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Thursday, November 27, 2008


Okay so i am like super duper busy these past few weeks.


1. Training EVERYDAY. Mon, Wed, Fri- Hockey. Tues, Thurs, Sat- Lifeguards.
2. I have to plan for the Ani-Rights week our class is carrying out next week.
Meetings with relevant people, proposals and planning take up a lot of time!
I am the IC of the Games comm (Just cus I can speak Malay...).
So more workload. Need to plan meetings. Organise stuff. Delegate work.

and, I need to sms alot. Financial crisis maynzxzx.

Stress makes you do crazy things:

But somehow I managed to squeeze in time for American TV and movies.

I love Big Bang Theory and Ive caught up with the latest episode already. I am an addict.
There was NO gossip girl this week. :(
ANTM is over:( McKey ftw!!
Ugly Betty great as usual
Survivor Gabon - Best survivor show EVER!!
Im watching Stylista now cus PR and ANTM are over. LOL.

Hmmm. okay so Faza told me to post this up:

Okay my blog is rated 'G' but for the sake of this story, I have moved up 2 ratings to NC 16.

So while teaching my classmates a few indo/Malay words, things got a little vulgar and it turned out to be : how many vulgar words in Indo do you know session.
Boleh Saya tinggal dalam puki kamu malam ini? (can I stay in your vagina tonight?)

Example 2:
Puki Mak kau square. (Your mother's vagina square)

I know right?

But, for our next Indo class, we will stray away from those nonsense words.

kk byezxzx.
Need to hand in proposal by tonight!! OMG RUSHH!!


mammar hey 11:43 PM

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Oh Hockey training today was AWESOME!

We had a 10km run and I felt so rejuvenated afterwards.

Afterwhich we played against the girls for a while until madam got quite pissed of because some of us were slaking off and not bothering. Which is true but whatevs.
Anyhoots, Ben was like shouting blah blah blah... You know lah Ben, cannot keep his mouth shut, must say something. LOL

Ya, so Khairul was like, "Don't be angry blah blah blah... Don't reciprocate."
And I was like, dude... I don't even know what that means...!

Okay, So then we went BK for lunch and I had rendang burger which gave me an awful stomachache. nice..

Ok skip skip skip

Later I had the meeting with the Veg Society guy about our project we'd be carrying out next year and discussed a Hell lot of issues, I'm not sure I got them all in my head. Crazy really.
I was incredibly sleepy throughout the meeting...

skip skip skip

Went home. eat. sleep. youtube. heroes. big bang theory. facebook.
Story of my life.

OMG!! I frigging love big bang theory! It is so funney it is beyooooond AWESOME!!

Oh speaking of television, I hate Vanessa from GG. That bitch has gotta die. NOW!

kk gonna watch my BBT now.

Oh Im gonna die for Lifeguard training tmr. Don't think I can swim...

kk bye.

This blog post has no flow whatsoever. HAHAHA

mammar hey 2:31 AM

Friday, November 14, 2008


OMG the article about the "Out of hand" Birthday bash, posted on STOMP and
newspapers everywhere is just blown up to proportions.
It is such a small matter, and people are making a huge deal out of it.
The article was overly exaggerated.
The girl did not mind at all.
Besides, is'nt this what we do our friends during their birthdays? play pranks and all? Who are you to say what they are doing is wrong when you've done these to your friends as well. You can say, "oh I only poured flour".
"oh I only broke an egg on his head".
Wow, like that is any better than what the AC students did.

you're only just seventeen.

And the nasty comments about AC being an elite school and we are shaming the future generation?

We are only teens, we need to have fun. You can't be all too serious.
And what is this overly emphasis on ELITE.
Ya so we are elites? I'll take that as a compliment thank you.
And yes, these are the elites that are going to represent the future generation. A fun one.
Like our previous leaders never had their share of fun in their teenage years?

If this video was from some other school, I doubt that it will create a huge HOO-HAA.
What to do? As said by Mr Choo, "The past we inherit"
And Im proud of it!

Rubbish I tell you rub-frigging-bish.

And today, I had a discussion or rather a casual conversation with a group of friends about people perceiving our group of minorities (shan't mention) as notorious and all.
And there we were complaining that people are under-appreciating us and hating on us because they believe us to be a certain rigid stereotype of being notorious and loud and noisy.
But, then again, I think to myself that people perceive this of us because of what we do and what they see.
And while talking, there were my friends spouting vulgarities loudly, in public, being rude to commuters on the bus and so on.
And I was like? hello? hyprocrite much?
If you want to change this stereotype, If YOU want people to think differently of you, YOU need to change how people perceive YOU to be.

I dunno. This post might seem to you that I am contridicting myself but I am not cus they are 2 different issues about 2 different groups of people.

AHH.. Now that's off my chest, I can't wait for Sentosa outing cum TRAINING with Lifeguarders!
And HEYYYY!!! Im an official lifeguard now.


Congrats to all of us for passing BM test (:
2min 34 secs!!!! OMG I AM GOOOOOD!

Okay, pictyures on facebook cus Im lazy to upload. sry.

mammar hey 10:46 PM

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


omg so okay Ive decided to come back to blogging cause I feel a void in my life.
I know right? WTH?

So anyhoots, this holiday is the busiest Ive ever been. Its like normal school days because I have to come back to school everyday for training. HOLLER.

But, its been great. I love trainings.
I set a new 315 record for myself!! 235!!
But its like a one trick pony cus ever since then, my timing has been around 250.
But that's good!

TMR's the BM test, wish us lifeguarders all the luck!
I should start studying for the test like now. pfft.

Speaking of procrastination, I have been putting off cleaning my room cus it's like ALOT to clean. Oh izzie, hire me a cleaner please???

Today I went to the Science centre for the bio workshop and like it was mother boring. Maybe because I did not go with my class?
Nevertheless, SC2 people are awesome and so fun to be ard.

Okay, that's it. Blog more tomorrow.!!
AHHHH... finally, the void has been filled!!

ps: movie critics

SAW V is boring as frigging hell.
Madagascar 2 was not as funny as expected.
HSM3 was fun to laugh at
Quarantine is disgusting shit
Mirrors is scary frigging awesome. Gory much?
Sisterhood of traveling pants 2 was okay. The Joan of Ark girl can truly act.
Nim's Island was stupid. Seriously.
Step brothers was funny in a kiddish way.

I think that's all.. HAHAHA. Shall update the movie list soon enough.
Watching All The Boys Love Mandy Lane now. (:(:(:

p/ps: TV critics

Heroes has been so AWESOME.
Gossip Girl has many twists. Oh how I wish Vanessa and Dan would just die. But, that wont happen cus BART BASS will.
Project Runway has ended their latest season on Bravo, and oh my do I love the winner! Leannimal. And kenley just adds to the drama. HAHAHA
Top model is great. I love me some fierce ladies and hot models.
Ugly betty is funny as usual. Love me some Amanda and Marc. Betty, move aside.

Gotta catch up on my How I met Your Mother and Pushing Daisies soon :)

kk bye:)

mammar hey 11:27 PM