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Sunday, July 12, 2009


I am feeling really satisfied right now.
cus I just indulged in a plate of briyani! mmmmmm
AND.................. I completed my Nervous Control notes!
Now if only I have the memory of an elephant to squeeze in the huge chunk of info into my brain.


haha omg I accidentally copied a whole chunk of comparison tables into this blog entry and the comp hanged for quite some time! HAHAH


I wish the time were to pass by slower... I am not ready to face another week of mundane lectures and boring tutorials!! And, I am definitely not ready for any tests or mocks, whatever!:(:(
school sucks.

Just now, I was daydreaming--> what's new right?
Anyways, i was thinking that maybe if I could stop time I would be able to do my work slowly while the world waited on me. And when time unfroze I would be ready to face it and I would be less stressed out and more confident :(


My life must be terribly dull cus all I ever talk about is schoolstudyschoolstudy.

Since I have nothing else to rant about... I shall end here and try to complete my bio essay and prepare for tomorrow's test:(

sigh. This post is very depressing and totally melancholy. gdnight blogging world.

mammar hey 7:19 PM

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Oh my its been an extremely looong time since I blogged.
I realised that eversince I stopped blogging, my writing skills have become awful.
So, I decided to start blogging again to salvage my language skills so that I can finally do well in GP. Hopefully.

ermm.. I have been doing badly in school. My grades are slipping, my attention span is getting shorter and shorter everyday and I am feeling tired every hour. It needs to stop. I need to get my act together.

For a start, I am trying to enhance my GP skills. heh and I am improving in Biology. phew.
Chemistry and Math is on the way... HAHAHAH
Econs not so much.. It just so confusing.. ill get to it soon.

Oh yeah another thing to get rid of. PROCRASTINATION.

Hopefully by the end of this short weekend, I will be ready to hit the books and mug all the way till A Levels!

OKAY! enough of school.

Socially, I have been doing fine!

I love my friends and family. <3<3
I do miss my CCAs though.
I am glad that trainings are finally over. Now I can go home early! But I miss fooling around, and after/before/during-training specials!

But life is good.

okay, I think I shall end here for now. Tomorrow is another day.
And, I am gna start Biology now.
Its gna be hard though cus my Nervous Control notes are with JANE TEO NENEH now!
It doesnt help that I have a NC essay due monday and a test on NC too!
But LMS always saves the day! HAHA
Thank you for modern technology; the internet! (:

mammar hey 9:42 PM