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Monday, December 31, 2007

I finished downloading the Bourne movies on the computer, plus other good movies[Miami Vice] as well. I just hope that I will be able to complete watching them by the time school starts.

Here are the movies I watched today and yesterday. I know! It's alot!

Battle Royale is such a sick, twisted movie. Which country would allow the teachers place their students on an island to kill off each other?! Gosh. That is so twisted!

And Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy? I thought that it was gonna be some funny comedy. I was so wrong. It was just plain STUPID! I stopped watching after the first few minutes. Bottom line, don't watch.

Wrong Turn 2 was gruesome and gory, especially near the end. It was kind of like The Hills Have Eyes. But I am not sure which movie came first. However, the axing the women in half seemed fake and the intestines? please.
Basically, both movies involves deformed cannibal serial killers!
Gotta go find Wrong Turn 1 and watch it.

I am Legend was crap! Don't watch. There was this scene where Robet Neville sleeps in the bathtub with his dog but he wakes up the next day in his comfy bed instead! What is up with that?
Besides, if you are gonna watch this movie for the action, forget it! Seriously.

Alvin and The Chipmunks was okay okay. Not much to say about it.

30 Days of Nights? You have to really pay attention to it to understand. I expected more. Especially since the review said that it was gory and bloody.
To be honest, the blood seemed fake. It was too bright and watery.
And a group of vampires as butchering murderers? So cliched! Almost every movie is doing it.
Nonetheless, it was a good movie. Better than I Am Legend for sure.

You can't go wrong with Saw IV. But, you would have to watch the previous movies to really understand the movie well.

So, I give up on Smallville. It seemed too draggy and repetitive.
Gosh Clark! You suck!
And Lana was a witch? Well, give and take a letter[b*tch].
Alicia was sweet. She would totally make a good gf for Clark. Too bad she died early!
And Chloe? Get over Clark already!
Lex, you friggin manipulative paranoid freak!
Lionel, you change your personalities like you change your clothes!

Now, I am watching Two and a Half Men. It is so frigging funny! More or less "Friends" kind of funny! It is a must watch! I am now watching season 3! MUST WATCH!!

American Dad too was one of my next addiction after Smallville. But, I stopped after the first season. No, not because I could not handle the racist jokes.
It's just that I could not find links for season2. heh!

Oh gosh! Let me list the Tv series I have watched during the holiday. I can't list down the movies I have watched cuz that would be a long one and I cannot possibly remember all!
So the TV:
Gossip Girl
Smallville 1/2/3/4/5
How I met Your Mother 1/2/3
Heroes 1/2
Two and a Half Men 1/2/3
Friends 1
American Dad 1
AusNTM 1?
Project runway Canada
Project Runway US
Survivor China
Ugly Betty 2
Grey's Anatomy
Desperate Housewives

I guess that's about it? This was fun!

of course you weren't actually born at that time. But whtvr eh!
Like I said, everyone be celebrating your bday at vivo and be having fireworks!

Tomorrow, bowling with some peeps. My bowling shoes don't fit no more, so I have to rent. Well that sucks.


mammar hey 2:18 PM

Saturday, December 29, 2007


A new year calls for a new layout! I like it! Very much! The colour gradient etc.
Those speakers you see there are not actually speakers.
They originated from a picture of a camera!
I know right? How cool. Somehow, I managed to tweak it.

Anyhoo, I have edited the Pulau Ubin pictures so here they are! Some of these pictures are not the right way up so deal with it! LOL LOL LOL.

The Jetty.

View from the ferry.

Upon arrival. I look kinda gay here. -__-"

View from our chalet room.

The food there was served in minute amounts. Really.

Our addiction during the 2 day stay! We even figured a way to play without slotting in the one dollar in. Sneaky, I know.

After a hearty meal, the family went for a half hour long canoe in a tiny waterhole.

We then rented bicycles and took them for a ride to Chek jawa wetlands. I like that I don't look skinny here. hoho!

After which, we had to get off our bicycles and hike on foot all the way.

The view from the watch tower.

Yes, that is my mother plucking out "uban" from my father's scalp. I like the divide between the mud and the green plants! cool no?

Oh, the emo moments! LOL!

Aite peace out hommies!

mammar hey 2:52 PM

Friday, December 28, 2007


As most of you know, my birthday happens to fall on christmas day ie 25 December! I use to think that there were not many people borned on this day or the days before and after it. However, as I have come to realise that there are many borned on the same day as mine! How cool is that?!

So, finally, I am a true sixteen year old. Hell yeah!

So, like any typical blogger would do, I am gonna thank all those peeps out there who remembered my bday and gave me bday wishes!

God bless the following:

Izzati, Syarif, James, Navin, Serena, Sarah, Muneera, Atiqah, Rashidah, Ellysa, Izzaty, Faizal, Iskandar, Cang Ning, Wan Zhen, Christine, Marliyana, Rena, Khairani, Natasha, Thohirin and Junpei!
If I forgot to mention your name sorry! Really!

Anyhow, on that day itself,
I went to Bugis with Faizal and Iskandar in hopes of finding a new school bag! Unfortunately, most of the bags were out of my price range! In the end, I spent most of my money on clothings, namely a cardigan and a checkered shirt!
Next time, I should want to shop for clothes to end up buying a bag! Oh well!

Later at night, the family went to Changi Airport's Swensens to indulge in a finger licking meal! Need I say more?

The next day,
the family went to Johore Bahru's Jusco and we shopped but we did not really drop! I thought that maybe this would be chance to get a bag but again, I sidetracked and bought a shirt from Padini at half price and a pair of PVC loafers [FINALLY!].

Dang. i guess that I will have to surive the first few days of JC with last year's bag! Better than nothing no?

the family wanted to go out to watch I Am Legend. But, I convinced them to stay home instead since I already downloaded that movie to my computer in HD. As such, we began the complicated process of connecting the CPU to the TV and watching it! We succeeded in the end! So, Hurrah to that!

Obviously I slept through the movie since I have watched it and it was super boring! I dunno why people like it so much and why it was given a 4 star rating! It was so Resident Evil minus the action! Spells boredom, duh!

Okay, I guess that just about sums up my week! gdbye! Gonna get me some McWings!

mammar hey 7:33 AM

Saturday, December 22, 2007











mammar hey 12:46 PM

Thursday, December 20, 2007


So the movie was cancelled, or rather postponed to some other day.

And, so sorry, but I am unable to upload the Ubin and Msia pictures just yet since the pictures are in my sister's laptop which is low in batt and is unable to charge.

Anyhooways, yesterday, the family went out for supper at Changi Airport. We found our way to Tong Shui Cafe somewhere on level three. My mother had the craving for Hong Kong styled food while I was just craving for food.
My cousin said that the food there was finger licking. However, we were left dumbfounded when the food came and it tasted awful as hell.
Never ever ever eat there! You have been warned!

In the words of Sito from Makansutra, "I give it zero chopsticks!"

In other news, I have completed my sister's night cycling poster and now, I am working on a new layout for this old and rusted blog of mine. Hurrah to that!

okay, so to all the muslimin(ahs) dan muslimats, SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILADHA!

mammar hey 1:32 PM

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Back from Pulau Ubin y'all!

I must say, it was really fun and exciting.
Will post up them pictures when I upload them to the computer.

Anyhooways, I have been jumping from one blog to another looking at where my friends have been posted to for their PAE. How sad I was when I realised that I could not find any who were being posted to NJC.
So, I began google searching and I still could not find much who were being posted there. There were one or two but none I know well. Perhaps most of them do not have blogs?
And then, I start pondering. Maybe not many people got accepted to NJ so I should really be lucky and thankful.

I have some friends who did WAYYYY better than me and placed NJ as their first choice, got their second instead. And, most of them placed ACJC as their second.
I really thought that I would not make the cut for National and would make do with Anglo.

I guess it's god's way of saying that I was meant for greater things! LOL!!!

Besides, it's only 3 weeks. We have not seen the OLevel results yet! For all I know, I would not do that well! Let's hope not shall we!!

Going out again tomorrow for another movie with the same old 4F boys. We be watching Warlords yo!

Not really that excited since I am not into history/war movies, especially those that was based in the old Chines period etc. So yeah.

My sister is paying me $20 to design/make a poster for her night cycling event. I am almost done with it but I am not quite feeling the hots for it! So, might redo the whole thing.

Anyways, it's 4am in the morning right now and I don't wanna be late tomorrow. Even if I am late, I bet, I am worth the wait! LOL.

Okay, gdnight! gonna go get some shut eye now!

mammar hey 8:10 PM

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Yesterday, I got back from a wonderful and eventful 3 days 2 nights chalet with the 4F boys minus Xiong Jie.

The first day started off boring and unexciting.
We settled in the expensive but cockroach filled tiny room. Totally not worth the money. Seriously.
However, we decided that we should make the best of it and enjoy.
As usual, if you were ever in East Coast Park, you would rent a bike and cycle the area. So, that was what we did.
By the end of day three, our buts were sore and our thigh muscles aching.

All of us decided that we would not sleep on the first night.
So, at 3am, we all went out for a game of pool somewhere near Macdonalds area.
I never played pool before so I was like, "pardon my lousiness."
It felt quite awkward using the stick, poking the balls etcetera.

Just when we thought that the night/morning would end and we would go back to our room and slack, something interesting happened!

Lo and behold!
An Indian couple was drowning in the canal nearby.
Like any other sane person would do, I pulled the brakes on my bicycle and went to see if I could be of any assistance.
So, I dialed the police and explained to them the location of the two drowning people in the canal. Luckily for the drowners [lol?] , a professional diver was around. Imagine that, right place at the right time. Unfortunately, the canal wall was too high up and they were unable to climb up.

So, SEVERAL policemen called my handphone to check for updates.
The questions they asked were really irrelevant, sometimes weird and useless.

Like, how deep is the canal?
How am I supposed to know, I'm not the one drowning here.
And he asked me the same question a few times.

Other questions include, what is their race?
How is knowing their race help save them? Get your men here already!!
But I guess that there was just police procedure and I was/am not gonna argue about it.

I am telling you, if I was the one drowning[ considering I do not know how to swim] and there was no professional diver around and someone called the police, I would be dead already because they were really really late! And the neighbourhood police is only a few kilometers away!!

Well, now I have several police phone numbers in my phone! LOL.

And through it all, I managed to let out the blogger in me.
"Dang, I should have brought my camera along!"

Anyhooways, they were save and that was that. Apparently, they had drugs on them and Suren and Sean saw them fighting before at 7pm. Imagine fighting from 7 till 3!

Well, at least that was what we thought happened since Suren heard them conversing in Indian about drugs etc.

So, back at the tiny space we call room, all of us gathered around discussing the situation and how it would be like if someone else drowned and we started making crude and evil jokes about it. I feel really bad about it really! But it was a great bonding session. Definitely!

The excitement just exhausted us, so most of us fell asleep. As we figured, it was a chore trying to cram 9 boys in 3 beds. Well... I fell asleep before the sleeping arrangement was resolved so I don't know how they did it but they did!

Scary thing was, I suddenly woke upin the middle of the morning and had a laughing fit! I could not stop laughing and laughing and laughing and I thought I was going mental or something! Creepy I know.

Second day, was the day of the barbecue which turned out unsuccessful since not more than half the class came! Apparently, they were either away on holiday or had to do night shifts for their part time job. Story of our lives.

In the morning, some of us who were already awake decided to head out to the beach and then Bedok Jetty.

This was the day, our butts really sored! We needed to get some bbq supplies so, we cleverly decided to cycle all the way to bedok interchange instead of walking then taking the bus.

It was a bad decision on our part because we almost got lost and not our feet or thighs, but our butts were killing us! 3 hours on bikes can seriously hurt our handles. Yeah, okay, moving on....

The chicken was delicious and I did not have any stomachache the next day, so hurray to that!

Well, the third day, me and James went to catch the sunrise but the sun was blocked by some humongous clouds. I managed to snap some beautiful pictures though. So, it was definitely worth it.

Basically, all of us were worn out from yesterday's adventure etc. So, we were mostly moody and had nothing much to say.

Most of us were badly sunburnt from the extreme heat of the sun, turning red! So, stop global warming and


Got back home and tomorrow I am leaving for Ubin with the family! Gosh, my holiday is so interesting! Jealous arent you?

Oh, and guess what? I got into National JC for the PAE! I am not sure what to feel about this. But, we will see how the first month goes. So far, from what I know, only YuHui and I are going to this JC. But, I can always make new friends, even for just a few weeks!

Currently, due to the writer's strike, I decided to catch up on my Smallville by watching it from season 1 till 7! So far, I am at season 3! I can seriously do character profiling.

Clark Kent and his on off relationship with Lana Lang. His, I need to do this on my own and save the world mentality. Not to forget, his bad decision making.

Jonathan Kent and his stubbornness and overprotectiveness.

Martha Kent and her I want to be the mediator and telling her husbands the, "do you remember when you were young..."

Lex Luthor and his twisted mind and his obsession with Clark! His paranoia etc.

I can go on on the other characters but I wanna go pack my bags now so, yeah!


mammar hey 3:34 PM