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Monday, March 31, 2008


Funorama is over! Finally!
Met some familliar faces then!
It was really hard work and all.
I was almost on duty the whole day eventhough it was not mine to start with.

Did not play much funorama games.
Went to the Haunted House at Emily Hills with some peeps.
Wanted to go to the Doll House haunted house as well but the queue was extremely long so we decided against it.

At the end of the day, people were clearing their stock and giving away free icecream and drinks!
being the kiasu Singaporean we are, some of us, me included, went to grab them good offers.
Well, there was one kiasu indo as well! HAHA. Yoshi lah! Who else!

Went home and slept it off!

Since I have an amazing bunch of pictures to post, I will post it in a separate link. So if you wanna view them click it hor! It's not a pop up or anything so don't worry kays!


I placed them in a post dated 29 march 2003. LOL.
Just so you know. kay bye!

mammar hey 9:20 AM

Friday, March 28, 2008


Funorama planning has been hectic. I am now rushing through making the Food Stall poster. I don't quite like how it has turned out though. Not one of my best advertorial posters, definitely. Oh well.

So, finally, yesterday, I went for AC's hockey training!

It was super slack lah!!
We ran only one round for warm up.
And, all we did were basic dribbling, pushing, passing etc.
I was super bored to the max!
Most of the new J1s were new to hockey, me included.
Just because I already had a month of training, the others think that I am some kind of pro or something! wth lah? I am no pro kay! I am a novice!
I'm just better than you!! HAHAHA

I miss NJC hockey trainings!
Call me weird but I love 'hiong' kind of trainings!
Makes you feel healthy and fit! LOL

Hopefully next week's training will be more beneficial and 'hiong'. YAY.

Even though AC's food is super ex, I tend to eat alot!
I know right?! Coolios.

Funorama on Saturday!


Anyhoots, last week, I went out with parents and cousin to celebrate my cousin's birthday! We went to have supper at Carousel yet again! Same old food. I did not like the food the first time round, and I still don't like em! :(
But it was definitely filling. :)

Also, quote recently, my class painted the pinatas! We did not do much though. Cuz, it was Wednesday and it was CCA day. Consequently, most of us had to leave early for our respective CCAs. duhh.

And the paint Zhen Gan brought was super difficult to wash off lah! Abel and I had such great difficulty washing the paint off that we gave up and just hope that it goes off through the day! And it did! So, YAY!

Yoshiaki Gondokosumo in my specs!

Me in Bobby's specs! It don't hide my eyebags, so I dont like! HAHA.
But I look smart in it though. But I don't need specs to make me an intellectual. I already am please?

The completed banner! Nice right?! Spot my hand prints!~

Bags after bags of pinatas!

Yoshi's smiley face!

Isabel! I call her Isabella!

Testing out our pinata. SUCCESS! I think...

Erika: HOW? HOW? HOW?!
Veronica: dunno leh..

kk bye!

Come for funorama!
Our food stall is gonna be near the gate! So come buy hor!
Dunno abt the games stall though. heh.

YAY! Tmr whole day off to do funorama planning!
It's a bliss people!!

mammar hey 5:02 PM

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Today went to Sheryl's house again to do the pinatas.
There's not enough pinatas, so each of us will have to do at least 6 more at home. Wth lah.
Kk nvm. Must be enthu abt it! Woohoo!
So, you all must come hor! We work so hard, flouring the balloons and all, you better come!

Anyhoots, to compensate for the lack of posts for the past few days, here are some pictures from yesterday's banner painting[ half done], mugshots for ECONS class and dunno when's pinata making. The banner still looks plain and ugly. But, like I said, its only halfway done. We painted it again today and it looks FAB-BU-LOUS right now! LOL. kk enough talk, more pics! (:(:(:(:

K peace y'all(:(:(:

mammar hey 11:36 AM

Friday, March 21, 2008


Sorry no time to blog lately. Funorama and school has been keeping me busy.

I end school mostly at 6 and reach home around 645- ish.
After I bathe I usually hit the hay till around 10pm before doing my tutorials and revisions.
Recently, the internet connection cocked up again so that explains the lack of updates as well.

If you can tell, I am rushing through this post because I need to go study.
You think AC people no need study is it? tsk.

Anws, you know how ACJC likes to brand their things ie chairs, dustbins, doors etc.
So, sometimes, people like to be/ try to be funny and they will either remove the letter 'A' or 'C'.
So it will either read 'CJC' or 'AJC'.
Like what's your problem dude?

Ya anyhoo, my class is super fly lah!
We are a diverse mix.
Recently, Jia En got tanner so we decided to give her an 'African American' name ie Lacrisha!
So me and Jing Ming aka Bobby decided to get one too.
My street name is dope. It's like Kobi Zee or smthg. Wth lah? Im still sticking with mammar hey though! lol.
Jing Ming got Jing Bling! lol.

Math is slack.
Bio is killing brain cells.
GP is boresome.
Econs is scary.
Chemistry is confusing.
PW is gonna kill me!


Klah bye!

Text me if you wanna get some ACJC funorama tix hor!!!!


mammar hey 11:24 AM

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

MCS outing and AQUA house bbq yesterday!

It was fun, crazy, and eventful.

As you know, I am a lazy person. So let's just let the pictures do the talking eh?
Some pics are of diff size from others cuz i edited wrongly. so yah.
k bye(:




Today had Funorama pinata making stuff at Sheryl's house! So fun yet so floury.
Pics tomorrow. Maybe.

Going out to watch The Eye with S03 tomorrow! (:
Gonna be fun(:

k nights

mammar hey 10:40 AM