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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I almost had a PANIC ATTACK!
I could not find my EOM. I was looking high and low for it.
Luckily, I found it on my thumbdrive. phew.

Anyhoots, Hockey PT today was really good.
We had some mental and relaxation training talk before running.
It made me a little sleepy but I was still geared up for the run.
We run alot alot alot and we did sprints again

I kinda dread having to go for Lifeguard tomorrow.
Mty calfs and butt are like aching. I dont feel like swimming.

kk, moving on...
Lectures and tutorials have been so fun lately despite the fact that I sleep like almost half the time.
No kidding. I even have photo evidence. But it's with Bobby. So, next time then.
Daryl Bobby and I are 'not paying attention' examples 1, 2 and 3! HAHAHAHA
Inside joke.
Three of us can't stop singing in high pitch voices today. Thanks Daryl for influencing us. TSK.

Radhiah sms-ed me today, "HEYs! You're one of the top J1 students for terms. Congrats (:!"
At first I was like---> Are you kidding me?
My grades were so depressing( to me), being top never crossed my mind. AT ALL.
Hello, I got frigging D for Math, and I love math.
Oh wells, Alhamdulillah! (:(:
Besides, its only terms.

Metro Station is love.
PEE to the DOUBLE to the EWW sucks chicken eyeballs.

Okay, let's end the post with some random photos, starting with the devil's spawn:


And end with some graphing calculator madness:

ps: It's like too risky to bring a camera to school, so like photos nowadays will mostly be like 2 MP, which like sucks. Like....

My life like really sucks. K bye.

mammar hey 11:44 PM

Saturday, July 26, 2008


I over- strained my left arm during training last Thursday and I experienced muscles spasms for the very first time.
My left arm like did this wave thingy by itself and I could feel the blood pumping. It was so scary yet so cool.
After that, my left arm just died but I went through to do the last 5 sets of freestyle anyways.
It hurts so badly.
I think it was because of the subzero icy cold water that day.
I can plunge already after so many weeks of failing miserably!!

Besides muscle spasms, I have been experiencing sleeping spasms especially in lectures. heh
I will just suddenly wake up and everyone will look at me. HAHAHAH

Anyhoo, Friday I had PE and I could not run properly during floorball. My legs were about to die. I think it was because of Hockey PT on Wed and Lifeguard endurance on Thurs.

Speaking of Hockey PT. I was kind of proud of myself cus I like ran close to 8km in all. I love sprinting. <3<3 style="font-size:180%;">Btw, I got a new phone! S0ny Ericsson K660i!

mammar hey 2:01 PM

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I am so tired out.

mammar hey 3:02 AM

Sunday, July 13, 2008

like finally.

Anyhoots, Im rushing to go do my PW, Chem, Math and study fro bio prac.
So, a short update.

bio A, chem A, Econs A, math D, GP D

My body is aching to the ---->> MAX
Wed- 5km run
Thurs- Lifeguard 315 etc
Fri- Hockey pitch training. 10 rounds, pushing, lunches (sp?)
Sat- swimming 40 laps non stop under one hour. 10 laps 2.30 sprints.

Wonder why my body is aching.

Coach totally underestimated me.
" Except Calvin and Ammar, I think the rest of you can do the 40 laps under 1 hour"
Thanks coach. Encouragement indeed.
I finished second in less than an hour.
And I lap-ed Han Lian ( That super muscular dude) like twice.
Coach still thinks that I can't make 315.
OMG. I have been maintaining my 303 lah!
KK nvm. Shall prove him wrong again.

Got my hockey boots on Saturday after training.
Unknowingly, Adam got the exact same boots as me. At least we think so.
We planned to not buy together in hopes of not having the same boots.
Apparently, it did not work.
Next week's plan
Mon- revision
Tues- hockey pitch
Wed- hockey PT
Thurs- Lifeguard
Fri- Chinese convo class
Sat- Lifeguard endurance

kk this short update seems very long.
bye yozzxzx~~

mammar hey 11:17 PM

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

'A' for Econs yo~~

I WAS so elated!
Cus I realised that all my As so far will be Bs in the report card since my CA will pull me down terribly! SUCKS---> to the MAX!

Now, I am worried about GP and Biology.
I now that I am going to do badly for GP cus I did not entirely finish AQ and my compre skills sucks.
I hope for an 'A' in biology cus it seems that everyone I know has gotten an A and it will be frigging sad if I got like a B or C or whatever.

OMG!! I realised. If I get B for biology and S for Gp my grades spell out: BADAS[as in Bad ass!]
I am so funny like that.
But no, I am not hoping for an S in GP.
My mother would butcher me.

We did HANDBALL today for PE. Very fun indeed. My group PAWNS all the other groups.
We DA b0MbSZxZxzx!!

Anyhoots, today there was no conversational chinese and is being moved to Fridays instead. PHEW.
That means I won't be missing any trainings yo~~
I'll be missing the first lesson though since Monday Hockey training has been moved to Friday.

So, I did not bring my swimming stuff cus I thought that I had convo chinese.
But we did very little swimming today and mostly the CPR theory stuffs.
It got kinda dry at one point and I swore I almost fell asleep.

Got home at 830, slept till 12 and then did my PW EOM.
It's 226AM now and I am going to do my chemistry tutorial later. I am such the night owl.

Hockey training today/tomorrow. Cannot wait. We will be doing physicals today!! AWESOMESZZXZXZxzx.
Hopefully some running cus I haven't been running for quite some time now. HUHU.

kk off to CHEMbodia!!
I am so loser.

ps: I made this new layout which I think I like. So say goodbye to this Ben Foster layout yo~~

mammar hey 2:19 AM

Sunday, July 6, 2008


I have to finish EOM and GP 30 articles by Tuesday.
I am halfway done with my EOM and 30 articles. So WOHOO!!
Ive got Monday to complete them.

Bad things happened to me today.
1. My Levi's slippers in which my parents bought from Europe at a high price got stolen.
Wonderful. I should not have placed them outside my house. I bet it was those rascals whom always loiter at the void deck that took them.

2. I was walking to the toilet half asleep cus I just woke up. So, my vision was blurry and unclear. Guess what? I bumped into the kitchen cupboard!

3. I am broke. Well this does not particularly apply for today cus I say it everyday but like today I feel the "broke-ness" more. AHH!! I am waiting for July12 when my allowance comes.
So, tomorrow, I might not be able to shop when the Lifeguards go out to watch Hancock.

We watching Hancock yo~~
Lifeguard people are C0oLioSzxXZXz.

Saturday training was fantastic, I guess.
It was strenuous but not tiring, surprisingly.
Kah Lok really out did himself that day. Well Done yo~~
But my arms were like "IMBA" after training cus I did my lifesaving backstroke throughout the 21 laps. Hence, my right arm feels bigger than my left. AHHH!!

Can't wait for Chinese Conversational classes to start on Tuesdays. Which also means that I have to miss Tuesday trainings. :(:(
Maybe I'll go like alternatively. If you get what I mean.

Can't wait for Hockey trainings to start! OMG QUICK!!
I think my basics are gonna be rusty cus I havent been playing for long.
My stick is like collecting dust. No wait. It's like a FUNGUS FARM! HAHAHA.
I am so funny like that.
But, after training starts, life is gonna be hectic to the---->> MAXX

KK, gonna go watch more online DivX HD movies. Cus they are the b0Mbxzxzx.
It's like addictive.

kk bye(:(:

Some LG NUS pics I found on

Cus I look retarded.

Cus my calfs look sexy in them.

Cus I look fierce.

mammar hey 9:20 PM