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Monday, June 30, 2008


So I decided not to go to CFN at KSS last Fiday.
Not having/knowing anything to wear was one of them main reason.
My parents were coming home from Europe that day and had loads of stuff to give us.
I was so bloody tired.
I know that it was going to be boring despite knowing fun people whom are going.

I am just not too attached to KSS as most alumni are.
I am more attached to NJ and of course AC than I am to KSS surprisingly.
Some people are gonna hate me for saying this but
I feel that KSS did not really make a huge impact in my life.
There's still an impact but it's just not that big.
Besides, KSS was not my first chioce
(well it was but that was because of sucky PSLE results.)

I know AC wasn't my first choice either, but I am beginning to feel in place and enjoy it.
I guess throughout my 4 years in KSS, I did not really adapt well.
That may be the reason why I don't feel attached to KSS.

On the BRIGHT side:

I HOPE it will be the best days of my life.

Yesterday is history,
Tomorrow is a mystery,
Today is a gift.
That's why it's called the present.

mammar hey 1:16 AM

Sunday, June 29, 2008


So yesterday, I had to get up early in the morning at 630 besides it being a Saturday and go to school. Nevertheless, I was pretty much excited because I get to do CIP (Some NUS thingy) with a great bunch of people--->>> LIFEGUARDS

Besides standing under the sun most of the time (and me, being a RUNNER for the event, I had to walk [not run or stand. HAHA] under the schoring HOT sun alot!)
But it was great fun.

I had to leave early to attend MCS Post Production Party/Dinner at Spore Flyer.
I thought that I would be late but I was like 15 minutes early and people only started to come like 30 minutes after the official waiting time. PFFTT!!!

We walked to the flyer and could not find sits at POPEYES, so we taked away and found some empty space to eat and chat.

We walked all the way to Raffles Place just to find a spot to SLACK. But it lasted for less than 5 minutes. After which, we decided to head home.
Serena was spot on when she said that the outing sounded dry when I told her about it.
But I really enjoyed being in the company of MELAYUS which I don't get to interact much with in school since my class is like CHINA no.2
and Lifeguards is like CHINA no.3
and Hockey is like CHINA no.4
and my good friends are like CHINESE (one of which looks like a CHINA doll btw. HAHA JWJW)
So I guess it was worth it.

So pictures can be found in these two links. I even included pictures which are beyond their due date. HOH!


Im in a dilemma.
I can't decide whether to go Ice Skating with MELAYUs or Sentosa with LGs tomorrow?

mammar hey 10:47 PM

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hey heys yooo~~
The papers were expectingly difficult like to the---->>>> MAX!!
It's been almost a month since I updated.
I was too busy with mugging and trainings that I did not have the time to update this already dusted old blog.
Well, it's time to do some spring cleaning and here are some highlights from my life during the June holidays.

So as you all know, it's 3 times a week lifeguard trainings. Initially it was quite fun and all but after a few trainings, it felt quite jaded. I was super lazy to walk from the MRT station to the school LAH!!
YA YA YA, I am as dark and as tan as I can ever be now mayyynn..

So I had CIP with peanut butter JasmineAmmarMuk at some children's home at Potong Pasir. It was preety fun. We played soccer and chatted with the kids. Most of them were like teenagers so it was kinda cool. Someone from the home liked JIA WEI!! HAHAHA.
Act cute CHINA DOLL!!\\

The next day, JAM went on a shopping trip to Bugis in which I was more than an hour late cus I set the alarm to PM instead of AM. Pro-ness.
Unfortunately, we were too early and most of the shops in Bugis were not opened yet. So it really does not matter that I came late since no shops were open yet. tsk tsk.
I managed to buy a new pair of jeans though.

So while waiting for the shops to open, we spent like over an hour plus at Seol Garden, indulging in a super duperly hearty meal that left us immobile for a while.
Deciding we should shed off some calories we gained from the heavy meal, we decided to do more shopping.
This time it was crazy and we bought like millions and gazillions of stuff. I got another T Shirt while the girls got like 2148643785643 Tshirts.
It's so unfair that girls clothings are much cheaper and varied than guys'. tsk tsk.

Oh I also took my Lifesaving 12&3 tests during the hols. I was super worried because I had made numerous careless mistakes and I thought that I was gonna fail! Fortunately for all of us who took the test, we all passed! HURRAY!! BM next-->>>> YOO!!

OH OH OH !!! I also went to watch two HOCKEY matches with bestie hidung AMI whom I had not seen for quite some time eventhough she lives like just 5 stories above me. HAHAHAHA.
I found out that her boyfriend was playing in the Singapore team.
The first match we watched was amazing! Singapore won China 3-0. BAIK SPORE!
The second match was also quite cool but I couldnt tell because I was half awake during the game cus I went straight to watch the match from a tiring training. SO SORRY AMI!! HAHA.

But the BANGLAS there were like overly enthu with thier BANGLA flags cheering on their country. Singapore tied a 1 all score with them though. The Banglas were real good I guess...
I did not watch the Brunei match but SPORE won 8-0. POWER!!
So I also had like multiple study sessions with some of the Lifeguard dudes, nearing the end of the hols and the impending doom we refer to as TERMS.

So today after escaping the wrath of the TERMS MONSTER, some of us from 1SC3 went to catch GET SMART at PlazaS. It is such a hilarious movie! I was laughing till I almost died!

Went shopping with JAM after the rest left and I bought me an ARENA shirt.
I cannot wait for tomorrow!!
My parents will come back from their LOOOONG trip from Europe and they will have like 4354876574687 stuff that they bought for us kids whom were stranded here in tiny Spore.
I cannot wait for Saturday!!
Lifeguard CIP at NUS and Post Production MCS Party at the Spore Flyer!! (:(:(:(:
KK pictures from today and some random ones!! These are the pics from my phone.
I will upload other pictures frm the cam as soon as I get the camera from my sis.

The laptop has got no Photoshop so the pics are not editte. ):):
Some stupid Nivea deodorant commercial with a woman showing off her armpits. "OHH my armpits smell good y'all"

I am telling you, PS is like the ultimate TWITTY PARADISE! Cus there were like mirrors EVERYWHERE! EVERYWHERE!!

We saw a rainbow during one of the Term papers. Was that a good sign?

Some ugly tree we had in our school.

mammar hey 9:20 PM

Thursday, June 5, 2008


The past few days have been insane!!
Been going back to school for lifeguard trainings and all.
I have an ugly tan line right now. It's as if I am wearing brown stokings or something! HAHA

KK so on Monday I went for lifeguard training and apparently my group for LS 123 did not come so I had to train with the BM people! OMGOSH!!!!
Can die!!
But I must say my 315 timing was not bad for a first time.

On wednesday, training again.
This time Chen Xin and Keith came so I did not need to train with the BM people again.
It was a huge relief cuz the BM people had to do like 10 laps sprints! HAHA
My group slacked a lot basically.

And we played water polo.
Super fun but super tiring at the same time.

Ok time for the long awaited Restless V outing photos and LS 123 tests photos and training photos (:(:(:
I took like ages to edit the LS123 photos cus there's like ALOT!!
So it'll be in a SEPARATE link.


After training special

I havent put uploaded the LS123 in the separate link yet so please come back soon for the link!! (:(:

In the meantime you can try facebook for the test pics cus I am uploading them there first (:(:

k thx bye(:

edit: LINK FOR LS123 pics

mammar hey 2:21 PM