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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

These past few days have been CRAZZZY!

I know, I have been saying that a lot and considering that I am not working/ never worked, you guys must be wondering, HOW COME??
I also dunno sia!

Enlisting to POLICE soon and I am sort of excited.

*hahah so sorrz. This photo cracks me up!*

I mean, I don't really care much for these kind of stuff. I'll just go in and get out and then it's over.
But, I cant wait to make new friends, run and actually do stuff.

However, I am feeling a bit apprehensive cus I have yet to find anyone else enlisting to Police on 4 May!
I dont mind making new friends and all but it will help greatly if I know someone at least!
Well, I guess, I'll have to wait and see.

So, I am supposed to post some photos but they are still in my camera and I am quite lazy to upload them at this moment.
So, I will blog about Hockey n Lifeguard outings once the photos are uploaded.
Dont worrz(worry) too much cus I will totts(totally) upload them before I leave for NS life!

In other news, so sorrz(sorry) but I dont think I am up to do another movie/ TV review post. Totts not time for that.

But I will say that I am rewatching episodes of Joan of Arcadia!

I LOVED that show! Sadly, it was canceled after the second season just when things started to get more interesting!
I don't believe in all the 'what if god is one of us' stuff cus obviously He is much greater and powerful than all of us combined but it is a really good show with a 'moral of the story'. Something like Touched by an Angel, if you watch that show.
Anyways, the point is............
Don't you find it sad that such shows with good moral intentions are being replaced by air- head shows that only make society more corrupt and chaotic? Like what is the point of 'Sweet 16' and 'Teen Cribs' if only to make us jealous of frivolous lifestyles of the high society and changing us into materialistic snobs.

I admit, I do watch these kind of screwed up shows! But, that is only because they are the only shows left and they are kinda entertaining, in some ways, but isnt it like too excessive? Should'nt there be a balance? Cus from what I see, the scale is leaning wayyy too much on the wrong side.

Seriously, media peeps, you should like totts see what harm you are creating to the world.

Possibly worse than global warming! Even Tyra agrees! And she knows best when it comes to nonsense shows!

Wow. Dunno why im feeling so mathama ghandi. Something must have set off these emotions.
And I know my use of sorrz, worrz and totts are not helping me prove my point but I am a teenager afterall- my views don't matter.

Enjoy your week guys!

mammar hey 6:21 PM

Thursday, April 22, 2010


There is gonna be a Lifeguards gathering tomorrow to send the NS boys off, which includes me I guess.
But I am soooo reluctant to go.
Not because I don't like to hang out with them, I DO! I REALLY DO!
I just don't wanna limit their food choices. I feel very guilty because I am the only Muslim and they usually have to cater to my halal needs. This is the reason why I don't go for LG outings most of the time.
I usually come up with excuses like deadlines and projects and tuition and stuff. I feel bad but it is better than making them eat something they might not like.
Sometimes when I do go out with them and they decide to eat at an unhalal place, I'll just go along but I usually don't eat anything or maybe just a small dessert.

Life is hard. But, it helps a whole lot that my friends are very understanding about my situation. I know they don't mind but I'll just feel guilty about it.

And I hate suggesting a place to eat because I feel like if the place is not good enough, they will be kinda disappointed? hahah.


But, I think I will be going tomorrow since I havent seen them in ages. I'll probably suggest a place and I am sure they won't mind. I'll just try to make sure that I don't feel guilty about anything! (:(:



I really enjoyed myself during the 2 class outing dinners we had!

During the first outing, me and Yuhui decided that we wanted to shop first before dinner. So we met up at 230pm and we shopped till we dropped until dinner time!! HAHAH I had all my purchases done within 10 minutes! True story. I am a fast shopper. Can't help it!
I got 2 12$ shirts, a 10$(!!!) pair of pants, and a 20$ cardigan.
So satisfied with my purchases!

Then it was off to meet the rest for dinner at Fika Cafe.

The food was good. It was no doubt incredibly filling but it was average, I guess? Ive tasted better food! But generally, it was okay for a halal swedish restaurant.

I had the swedish meatball ( no pork, beb!)

After dinner, we were sort of aimless and just like stood around outside the station shit chatting until it was late and then went home.

During the next class outing, we watched KICKASS! Well, it wasn't really a class outing cus there were only 5 of us. But we invited the whole class and only 5 could make it so I guess it is still considered a class outing since the initial intention was for the class to hangzxz.

So Kickass was badass! Didnt really understood why the movie was M18 but all was revealed once we watched it! hehhehe.

It was gruesome and violent with a touch of comic relief. It was definitely better than I expected. Worth my 6$!

Afterwhich, we had supper at Coffee Bean at 313. We had the warm chocolate cake and some butter coconut marshmallow thingy!
I LOVE THE CHOC CAKE! As much as I don't really like chocolate, the cake was really good!!

I am so glad that my new camera can take disco shots just as well as my sony!! HEHEH

Okay, gonna watch Fringe! TV reviews soon!!

mammar hey 2:47 PM

Friday, April 16, 2010


Okay I am watching Survivor 20 right now and I had to pause and write this blog post because JT is the dumbest, stupidest, most clueless player in SURVIVOR HISTORY EVEEEEERRRR!!!!

Am not gonna tell you what he did, just watch it for yourself but it was a super dumb move! SUPER!

And the other heroes tribe members are equally stupid as well! They may be kind at heart but that's just to compensate for their dumbness! I guess it's true when they say that when you hang around stupid people (ie JT and Rupert) you become just as stupid.
I hope candice doesnt disappoint. She's a med student right? So she should be quite smart!

It was sooo embarrassing but so funny at the same time!!! sigh..

So my favourite is going home today! :( I always check wiki before watching! hahaha
I am sad times infinity to the power of forever!
She's really smart! Like what she said during tribal council last week and this week made a lot of sense! And her confessions are so witty and funny!
Anws, Im starting to like Danielle and Parvarti right now! They are so cunning and they are such strong players; physically and strategically! Parvarti is running this tribe now!

I am waiting for the day they ditch Russell and team up with Sandra!
I love Sandra! She is queen of all bitchiness put together!! I loved her during the Reward challenge!, "HELLZ YEAHS!"
hahah Im gonna miss the power pair!

And Coach!! Are you kidding me??!! You wore a kimono to tribal council???!!! WTH??! You're not a Geisha, honey! AHHAHAHAHHAh Hilarious! And the way he sat? Cross-legged???
Samurai fail.

Wow, I get so worked up! I wish there was a survivor Singapore! I would totally join! But that probably wont happen cus we dont have land for that!

So, I cant wait for next week cus it's the merge and it's gonna be full of drama with Sandra flipping to heroes and heroes realising their stupidity!
It's gonna be full of win! I HOPE!!

mammar hey 3:07 PM

Thursday, April 15, 2010


So, my dentistry interview went real badly! Like really really soo BAD!
It was all kinds of horrible. I am not exaggerating at all!
No matter how much I prepared, I could not have foreseen that they would ask me those questions or be so unkind.

All of them were in accordance that dentistry is NOT for me.
They say I should take some arts or design course because of my art skills.
I tried my best to tell them that I have considered that route but I just dont see myself being an "artist". I would much rather be a dentist because it is so much more fulfilling and I find everything to do with it very interesting!

And just because I dress well and that I have an interest in art, does not mean that I should pursue a career in art.
Yes, I do like to STIMULATE the right hemisphere of my brain once in a while. But, I also love to STIMULATE my left hemisphere.

You(the panel) may have lost your passion in dentistry but that does not give you the right to burst my bubble as well.

I thought the panel was going to be friendlier... I really did because I met Ian Yang before my interview and he said his went well(different group).
I guess I was just "lucky" enough to be in Team C.

Also, I thought it would be a good thing that I do a lot of things. Like sports and art and volunteer work etc. It just goes to show that I am an all rounder. But they didnt see it that way. :(:(:(
Not at all.

I told them that the first thing I see when I look at people are their teeth and the woman person was like I think it's the eyes. And then I looked at her teeth and they were really "not nice". OPPS.
And she's a prosthodontist.

There was this other guy on the panel and he was all sorts of disgusting. He was texting while talking to me and his leg was up. He asked me what was Oldam's middle name cus I was from ACJC. Of course I didnt know. Who cares about such history???
And it turns out he's a TRUE BLUE RED AND GOLD ACS boy! I should have known from his attitude. pfft.

The other guy was kind. I really liked him. He kinda looked like Mr Tham, my PW teacher. heh.

Insulting the panel is not gonna help but it makes me feel better!

Well, so after the terrible interview, I left and I teared abit and I let it ALL go in the toilet cubicle! Drama, I know.
And big boys do cry. If something means a lot to them, they do.

I was all kinds of sadness on the journey home, of course. I was close to tears like 4 times in total and I covered them up by yawning and looking sleepy. Image is still everything, people!

I got home and I acted normal because I didnt want my family to worry! Especially my mother cus she will be all over me and I just need space right now. So I acted like the interview went fine and watched American Idola and all.

And then I went to bed early to think things over. Also, I wanted to forget. So sleep was ideal.

My friends tell me that I should not lose hope or faith. But it is too much to ask for. Out of 400, only 48 people are going to be selected. Of course, it is too much!
But nevertheless, whatever the outcome, I will eventually ACCEPT it because Allah knows best and I will keep in mind that whatever he chooses for me, it is in my best interest! Insya'Allah.
There will be days where I will regret that I did not get into my dream course and I will definitely be disappointed.
Those days will be my manly version of a PMS. So watch out! heh.

So you ask me, "am I gonna be okay?"
I say," No, I am not."

At least not for a very very long time. My life seems directionless right now. All Ive worked for has been aiming towards Dentistry and now I just dunno what I will do with my life if I don't get in.
Ive got to U turn and think things through once again.

At the end of the day, it was really my own fault. I should have came up with a much more compelling reason.
And that's advice to all of you!

mammar hey 2:11 AM

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Its 1:05 in the AM and I am bored with nothing to do.

Yesterday I had my Manual Dexterity Test!
I am so glad it is over!
It was surprisingly expectedly fun! Like an arts and crafts class! heheh
We had to mould a plasticine into a molar, bend some wires and carve a plaster cylinder into some shape.

I think I did reasonably well but I am sure out of the 400 people shortlisted, 1 or more would do better than me! Hence, I must ACE my interview this coming Wednesday! Nervous or what??! HAHHA I MUST BE ONE OF THE 48 PEOPLE SELECTED!! confidence beb!

Just so you know, they gave me yellow plasticine to mould my molar and at one point, it looked like a delicious, juicy durian! HAHAH it was so disturbingly distracting! I think I salivated! haha. Here goes my durian craving again!!

Anws, for amusement sake, here are a few lot of GIFS from one of my many favourite shows out there! heheh Love love love Survivor 20!
I really liked her in the latest episode! She owned Jeff Probst ass during tribal council! Jeff needs to get over his boy crush Rob! heheh

Sorry if I hanged your computer. Not my fault youre running on pantium 1! heheh

Lets start off with COURTNEY!

Classic troll move

Classic eye rolling




Something smells.. hmm I think its you!

Dancing Parv!



I dont care!

Evil pig tails!


Danielle aka horseface!

The person of interest here is not danielle but LOOK AT COURTNEY!! HAHAH

Galloping horse!


Lion King


HEHE cute

The dragon needs some training!



Say whuut??




Random Villain moments!

Sit out clique! haha

??????? HAHAHAH

Okay enough for now!! shall save the heroes GIFS for next time! heheh gdnight!

mammar hey 1:05 AM