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Friday, November 30, 2007


Remember that 1960s cartoon Alvin and the Chipmunks? There is gonna be an animated movieof it. Have you guys heard their single how we roll? It is super cute and at the same time very upbeat! LOL!

Anyhooways, to prove to you guys that I can really solve the rubik's cube, here are some pictures. Why? Because I want to lah! Don't ask merepek questions eh.

mammar hey 9:12 AM

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Since Blogger does not have the cut and I do not want to flood this blog with multiple pictures, so, the grad nite pics are in this 2001 post. Click to open.


mammar hey 6:00 AM

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Ahh, I am finally done editing and captioning 84 pictures. All that is left is uploading the videos and posting them up.
However, since the grad nite post will be picture heavy, I will probably post it somewhere else.

So, for now, i will talk about the awesome night I had yesterday.
My favourite part was the food, obviously. That was the main reason I came , apart from the overwhelming cam whoring sessions with friends and teachers.
I especially loved the seabass fish and the prawns! Not forgetting, the delicious and juicy baby octopus! Mmm!

The performances were, I would not say great, but I also would not say that it was boresome. It was just mediocre. I was actually more interested in eating than watching, so i cannot be the judge of it. LOL.

After some time, the boys and I decided to excuse ourselves from the dinner table and head out for cam whoring sessions with A HELL LOT of people! Unfortunately, we missed the desert. Bohhoo!

At around 11pm, I left Rasa Sentosa with some others. We walked along the unlit beach, getting sand in our shoes. Nevertheless, it was fun!

Well, my adventure ends there! So, watch out tomorrow for the pictures. Edited and all! (:

mammar hey 3:46 PM

Monday, November 26, 2007

I have AWESOME news!

I solved the RUBIK'S CUBE more than 10 times already!! No kidding! I swear!!
I am practically an expert! I can prove it to you!

Anws, Tomorrow is grad nite y'all! If you guys ever realised, I rarely use the word prom. I dunno, I just don't like it. It sounds too superficial. Something only bimbos would use. No offence.

Anyhooways, I ditched the fugly $9 mask I got from FarEast. What a rip off! I bought another nicer one at concourse for only 2 freaking bucks!
However, I did not like the glaring/blinding gold colour and just now, I went to paint it a darker shade of brown to match my outfit. I just hope the paint dries by tomorrow :x!!
Other than that, I think that I am all prepared except that I think my pants are too baggy? Gosh, I hope I don't look ugly and short[??] on grad nite!! pls god!!

Actually, the above was not the awesome news, the awesomest of the awesomest news ever is that, MY ARTWORK GOT SELECTED TO BE SHOWCASED AT HEREEN!!!!
scream with me people!



not enough? scream again!


I still remember my first artwork that was made public at Marina. Unfortunately, I was unable to see it since it was so near the OLevels period! But now I can!!

So, if you guys are free from the 8th to 20th December, please feel free to drop by The Hereen Shops, level 5 and cast your votes[preferably for me :x!!]! There will be other artworks displayed as well. duuh! And animal music? Yah.

So remember hor!!!

Go mark your calender now!

I wanna go sleep now. Won't wanna have (more)eyebags tomorrow!

mammar hey 2:09 PM

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Sorry for the late absence. The internet connection has been kind of wacky.

So before the internet goes off again, let me take this chance to blog about the recent happenings.

So, today, I went out shopping for my pants with some sec5s and Faizal and iskandar. Firstly, we went to Concourse to get our masks! Seriously, it was much cheaper and nicer than the ones in FarEast!

Next up, we went to Bugis street to get Isk his blazer. He bought the same blazer as mine, but I do not really care. As long as I look hot on grad nite. LOL.

Finally, we headed to Causeway point to get my Knickers pants! it was quite expensive but nothing I could not afford. LOL. I sound like some rich ass person, when I am actually not that rich! HAHAHA.

Oh, finally, all the grad nite shopping is done. I still need to get my loafers though. But, I'll do without it I guess.

Okay, pictures will be posted up tomorrow? We will see!


mammar hey 12:34 PM

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Back from a tiring and dull day at Town with Marliyana and Germaine.
Finally got my mask. Not sure if I am liking it or not, but oh well!
So, all I need now is a pair of dark gray brown pants to match my gray brown[oversized] blazer! gahh!
okay, who wants to go out with me to find them pants??!

In other news, I am still not broke yet which is very good news! I still have money in my wallet and I have not withdrawn any of the $200+ money I have in my bank yet! So, hhurray to me! Furthermore, my allowance will be increased from $100/month to $200/month starting from next year!
Yay!! More money!

Other than that, since I am bored during the holidays, with nothing much to do but laze around, I have decided to continue with my "foolscap" art! So far, I have completed one and a quater cuz my black marker ran out of ink:( But, I bought a new marker and it I will continue afterwards.

Today, I went to the library after a long time to borrow some books. Alas, my taste in books is very blah. So, I ended up reading two draggy and uninteresting non fiction. I might return them tomorrow since it is the worst book that i have ever read. I mean, the author apparently has little to write about when he describes himself[ in the book] selecting a blue portugese notebook which was placed atop of another green notebook beside 12 different brands of PAPERCLIPS! Why did I need to know that? tsk.

Okay, I am feeling sleepy right now, so I might as well turn in/ hit the hay! In other words, I am off to bed!

Have a good night everyone! Love ya!

mammar hey 11:41 AM

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I got my grad nite outfit yesterday. Not what I was looking for but it will do I guess.
Initially I did not want to wear a blazer, but my impulsive self bought one.
Part of me loves it but another part of me dislikes it. Oh well!

Today, I might be going out to get me a mask at FarEast. i have this Idea in my head and I think that it's gonna look awesome! Hopefully.

So, only after a few weeks when my computer finally regained it's connectivity to the internet, it suddenly lost that connection again! As such, I am feeling so livid and fumed right now!

Also, tonight, I will be going out with the family to catch Bee Movie at Lido Cineplex[I think...]
Movie critics gave it 2 stars, but only I can decide if I like the movie or not, so we will see!

Ok more updates later!(:

mammar hey 11:43 PM

Monday, November 19, 2007


I almost died today. But, thank god, I did not.
While walking to religious class today, i almost got hit by an orange van.
While walking home from religious class, i almost got hit by a HUGE white bus!
I know, how careless could I get.
That is what you get for listening to your MP3 while crossing the road. tsk.

Well, the religious exam, not to jinx it, but it was rather easy. Easy as pie.

I have not decided where to go tmr to shop. maybe bugis? FarEast? Heeren?
We'll see.

Alright. goodbye(:

mammar hey 7:19 AM


In a few minutes time, I have to quickly get in the shower and prep myself for religious class later on. Truth be told, I am not really as worried as I always had been for the Hadis and Arab examinations later on. Despite not studying mind, I think that I would still be able to complete the papers and get a passing mark. I hope my photographic memory is working well today. We'll see later.

So basically, my parents and little sister are out for the Home Team NS Car Rally competition. Last year I joined them and we won the first position. This year however, I was (un)fortunate enough to have religious class on the same day as the competition. Alas, I am unable to join them in competing for the first prize. Ultimately, I would have to stay home doing nothing eventful nor productive. A movie anyone?

Anyhooways, I am thinking of a new idea for my mask since "someone" stole my first idea of the silver chain thingy. Dang. But I bet that many have watched that perfume advertisement in which the mask debut itself. So I am guessing that many of the same type will present itself on grad nite.

So now, I am thinking that since I will/might be wearing brown, I would have a gold mask, with tiny fake diamonds on the right side of it, which will fade as it moves nearer to the left. I know it seems gay and a little too rich, I suppose, but I hope it turns out well. On monday, will be making my mask at FarEast!

On other news, I find facebook similar to friendster. Seriously, I cannot find any HUGE difference. I dunno how people can get addicted to it, but I am guessing that it's the I poke you you poke me thing. *rolls eyes*
People are finding new social antics and it really seems like a desperate attempt to expand their circle of so called acquaintances or friends. As they say, "everything in life is a popularity contest."

And, everything in my life sucks!
So goodbye(:

mammar hey 12:30 AM

Sunday, November 18, 2007


I am still feeling quite despondent that I could not go to Lime Sonic Bang tonight. Thank's to my mother that is.
Oh well, at least I got a truckload of sleep today. From 3pm till 730pm!
Hell Yeah!

So anyhooways, today the whole group of Higher Malay-ians of sec0407 went to visit Mr Zainal.
his house seems cosy and all. i especially liked his "theatre" room. It had old posters which he collected back in his days, pasted on the walls.
So, we watched this video when we were in Melacca in sec2. I must say, I looked really slenger back then.
I guess that two years from now, I will look back at my sec4 pictures and think the same as well.

As I had said in my previous posts, i would clear all the papers and books. Finally, I am done! It took me 6 plastic bags and a bucket full of sweat to finish clearing them up! Hurray!

Madrasah exam tomorrow:(

PICTURES![editted and all!]


mammar hey 1:09 PM

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Oh finally, a new layout. i am quite pleased with the end result despite it looking a little bit blurry.
If you know me, you would know that I love to doodle on my foolscap pad. I think i have a whole collection of decorated foolscap pads. i could start a gallery! LOL.
So, anyhooways, I decided that i should use it for a layout. Viola!
I love it!

moving on to other (un)interesting news, I have FINALLY started to clean up the papers and worksheets after days of procrastinating! Work is still in progress but I think that I can get it done by latest tomorrow. Also, tomorrow I have to finish my religious class's project and study for their exams. Sucks to be me, I know.
Currently, I adore the song Let go by Frou Frou. Weird band name but nice song.
Over my head by sum 41 too sounds amazing!
Lets see, what other songs...
Oh ya, My Happy Ending by Mika
When I'm with you by Simple Plan
Saw it on your keyboard by hello goodbye.

Dang, I cannot wait to go shopping on Monday.
I seriously need some new clothes!
but where to get the money??
Rob the bank--duhh.

I wanna go swimming. It's been a long time since I swam.
I might even want to continue taking my lifesaver's course during the holidays.

We'll see how things go.

mammar hey 11:08 AM

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I have been studying fashion trends on the net and deciding how the outlook of my grad nite outfit is going to turn out to be.
I have seen multiple pictures of pants and shirts and tuxs
And I go---HOT!!
And then I go---EXPENSIVE!
And then I think---DANG!
So I said--NEXT!

Seriously, people think that men have an easier time looking for a nice looking outfit to wear for grad nite in comparison to women.
But, I beg to differ. Men have just as much difficulties in finding that "on the dot" outfit. I mean, we have our flaws too, like looking thin, fat, having moobs, or whatsoever.
Just like women have their flaws and insecurities like a fat booty or a non- existent butt. So, we men, we have to find the right outfit, the perfect clothing to hide our flaws and accentuate our assets or bold areas.

Okay, enough fashion talk.
The Holiday is a sweet and touching love story.
It gives you the right amount of weep with a tinge of comedy in it!
You guys should really watch it. REALLY!

Today, I will be staying home and cleaning up all my study materials. Goodbye, math worksheets, so long physics test papers and farewell geography assignments! My room and the house will look much more neater without my study materials lying around anymore! Hurray to that!(:

And, on Friday, I will be attending the JC talk and use the computer for the whole day after, doing my religious class project[stupidstupidstupid] and creating a new look for this site! Also, might watch The Bourne Ultimatum(:

On Saturday, it is a trip to Mr Zainal's house and studying for my religious class exams which is on the next day. :(((

On Sunday, I will get the religious class' exams over and done with and sadly, because of that I would miss participating in the car rally with the family. It is so sad but what to do? :(((

Finally, on Monday, will be going out with some people to shop for the final outfit and probably a mask[maybe the mask will be shopped for the next day? we'll see.]

And for the rest of next week??
Who knows?
time will tell.

mammar hey 7:37 PM


Just right after the OLevels and I am already a busy man, finding a reason to escape from the enclosure I call home. Ever since the end of Biology paper 1, I have been going out and coming home late. I must say the outings were fun and exciting and obviously the company was GREAT. No, wait, it was AWESOME!!

The pseudo post OLevels celebration at Izzaty's house was amazing. The food was more than delicious, it was luscious and finger licking. My favourite- the prawn, obviously.
Her new house was huge and the interior was well furnished with most of the items coming from IKEA. I quote from Ellysa, "Ikea sponsor you or what?" Precisely.
Watching the two movies after was great as well. We watched Game Plan and Suster Ngesot, while indulging in some yummy-licious icecream.
I had so much joy and fun that I only managed to snap one picture with the Canon camera.
Once again, thanks for the amazing company and great fun, Izzaty, Ellysa, Atiqah, Faizal and Iskandar!

Today, a number of us of about 15 went over to Ms Ratna's house. unfortunately, it was not as exciting as I expected. I mean, you have all the fun and crazy people like Taiyi, Billy, Yang Zhi and Stozer of course. So obviously you would expect some drama or jokes no?
Oh, Lo and Behold, instead of chatting with Ms Ratna and catching up with each other, some of them wanted to watch a movie, namely, 40 year old virgin.
And, they would laugh at the most stupidest thing. When a person says F***, they will laugh. *rolls eyes*
So, the whole day went on draggy. As such, Izzaty, Ellysa, Atiqah, Faizal, Iskandar and I decided to leave early mainly because we were exhausted and also because we were bored as hell.
Amazingly enough, we all still had the energy to go to the pasar malam located near her house.
We played some childish yet fun game, throwing ping pong balls into tiny holes. Ultimately, we won ourselves a Pink Panther beach ball.
So, enough with the dull elaboration, feast your eyes on some pictures! Editted with the removal of pimples and scars of course(: I am a nice guy. duhh. Also, the lightings were editted.






mammar hey 2:26 PM