with yet ANOTHER one! This time, I love! HEHEHE
Its the first time I did a line art from scratch, without any outlines or guides! WOO!

mammar hey 9:37 PM


HEHEHE Im gna start blogging again! after a long stretch of months not blogging!!

I feel like im new to this blogging thing again. Like when I was trying to redo the layout, I forgot all the codes and stuff, so forgive the messiness!
Also, I think that this layout kinda sucks? I dunno, I feel its kinda ugly, eventhough I took damn looooong to make it. HEHEHE. Appreciate seh.
I will change it again, soon. To a nicer one.

2009 has been bittersweet for me.
Mostly bitter, because of studying for prelims and ALevels all.
It was a really tough time, staying in school from morning till late at night.
studying with friends and chilling out from time to time, gave SOME meaning to my life.
Now that A's are over, freedom tastes so sweet, like mentos.

However, boredom has started to take a toll on me...
Day by day, all I do is stay at home on the computer, watching online TV serials.
And, when I do decide to go out, I feel quite lazy..
So many things to do (gym, swim, run, etc....) but just too lazy to do them.
Speaking of things to do, my parents have been bugging me to find a job, but I am just too not bothered.. meh.

Btw, have you guys watched Glee?
I think its a really AWESOME show!!
Its like a matured version of HSM.
No wait, its nothing like HSM because the people in it can actually sing and dance and ACT!
I really like the different renditions of the various songs!

Leverage is another good show, Faza and Navin introduced to me!

The sad thing is, I go through each series too fast such that I have nothing else to watch now!!!! And I'd have to wait all the way till APRIL for the next season! boo!

Anws, as most of y'all already know, I am enlisting in MAY!
DAMN DAMN DAMN looooong.
I can't wait for NS though.
The thing is, I'm posted to Police.
I know I should be excited and all cus its like a less treacherous posting than Army.. I think..
I like treacherous! I like running and physicals and pain and all that stuff you dont like. I hope police will be just as physical, or i'll just die of boredom!

So, Here's hoping a great 2010 with wonderful memories and excitement!
I love start of the years! You dunno what's coming but you just can't wait for it!

mammar hey 3:24 PM