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Sunday, August 24, 2008


OMG. I am so busy, like, you cannot imagine.

Wanted to study math today but to no avail obviously. Hopefully i will study tonight/ morning at 2am since the Olympics cannot distract me and the computer will be switched off.

Anyhoots, today the Animal Symposium thingycalled us up for an interview today for the sponsor thingy for our PW project. I know right? So last minute.
I never thought our proposal would be picked. I thought we would just submit it for show and add on to our feasibility.
However, we got shortlisted and the judges really liked our idea and it is very likely that we might get the grant and really carry it out. COOLIOS. But, cannot be too complacent. LOL.
And, i am really scared that I cannot find the time next year to do this project cus I will be so extremely superbly busy with season and studies. :X

K whatevs.

KK, more to emotional things. Lately, I have not been feelinging emotional cus obviously I am an extremely OVERJOYED person whom has little time for sadness. Alas, I managed to squeeze in some time to feel down and gloomy.
I somehow feel that one of my relationship with a friend is fading.... away. I just had a sudden irk at this person's attitude. Maybe we just don't click. Initially when we became friends, I was actually still repellent but I thought that that feeling would go away but it did not. It continued and I feel at times that our relationship is fake... I hope that I can find that attraction cus that person is really awesome. But maybe, we can't really connect what can't be connected. OMG Im talking rubbish again. HAHAHAHAHA. This is SOOOO primary school.

HAHA I am typing at 124512334789567 km/s!! HAHAH

kk bye.

mammar hey 1:50 AM

Sunday, August 17, 2008


YAY! A successful plunge.

I guess I was wrong.
I did not study today as I said I would.

Okay, will do ECONS later.

Anyhoots, pictures from Saturday's Lifeguard training.
I look really dark :(:(:(
But OMG I got muscles.
Credits to SANDRA for the photos.
click to view her blog and original enlarged unedited photos.
I am advertising for you lor!
OMG I shall beat you for 315 yet again. Wait for TUESDAY!!

kk nuff talk.


JC, Nick, Sean, Ammar

Michael Phelps wannabe. HAHAHAHAHA
kk bye, off to do econs...

or not.

mammar hey 10:14 PM

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Chemistry practicals are the BOMBZXZXZX.
I swear.
Every practical, we will video something because it is so. frigging. COOL.!!
kk, here are some of the COOL videos bobby took and one that I came up with.
That was not part of the class experiment but whatever maynzxzx.
We are so cool that we created our own experiment.
mad scientistzxzx.

Ethanol fire thingy.

flashing purple thingy. must wait and watch out for it!

You can scroll to near the end before Isabel say, 'OMG mam I got a candle!'

I had both Hockey and Lifeguard training today, of which both were physicals (:(:(:

We ran about 5km for Hockey and did a bit of gym afterwards.
Surprisingly, the run was not as tiring as I would have as expected.
Gym was okay I guess since all we did was figure out what our RM was.
Mine was expectedly low.
I shall gym once a week from now on (:(:
OMG!! That means lesser time to MUGG!!

Anyhoots, after gym, I went for Lifeguard.
Obviously they had already started without me, doing a strenuous suicide routine.
I joined in the 3 sets of 10 laps breath suicide routine.
OMG!! I felt so good afterwards because, despite swimming frontcrawl( freestyle) throughout, I only felt a tiny bit tired.
And, I ran 5KM in the morning!! HAHAHA.

Then we had to put back the lane ropes which was a horrible ordeal because the ropes always get tangled up. I think Im like the rope master cus I managed to untangle 2 of them all by myself! (:(:

While we were doing our laps, the council people arrived, awaiting to video our teachers' day message thingy. It was so coolios.

Can't wait to see it on the celebrations day itself.
We did one for HOCKEY too but we were too shagged after training to think of a creative way of doing the video thing.

I have to motivation to study today. I guess I will only start tomorrow or on Monday instead.
Wish me all the best for GP CA on Wednesday and package test the following day :X

KK byes. Can't wait for Sandra to send me the pics of today's training! (:(:

mammar hey 9:43 PM

Saturday, August 9, 2008


I cannot believe I missed the parade on teevee just now. HAHA.
The TV was on and i was beside it on the computer and I did not realise that it was on until like it was almost over! HAHAHA.

I will fall asleep anyways.
The commentators always annoy me. tsk

KK was supposed to go watch fireworks with life guarders tonight but I was too lazy and wanted to save money so yeah...

k I only logged on to blogger cus I wanted to say happy national day cus i feel that i need to since I am a singaporean blogger. So there.

k byes(:

PW meeting tmr and we cooking!!

mammar hey 10:26 PM

current music - Katy Perry & Faber Drive

I am so glad Bio and Chem CA2s are over.
But not for long cus Econs CA is coming up soon.

Anyhoots, our school celebrated National Day on Wednesday instead of Friday like every other school.
We are so cool like that.
Ya, but the celebrations were so BORING, with a capital bee.
It was so formal. like wth?
But, my class made it fun cus we sang in high pitch and I farted in the faces of the class behind us!!! HAHAHAHA

I am currently obsessed with the face warp function on my hand phone so here are a few pics to tickle your funny bone. (:(:

big nosedrills

worst econs teacher back from the grave. like literally.

look closely.


I discovered something about some one and the book is so unlike the cover maynn..
Oh wells, I am open and non judging, so whatevs yo~
cus I carreid a heavy stack of geog notes to school for her.

Stomachache my pangsai maynn..

kk bye.

mammar hey 1:29 AM

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Nj Rock Nite yesterday night was AWESOMEZXZXZ.
Definitely worth my 7$ even though I left halfway.

For the first few bands, the crowd was still not high yet, so the performances were quite boring. They were good, just boring.
I even feel asleep at one point. heh.

When it was Kah Lok's turn, we all screamed and jumped and cheered!!
We as in me, Sandra, Xin Yue, Sean and JJ.

During the intermission, we left for SWIRLS Ice cream. I had peanut butter and Hazelnut.
The Icecream tasted okay..
Somehow, I did not like the water they gave us.
It tasted like paper. The rest like it though.
We played a few games of Bridge and Taiti before going home while sleeping on the bus. heh

Anyhoots, I like totally forgot to bring my camera lah!
So now, the pictures are taken of Sandyrahrah's blog and edited.
Quite blurry.

mammar hey 5:17 AM