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Monday, July 31, 2006

i had to wake up early today to go to religious class. I was like wishing that the arab ustazah would fall sick because i sleep when she teaches. well so i went and there waas an announcement that a teacher went to the hospital but unforch it was not tt ustazah! lol. im so evil!! no la im just joking abt the part where i wished an ustazah would fall sick!

well i was doing my chemistry TYS while the astatizahs were teaching. hello, chemistry test tmr!! oh there is going to be like madrasah hanging outs for the guys, by playing soccer and taking part in the intermasjid soccer tournament? huhu. never heard of it before! well soo anws told my parent abt it, and my mother said its a waste of time and i dont even know how to play soccer! what kind of comment is that? i do know how to play! FYI i played in pri school. well i didnt want to go anws, ya so, yay! i need to study for the common tests! and the madrasah boys are like so boring and some are damn arrogant and think they are like so cool?? fish?

so anyhoo, i was hogging the computer the whole day, no doubt the chemistry test the next day! haha. so i chatted with khairani again on msn! walao! we were like so high can? like nothing better to do. basically we talked abt food! hoho. ya was funny la! so went she went offline, everything went downhill, boresome was attacking me! so i switched the bloody ccomputer off and slept!! haha. still have not studied yet! so i woke up and did maths hmwk which i did in less than 10 mins? huhu. okay so finally, i studied for chemistry! i was like bloody frutrated can? i had to study all over agn because the test was postponed! do you know how boring it is to study the same thing over again?? so have written notes!! ya so i overcame that uncomely situation and now its all in my head!! i hope!

noothing specially awesome on TV now so with a click of a button, here i am! well in fact, i wasn the one who turned on the computer, i asked my sis to do it but that is not important, so why am i telling you this? beats me!

umm.. thrw debate meeting and YE meeting! its gonna be so fun because im having both meetings at the same time in the same place!! haha.. hello limited time, too many events! what to do, conduct meetings same time, same place! haha.. why am i crapping?

school tmr's gonna be a drag. somebody save me! i need food! byebye!

mammar hey 2:59 PM

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Yay i have finally finished my debate script! a burden off my shoulders! thx to the help of my new friend, Khairani!! yay! her malay is so pro can? walao.. jealous seh! your help is very much appreciated!! haha. well that's abt it so have a nice day!

mammar hey 8:45 AM

i slept all the way till 1.30pm today. and now i feel like sleeping again! im so freaking lazy to do my hmwk la! or study for chemistry test!

in so hungry right now! okay so that was random.

well anyways, i dunno what to write for my debate speech. my mind is a blank, a vacuum! bleah! i want to go and find food now so gdbye!

mammar hey 5:19 AM

Saturday, July 29, 2006

im starting a private blog. what's up with private blogs anw? evryone's having one. and i guess tt includes me.

mammar hey 4:16 PM

hurray! new layout up! quite ugly right?i know! but whateverla. so long as its changed!

well anyways today we had to sing the national anthem a gazzilion times! so we missed first period of chemistry!! there was supposed to be a test! well there wasnt. we did practical instead!! i studied like shit for the test and in the end it was postponed to monday and now i have to study all over again! err.

so mother tongue period was boring as usual! and so was math and biology!

so here are the list of test i have NEXT WEEK

1. Chemistry Class Test
2. Chemistry Common Test
3. Mother Tongue Test
4. Geography Test
5. Biology Test
6. Social Studies Quiz

kill me somebody!!!

mammar hey 2:59 PM

Friday, July 28, 2006

Do not be surprised to see purple bags under my eyes tomorrow! I am staying up till 3am just to finish studying for this bloody chemistry test! Nothing seems to be staying in my head!! If i fail this test, i dunno what to say man! im trying to digest the crappy info right now! fish!

anw, today i went home early. supposed to have debate discussion but what the heck la. i dont give a shit about it anymore. im having a bad cough/sore throat.

so the day went by smoothly. had fun with my grp talking crap! lol.

basically that is all. yes it is short but i cant think right now! bloody chemistry!

mammar hey 4:55 PM

Thursday, July 27, 2006

today was best! so the first period maths, me muneera and fengru were joking ard as usual.. haha

then PE!! very very fun!! keep running here and there! and zehang and suren actually hit the ball onto the roof!!! hahaha!! wth? OH AND ZEHANG WAS TRYING TO HIT THE BALL BUT ENDED UP THROWING THE RACKET AT ME!!! walau!! i saw the racket spinning towards me and ran but was too late!! it hit me in the back!! walau! haha..

anyhoo, chemistry as usual was BORING.... yawn! ms lee told me to give ms ho a chance and said i was too harsh by saying what i said in my blog! to be frank, it is my blog and i write whatever shit i want to! if you are going to resist yourself frm saying what you want, what's the point of having the blog?! but seriously la i was too harsh on her.. she just cant teach properly. walau!

***arrogant warning alert!!**
did i tell you that i got highest for english common test?! no of course not. DUH! yes i got 22/30 for letter writting! i actually won sean and zehang! the so called good writers! but seriously la.. i actually did the paper anyhow! i dunno why i got so high! i actually frgot to write the justification and quickly just write one line!! oh and i wrote nonsense!!! quote quote,"you would not want to leave the world early right? you have so much to contribute to society! give to the world and the world gives to you!!!" hahahaha.. oh wells! im happy la! so yay to me!

i have een using the layout since dunno when!! its time for a change!! when i have the time maybe i make la!! thats all people!
thats all people!

mammar hey 12:47 PM

Monday, July 24, 2006

hola! otday was a whole day at home!! made a new layout but i might not be using it since i will be making more versions of it and choose amongst them! thats me people! well anyway, there is a chemistry test tmrw which i still have yet to study for! bloody ms ho!! havent teach us properly want to give us a test?! what shit logic is that?

mammar hey 2:54 PM

Sunday, July 23, 2006

yay! yesterday night was fun! though we did not win nvm... i had fun!! it was so tensed up in the art room can?!! everyone was practicing for dance and taking photos.. well anyways,today i had the YES challange! ong we almost went into the next round eh!!! if not for the penang chinese girls school!! their product was lame lor! i think the other foreign school's idea was poor so they pitied the malaysian school simce they travelled far so let one school in! idiot! well wadeva..

ate at IMM with sab and marl and went ho,e with sab.. then i slept all the way!

mammar hey 12:10 PM

Thursday, July 20, 2006

got back home late again! haiyoh yoh! alot of events and no time to spare! the day is just too short! anyhoo, i wanna tell you people abt my pissful lfe in school today!

so i had maths for the first period! i wasnt paying attentionn as usual! and also as usual, more hmwk! bloody shit! neext was noone other than PE!! so mr kong didnot come thus no tennis! so i played soccer! okayla.. quite fun and exhausting! my PE tee was freaking wet!! and i didnot feel like changing back to my uniform! i read my book drg recess. and drg social studies i was trying to stay awake!

seriously my chemistry teacher is a real pain in the ass can?! she asks stupid and dumb questions as if we do not know the ans! and she keep going through the same topic over and over again like we are bloody stupid like that!! can we have a change??! its so ironic tha my class the oh-so-good got all the terrible and nonsensical teachers. ok fine so not all but most of them!

for example our maths teacher, mdm mah, when she teach no one listens cuz no one undestands!
next the chemistry teacher, ms ho, i have explained abt this earlier!
biology, mdm nrmala, i like her but sometimes she is quite forgetful so she forgot to teach us some topics that may come out for exams!
physics, ms lim, can u get anymore boring-er?

see? thats like half of the 8 subjects i have!! at least change the chemistry teacher!! pls!! please!! P L E A S E?!?!! i want to ge an A1 for chemistry!!! get mr kat or mr benny lim!! anyone!! but ms ho or mr shasi!

mammar hey 5:07 PM

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


life has eally been so hectic! no time for bloody hmwk, no time for the computer. have been comming home late and sleeping through till the next day! feeling pissed right now! dance is on my nerves and music tech is killing me. YE is unbelievably making me gain white hair!

i hate changes. its so freaking moronic! yes it may be good but most of the time, i hate it!!

year 2004
-innocent freak
-big heavy bags
-ugly hair!
-bloody sucker

year 2005
-not so innocent
-not so nerd
-not quite antisocial
-much more hardworking(was studying my ass off k?!)
-still stupid and blur
-keep singing in class
-keep talking
-nothing better to do
-nicer and smaller bag
-nicer and spikier hair( the day i spiked my hair, everyone was so freaking shocked can!? they thought i was this shit nerd and when i spiked and gel my hair, thy were like shocked?! haha u dont know me yet!)

year 2006
-no more innocent
-no more nerd freak( still left abit of the nerd traits tho. lol)
-extremely socialable!!( i will say hi to anyone! come come!)
-cannot stop irritaiting ppl
-sing sing sing
-keep talking like its the end of the world!
-lovely bag
-beatiful hair!

ok so change is mostly good! so slap me for being pessimistic! im dying to go out to watch a movie or something! i want to go shop for clothes can?! i have not a single nice fitting clothes to wear plus i need to purchase black pants! i want to go town someday! so fun can? with friends of course! but my parents being parents will nvr let me go off to town! feel so caged. wtfish!!

anyhoo, so long and gdnight!

mammar hey 5:57 PM

hey the MTL O Level listening compre sucked! it was so tricky! well anyways, i made a new layout but might not have the time to change it due to my ultra busy schedule! there is debate and music tech and dance tmw!! erg!

mammar hey 4:16 PM

Sunday, July 16, 2006

good evening people! so today i slept from 2pm till 8pm!! fuuyoh! well in the morning i met up with marl and fai to go to innova JC to watch ain perform for the hosting competition! she didnt win but at least she gt into the last round! yay! well i met my primary school friend who also took part in the competition. she still remembers me la. duh! well anyhoo, i went home with waniz. it was so funny can?? we went to the back gate and it was locked.. then to the other gate, also locked!! then we had to walk all the way to the front gate which was finally open!! haha.. then saw ameera, her bf, amirah, aishah and farina. the last 3 frm cresent. well anyhoo, bought delifrance and took the train back with wanis and slept! yay.. thas all!

mammar hey 11:44 AM

Saturday, July 15, 2006

today was again tiring and i went home late again! oh what a surprise! so anyway, we practiced dance for the rehersal and during the rehersal for the whole thing, i screwed up some steps!! but suren screwed up everything and aishah was like mad at him! i dont blame him la. well so anywyas,tmr i will be going to watch the hosting competition. and later will be doing that YE presentation! and on sunday after religious class, there will be a dance rehersal till night!! wtfish!

mammar hey 3:04 PM

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

news on zidane headbutting marco matterazi is on the papers everywhere! in Life!, Straits Times, Sports. well i hate the Italians! how could marco matterazi have not paid for what he did! they hired a lip reader to see what marco said. he said zidane is a terrorist due to religion, islam! and called his sister a terrorrist!! who the hell wont get mad!! marco deserved the head butt but still france may have the chance to win if not for marco!! i hate italy! dumb azzuries!

well today had to stayback until very late again! im so busy these few days!!

lets see,

dance rehersals(almost everyday!)
YE competition Training(every wednesday)
Music Tech(every tuesday)
Malay IP(every thursday)
Math hmwk(everyday!)

upcomming programmes include

Dance competition
YE Competition
Music Tech project
Malay Olevel
Research study on bacteria
Malay Drama(watching not acting!)
Watching Malay hosting competition

bloody hell!! that is how busy i am! i usually reach home from school at 7pm! then i sleep because im too worned out! and i do my homework and study for common test until 4am in the morning! and in between, i will find time for the computer! im becoming MORE nocturnal and my eyebags are really showing! seriously, im such a pathetic loser!

and i was choosen for the debate competition for social studies! i hate SS! disgusting! well i had mixed feelings! im happy to be choosen but unhappy that i may not have the time for preparation and Billy is in my team! bleah!

i hate being me.........sometimes!

mammar hey 4:07 PM

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

hi. i stayed up yesterday night till 430am in the morning. its so sad that france did not win!!! the italian dont deserve tola! france should atually receive 2 penalties during the game and not one. and zidane head butted becase an italian player harrased him! and why didnt that other player get a red card? bloody hell!

well anws, today i slept during maths! serious! lol. and then stayed back for dance. we kept changing the steps and the screening is tmrw! lol. so basically that's all. the rest of the day was boresome! bye

mammar hey 2:34 PM

Sunday, July 9, 2006

i made this cool sketch and decided to scan it into the comp and vector it! this is the before and after! click to enlarge! opens in new window!



mammar hey 5:50 PM

today was awesome!! had so much fun at the excel fest! so in the morning at 8.15 i met up with nat and fai for breakfast at mac and then met up with suren elys and praba at marsling. then we took the train to bishan. we thought that the journey from the control station to Catholic High School was bloody far and we had to walk but it turned out to be near?! haha. well anyways, it was a boys school so nat and fai had to go in the staff toilets as there is no girls toilet. and in the boy's toilet, the sink was bloody low!!! wthefish?! so we explained our project and then played indices from woodlands ring sec! its a fun game! then played mental hole! so cool we were practically shouting!!! hahaha. well suren and prab went rock climbing. and thenwe took a big bus home eventhough there was only 7 of us! haha. how cool is that?? we talk abt crap and stuff! so fun! then went home with suren and elys then slept at home!! hooho.

so anyhoo, tmrw, will be dng that YE project with sab and marl. when will i find the time to do my hmwk?!

mammar hey 2:41 PM

Saturday, July 8, 2006

school school school. math math math! how irritaiting is it to be having math homework every single day?! i dont even have time for my dear computer! never the mind, today seems like a waterfall! get me? no? meaning, today was horrible!

biology was okay. did you know that Ooi is actually pronounced as wee? coolness! so anyhoo, miss ooi who taught biology was neither boring nor exciting! she has no gist! oh well. then physics. god help me! prevent me from sleeping during this uncomely lesson! conduction, convection, radiation. who in bloody hell cares?! well MATH! im so going to fail that linear law test! days of studying for it wasted! oh and yesterday, my father taught me a whole lesson for trigomateical! i missed one of the lesson therefore unable to grab hold of this confusing topic! then recess seemed short since our math teacher always had to keep us back for 15 mins! your lesson is over get the hell out!

oh english was just fine! and drg mother tongue we did nothing! amazing isnt it?!

well tomorrow im going to have breakfast with nat and fai and then meet up with suren at marsling and head up to bishan to catholic high school to mend the booth for the excel fest! its going to be a long day from 1030am till 6pm!

im starting on a new layout because im sick of this one eventho it looks nice! adios people!

mammar hey 7:49 AM

Thursday, July 6, 2006

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

well to release myself off the stress, i watch this funny video and you should too! so funny!

mammar hey 2:54 PM

im waiting up to wait for the 3am worldcup semi final episode! i started my math at 8pm and i still have yet to complete it! imagine doing doing 5 graph questions by tmrw?!! bloody shit!

well i still have to study for physics and social studies test tmrw too! and complete biology and english hmwk!things are being so stressful! this is the second week and im already bloody busy! with all the malay olevel oral, ip coaching, CCAs, that YE competition, that genetic traits presentation and dance practice. and to add on to that is a ton of hmwk! and i repeat, its only the second week!! who knows what 's in for me next?! oh and next week is the start of common tests! oh man! bring on the stress people! this is all going to give me hair loss!

why cant the day be 30hrs or 28hrs?! why 24hrs?! that is so bloody short a time! ergh!

mammar hey 2:52 PM

i knowshut up! i have not been updating for days! well anyways im going to update today!

well today was a long day as after school had CCA till 5.30pm and then went to lot 1 bought old chang kee and then went home! basically thats it! my life is boring thats why i have not updated!

well so i might be watching movie with sher and yuhui and probably someothers nxt sat! not decided on the movie yet though1!

mammar hey 9:24 AM

Saturday, July 1, 2006

hey im at hme! im not going to colours of asia because its going to be so boring! lol! well anyhoo, i made this cool newlayout! ya so thats great!

i have an ulcer on my TONGUE! and i cant talk or eat properly!! and the malay olevel oral is on tuesday!!! bloody hell!

k gtg bye!

mammar hey 11:13 AM