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Monday, January 28, 2008


Yesterday, was an eventful day.
In the afternoon, I went out with my Father and sister to Westmall, to pick out our new spectacles.
After eons of selecting an appropriate pair of spectacles that suited my face, my father sent me off to Bukit Timah Plaza.

Met up with the rest[ or part of] the 08S03 gang there.
Sorry I was late, but I had to bring along pliers right?! Super heavy sia!
It made my bag stink as well!

I brought along the new 8 megapix Canon camera(: It was LOOVEE! The camera functions etc.
Nothing beats, the white Sony camera though!

Anyhoo, we did not know where exactly to make the lantern, so KFC it was!
It was hilarious. We did not want the KFC people to kick us out, so we ordered some food and ate super slowly! hahaha.
Eventually, the KFC people found out that we were just exploiting their eating place to do our lantern, but they did not care. They even gave suggestions to how we could improve our design! HAHA.

So, the lantern does not really look like a mouse, but whatever eh?

Ahlian Airuuuuu!

BF actually used a calculater to calculate the dimensions etc. Siao!

Fooling around with camera functions.

Sheryl is bored.

I love the Colour Accent function of the new camera(:

Let me think....

Upon completion of the lantern, some left while others stayed on, to join the seniors as we treat them to a hearty meal at Pizza Hut!

It was really hearty! Cuz, I was super full after! The seniors got 5 12 inch pizzas, while we indulged in 3 pans!

It amounted to 270$ ++!

Anyhoo, I had a great dinner, all the joking around, sprinkling cheese and chilli into each other's drinks etc!

I like this picture. It look like a potrait!

Lixin is suicidal! Hwa Chong or NJ????!!

OMGOSH! Orang lips! :x

Huishan and me!

As Huishan says it, poison lips! :x

I got Gatsby hair!(:

Sarah Tan and me(:

Jeslyn and me(:

Let's do this again! Please(:

It's sad to see that some of us are leaving NJ.
What's gonna happen to our class then? 2 boys only?
Are they gonna split up our class?
Gosh. How sad that would be! :(

Alrighty, peace out(:

mammar hey 7:45 AM

Saturday, January 26, 2008


I am such a show freaking off![you should know me better]
I don't freaking care!
This is my freaking blog!
And I am freaking happy!
so what?!
All praise belongs to god!
Insyaallah, I'll be able to stay in NJC.
:x :x :x :x

I got $100 for every A1.
Go figure.
Too bad no $$ for A2s. lol!

mammar hey 8:53 AM

Friday, January 25, 2008

Today, we collected our OLevel results.
I was super duper scared for it!
My mother knew about it before me cuz my father told her since he teaches in my school.

So, when she called me, she sounded so sad.
So, I was like, "great! I think I can't make it back to NJC!"

So, when they were mentioning the Top students in our cohort, my heart was beating and thumping like crazy! Most of the top students got a 9! And, 9 was the maximum I should get to be [hopefully] able to stay in NJC. So, I was hoping for my face to be up there! Alas! I was so sad when I did not see my face! ARGHH!
I even texted Sheryl that I could not make it back to NJC already. lol

But, when the time came to collect the results...


9 Points!! Super happy lah! I did not care that my face was not up there!
They were trying to scare me only!
*found out from Ms Lee that I was no.11, so they didnt show my face! LOL. Suay.*
I am always 1 position behind one! In sec 3 + 4, I was 1 position away from being in top 5%! lol.

7 distinctions and 2 B3s [Malay and HML].
Hopefully, I am one of the few 9 pointers who get to stay!!

Finally, congratulations to AZIZAH for making it as the TOP MALAY STUDENT IN WHOLE OF SINGAPORE!!!
Wahh! Top student is my friend! HAHAHA

And of course all the rest of the MGS girls who scored 6 and 7s! Pro arh!
And of course my other classmates who got 6, 7, 8 and 9!
To those who could not make it, do not be disheartened. :(
I will miss you guys!
Of course, I can't be too complacent now. I might not even make it back to NJ, since only part of the 9 pointers do. So, I am still very nervous now. *gulps*.

Alrighty! NIGHTS!

mammar hey 3:41 PM

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Today is a really tiring day. For real.
I did not really want to go for hockey training today since I was already drained out from lectures and tutorials.
Somehow, Akash and some others convincde me into going for. it.
Might as well since it's gonna be the last training before our OLevel results this Thursday!! :x!
*inserts scary music here*

Anyhoo, training really made my already tired condition worse!
I got home sleepy and all.

All that was going through my head was,
"How am I gonna finish studying for Bio and Econs test like this?! How to complete Math?!"
So, I slept for a while first.
Now, clock has striked 115am, and I am finally done with everything! Well, almost everything.
Gosh. JC life sucks. And it's only been the first few weeks.

Oh, since it's the next day already, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEAN!!!
Sorry that I will not be able to make it for your celebration later on in the evening.
Dang JC.

Alright, gonna go get a goodnight's rest!

mammar hey 5:20 PM

Monday, January 21, 2008


Yesterday I was supposed to be out for the whole day.
Class bbq at Pasir ris and OG2 outing at Suntec.
However, since I was fasting yesterday[ religious reasons], I decided not to attend all those exciting events. Dang. I missed so much.
Instead, I stayed at home doing up my Biology notes and finishing up my homework. Oh, how could I forget, I slept as well! hehe.
At least my weekends were not really wasted.

Anyhoo, speaking of studies, I am super duper nervous, scared and at the same time anxious about the OLevel results coming out next week! :x!!!
Scary Gary, I tell you! Well, let's all hope for the best shall we?!
9 points! 9 points! At most!!! PLEASE!!!

I have pondered. I have contemplated and yes, I am planning and going to stay in NJC if I get the 9 points or below.
I considered ACJC, but I have made many great friends in NJC, and that's really hard to part with. What more could I ask for?
Besides, being in NJC is a family tradition. lol.

Okay, I am going to finish up the last 2 question of chemistry tutorials and complete the math assignment questions.
After which, I will desperately search the net for the answers to the lame Econs homework.
Finally, I will write all my classmates names on tiny papers and will draw lots tomorrow to reveal the "lucky" 8 who will be chosen to participate in the CNY competitions. LOL.
Do you have what it takes to be in the competition?

Not sure if I wanna go for Hockey training tomorrow. I suck at it. lol.
Maybe track and field? See how lah!

k gdnight! Lots to do, so little time.

mammar hey 1:10 PM

Friday, January 18, 2008


I look so dark lah! Sian.

Yesterday was tiring.
Celebrated Allicia's Birthday with the ex- OG2 gang during break time! She was really touched, so YAY!
Sorry, I didn't get you anything though :(

Also, the DM was being a _____.
She could use the microphone yet she preferred not to, resulting in everyone not knowing WTH she said.
It's like you were given a boat to cross the river, but you preferred to swim.
That's just plain dumb.
I hope she is not my GP teacher. PLEASE!!

I had hockey after which gave me darker skin. Everyone noticed that I looked tanner! Dang.

Anyhoo, today, we had chem practical. Quite so so lah. Was partnered up with Raj. Surprisingly, he was quite easy to work with. Phew!

After school I decided not to go for the science research talk and go back to KranjiSS instead. Was not really there to meet the teachers, but rather to meet James and Vicky! LOL.
Left when the Peer Tutoring started. I didnt sign up for it cuz I did not want to teach them kids the wrong things! :x LOL.

Okay, gonna do some Math and read through Biology(:

mammar hey 3:52 PM

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


There was only Math lecture today and it ended at 9am+
I was so happy lah! Cuz I understood everything the lecturer said. HO!

Since we were only allowed to leave the school at 1pm, some of us actually sat around in the canteen, talking trash and making fun of people. Crazy bunch. Really.

Somehow a few NJCians managed to leave through the side gate and some by the main gate.
We were unlucky enough cuz the security guard locked the side gate after he found out many were leaving early.
We did not want to go out by the main gate cuz it would be a long walk to the bus stop and the OM was there.

Janet and gang managed to bypass the OM and be freed from school by giving a lame and funny excuse: "We are not from this school!"
Hilarious. I cannot believe the OM fell for that. Stupid OM. Stupid. lol.

So, basically the ones left were, Sheryl, HuiShan, Lixin, BF, Raj, Sheryl MGS friend and of course me.

Sheryl you tattle tale! I swore BF and Raj looked like they wanted to kill me lah!

I confronted Apuneneh[ read previous entry] about the "thing". Of course I asked very cleverly lah! Cannot make it seem like I know right? tsk.
He seems to know alot about it! AHAHA.
So "PHANNY!" [inside joke]

Okay so we laughed and joked and disturbed people studying in the canteen with our loud nonsense and etc till 1pm! WAHH.
3 hours of nothing.
Me: I feel like a prisoner right now!
BF: Well, prisons aint that comfortable! There are no good food in prison!
Me: Well the food in NJ aint too good either! LOL

BF is seriously defensive! Once I said something wrong, he answered me aggressively lah!
Like want to fight!
Even on MSN.
Potential lawyer.
Or it could just be that he hates me!

Won't be surprise of the century though! Everyone hates me!
I am EVILL!!
I bet your mothers have warned you not to befriend me!

I think I have become the money lender in the class.
Everbody is exploiting money from me! Right Hui Shan? Right Sheryl? tsk.
Potential loan shark. No wonder your mothers do not want me to be your friend!

Anyhoo, got home at 1pm[finally], and went out again to collect my Edusave Scholarship at Lam Soon CC. Yay! I am 300$ richer! hoho!

Seelah! don't want to be my friend! I rich one leh! LOL

Tomorrow, lessons will start proper and I cannot wait to study Econs. A whole new subject!
What can I say? I am a nerd!
OH!! And there's maths tomorrow as well!
Scream with me people!
Cannot wait!
Anyhoo, Some students crashed SAJC and the police came and arrested them. Handcuffs and all.
They were taken to the police station where their parents had to bail them out at a price.
What an experience that would be. It would be a great conversation starter. A new line to make new friends!

Abu: Hey, guess wht? That day I got arrested sia!
Ali: What?! Why?!
Abu: Crashed SAJC lor!
Ali: WAHH! got like that one meh?
Abu: Stupid right? but so cool sia, being in a cell for some time! Like prisonbreak!
Ali: Oh my gosh! I want to be your friend already! You super cool can?!

Yeahh right! Ali's mother would probably warn him not to make such friends! HAHA.
Only the start of the year, arrested already! HAH!

But seriously speaking, the handcuffs are too much! Crazy SA authorities!

Gotta get some sleep. Eye bags are back in action yet again! Dang you eyebags! Dang you!

mammar hey 3:57 PM

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I just found out something interesting about a certain someone. Let's call him/her Apuneneh. lol
Totally disgusting!

Me and Sheryl were discussing abt it on msn!
Totally unexpected!
Who know a nerd would be so _________??!

We like told those who knows Apuneneh who were online all abt it!!
HAH! News spreads fast!

Anyhoo. It will be big news tomorrow! Hopefully no one mentions that it came from me! Even though this so called rumor is a proven fact! lol.

I don't want to be sent to the principal's office or go for counseling okay!!

Anyhoo. Apuneneh plays ______ games. Can't spell the word out. Don't wanna pollute my blog. Ya! Super disgusting la!

We are planning to confront Apuneneh tomorrow. Probably act dumb! lol.

Anyhoo, hockey was great! I thought I was gonna be some idiot guy who is a suoku to hockey!

Oh, Lo and behold! Most were very new to this game as well. So, I did not look too dumb if I lost the ball or something! HAHA.

Hopefully I get selected!

Sneha convinced me to join Indian Dance. But only next year!
Cause it will be SYF year.
Must make my portfolio chio mah!
But Im still considering though. Next year will be ALevels year.
I don't want life to be too hectic!
Gosh! Eversince I came to NJC, my English has been deteriorating!
With all the lah ler loh sia see saw!
Bad influence! haha!
It must be the SCGS girls. lol. joking.

Met our new classmate, Zainuddin today. Not bad. He's quite friendly and all. He is not too mugger so that's fine with me! lol.

After school, was supposed to go for OG2 outing but HuiShan wanted me to have lunch with her!
Hopefully, tomorrow there will be another OG2 outing! I have missed 2 already! WAH seyy!

Lunch was fun. The Murtabak at Adam Road was delicious and crispy!
After, we went town to shop. I am a fast shopper as most of you know. So, In less than an hour, I got myself a Billabong pencil box for only $20! Talk about cheap!

Went back school for hockey after.
Okay, so now, I need to finish chemistry, clean my room, read the bio notes and set up the class blog! Gosh! And it's already 1215am! Dead liao!!

Told you my English is going downhill!

mammar hey 4:19 PM

Sunday, January 13, 2008

IT'S OVER?! :(

AHH! Sorry for the lack of updates on the amazing orientation in NJC that I had.
On most of the days, the orientation lasted through the night. As such, when I got back, I was too tired to switch on the computer and blog.

So, since today is Saturday, I will blog more about it. However, I can only show you a few pictures since most of them are with my OGL Vicki. Also, the Aqua people have yet to update the Aqua blog with the OG3 pictures. Dang.S03!(:

Anyhoo, my class S03 only has 4 guys[including me], in which 1 was absent throughout the whole orientation. Will only meet him on the first day of lessons.

There are 2 guys in my class, namely, Raj and Ber Fong which I don't really click with. They are more onto the intellectual side. When you talk to Ber Fong, you will end up talking science. If anyone of us says anything scientifically wrong, he will correct us. Hah, it's really intimidating sometimes.

Raj is a different case. Coming from StAndrews, an all boys school, I presume he thinks that massaging a guy without him knowing or hugging his arm around another guy's neck is okay. Well, earth to Raj, it seems really gay to me and I don't feel comfortable whenever you do that. Talk about weird.

Besides, these two guys think that games like polar bear, pour water etc, is lame and somehow childish. But, I give Raj credit for participating in our pour water game and not sitting out like BF.
It seems that he had fun. So, it aint too lame now is it Raj? lol.

Also, during OG dinners/ outings, these 2 guys chose to absent themselves, leaving me the only guy. Talk about lack of class spirit.

Given that, I feel quite alone sometimes in a class consisting of mostly girls. It is bittersweet really.
I thought that when I came to NJC, I would make at least 1 really really good guy friend. But, it seems that that might not happen. Hopefully this other Zainuddin guy is someone I can connect with.

Anyhoo, on the 5th day of orientation we had station games, where in some of the games, we got soaked to the skin. For a lack of a better word, we were DRENCHED!

I got injured on the first game cuz some guy in my class, won't mention who[ well, it's not that difficult to guess since there were only 3 other boys in my class and 1 was absent throughout the orientation.] pushed me ever so violently that I grazed my toe on the rough ground.
But, I was not gonna let an injury keep me from having fun!

Well, after washing up, we had mass dance in which I was sabo-ed to dance in front of the Aqua people with my super talented dancer partner, Jeslyn. She totally out shadowed me can?

I had MLDDS after which was a bore and it ended late.

On the 6th day, we had The Quest, or rather an Amazing Race. It was real fun but it was real tiring and straining. I got blisters and the sole of my shoe came off. Thanks to Sheryl Teo for providing me with plasters to "heal" my shoe! HAHA! Lifesaver.

This day, I was placed on a fence. I did not know wheather to go with my previous OG for dinner or with my new OG for dinner! It was a difficult decision can?
In the end, I went with my new OG in hopes of bonding with them more. I don't regret my decision cuz I had great fun. But I did wish that I could go for my ex- OG outing as well. :(

Met Eja on the bus ride! Nice seeing you girl!(:

On Day 7, we had Intra Clan Games. Being in the Aqua House, we had water games. We got wet etc.

LiXin has water in her ears!

I was again placed on the fence on this day. I did not know weather to dance with Jeslyn for the competition or go for MLDDS. Sucks to be me really!
I went for MLDDS. And I regret this decision. Cuz It sucked and Jeslyn was partnered with a sucky guy. Consequently, we lost. boohoo! Jeslyn you rock btw! I am really sorry to leave you!! I feel terrible!!

At night, we had AQUA outing at the Naked Fish Shoppe! The food was so- so. But there was not much variety. So that sucked. BF betrayed us by joining another OG for the dinner lah! He even had the nerve to take a picture with their OG. Ya, we know you hate permanent alliances cuz you can't betray them. You said so yourself. Now, we know for real. Whatever rows your boat lah kay?



On the 8th and last day, we had war games where we got wet all over again! It was real fun and all.
At night, it rained so the campfire was canceled and we had a dance party in the Hall instead! In the meantime while waiting for the Hall to be preped up, we played pour water.

Look at the tall dome lah!

Hui Shan had to ask a guy to tie her shoelaces for her forefeit!

I had to go up to a girl, Lei Hoy and tell her that everytime I see her, my heart goes thump thump*inserts heat beating action!*

Huishan had a second forfeit and she did it with Azizah.

A guy from another OG doing a Kawaii forfeit!

Man Han and Yuxian's forfeit was a chicken dance!

The loser had to drink this cup of "chip" water.

Poor Hui Shan had to do a third forfeit! She said the water was delicious! LOL.

I have the video of Raj's and Lixin's forfeits but I shall not post it up cuz it takes long to upload them on YouTube.

The lightings in the hall/ dancefloor were aweso- freaking- some!! Loved it loved it!
I was super high, I danced like a megalomaniac! Breakdanced and all! Hah! I bet most of my classmates did not know I had such amazing moves! HAHA. How narcissistic was that?

Got home late cuz I missed 2 67 buses since they were all full! LOL.

Met Zul on the bus ride home(: Great to see you dude!(:

Gonna go get new sport shoes tomorrow with Faizal! Have not seen him a long while so it will be great cathing up and all. Coincidentally, we both are gonna join Hockey. HURRAH!
Yup, Monday's the training. Gonna go there with Akash and maybe Huzaiffah.

We got our Chemistry Lecture notes already. Will be reading through them soon. LOL.

Apu neneh
gucci gucci

k bye(:

mammar hey 10:22 AM