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Thursday, May 29, 2008


So AWANG BATIL was a success.
If you do not know what Awang Batil is, I will tell you now.
It is a malay drama production by malay cultural society about old malay folklores.
It is a hilarious at the same time traditional play.

I only helped out at the last minute with the costumes and everything else though.

Kk anyways, on the preview day, a bunch of mishaps happened with the shattering of glass screens and the toppling of our sets.
But that did not deter us from continuing on with our play which turned out to be a success still.

On the real day itself, the cast put on a class performance that left the audience gleaming with joy and laughter. Well done cast. BAIK AH REF! ( as the guys would say it)

On the second performance day, the rain in the afternoon sort of dampened our mood and even though our performance that day was not as good as the first it was still an awesome one.

Relief was the general mood after the end of the drama because WE DID IT! No more rehearsals (for the cast). No more staying back till late at night.

After which, euphoria slowly diffused into the air as photo taking sessions began. It was akin to a moving museum as people walked from one end to the other just to grab the opportunity to take a photo with one another. Every moment was a Kodak moment.

The night ended with a trip to _______ for supper.
Sorry that I was not able to make it since I had to rush back home.
That explains why I do not know the place the rest went to. HAHA.

KK the only reason you people came to my blog is in this following link.
So click for your way to PHOTOGASM!

Sorry it's in an external link. There were too many photos that I did not want to flood my blog with.

Oh, and ignore the date in the photos post please.

k thx bye(:

mammar hey 3:23 AM

Friday, May 23, 2008


I am down with a terrible fever.
I could not sleep last night because the bed felt warm.
This morning I took some pills and felt better afterwards.
However, the fever came back again in the evening.

Sorry to the MCS folks because I could not make it today. My fever was really killing me.

Not sure if I can make it for lifeguard tomorrow too if my fever does not subside.
It is really sad because tomorrow is Lifeguard 1/2 and 3 mock test.
Oh well.

Anyhhoots, yesterday after lifeguard training the lifeguarders had a fun time cam whoring.
After that day, I felt more attached to them and i do not think that I will quit anytime soon dispite thoughts of doing so if Hockey trainings gets insane.
I guess I will just have to balance my time well.

After an enjoyable camwhoring session the lifeguarders went to Vivo City to have dinner.
I know right? VIVO!! of all places.
But, I decided not to go and help out the MCS peeps instead with the drama.
Hopefully I can make it tomorrow and help them again. Hmm..

Okay, photos galore!



Sandra and I

After a tiring cool down.

Bruises I got frm Hockey. Cool polka dots eh?

From Sandra's camera

Bimbo jumps

More bimbo shots.

MCS practice

Love them lifeguarders!
kk bye

mammar hey 11:15 PM

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Hey Heys. I was scanning through the pictures in my camera and realised that I have not posted the AC Got Talent photos. It was a LONG LONG LONG time ago and I forgot all about it already. My memory is shrinking, seriously! I need to get it back.

KK, enough talk. Oh btw, the photos are kinda blurry but whatever eh.


mammar hey 2:59 PM

Friday, May 16, 2008


Sorry, the internet went out for a few days, thus the lack of updates.
Besides, I need to study.
I have been getting only borderline passes for my tests. >.<>
K let's begin.

Mammar Hey here. Your one and only guide to the scandalous life of ACJC's very own elite.

Ammar, spotted skipping Lifeguard cus of a horrible cold. hmmm..
Truth or lie?


The focus is not the mouse pad, its Bobby not wearing his badge!

This was how boring Bio lecture was. Daryl seems to be the only excited one. LOL.


How cool is cool?


The most outstanding class. ERIKA was so extra! HAHA jkjk.

I did not know that ACJC had/ has tWiiTsxx

Ikan bilis loves you!

There was the crazy woman on the MRT. Jia Wei and I were scared to death. Okay, maybe only me. LOL


Atheist Fellowship? WTH!!

PW tutorial is slack.

OMGOMG! Scandal!! HAHAHA JKJK. Don't take it to heart. This is in no way true at all! AT ALL!!
We were just bored during Chemistry.
Basically everyone in Chem was irritated by the back row. LOL. Sorry(:

Barney balls! HAHA

My GAY 'translation'

Bobby's un-gay-zied version of 'translation'.


Drama people.

Feeling tWiiTtYxx!

Sleepy much?

The next few shots do not require much explanation.
The photo speaks for itself.

LEH UNIVERSTY. Wanna come?

You know you love me.
xoxo mammar hey(:

kk, Sorry for the gossip girl edit of the post. HAHA

Oh I got GOLD for NAPFA!

2.4 9.58 A
Shuttle run 10.0 A
Sit ups 45 A
Broad jump 251 A
Sit & reach 44 B
Chin ups 7 B

i did not achieve my straight A's but at least I sustained my GOLD. That's good enough.
Next year maybe.

kk bye.

mammar hey 1:55 AM