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Sunday, July 29, 2007

*If you continue to read and scroll down, you will get a little surprise!*

Sorry that I was on a short hiatus. I was so ardent in reading Harry Potter on PDF, that everytime I switch on the computer, I will open the PDF flie and forget to blog.


Now that I have completed the book, I feel super sad. I must say, the ending is quite abrupt and anti-climatic. Oh why Rowling, must you name Ron's daughter Roses? And his son Hugo? Irksome I tell you! Total ewwness!

So anyways, the Humanities Amazing Race was not that bad, except that NOBODY came to OUR[yangzhi and me] station! How superly uncool is that you tell me?! We both like waited and waited and waited somemore. We waited until we decided that no one would come and decide to go over to the UOB centre and get some Burger King.

We actually had a picnic on the hard wet ground near the merlion.

People were staring at us!

The upside was that, we had a nice and beautiful scenery. It would be better if the skies were azure blue and not a gloomy gray.


We thought we saw a glimmer of hope when a group of Kranjians approached.
We had our hopes up too high, because the team was not going to our station, they were looking for Fort Canning!
Disappointment, I tell you!

And, the team was super impertinent because when asked where they were going, they simply ignored. Arrogant to the max to the max!! *I love saying that*.

Oh, and we saw a monkey.
No, wait, beastboy!
Not kidding.

The bus ride home was bountiful of jokes and riddles! We laughed our asses and heads off, and by the time we reached school, we were already sure that someone spite our food with cocaine! LOL. Because, we were frivolously "high"!

There was pizza and we sang birthday songs to people event hough it was not their birthday! Definitely proof of insanity!

Overall, it was a great time. If only a group or two came to our station, it would make it better!:(

In a nutshell people, DO NOT ever be a DETOUR station master, because most, if not all of the groups will go to only one of it:(!!

Not much of a surprise but, whtvr.

Must be warned though!
Not all pictures are "natural".
Some were edited.[lighting, colour, saturation, etc.]

PS: MEIQIAO!!! I cannot find the CD!! how?!

mammar hey 6:15 AM

Thursday, July 26, 2007


During the "surprise" math mock test today, I felt ever so sleepy. Plus, the weather was just right for sleep. So I did the test reluctantly and still managed to just passed! LOL.

Got home and my father kept emphasizing that he already got back my physics paper so that I can go through it with HIM today. And, he has to return them back to Lcube tomorrow.

I was like super duperly furious okay! He thinks that the only subject I have is Physics! Like what seh! So, I told him that I have a very difficult Social Studies SBQ to complete and English compo preparation plus Biology homework to finish by tomorrow! He was rendered speechless.

It's true okay, I do have all that.

I did one humongously colossal mistake for my SS prelims' SBQ! I did not write a stand which cost me 4 marks and a b4 for humanities. Dang the fang dude!

Now, I am happy dappy gobber! I am currently downloading the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows onto my computer[PDF format]. I know it is illegal but, I neither have the capital to buy the book nor do I have the patience to wait in a long waiting queue for the book!

The internet is love. I swear.

In English class

Alvin: can you write in mother tongue for the dialogues?
Ms Lai: NOOO! Of course not!
Alvin: How about Selamat Hari Raya?
Ms Lai: Then, you must write the English translation in brackets beside the sentence/word.
Class: Happy Raya Day??
Ms Lai: *ignores*.

Alvin: Then, what about Yamseng?
Ms Lai: cheers lor!
Alvin: But the effect will be different. You dont say "cheeeeeeeeerrs!" You say "Yaaaaaammmseng!" They have two different effects!
Ms Lai: argh! I shall ignore you!

English class is love. I swear.

mammar hey 12:25 PM

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I hate soccer boys lah!

Because on friday they have some match at Fuchun.

So, my father cannot send me to my "undisclosed" station for the amazing race thing.

And, I have to go myself. But, if I go myself, I will reach there late. Which is the same as not going at all.

Or, I will have to leave school very early to go tho the mosque near there which is impossible since the last period is math! Dang lah!

Stupid lah soccer boys! why on Friday you must have match?
Stupid lah Mr Cheng! Why must you have Olevel oral briefing on that day and cannot send the soccer boys!
Stupid lah school! Why must you change my father's CCA to soccer!
Stupid lah this "amazing race".
Why must be on Friday? So racist lah! You know the Muslims have prayers yet you carry it out on that day! At 1pm somemore! How like that?


Now, I am emo again and no mood to do math! chheenuggets!

mammar hey 11:07 AM


Sorry for yesterday's emo and depressing post. Today's post will be much much more merrier.
I promise.

So, school was a drag as usual. Basically just going through the sucky exam papers which obviously I dread to look at. How dull.


So, after school, galloped[?] off to Macdonalds ALONE. No, I am not a loner. Just super hungry and famished that I did not bother to find any associates[?] to gallop with me.

So, got my McChicken and apple pie. And, jack was a happy boy(:

The "amazing race" meeting was relaxing and hilarious. Seriously, Shi Hong, I think that you chatter/blabber/ too much. But it was funny.

Being a station master is such an unlucky task.

We have to sit at the station under the scorching sun, if not rain all day waiting for the groups to come and find us.
Plus, we will not be given any allowance. Just plain mineral water. Might as well give nothing.

But I presume that it would be fun, hanging out with Yang Zhi at an "undisclosed" place.
In case any sneaky sec3s read.


During English lesson, Ms Lai wrote on the board the words, "OMG"

And everyone went,


and then,

Darryl: wtf!
Ms Lai: What is WTF? I dunno what you all are talking about!
Class: OHORR!!!! You said wtf!
Ms Lai: WHAT?!! You people don't teach me the wrong things okay!

It was hilarious. English class is always fun. Malay too. Because, when I am beside Haikal and Faizal, I become my crazy self. If not, crazier.

I got a haircut today and am having a lovehate "thingy" with how it looks now. Oh well, time will tell if I like it, or not.

I hear someone calling my name. Eh wait, it's something. It's homework!

ok that[above] was hyperduperly lame!

mammar hey 9:12 AM

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Today is probably the worst day of the year thus far!

School was horrible.
The results are excruciating and unimaginable.
Marks I thought I would never attain.
I was,

I failed my physics.
You know that when you are a physics teacher's son, it would be utterly embarrassing and disgracing to fail that subject.
But, I failed.
So what am I gonna do?
Kill myself? So not worth it.

Don't even mention my two best subjects, geog and bio.

So, on the bus trip home, I was contemplating on how to break the disgusting news to my parents. How they would react. And what would I do.

This is so depressing and ergh-ing!

I hate/envy people like Zhi Yang who never study and gets super high marks.
I hate/envy people like Kendrick who gets super high marks and yet want to ask for more.
I hate/envy people like them who boasts about their high marks.
I hate/envy people like Zehang who are naturally clever and get super high marks.
I hate/envy people like Helen who get super high marks and yet, still not satisfied and try to act modest.

I HATE myself for not getting super high marks and make others hate and envy me!
I just hate it.

This has got to be the worst results I have ever gotten.

Sorry if if this post is too depressing but, I needed a medium to splash my thoughts at.

Now, let me go drown myself in the sorrow I have created for me.


Oh wait, I have homework. Dang.

mammar hey 9:00 AM

Sunday, July 22, 2007


The English course in the morning was fun and productive!
The instructor was really funny and engaging! No Kidding.

Ate at Tampiness mall after, with Fairuz and Muneera.
I was so famished that I ate my Filet O fish meal in less than 10 minutes!
An empty stomach makes you do wonders!

Later on, we headed off to Tampiness Junior College to catch the debate between the Raffles, "srikandi" and our very own Kranji "warriors"! Sounds like some football team! LOL!

It was a full house and the audience roared crazily. SERIOUS!

I really hope that when the results are tallied, Kranji will reign and proceed to the next and final round!

But, Raffles was really good too. So, it will definitely be a close fight!

Ate AGAIN at KFC with Eja, Faiza, Shafiq, Amal, Akif and Faizal! This time I was reluctant to eat since I already ate. But, I forced myself to eat, in hopes of gaining weight!
It's either Binge or be skinny! LOL.

When I reached home, I crumbled down onto the computer chair.
And the next thing you know, the computer is on!


The time you have been longing and anticipating for is finally here!
PICTURES baybeh! The picture says it all!((:

OK! bye!!(:

PS: Happy Birthday to CIKGU ZAINAL!

mammar hey 10:15 AM

Saturday, July 21, 2007

HAPPY 20072007![20july2007]

I just realised that.

Anyways, I was looking for new mozilla firefox themes and I stumbled upon a SIMPSONS' one! Though the words are in french, I think, the design is quite okayy.


I made another new layout! A colourful one as well! I think it is quite nice but a lil tat too plain don't you think?

mammar hey 11:45 AM


Physic paper1 marked the end of prelim 1 and most probably salvation!

Back in class, we got some of our results back.
I must say, I am neither delighted nor am I that disappointed about them.

I cannot believe I only got 29/40 for my Biology paper1.
What a boohoo.

Math paper1 brighten me up a lil bit though. 67/80 with an extra smiley face(:
However, I know that my paper2 will suck giant time since I did not studied much for the second paper.
Another BIG boohoo.

I also got to know from my father that I only got 25/40 for my geog excluding the map!

Oh dear god, why do you have to make me do badly in subjects I usually excel in?
ie bio and geog!!

Recently, I have been singing the bubblegum song in the weirdest of time. Eversince I saw this video! I must say, the girl with the black hair is quite HOT!

Tomorrow morning, I will be going to Tampines Regional Library for some English course and then to Tampines Junior College to watch Kranji's Malay debate team battle it out with arch rival, RafflesGS!

Glorify the school name yoo!!

Ok, let me go smack some bubblegum, bazooka zooka bubblegum!

mammar hey 7:26 AM

Friday, July 20, 2007

It is nearing 230am and here I am TRYING to concentrate/focus on studying physics.
Allowing all the insane/crazy terms penetrate through 1% of my brain, if not less!

Apparently, my rate of concentration is limited, because here I am doing worthless blogging, whining on and on about not studying.

So, in a few scary hours I will take my last paper for prelim 1!
*throws hands up in the air and does the kallang wave*

But, not long after, I would have to binge my brain of repeated knowledge over again for the second prelim and of course the "long awaited" big O!

*Oooh the excitement!*

As most of you have noticed, unless you are bleedy blind or just plain blur, I have yet again changed my layout!

A colourful and joyful one at that, different from the previous dull and emo-ish ones.
I thought that it would lighten up the exam mood! Somehow.
I am so sympathetic don't you think so?

you are probably thinking,"whatever Ammar, go die lah can?!"
Oh cannot, cannot!

something random from a long time.

Helen: Ammar, the English course can pay by CASH?
Me: Ya. To the office. No need to hand in the edusave form to me.
Helen: Oh okay. Here's KASH'S edusave form!
Me: Heh? Where got such thing as CASH edusave form?
Helen: KASH!
Helen: KASHH!!
Me and Natasha: Heh?
Helen: KASHH!!
Me:Where got such thing?
Helen: KASHMEENA'S edusave form lah!!
Me and Natasha: ohhhh...-__-"

ok gdmorning/night/whatever.

mammar hey 5:32 PM

Thursday, July 19, 2007


I am not the person to spout vulgarities
but, today, you pushed me to the limit
I have no regrets,
no guilt!
At such a critical time, I believe that what I did was deserving!

Now, you're in the bin, silenced!

Oh, farewell, stupid PEN!

mammar hey 2:41 PM

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

That my fellow readers are science revision yearly TYS and guidebooks worth $58!
Out from my own pocket of course!

What I do for success.

Anyhooways, I think that I am prepared for tomorrow's Chemistry paper.

I am bored right now.

so, bye((:

mammar hey 1:27 PM

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Finally a break from all those last minute muggings!

I finally finished my Chemistry topics.
To my "amazement", there is not really that much to study for Chemistry.
It is all application and,
I HATE that!

So, yesterday was Friday, 13!
I am not really into superstitions and stuff but,
yesterday was a really horrible day!
The Physics paper was do-able.
Geography was seriously diffi-liciously-cult!
Or as some would say,
"susah giler macam boleh mampos seh! #$@$!"
"WAH, that paper was so F!%@$^ difficult! @!%^#$!@%#&* what the $%^%!"

Yeah, it was THAT bad!

On a lighter note, the Kranji malay debate team won BPGHS yet again.
So, Kudos to them!

ok,ok, back to studying! BYE!

ps: thanks FAZA for the geography notes. REALLY helped!((:

mammar hey 7:20 AM

Friday, July 13, 2007

I am so going to die!

This morning, instead of worrying about my Amath and Social Studies paper, I was more worried for my physics and geography paper the next day.


Because, I have not studied a single topic for either one!

After school, I went popular and bought 3TYS[phy, chem, bio]! The yearly one.

And, I struggled through doing the phyics TYS!

Now, instead of studying for geog, here I ham blogging!

What's worse, I lost ALL my manufacturing notes!


*this is so ibex kemama!*

*that was so random*

*I am so dead*


mammar hey 2:59 PM

Sunday, July 8, 2007

I am such a freak!

I have been reading articles on the electromagnetic field of the earth which is decreasing and that auroras, which are seemingly beautiful actually is caused by the sun's radiation penetrating the emf of the Earth/core!

And, the movie The Core is a spam! There is in no possible way that people can ever go to the Earth's core! You will melt and dissolve and cease to exist!

But, hey, it's a movie. What do you expect, Ammar?! Tsk.

I am having a weird msn conversation with Navin. Very weird.

Navin: go watch Live Earth on internet! Can see people singing and jumping!
Me: I see people jumping and singing everyday and had enough of it, with JOSIAH singing insults and his moobs jumping about everytime he does so!

LOL. no offence Josiah, just trying to make a joke.

That is not the weird part. The weird part comes after and I am not going to the details of it.

mammar hey 8:49 AM

I woke up this morning thinking that the English Summary writing later on would be nothing but a bore!

Boy, was I so wrong!

It was actually quite fun and really useful! Seriously!!!

So, now, I cannot wait to attend the Personal Recount course on the 21July! Hopefully just as fun. is now my ecstacy mayn!

It is really cool to read what people think will happen in the second season of Heroes. Even though, some people got their facts wrong.

Like, they say Peter is with Claire. But, I remembered in this one episode where Hiro went to the future and Peter was with Nikki not Claire. But, I really do not know. Maybe I am wrong.

Also, they say that Claire is living with Nathan. Isn't Nathan supposed to be dead? Unless, it is actually Sylar in disguise OR Nathan wasn't dead to begin with. OOO!

But, we all know that these are just assumptions since it is not! LOL!

But, you guys should check it out! Really cool! They have other fanfiction of course, other than heroes!

I finished reading my Reader's Digest July edition and there was this section on polar bears!

People should know that Global Warming is not the only thing that is killing those bears but also know that, toxic chemicals are making them die early! So if you really love polar bears, don't just stop global warming, stop toxins from being released into the air and water!

I am not really that excited about live earth unlike some of my other friends.

It is really ironic that they make advertisements informing us to save electricity and blah blah. When, during the concert, God knows how much electricity they are going to use?!
Plus, the rubbish that is going to be left behind by audience, dirtying the environment!
And if they clean the place up, will they actually pick up papers and place them in the recycling bin? Same goes with bottles and plastics.
I doubt so, They will probably just dump it in the incinerator!
Furthermore, if they really want to raise awareness, the concert should be free of charge like in Rio. Because, people don't have to pay to want to be aware!
Those who pay probably are not into saving the environment but for the sake of seeing 150 different artists!

Overall, I just don't get how the concert is gonna stop global warming! Plus, imagine the noise pollution it is going to cause! God knows how many decibels it is gonna be?!

I am still gonna watch it on TV anyways, considering the fact that it will be going on for 24 hours and I have no cable television. So, Live Earth would be my only source of entertainment!

Oh, and I am wearing GREEN today.

*Someone kill me now! No wait, boredom already did! And I don't mean Sylar!*

mammar hey 8:02 AM

Friday, July 6, 2007

I think one day, I am going to be famous!

Because, today, one Straits Times photographer came to the school to take the pictures of the Herb Research team, me being one of them. Of course, there were certain people who were not even in the team and got to live the limelight! Guess who.

It was really last minute and I was not really prepared. Whatever it is, my face will be in the newspaper, soon! So, for the next few days, go search the newspaper for my face okay?!

I think this might be my second time appearing in the papers! The first was for the "Obor Amazing Race". But, my face was not really clear there.

Oh and I appeared in one other magazine for "NParks". Twice somemore! One with the Minister Mentor and the other with the president!

Furthermore, recently, as some of you know, I entered this Straits Times poster design competition and got shortlisted! They even said that I could work for Singapore Press Holdings as an internship during the holidays!

How cool is that?!

So, be my friend if you want to brag to your other friends that you used to know 'Ammar, that famous guy!


How chauvinistic is that mayn?! LOL.

Okay, back to Social Studies! And, possibly reality! LOL.

mammar hey 12:07 PM

Thursday, July 5, 2007

The way you are acting is scaring me as much as the whole thing is scaring you.

Something just isn't right.

I just hope that everything will turn out right. I pray, actually.
I know, all this isn't making sense but soon it will.

I hope.

mammar hey 2:58 PM

I think that I am like wrecking someone's relationship[somehow] and I so do not wish for that to happen!

Maybe it is jealousy and I can understand why. But to get things straight, nothing is going between us. We are just friends. Best friends maybe. But, nothing more.

It is really scary that you would suddenly spout out vulgarities at me and half of what you are blurting out, I do not understand.

To whom it may concern[if you are reading this], I am severely and seriously very sorry!

I dunno why you decided to pick this DAY of all days to be super "emo".
You would know what DAY I mean.
And some time ago, you did not even remember that this DAY is her DAY and had to ask me the date.
I am sorry but the cat is out of the bag!

Anyhooways, moving on to happier and unemo things.

Faza!! Seelah! You have got me hooked on this emo word! Which by the way, is so freakingliciously difficult to shake off!

School was per normal and I gave Faza her BARBIE UNO cards to unemolised her or so. LOL!

Chatted with her online and tomorrow, she is gonna slaughter/ butcher me because I got her pink cards! God knows why she abhors pink! LOL!

Butt vibrating and heroes were basically the main topic we discussed about. Do not ask about the butt vibrating! It is so funny yet extremely disgusting!

So, I was watching life in the undergrowth on arts central and I must say it is fascinating and eye opening!

For one thing, the swing tail insects[i think?] looked cute. Literally.
For another, I realised that slugs and worms are both male and female.
This might sound disgusting but the mating process is cool and amazing!


*I just hope tomorrow will be a better and exciting day!*

Pray with me people! PRAY!

mammar hey 2:20 PM

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

School today was okay, I guess? The peak of the day was obviously going back early at 215pm Unlike the other four days where most of the secondary fours have/must go back at 415pm!

So, went to Lot1 after school with Faizal, Izzaty and Ellysa.

They bought their things at popular and I bought Faza's UNO cards at Kiddy Palace!

You will never guess what kind of UNO cards I got for you Faza!! Get ready to be surprised! LOL.

Afterwards, we bought Old Chang Kee and Sweet Talk because the intense heat outside had drained us off! It has been a long time since I had any OCK or ST! Felt good to have some. Call me weird.

Went home after, and slept for a nong nong time!

Doing maths now. No, wait, I am blogging now! LOL.
Sooo lame 'Ammar!

*I read the above and realise how boring my life is!*

Somebody/something, please add some spice into my life!

Anyhooways, one more day to someone's birthday! I haven't got anything for you yet though. Hmm.
Wanted to get for you that facial cream. But, you already bought it!! LOL. okay, inside joke. You won't understand!

Can I just do something for you on photoshop and give you?

*It's the thought that counts no?*

ok bye((:

mammar hey 12:20 PM

Monday, July 2, 2007

Prelims in 11 more days and what have I done?


No freaking thing! Nada! Zilch!

So what does that makes me?


yes freaking dead! doomed! destined for the worst!

Now, tell me what can save me people?!


Tell freaking me! enlighten me! show me the freaking light!

btw, happy 1st of July! And, Happy youth day!(:

mammar hey 12:50 PM

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Cultural Fiesta Day was fun and enjoyable, with the right company of course! However, the whole program was a bit bland and bluek!

The only fun part was after the whole event.

I was reluctant at first, but I decided to tag along with them[Faizal, Iskandar, Atiqah, Izzaty, Ellysa and Akmal.] to Vivo City!

I have only been to Vivo once, and that trip then, was my second! LOL. I am so soaku![jakun]

Instead of watching Transformers, the movie as planned, we decided to just eat because some of us, including me had to be home by 430pm.

We at at "2Hot"!

The place is NOT recommended!

The super duper delicious meal, yes. But, it cost a bomb! The service charge was $11! Can you believe that?! It could buy me a new shirt man!

The total cost for the seven people meal amounted to $93!! We were so thrifty that we only drank mineral water throughout lunch!

And the mineral water did not come cheap! $1.50!

Poor people trying to eat rich!

We then headed off to the rooftop where it was freakingliciously HOT! We soaked ourselves in the wading pool and relaxed while acting abit wild! Abit only! LOL!
Everyone was so tired after!

Flag twirling was hot!

balloon sculpting man was super skilled!

busker busking

Ellys and me.

Sandy and me.

Cang Ning and me.

Izzaty, me, Atiqah and Ellysa.

Mat Retro!

Statue bedak![powder]

Mok Feng Ru!

Fish Head Curry rocks bodoh!

The Pizza Hut gang! Kidding only lah!

We had to drink Ice! LOL

Yummylicious but expensivelicious food!!


Seluar singkat seh!

Muscle man!

Emoboy and gilaguy!

Not face down but face CRAM!!


What was I doing??!

The wood floor was burning hot, so we were jumping about in pain! Iskandar, you look so bapuk[gay!] seh here!!


We were soooooooo tired babe!

ok bye((:

mammar hey 9:29 AM