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Friday, June 30, 2006

hey today school was a drag most of the time!

so first period was biology! mdm normala taught us abt the liver and gess wad, it came out for a 10 mark mid yr exam ques and she have not taught us yet! lol. luckily i studied in case!

by the way, amalina asked if i waned go watch spore idol live for the results at mediacorp cuz she gt free ticket but its at 6pm!! i cant go bcuse i have other impt priorities like studying for tmrw test!! ergh so frust i so wanted to go! nvm

well physics was always boring and so was math. social studies much more fun and so was english! during PDP ms Lai gave us a talk on our class performance in eng! she said since we are the cream of the crop class, we should be better and all and she said tt we had to be more vocal! lol!!

so anw the second period of PDP, ms Lee let us prepare for tmrw's in class writting test! its a lettter!! so me and hermin were discussing and making up funny situations with the ques! hahaha.. ms lai told us to question questions wad!! so there was this part stating that u can go to the beach if u stayed in this particular chalet and we made up tt if there is a long queue at the toilet can go shit on the beach and cover with sand and ppl will make sandcastle out of it and we discussed other lame stuff! haha!1 i was laughing like mad! and ms lee asked if i was planning bcause i was laughing all the way and i siad tt we were discussing!! lol. so anw tts abt it!(:

mammar hey 6:25 AM

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

hey so yest was the second day of school! quite boring and all.

we got a ne chemistry teacher, Ms Ho who is really boring!!!! pls come back ms suriiyan!! well anyways, we have math every day of the week for 2 periods excpt on monday, which is for a single period!!! holy crap! so im quite nervous about the malay OLevel oral which is comming soon! agh!

well anws, after school, i had music tech. it was surprising that evy single person came!! lol. normaly only a few would attend! haha. so me and sokting were recording our voices for the podcast! lol

well i have to go its 356am now! gotta go rivise my geog! lol. i just love geography! haha

mammar hey 6:56 PM

Monday, June 26, 2006

its monday morning! im so excited that school's reopening soon, although some of my worksheets have a couple of blanks in them! lol! so i cant wait to show off my new bag and can you believe it, i actually ironed my uniform today! normally i would iron them in the morning! lol. i actually completed 4 hmwks today! haha. compe reading task physics and math! haahaha. im such a last minute person! so anyways, going to start publicising the blend chall site by tmrw hope!

see you kranji peeps in school tmrw!

mammar hey 4:13 PM

Sunday, June 25, 2006

hey today was a stressful day! my mother wont even let me do my hmwk outside! bloody hell! i just dont like to do my work in my room. its too silent!

anyways ive been thinking. those so called popular students are popular either because they are in a sports CCAs or they just love the feeling of calling every soul in the planet gay! lol.

and those invisible students are those who join crummy CCAs or ignore the dumb comments given by the popular ones because they are not bothered to! i feel myself in the invisible category! although i maybe popular among those who know me well, i just dont bother to go slap a stranger's back amd ask wassup! you can say im antisocial but i say its a way to keep a limited amount of friends so your MSN contact list does not grow and you do not have trouble rembering their names!

those popular ones fail to see beyond us! they regard us as targets of their bullying acts. they think that just because we join CCas like young entepreneur, we are not into sports! FYI. i join that crummy CCA and im into sports like swimming where i got a gold star and i have been getting GOLD for my NAPHA test since pri4 except for one silver and this year i got all As and a B for it! and im into bowling where i scored over a 100 points before!

the popular claim that you are only cool if you are into soccer! FYI again, i used to play soccer in pri school, during recess and after school. i stop to play regularly in sec2. because the streaming was near and my sec1 results were poor! during one of the PE lessons,during soccer, i scored some goals and help the team win. do you know that i too sometimes watch soccer eventhough i donot bother to memorise the player's names. in yesterday's match of france and togo, during the 1st half, the french was lousy as in their attempts to shot the balls in the goal was amatuerish! they even shot the ball straight into the goalkeeper's hand but in the 2nd half, they played better! and they qualified too go to the next round! see? i know that although france is a bad team, they have good players like zidane, threiry and veira. so shut up! i dont watch soccer or play soccer but that does not mean i dont really watch or i dont know how to! i have friends who are suddenly into soccer and try as they can to remember player's name just so they can get into the line of popularity! simply because those other popular kids say so, it doesnt mean so!

next, those popular ones thing designing are for girls. FYI most webdesigners are MEN! and the top male fashion designer is going to marry the preetiest woman! in your face!

another point! those who join crummy CCA is so that they can relax during the holidays and not come to school for dumb trainnings! in short, we are just smart!

i think i have just proven my point that popular kids are a result of bad upbringing! and stupid influence of friends!

i dont deny that i do want to be popular and all but when i come to think of it, it just sucks! those people are just so sad!

mammar hey 12:30 PM

Saturday, June 24, 2006

my square chin rested lazily on my wrinkled palm while my fingers drummed on my dried lips. my pupils was flooded with emptiness like my blank mind which was squeezing out its juices to come up with ideas for my bored and tired body to acomplish. my legs like a pendulum was swinging to and fro as i sat on the high stool. my ears opened to listen to the interesting conversation of the happy coulpe sitted next to me. technically, i was eavesdropping. my eyelids were gainning weight and was bit by bit blindfolding my mahagony brown eyes. slowly my fingers stopped its fidgeting and my palm began to slip away from my chin.with a gentle thud, my chin rested on the wet and cold marble table. my nose sniffed a putrid stench which was diffusing at a fast rate into the air. it had to be the rotten food that was left outside for 3 days. my eyelids quickly rose up to let my iris capture the light and adjust to the surrounding. i pinched my nose and had my disgusted face on. the couple next to me look at me as if i was an alien. i gave a smile and stood up quickly. walking to the door, i was thinking how idiotic i might have looked like! dumbass! yes that's me a dumbass!

yes so freaking bored! lol! so gdnews! mathilda din gt in the top12 nurul did! yay! but still mathilda still should go in instead of dodo brain emilee! ok nvm. today was boring!

mammar hey 12:53 PM

Friday, June 23, 2006

i still have not completed my hmwk yet! shit! i still have 2 pages of math english compre and tasks and im so freaking lazy! at least im left with 80 more pages for the english reading task! phew! well anyway, i have nothing to update about and im freaking bored! i dont want to do my hmwk! its even more boring! ergh! somebody save me!


mammar hey 2:28 PM

Thursday, June 22, 2006

yay! new layout up!i told you its ugly!!lol.. i think its the codings and colours that makes it seems so but anyhoo, i love the enter sign! its been a long time since i made an animated enter sign! haha. so teddy geiger! his songs are cool and nice! so ecently ive been listening to jason mraz songs too so cool!

i have 4 more days till school reopens to complete my hmwk! shit?!

well alot to do!! shit!!! so the toilet bowl is leaking so you cant flush it! have to use the toilet in my parent's room! lol..

i think i have a lot of air in me! i kept farting a million times today! serious! and it smells! haha. why am i telling you this?! beats me! haha

the new shelves and cupboad came in and i helped my father fix it up and all! tomorrow/today will be reserved for hmwks!! i hope!! please!! i would be so dead when school reopens!

not to mention all those monday tests and the upcoming physics test!! shit! ergh! gdnight!

im going to start my hwmk now!!! yes now!!! at 0114am in the morning! im so nocturnal!

mammar hey 4:14 PM

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

just my freaking luck! imageshack is working really S-L-O-O-O-W-L-Y right now! so i am unfortunately unable to upload my new teddy geiger layout and put up all the codes! bloody hell!!

since im bored, let us talk about the positive and negative sides of using MSN messenger! be sure to click on the example link! okay?!

the so-called good side
1. you get to discuss shit with your friends! example
2. you can crap around if you are feeling bored! example

the so-called bad side
1. you can wait for a million years and that person would still not reply! when in fact, that person is actually already dead! lol! example
2. you will get to witness twitty writtings in your friend's nick in sticky caps and fluffy(is there such a word?) stuff and make it would be LONG! and half of it does not make a freaking sense! sometime you would take in the stupid trend too! example

lol?? im bored! if you are too then you are probably redading this sentence here!

mammar hey 4:27 PM

staying home all day is so freaking boring!!! somebody get me a life! i made this teddy geiger layout. not sure if its nice or not. hmm. whatever?

i REPEAT! staying HOME all day is BORING!!

mammar hey 9:07 AM

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

today i was at home all day long watching kids central? i miss the magic school bus! its such a cool cartoon okay! haha.. oh and brienstein bears! i used to read their books! lol. so i entered some challenges. did my composition hmwk. and im so freaking bored!

i cant wait for our (faza and me) blend challenge site to open! hoorah!

mammar hey 2:22 PM

Monday, June 19, 2006

yo! today was so fun! made and sold more ballons! finnally my ballons did not burst too much! haha. well we, sokting, james, cangning, yuhan, valarie, iskandar, anuar, ng man, syariff and ME! okay so again i went home at 3pm and then slept at home! thats all!

holy crap! i love this blockquote thingy( where this whole paragraph is in a special box, that is the blockquote!(: ) so cool! hahahahahaha! cool! sorry im insane!

mammar hey 1:21 PM

Sunday, June 18, 2006

hey! today was so freaking fun can!!! in the morning at 0815am met sarah at yew tee MRT to go to the metta home to gather with the rest before splitting up to our respective stations. i was with Cang Ning, Iskandar, James, Shu Han, Xin Ying, Yuhui, Ng Man and Audrey. we stationed at Jurong Point. We looked like beggers sitting on the ground sculpting ballons! haha. mine kept bursting must be the hot weather! lol.. blame it on the weather! so my hands were sore after tying the ballons a million times! well so i left at 3pm to go home. tmrw going again! lol

at night that is now, i made the codings for Asthenia Blends! its almost done i just need to get some kate bosworth pics! well so im watching my name is earl now! its a funny show! very funny!


have fun now!

mammar hey 1:36 PM

Saturday, June 17, 2006

im in the middle of my english homework. i need to write a personal recount on something i do not usually do and was rewarded for it. my story is going to be on the businessman who wants to lead a simple life and is changing his way of living and all. so he plans to donate to a home for the disabled and what do you know i decided to use metta Home. ok so he will get to know the residents. at first he was scared of them but he got used to it soon and donated his huge sum of money and for his bravery and kindness, he was rewarded a plauge by the home. but he thinks that the good deed is a reward on its own and eventhough its a plauge it has its huge meaning to it.

i know it seems overboard and ambitious but my starting is kind of okay and all and Ms Lee if you are reading this, please comment?

so here's the strating paragraph. no stealing please! completely original! lol.

wealthy and loaded were words that were habitual to my ears. green and numbers were accustomed to my eyes. living in a condominium i thrive like a blooming flower but my life is but a lonely misery. as rich as i may seem to be, not as rich as my happiness is. yes. that is the life of a businessman. deceiving people by convincing them to purchase your lousy product by using strong persuasive words only to get into their pockets and pounce onto their money. I decided to be different. No more cheating. No more misleading. I was going to lead a simple life from now onwards. People may think i am crazy for doing this but I know that it is for my own good. I needed to be able to enjoy life to its fullest. Joyful and wacky will now be habitual to my ears. Roller coasters and the sun will now be accustomed to my eyes.

how like it? comment now!

mammar hey 4:11 PM

sup?today had the ballon sculpting session at metta home was so funn and i learned alot!! im practicing to make those flowers the thoughest yet!! im going to make and sell them tmrw! going to be so cool. anyways, my lil sis reads my blog and all but who cares ? i made a decision at the very stat, its going to be public and it is.. i read her diary anyways! haha.. ok so thats it duh!

mammar hey 12:53 PM

Friday, June 16, 2006

183 pictures!

yes 183!! took some beautiful pics and will be up in the soon to be stocks page! ya and so the trip was awesome!!!!

first day
drove there and played UNO with my sis during the journey. reach the Radius Hotel and cheked in then procceeded to KLCC to shop! didnt buy much that day. at night went to the times square theme park! wasnt really fun because i have been there a gazzilion times!! so then went home and slept!

second day
went KLCC and went up the twin tower!! so cool! ya so then we went shopping and i bought my converse bag which costs Rm53 there while it costs $39 in spore!! holy crap so cheap can!! anyways, we went to watch a movies and the tickets were so freaking cheap!!!! so we watched benchwarmers!!!!! IT WAS SOOO FUNNY!! FUNNY!!! you must watch!!! abit gross though!
well we ate and then went home and in the afternoon went swimming! and then at noght while my parents went out i slept at the hotel! so sleepy!

last day!
went putrajaya and shopped at alamanda and i bought a pair of shoes! the reast of the journey was an UNO playing day in the car to the Singapore checkpoint!

oh the sad thing was KL does not sell pirated VCD/DVDs anymore! damn it?!

its going to take me years to upload all the pics!! gdnight!

mammar hey 12:33 PM

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

im leaving toddya! hurray! and i have finally packed and ironed my clothes! well hope to have fun! by the way, could someone please comment on my recently made layout in the post dated sunday 11 june, 4:40pm??

oh and i watched another korean movie called floating landscape! it was awesome especially the ending! you have to watch it!! haha anyways goodbye!

mammar hey 12:08 AM

Monday, June 12, 2006

cheers! yay! im going off to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow/today . its going to be so fun with llots of shopping! cant wait to get a new bag/bags!haha.. everything there is so freaking cheap! oh hopefully i can lay my hands on some pirated dvds and vcds! hooray! lots of movies i want to watch! unfortunately its only for 3 days? oh well at least we are going! i still have not packed my bags yet though!! hahahaha. im crazy! and lazy! so before i go let me give you all a hugey kiss hug farewell! so long suckers! haha. have fun sulking at home, sitting on the couch flipping through boring channels and fall asleep and become fat!!! lol. i am so evil! just kidding!!

so while im away, keep those comments coming and keep tagging!! daddy's gonna miss you,my dearest
Computer! lol!

mammar hey 3:52 PM

hey made a yellowcard layout. im undecided on the colour scheme so im showing you 3 versions of them for version 3 ignore the boxes. its there for fun peace joy and laughter(: and im rushing now because my bloody sister insist on using the computer now! freak! oh and for version one ignore the TEXT its not meant to be like that its supposed to be like the rest and er..PLEASE NO STEALING!!



mammar hey 7:40 AM

Sunday, June 11, 2006

hey! can you believe that im into korean movies?! i just finished watching one called flying boys! haha this one is very nice! its so much better than those fake tamil movies! serious! i was flipping through the channels as there were no good shows and landed on vasantham central. there was this show..duh. how is it possible that he avoided two bullets and 40 knifes that were aimming at him or jump high or fight 20 men on his own? even the power rangers arnt able to do so! haha. ya oh and how could you survive being stabbed or being hit by a truck?!! hahahaha. no offence though. however these Tamil movies are kind of funny cuz they crack up jokes even when it is a serious time! haha. ok i need to read my book now and its 4.15am! holy crap! so long and goodnight/morning?

mammar hey 7:15 PM

with faza.

of superman.

with self

in love.
with aliens.

will it ever cease?

yesterday worldcup germany vs costa rica. too tired to watch. slept. my guess germany would win?! duh. and i was right not left?!haha

mammar hey 3:37 AM

good morning! yes im up early today! haha so i was bored and decided to watch some cds but ive watched all. DUH! but i went through the cd collection anyways and saw my sister's korean movie cd. so nothing to do i watched. its called Last Presant. ya so its about this woman with an illness whose husband is a comedian and who tried to find out who his wife's longtime crush is which turns oout to be him? k so im planning to watch another one called floating landscape. read the sypnosis also about a person with illness and what nots. ya koreans... if someone has an interesting korean cd that does not include a person getting ill lend me! oh and also those funny ones..

okayla ive got to go off now

mammar hey 12:16 AM

Saturday, June 10, 2006

wassup baby!! what has got into me?! okay today im so insane! i always do stupid and weird stuff because im BORED! spell that! argh!!!! its not an alien! haha.

in the afternoon at 3pm had dance rehersal and it was so wacky and crazy and fun!! learned the hiphop dance halfway and i found out that i dont need to do the tango! YAY! what a weigh of my BACK! yes my back!! if not i would have to flip someone on my BACK! hahahaha. well the drop it on me dance steps were so COOL! like breakdance like that! im listening to the song right now! sounds so raggae?! well so went home at 6pm!!? okay then went home i forgot my keys AGAIN!! oh what a surprise?! the third time can?! but fortunately my sis was home! phew! so it was abnormally silent maybe because my mother is not home?! haha. the minute she got home..oh here we go again! noise! haha

ok then........ is now so i should not have said then because it is now but it happened after the thing i said before so it should be then which is now??

hahaha. see how weird and insane i can get when im bored?! okay im off to add a new affiliate with brie at

mammar hey 1:11 PM

Friday, June 9, 2006

hey added some links and resources! go check them out!

mammar hey 4:11 PM

goood evening! today was so tiring! again i had that sci thingy where some of us need to dress up silly and pose for the camera and had to make boxes! for 7 freaking hours!!! well during the break, me and vicky went to find zehang and suren so we searched at the minimart but found them at macdonalds!! bloody hell never invite us! so then saw the i not stupid actors then we continued making the boxes and then went home!!

so i slept all the way then and when i woke up the new furnitures had already arrived and i just had to arrange my things into my new room! k that's it! btw im almost done with the blend chall layout and just applied for a host! hopefuully its been approved oh and i forgot the blend chall name! faza why give such a diff name!! please tag me the name again1!!

i think its ashtenia or astenia or something!!lol

oh and can you believe that there are like 24 people online on msn right now!!at 12am in the morning??!! haha must be my large number of contacts!

mammar hey 3:02 PM

goood evening! today was so tiring! again i had that sci thingy where some of us need to dress up silly and pose for the camera and had to make boxes! for 7 freaking hours!!! well during the break, me and vicky went to find zehang and suren so we searched at the minimart but found them at macdonalds!! bloody hell never invite us! so then saw the i not stupid actors then we continued making the boxes and then went home!!

so i slept all the way then and when i woke up the new furnitures had already arrived and i just had to arrange my things into my new room! k that's it! btw im almost done with the blend chall layout and just applied for a host! hopefuully its been approved oh and i forgot the blend chall name! faza why give such a diff name!! please tag me the name again1!!

i think its ashtenia or astenia or something!!lol

oh and can you believe that there are like 24 people online on msn right now!!at 12am in the morning??!! haha must be my large number of contacts!

mammar hey 3:02 PM

Thursday, June 8, 2006

hello. well today was a long day at home! err.. just cleaning up and all so anyways me and faza is setting up a blend site again!! hahaha.. we're getting the host and im making the layout! its gonna be based on brandon routh of superman...maybe. im very ndecisive and fickle you know!haha

so tomorrow or is it today there will be a filming for the inergy award or something and i have to wear my traditional malay outfit for that! im so not wearing the songkok or hat thing because it looks silly. not to insult my own race but i just dont like it because it ruins my whole hair look! seriously!

so up up and away with the new layout!

mammar hey 3:11 PM

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

a new layout!!! seems ugly to me though but nvm. so i like the scratchy hover for the links and navigations!

mammar hey 4:32 PM

hey today i slept from afternoon till now!! in the morning till 3pm me and some others had to build boxes n the dnt room so we used some cutting machine to cut the acrylic and wood! then we need to hammer in nails! i think im getting better at hammering nails already!!hahaha.. well so i hammered my thumb twice and my finger once!

well went home and i slept all the way!

not much to talk about working on another layout again! haha

mammar hey 1:28 PM

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

hey i was informed that there was music tech at 3pm so i went to school but there was no music tech. instead it was in the morning! oh wells, so anyways, i bought new jeans yesterday and i made an alexis bledel layout! well here are my pants and the alexis layout. oh my house is in a mess and i have the ictures of it but wont show it today because im lazy to upload em.

mammar hey 7:43 AM

what's up? the ceiling! This at home! yes. so bored! ergh! i just got back from maay extra lessons. quite fun! me and haikal were like cracking up jokes and riddles. and there was sort of a debate in class.

so anyway, after the lesson, nat,faizal, fairuz , atiqah and me had to stay back to take the practice oral thing because we could not make it last week. well so it stinks!! the reading was about yawning??! so then i infered that the conversation was going to be about boredism? is there even such a word?! well so it suddenly popped in my head..BIOLOGY! haha. i actually fell asleep durig biology! so i told the teacher that the teacher should conduct fun activities to keep the mind awake.. then i talked about staying home and doig nothing and what not. then he asked about the problems that would arise from boredness??!! how could being bored cause any problems????!! so luckily i thought quikly and said in malay of course!! when a person gets bored, he tends to want to entertain himself and get attention. Thus he would sort of disturb people doing homework or something aand ask to go to the movies or something and in the end that person could not finish his work!!! what shitty answer was that man!??! hahahaha

mammar hey 4:10 AM

Monday, June 5, 2006

hey! bloody hell!!!! i was in the middle of a new layout and my sistr had to trip over the plug!!!! then i was also sending yuhui some..wait alot of music!!11 and it switched off!!!! ergh!!! must do again! THIS HAPPENED TO ME ALOT OF TIME ALREADY SEH!!!

nvm. so anyways, today had alot of heavy liftting. renovating the whole house and im shifting my room. i had 3 splinters by carrying the wood cupbrd! all 3 went deep inside and cant cme out but i dont care! haha. its swelling now! haha

well not much to say so bye!

mammar hey 1:23 PM

Sunday, June 4, 2006

bleah im so tired! its 2.40am. duh! bored. so finally i made a decent layout i think! well it still aint too good. have to make a few more! im such a perfectionist!


mammar hey 5:41 PM

hey i didnt update yesterday. oo so sad(sarcastically). so anyways, i got stuck outside my house again because i didnt bring my keys again! shit?!

well so im im not supposed to be using the computer. Can you believe that? im banned fm using the computer during the hols??! bloody hell.

so obviously i bent the rule. bleah. im so bad!

i tried to create an xmen layout and i failed again!!

im so frustrated! i can never get it right! ever! yep i definately am deadmeat! i cant even make one decent layout! ergh!

well when you fail youve got to try n try again! and when you still fail, then...well, you ty again!

so long amigos

mammar hey 7:58 AM

Friday, June 2, 2006

hey the link to the melacca photos here! opens in new window! *click*

mammar hey 4:08 PM

hello people!! im back from Melacca! oh.. and i managed to watch the other half of the series LOST! haha yay! well basically, it was fun!!!!

i came early at 6am and read my reader's digest and waited for the rest.
at 7am took the bus and we were like crazy and after the checkpoint, we went up a different bus and most of us slept on the journey including me! haha!
when we reached the restpoint, me and haikal went to the supermarket or something and bought a hell lot of food and bubblegum! haha! cost us $RM11.40! so cheap right? but it was alot!!!
well then went up the bus ate and then chewed and blowed gum and slept again!
when we reach the village,kampong indah, it was bloody hot outside compared to the cold airconditioned bus! can get hypothermia man!
well so basically the tour guide showed us around the rubber and palm oil plantation and its what nots.
proceeded to the village and went into a house and had our lunch!
well we were showed around the fruits and flowers found there and then played some games
like congkak, gasing or top silat or malay fighting and made ketupats or a sort of rice dumpling?.
ya so then we went up the bus and i forgot what i did up there!!haha.
so then arrived at afamosa.
went to the historical places. wasnt really listening! haha
well then we went to this exhibition of ghostly malay beliefs and all.
then went shopping!
wasnt really shopping as there were not many shops and almost all sold the same things! and i didnt gt my bag because they only sold those kind of wood bags?! ya..
well me and faizal bought a tshirt and snacks.
got on the bus at 5pm and headed for johore for dinner! was a long trip and i slept all the way til the restpoint!
then i was awake the whole way and had fun with amal izzaty ellysa shafiq and they all! it was very dark and the girls were practically karaokeing!!haha
well didnt take pics of them since my memory space was zero! so sad!
well the food was delicious!
and were were like hyperactive after eating?!!
haha shouting like mad!!
so boarded the bus home!
ya basically that's all!

i tried to make it short for you lor! i didnt mention all those lame details!

im uploading the pics on photobucket so please wait!!!

mammar hey 2:58 PM

Thursday, June 1, 2006

holy cow! i went to an extra cool site!!!

I especially like this one!! tells us how to hack into a coke machine!!haha..go get your free drinks!

that's it for now!

mammar hey 10:43 AM

hey im having doubts about the melakaa trip! for one thing im going to miss the life sci session where we will be doing dna fingerprinting!! holy shit! secondly, i will miss LOST!! you know that TV series! ergh! anyways to show you guys that i seriously have lost touch with my creative site, here's a preview on one of the ugly layout i made!and please no stealing! hate them! even if you steal it you would have a guilty conscience and its nt ur wrk anyways! and its UGLY! duh...

mammar hey 8:31 AM

tmrw's the melaka trip! ya sounds boring right?? but its with the malay class!! quite cited! i still have not packed or decided what to wear though! lazy bum!






mammar hey 7:18 AM

bloody hell! im seriously loosing my touch on making layouts! i cant seem to make anymore nice ones! im so frustrated!

well anyways, life sci was fun. made a huge mistake! haha..

went to lot1 with zehang suren syariff to help szehang buy a pair of shoes and a shoebag, later we at at mac! sorry for not elaborating much! not feeling it! cannot get over me loosing my touch! ergh?!

well i gotto go and try to regain it touch i mean...not my sense of touch but..well u know!

mammar hey 7:03 AM