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Saturday, June 30, 2007

I still have not decided what to wear tomorrow but whatever.

Recently, the weather has been horribly hot and the sun scorching!

I hate it when this happens because, I will sweat like I'm raining!
And when I sweat, I feel sticky.
When I feel sticky, I stink![I think?]
And when that happens, I need tissues to wipe off the sweat!
And If I use too much tissue, I am killing more trees!!
And when my body losses water from sweating, I tend to drink a lot a lot!
Thus, wasting my money on drinks!
Plus, I have to go pee every now and then!

This is one of the main reasons, I HATE GLOBAL WARMING!

Stupid carbon dioxide!
Why do you stupidly have to trap in heat?
And, stupid vehicles!
Why do you have to stupidly FART out carbon dioxide?!
Do you know that you, vehicles, are the main contributors to carbon dioxide emission?
And, stupid combustion reaction!
Why must the product of the reaction be carbon dioxide?!
And, lastly, stupid ME!
Why do I always have to breathe out a lot?!

Now, look what happens?

I have to suffer!
I have to bear the consequences!
I am the victim of me! YES! ME!


Because I keep sweating!!! SWEATING LIKE A BIG FATSO PIG!!

*when global warming gets to you, it gets to you!*

Look what just happened?[see above]

mammar hey 8:09 AM

Friday, June 29, 2007


So sorry for the sudden hiatus. Even I did not expect it. It's just that ever since school reopened, everything is just so rush and hectic.

For one thing, lessons will now end at 4pm instead of the usual 2pm. But, I guess that it is expected since the prelims and Olevels are nearing!

Anyhooways, the first day of school was so interesting because we had this time management course which was, I think, effective. To me at least. Also, it seemed that the day ended so fast even though the whole course ended at 5pm! Time flies when there is no math! LOL!

Ok so, on the second day, I must say is my favourite day of the week thus far, despite the fact that Jaliah discovered that I had a zit scar on my nose. LOL!

But that is besides the point! The point at hand is that during Malay lesson, we had a debate topic about Global Warming! AHHH!! My favourite topic! So, I blurted everything I knew about the problem to the group. Seriously, people have got to care and give a bother for the environment!!

So, everybody is asking me the same old question,"Hey, what are you gonna wear for this Saturday's Cultural Fiesta?"

The obvious answer I would give is,"I dunno?"


Anyways, Faza said that the Heroes crew is coming to Singapore!! I must go and see them!

So, I did some research and found out that they will be coming on the 31August and 1September! ZOMG!! It's so bloody near the big 'O's mayn!! I think I am going anyways! LOL! Once in a lifetime seh!

Talking about TV shows, Lost season 3 has just began airing on TVs in Singapore!


*feeling evil* again. Sorry.

So, I am now watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone! And because I had watched the movie a gazzilion times, I actually memorised most of the character's lines! hoho! So, I was practically following the characters as they speak. Until of course my siblings found it irritaiting though! LOL.

Ok, gtg watch bye((:

mammar hey 11:38 AM

Monday, June 25, 2007

Ohh mahhh gahhhd!!

I just rummaged through all the stacks/piles/mountain of papers in my room just to find all my Biology practical worksheets that is to be filed in and checked by MOE for my OLEVELS!

There were a few missing ones but I will confirm the missing ones tomorrow in school!

Now, My room is in a messier state than it was before. No kidding!

It then suddenly occurred to me that I am a very disorganized person and my filing system sucks cow/chicken/fish balls! In fact, I don't even think that I even have a filing system!

Ohh mahh gahhd!

The first preliminary examinations are impending and I have yet to finish my studying! I am so friggingliciously dead and have to thank god that there will be 2 preliminary examinations for my school!

Because, I know that I am going to screw the first one.
And I have to suck it up for the second one!

I better!

So today went to the airport to send off my cousin and her children to Papan Balik, Indonesia.

At the airport, I ate a hell lot at Popeyes. Partly because I was forced to eat. Let's go gain some weight people!

okay, last.

Ohh mahh gahhd!

Do you realise how hot my new layout is? No not because of Adam Brody. I'm not homo please?

It took me a while to redo this layout after it was accidentally deleted.

Only works best with Mozilla firefox though.

okay, last last!

Ohh mahh gahhd!

I cannot believe that school is starting tomorrow and I have a frigging pimple/zit scar on the side of nose! How to face the music tomorrow??! How!! I cannot look ugly on the first day of school lah! HOWW??!!


I'm reading the above and realise how vain and HIMBOTIC I sound! *slaps ownself on forehead and die!*

Okay mogay, that's it for now! See you kranjian peeps in school tomorrow and let us pray and hope that the motivational course tomorrow is fun and boringless! If there even is such a word.

mammar hey 12:18 PM

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Yesterday's study session proved to be QUITE useful. I met a few new people namely, MiraSAUR and her boyfriend Hyder.

I left the study group at 6pm so that I can go have my haircut.

So, during the train ride to Lot1 to have my haircut, I felt like a sardine in a packed can! I was almost kissing the window! It was that terrible! To make matters worse, there was this man in front of me that had his hands up holding on to the train ceiling. His armpits were directly in front of me! You cannot imagine the smell! I had to hold my breath till the next stop when I moved away from him! LOL.

Anyways, I am quite happy/delighted with the new haircut despite being a bit doubtful of the person cutting my hair since he was cutting it oh, so slowly! But, it turned out okay I guess?

When I reached home, I had no time to wash my hair and bathe as I had to go out for a barbecue at Sembawang park to celebrate my niece's birthday. It was so fun as we played on the beach and ate like there was no tomorrow!

I have pictures but I am just lazy to upload it right now, so you people just wait. Okay?

School's opening in two more days! Enjoy your remainding holidays while it lasts people! Cause, when school opens, IT OPENS!

mammar hey 7:43 AM

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I just finished a new Adam Brody layout which looked super duper fly and dandy!!


The file became corrupted in the saving process and now, it's GONE!! GONE!!!

All my hard work!

This is a sign that I should go study now! Grr.

mammar hey 8:02 AM

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I have been neglecting blogger for a few days now because I just do not have the mood to blog. Following that, my readers too have neglected my blog. Boohoo. Face it, I am unlike Xiaxue or whoever that continues to have avid and religious readers no matter there are updates or not! Like Duhh!

Other things that I have been neglecting includes my studies and perhaps even my future!

So, to compensate my utter laziness, I made another study date with kucing and hopefully it will prove to be useful. HOPEFULLY.

Anyways, I have been meaning to update on this happenings but I never got around to it, until now of course.

Recently, I have had extremely horrible[exaggerating] experiences with some people, coincidently a certain race but that is besides the point. Not being racist or favourative here but seriously, they have been getting on my nerve!

On one particular occasion on the MRT, I sat beside this guy. Apparently, he was sleeping happily, probably missed his stop. But, the point is, he was leaning on my shoulders and of course I felt irritated and disgusted. So I slowly moved aside and away from his "heavy" head. I had to keep doing that for some time until I finally reached my stop! I heaved a sigh of what else but relief! On a funnier note, he kind of smelt like green tea?! I wondered what brand of perfume he was wearing? LOL.

So, the second time happened on the bus back to Singapore from KL. As I was happily reading my new Mitch Albom, For One More Day book, and listening to the songs on my mp3, I heard a loud sound, or rather a snore! It was so loud that not even the loudest volume on my MP3 could blanket it! I got so irritated and annoyed that I closed my book and decided to take a nap instead! Like wth?

Obviously there are more weird and uncomely experiences but I will leave it at two!

So there's and update! Now shut up and start tagging! LOL.

mammar hey 2:15 PM

Monday, June 18, 2007

Oh finally KL and Batam pictures are up!

All I've got to say was that it was a blast and all the shopping really made my drop till I plopped!

I got new shirts, a bag, belt, slippers, jeans and a scar from swimming! Somehow, I wished that the scar would remain there! It's so cool mayn!

More abstract shots will be added in the photography section soon.

First up, Manhattan Fish baybeh!!

The twins at night! Sounds so scandalous.

There was this shop that was an explosion of pink and I became a PWINCESS!


Then, we took the "eye on Malaysia" ride, or rather just the ferris wheel which was kind of boring! Not scary at all!

There was this spectacular laser show which was a stellar performance!

The next day was all science as we headed off to "Petrosains"! The Malaysian version of the Science Centre basically!


Welcome to the gray area!

Next stop, the "KLCC Aquaria"!

Huge web for an enormous spider!!

Spot the gecko!

The next two days,

BATAM HERE WE COME!![on saturday]

Tired faces in the early morning! Not at 4am fortunately![think gwen stefani!]

Is your name Summer? Cause, you're HOT!!

The cutest thang!

ok bye(:

mammar hey 2:46 PM

I am back from KL and Batam! I have loads and loads of photos and I have editted most of them! Will upload them HERE when I have the mood okay??! In the meantime, go study!!! LOL!

mammar hey 8:12 AM

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I am currently addicted the Dhoom2 theme song! LOL. I know wth? It's catchy and all.
Dhoom ma chaleh dhoom ma chaleh dhoom!

okayyyy..... Ammar is not not uncrazy NOT!

So, anyhooways, I just realised that the KL trip is until Thursday not Wednesday! Hahahaha. I am so sotong lah!

*slaps hand on forehead and die*

Will blog more later alligator!

mammar hey 4:08 AM

Saturday, June 9, 2007

People are so frigging jealous of me now because I already finished the Heroes season 1 since 123456 years ago[actually ard 3 weeks ago(:] because i started early! HA!

And you people are just starting to watch! HAHAHA! Slowpokeers! Some haven't even started. Others are still clueless on what I am talking about! HAHAHA.

okay, sorry, I am feeling evil today! ho!

mammar hey 11:00 AM

Today is OFFICIALLY the last day of school. Hopefully.

Oh and when we come back, for the first 2 days, there will be this stupid career guidance course[I think?] and we will only be going back at 6pm. wha..what..what??!! 6pm??!! Yes. Okay, sorry I was being dumb. But the whole situation itself is so much more dumb okay?

So, Social Studies test today sucked cow balls, chicken balls, fishballs... Lets stop there no? I only managed to complete it on time. My Social Studies was never that good in the first place. So,...

I just hope I pass because I did not sleep yesterday memorising Venice! No seriously! I did not sleep till 630am! And I was almost late for school. I deserve to pass okay!

So, I stupidly left my social studies book(s) under my table! And when I suddenly remembered and came back to class for it, the classroom was locked!! Oh mayn!! How am I supposed to revise my Social Studies during the holidays?? How?? How? HOOWWW??!!

Anyhooways, I have been watching Korean movies and the best so far that i have watched is The Legend of the seven Cutter. It is stupid[in a good way], funny and definitely worth watching.

Im a cyborg but that's okay is dumb, confusing and simply insane! The whole plot was in a mental institution and you will only understand the whole thing near the end. Plus, the ending was so abrupt and made no sense. Furthermore, the lead actress was/is so skinny and short! tak hot terus!

I dunno why Jannah Montana likes that movie so much.

Im going to KL from Monday till Wednesday so, selamat tinggal dols[ goodbye]!

ok bye((:

mammar hey 9:54 AM

Friday, June 8, 2007

I swear Social Studies is making me sick! I am having the itchy running nose right now!

And, I am not even done with my revision! GAHH! I still have to go through past SEQ questions and SBQ questions!

This morning, in the toilet, as I was running my fingers through my hair and I realise that I am balding! I ran my fingers through it 14 times and everytime, there will be strands of hair!! Must be the stress of the big Os! I cannot imagine how much hair I will have left after the Os!

So, English class was fun today! Ms Lai is one funny teacher! She thinks that the tiger is the female and the lion is the male! LOL!

And, biology was its usually fun because Mdm Normala is naturally funny eventhough she does not realise it. haha.

Okayyy!! Ammar must go concentrate of social sudies right now!!! A little left only! you can do it lah! Teh amingu!

ogayyyyyyy merepek rabakk!!

mammar hey 12:36 PM

Thursday, June 7, 2007

I can like die 6 times right now mayyyn!!

I have English comprehension homework and Chemistry skill 3 homework to complete!

Furthermore, I still have to study for Friday's Social Studies test. I planned to study 3 themes. Now, I am not sure. Maybe just Venice and Conflict among nations.

Oh, and I still have to finish the stupid idiotic stressing dumb and bloody study timetable by TOMORROW! I only did the first few days and I stopped at 17 June. Will continue after English and Chemistry is done. And maybe also, after I have studied the rise of Venice. GRAHH!

I hate sleeping late ogayy! My eye bags are no longer eye bags! They are eye haversacks okay!-__-"

Must get myself eye bag removing cream tomorrow. LOL.

Anyhooways, class was fun today! The period after the recess was a food fiesta I tell you!

okay, let me go study right now!!!

mammar hey 2:59 PM

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Today was okay I guess. Nothing much. Just studying and all.
So the day before yesterday, the family went to the airport to fetch my sister and cousin from their trip to Hongkong. We ate at this place called Bilal and I must say, the service was atrocious!

The next day, the family went out again. This time to Jurong Point to shop for my little sister. However, I was the first person to purchase something after only a few minutes in the mall! LOL. Who could resist a hot $9.90 shoe? So after shopping and all, we met up with my cousin to celebrate my eldest sister's birthday at Lagun Sari. I know. So melayu! haha.

When I got home, I wanted to hit the hay but I managed to complete a few math questions first. haha.

So pictures are up! Click to enlarge! Opens in new window!


Cheeeeeesy pizza!

The airport lift was so crammed up lah!



Beef fried rice!


Jurong Point!

There were alot of really hot shoes in jurong point but, they cost a BOMB!

My $9.90 shoes! LOL.

kawaii nehx!

Toysrus frenzy.


It had this cool box cover!



famished no more!

so unglam!

mating cockroaches! LOL.


ps: kucing hey, when do you want to meet up?

mammar hey 2:02 PM

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I am 3 days late in updating you people on the SYF showcase which was fantabulous by the way! Not the performances, but the company and atmosphere with the budak- budak selenge bacin of 2C05! I have 40 over pictures but I will only post about 24. So, I will just post the picture aye? I am very lazy to explain. And, tomorrow, I will post on the trip to the airport and one kilo! LOL.Salmah, oh Salmah!

I have only been to the arcade like 6 times?

Drunken old man on a rampage!

Ouuh! Oii old man! drunk cannot play lah!

Went hunting for Danial hitam's jeans! Eh my size is 36!0.o!! eh, wait no, 32! -__-"

Under my umbrella, ela ela eh eh. We were practically singing this stupid song from start to end!
Sarah and me!

We were sweating like babi![pig]

Dance! I had no good shots of the ELDDS. So, yah. Too bad!

Hidayah, were you sneezing, crying or what?

The BAND- itos! I slept during their performance! Serious!

China boy on the piano seh! Foreign Talent!!

The choir songs were creepy and scary dude!

Kimberley on the piano! Better than China boy!

Ain't no other man but me!

I like this shot because I am the only one jumping for JOY! So high some more!

Why I am doing the Fleming's right hand rule? I dunno! Too much Physics maybe!

Now, Everyone jumped! But me..-__-"

Danial's ass was in the way!

Meditate people!

I seriously look spastic dude!

Everyone was in their kental[lame] poses! Salmah and her signature pose! tsk.

Ok kebyebye!!!!

mammar hey 5:00 AM