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Sunday, February 24, 2008


mammar hey 12:41 PM

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


The title says it all.
But, I am appealing back to NJC of course.
Even though I don't really mind ACJC.
Hopefully the appeal will go through successfully, and I will get a call at 11pm tmr, telling me to go NJ! :x

So I am no longer an OGL :(
But, I can still go to the Maldives trip!!!!!
So, hurray to that.
But, I heard that ACJC's principal is a pain in the ass cuz she didnt let last year's batch go Maldives just cuz they'd be missing lessons for A DAY.
I know right? Shit.
Hopefully her attitude has changed and I can go to Maldives! yay!

Waking up damn early tomorrow so I can meet Zehang at Jurong East Mrt at 630am!!
Normally at 630, I only just left my house for NJ lor.

And, Sheryl, don't cry if I don't make it back okay!
I'll still be somewhere in Singapore!
Love ya [as a friend... duh]

I swear, you are the kindest person I have ever met!
You cry for those who didnt make it.
You admit that you didnt your homework even though the teacher never asked.
You always wanna go on time for Math cuz you wanna show respect/ pity.
You're gonna make a great counciller[sp?] and a fantabulous House capt!!

See you when I see you! (:(:(:

Oay nights(:

mammar hey 3:47 PM

Monday, February 18, 2008

Here are some pics from the OGL day camp and dinner with the family at carousel.
The Carousel pics are mostly just artistic shots. So yah.
Ask me for the unedited ones on msn if you want them(:



Building a family....


I am ready for a shave!! That's actually flour :x


k bye(:

mammar hey 11:37 AM

I am going on open hiatus.

The few weeks to come will be really hectic and all.
Orientation 2.
Preparation for Maldives trip.
Heart thumping awaiting posting results.

Speaking of orientation 2, the OGL day camp was a blast!
Lost my voice along the way but it was great fun.
I am not sure if the second intakers will be overly enthusiastic about it though.
But, it is our job to make them go crazyyy!!

Oh and yes, I am going for the Maldives trip!!! WOHOO!!
Only 815$ hello??!!!
Who wouldnt go?!

Okay, can't wait. 3 weeks to go >.<

Ya, okay, gotta go watch LOST 4 now.


mammar hey 8:17 AM

Monday, February 11, 2008


Oh Ah Meng died. Big deal.
Oh Heath Ledger died. Big deal.
Oh Britney got hospitalised. errr No deal at all.
Wanna know what's the bigger deal?

I got a haircut.

I have ugly hair!
It's like super short.
Like as if I just came out of army and now my hair is just starting to grow back.
Shorter than Mia Farrow's hair in that Rosemary movie.
wtf, I look like GI Joe.

Ya. Here I am bitching about my hair when kids in Africa are starving.
It's okay, the UN are trying their very best.

I will get over my hair soon. I always do. [ Shows that I had have bad haircuts before. pfft!]

Anyhoo, school starts in a few hours time.
Math tutorial done?
Bio concept map done?
Studied for bio test?

Wish me luck tomorrow y'all.

I am getting bored of the internet.

LOST season 4 is here!
Finished ep 0 and 1 alrd!
I am such a TV junkie.

Im so happy, that American TV is back.
Dear WGA, no more strikes please!
Love ya.

HAPPY 11FEB Y'ALL!(:(:(:(:

mammar hey 4:41 PM

Friday, February 8, 2008


Some days ago, Sheryl brought along her camera and we had some after school camwhoring session.
Here are the pics. A little grainy though :(

Im an OGL! Woots. Too bad neither Sheryl nor Yuhui is one :((
I have yet to seek my parents' approval though! hehe. tmr maybe.

mammar hey 3:53 PM

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Today NJC had her CNY celebrations which was a total bore!
While some of us we sent off to LT5 to be entertained by the concert performers, some were shooed to the canteen to take part in some lame competitions, namely the calligraphy and paper cutting competition.
Alas, I was on of the few to be shooed to the canteen.
The paper cutters and the calligraphers were separated to both ends of the canteen.
HuiShan, LiXin, Sheryl and I were in the calligraphy competition.
Despite having taken calligraphy before in sec1/2, I sucked, like totally!
As such, I was incharge of touch up! HAHAHA.
LiXin was pro sia!

Lixin showing off her pro-ness!

Defacing people! :X

My ugly chinese character! LOL

HOW TO MAKE RICE BALLS![dipped in soy sauce(:]

1. write auspicious words on RICE paper.

2. be artistic! Splash soy sauce everywhere!

3. Carefully spread soy sauce over RICE paper. Make sure every inch is covered! Add water if needed!
4. Roll the RICE paper into a ball and add water+soy sauce to make it stick together.


Oh wells.
Sadly, we did not get to watch the concert, but it's okay. Cuz, people said that it was a bore anyhooways.

When we were released, the same group of us, went to town.
The buses were packed to the max and I was sweating like a pig! gosh.

Sheryl went to meet her MGS friends while HS, LX and I went to check showtimes at Cineleisure.
Wanted to watch One Missed Call or 27 Dresses but LX did not want to watch a movie even when we were sponsoring the $2 for her. siao.

We ended up shopping instead at Taka then at AMK hub. Did not buy anything though.

Got home after and slept for a while, and now I'm here(:

mammar hey 12:34 PM

Monday, February 4, 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates, been really busy throughout the week.
GOSH! Cristine! sorry, but I can't scan you my tutorials and all cuz my scan is spoilt! :(

Anyhooways, Im not gonna do much talking and gonna post pictures of MLDDS meting and Talentime last Friday.

Oh, did I mention? I switched from hockey to Malay Dance.
Surprise surprise!

Alot of people thinks that my specs are Rebbok[spelling?] brand. It is not kay?! It's Oxydo or something. lol.

K bye(:

mammar hey 12:31 PM