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Thursday, February 25, 2010


This morning, the school called and told me that I had outstanding sports comm fees not paid yet! HEHEHE

So I told them that i'd pay before collecting my results!
Then I paniked about ALevel results all over again!

Ive been freaking out since a few weeks back cus everytime I think of March, I think of results and my heart starts beating sooo fast!


Then in the afternoon, I buried myself in more movies, in hope of putting aside bad thoughts about results day!
It worked.


My mother came home with a bunch of letters from universities!
I paniked again!

Aiyoh.. Life sucks.

Let's talk movies instead okay?!

So I watched Agora and Precious today.

I didnt really like Agora because it was so religiousy and sciency and I cant really understand all those stuff. My history isnt really that good either so I found it kind of hard to follow and stuff.

Precious was unexpected. I really thought it was going to be really good because of all the hype surrounding it but it was a really bad movie!

The worst movie Ive watched since a long time!

The plot was okay I guess? And the acting was not bad. The only outstanding actress was Precious' mother. She played the part really well considering she's a comedian and all in real life.

But the ending was stupid and half the time, you are trying to figure out what the hell is happening or what in the world the actors are talking about because they mumble forever.

So point is, WASTE OF TIME!

So I paused the movie watching for a while to watch AI!

I was really disappointed with all the singers, both male and female! They just didnt perform their best this week! BOO!

Im sorry this post is so messy and all over. My mind is just preoccupied!

So, Im gonna go watch another movie now!
From Paris With Love!

Goodbye and good luck for results on Friday y'all!

mammar hey 8:20 PM

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


As you can see, I changed the layout again!
You see, I got tired of looking at my face every time I access my blog.
Not that I can ever get tired of seeing my beautiful face but I know you guys are! AHHA
See, Im too knid.

So the theme of this layout is Wild Things, inspired by the movie, "Where the Wild Things are".
In fact, the dude in the layout was the boy from the movie, except I changed a few of his features.
I really like the wolf costume he wore during the movie.

Anyways, about the movie, I really liked it because it reminds us of our childhood days where our dreams were so out there and imaginative. I dunno, thats just me.
I used to daydream about being a superhero or a member of the Power Rangers fighting monsters.

Nowadays, our dreams are mostly about doing well for A Levels or being successful in life.

I guess that it is a good thing that our dreams have matured but I guess it is also important for us to stimulate the right hemisphere of our brain.
If not in our dreams then maybe through our work and how we carry out our lives.
Like I dunno, doodle on your notes and stuff. Hehehe.
Guilty as charged!

Anyway, the second part of this post is:
Ammar's Guide to UNhealthy Eating!

Recently, I have been eating unhealthily cus
1) healthy food gross me out
2) I am on my way to growing fat

Unfortunately, I am not meeting my second objective.
The contrary, I am actually loosing weight :(
OMG I really dunno what I should do. I have even stopped running at the gym and drinking fruit juices( cus they have more calories).

Anyways, This guide to unhealthy eating should NOT be tried at home! HAHAHA

AND, I dont eat like this all the time!
Just most of the time.


Sure I wanna get fatter and all but the healthy way to do that is of course to eat healthy calories like tuna and fruits and other shizz.

Anws let's start!

French toast dipped in baco bits with mustard and mayo spread.
A pinch of pepper and cayenne pepper to give it a little umph.

Main Course:
Laksa maggie mee with Parmesan cheese and Baco bits.
Evaporated and fresh milk added in moderate amount to give it that extra milky flavour!
Add pepper and cayenne pepper.

Main course 2:
Fried rice with mayo and a dash of pepper and sprinkle of cayenne pepper.
Top off with a drizzle of soya sauce!

Lets try to be abit healthy here and wash things down with iced Pomegranate juice!

And maybe some baby strawberries to end off an unhealthy meal ;)

All in the name of good fun people! Please Dont try this at home!
I dont want all of you to have coronary heart disease by the age of 25!

Okay, goodnight people!

Healthy food tomorrow, I promise ;)

mammar hey 9:47 PM

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Today, I buried myself in online TV shows!

Eversince Leverage ended its second season, Ive been depressed :(
No Im just kidding. Im not such a low life. tsk.
But, i decided to explore other err avenues of online television.
First up was CHUCK!

I really miss that series and I thought it was only coming back in April but I guess I was wrong cus it came back in January!
So, I spent the whole afternoon watching all the 7 new episodes of Chuck.

Im so glad that my laptop is running faster cus now Divx videos are loading faster and I can watch high quality shows (:
Anyways, this season of Chuck is amazing!! Its great that they now equipped Chuck with Kung Fu skills cus the old whinning, "omg Sarah, Casey save me!" was getting old.
And, Im glad that Sarah and Chuck are finally over each other and that they both found someone new (:
Kristen Kreuk looks pretty with shorter hair!! Hannah ftw!
I hope she doesnt turn into some other spy using Chuck as an asset like his previous girlfriend!
Please be good to him Hannah!

Im glad that Mr Awesome finally gets roped into some kind of mission. Or two.

And Ellie is as GORGEOUS as ever!!!

Well you guys should watch it for yourselves cus its a really good show!
In my opinion, the show's abit like Leverage, except in Chuck, you love all the characters while in Leverage you kinda hate some of the characters.. *cough*nate*cough*.
But, still Leverage still owns Chuck. To some extent.
OH OH OH!!And I LOVE THE SOUNDTRACK!!!!They always have good songs!! Playing in the background or whatever! SOmetimes I find myself listening to the songs rather than what the characters are saying instead! heh
Second up, Cougar Town!
I kinda stopped watching at episode 13 cus the video refused to load properly and I sorta gave up there. heheh
I really like that show! Its not as pervy as the title may sound. HAHAH
It's actually quite err down-to-earth and not too exaggerated.
And, its not all "omg Im 40 and i wanna date your 16 year old son".
It's a realy realy really hilarious show!!! My mother thinks Im crazy for always laughing at the laptop screen! heheh.

The characters are really funny and lovable too!
Jules, the main character ie Courtney Cox/Kox, looks really good considering her age and all. She really fits these kind of comedies. But, her character I feel is too self obsessed and desperate? yeah.. But I guess thats what you get when youre 40, divorced and single. heh.
Ellie, the bestfriend (wow, alot of Ellies in TV shows) is this cynical married woman! And you know how much I love the cynics. She wears the pants in the family! HAHAHA
Then there's Lorri, the trashy blonde! HAHA you know what they say about blondes,
"they have more fun."
Bobby plays the ex husband who lives in a boat in a parking lot! HAHA I wish to do that one day!
And he drives a golf cart!!
Then there's Grayson the single casanova who's secretly hung on Jules!
Andy, Ellie's husband who wishes he's cool and worships Bobby TTM! Gotta love the fat dude.
Finally, there's Travis, Jules' 18 year old son! Such a funny dude!

Point is, it's a MUST WATCH! Bored or not bored.
So currently, Im hooked on this reality show on MTV called The Buried Life!

Its unlike other MTV shows cus its actually inspiring for a change.
And don't tell me MADE is an inspiring show cus the bulk of it is, " I wanna be a cheerleader, a rapper, and punk rock singer, a model, a prostitude, whatever.."
This show, though still has that stupidity Frat kids element is more inspirational.
Basically, its about these 4 boys who made a list of thing theyre gonna do before they die and theyre gonna do it in a old purple bus! HEHEH.
At the same time, while doing the things they wanna do, they help other people acheive things they (the people) wanna do before they die.
Im only at the first episode but they raised money to buy a computer for a needy school!
But I guess the more exciting part was their plan to enter the Playboy mansion! HAHAHA
Total buzzkill.
I know, all these reality shows are staged but still, you cant help but feel good watching them!

So, now whilst waiting for not to screw up on me, I am downloading this awesome movie sequel, Boondock saints! Watched the first one in 1999 and I really loved it so, I cant wait to waitch the sequel realeased in 2009!!
(: goodnight people (:

mammar hey 9:00 PM

Sunday, February 21, 2010

It has been such a really BUUUSSSYYY and tiring week. I think Ive said this before.
The thing is, Im not even working. Walao.

I work hard for no money, honey.

Was helping my sister and gang with Islamic Awareness week thingy thing.
You know, that--thingy thing.

Had to make posterSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!
Plural, okay. I emphasize.
Initially, I was kinda excited in helping cus Ive been trying to find something err substantial to do on photoshop/ illustrator.
But I didnt know that it was gonna be 40+ posters in less than 4 days!
Seriously rush. And stupid slow laptop and big files.

Furthermore, this was the week that I had a lot of plans with a lot of friends.
Which means-------------- waking up early to do poster, go out with friends, stay up late to do posters. X45874953480938

But I guess, since its Islam Awareness week, I am fulfilling my responsibilities as a Hamba Allah SWT in ber-Da'Wah-ing.

I am just soo glad its over! Now I can sit back and watch more movies and surf the net for days on end!
I am lazy like that. Don't judge me.

Anws, some pictures from this week, which have not yet been posted (:

Sandra's Birthday Surprise


I realise that both our left eyes look retarded in this pic. HAHAH

Obligatory disco disco shots!

Science Centre/Body Worlds.

Look at the queue of sec school kiddies in the background.

Obligatory mirror shots.

Obligatory Sex and the City shots.

But dang, we forgot the GLEE shots.
Because everyone wants an 'L' on their head.
Its the only time it's cool to be a Loser. You know.

Speaking of Body Worlds, I dunno why its the Asian premiere since it premiered in Singapore before.
I dunno. Maybe they forgot.
Amnesia or Alzheimer or STM or something.

Anyways, I found this year's 'premiere' less exciting than the first one.
Yeah, there were the new dead horse and giraffe.
But, the first one was wayyy more interesting! In terms of I dunnno... Everything?
Like the design and layout etc.
You know what I mean lah.
And------ I got to touch the brain during the first one.
I was soo looking forward to that during this year's! Imagine my disappointment.
It's not like everyday that you get to touch a dead brain, you know.

What more, there was a herd of school kiddies from all walks of lives.
But, if you know me well enough, you'll know that I dont take shit like that.
I like to make them feel guilty for crowding the exhibit and block the light.
The secret is to push your way through and look them in the eye like youre bigger than them. Stupid sec sch kids.
Im sorry, I can be evil at times.

Somehow, Kranji SS was there. WOW.
High school reunion or what?
With the teachers there of course. Why would I reunion with kids Ive never met before in my entire life.
And, why isit that during my year, we went to smelly places like little India, Chinatown and Kampong Glum(Glam? Glom? I dunno.. whatever) and write poetry while they get to go to Body Worlds??

Anyways back to the point, the livers and hearts and bodies and stuff were ENORMOUS.
I will never fail to comment, " Oh wow, that's huge. Must be Angmoh"
Which is true.
Maybe the giraffe and Horse are African. Or Indian. Who knows?

But they have really nice eyes!
HAHA Of all things I chose to look at and take in right? My brain works like that.

Its a sad thing, we couldnt take photos though! :c :c

Im sorry. This post is so cynical and evil and complain-ish.
Im just extremely tired and frustrated and my bushy-heavy-long hair is clouding my thoughts.
I need a haircut badly. But I cant seem to part with my 10$.

Going in for a nap :/

mammar hey 6:28 PM

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Did I tell you guys How much I LOOOOVEEE Survivor??!!!

The show is DA BOMBZXZ!
Especially this season!!!!

Heroes tribe sucks
. They are so drama and useless. The only ones I like from that god forsaken tribe are Amanda, Cerie, Stephanie, Tom and Candice.
And I LOOVE Stephanie! It's a pity she left this early!!

was ultimate bitch this episode.
//Youve always been a winner all your life and because of stephanie, you now feel like a loser? Suck it up! Youve never been a winner!
And Stephanie's your kryptonite? Who you think you are? Black superman?!
And at Tribal Council, He was like, "Keep yo mouth shut!" UUGRRHH I just wanted to strangle him.
But Tom and Colby backed Steph up! So, You go boys!!!//

JT's getting on my nerves too! Not to mention broken toe Rupert!

I liked what Tyson said during the challenge, "Run the crate over Rupert's broken toe!"
HAHAH Made me laugh! Tyson always has good sound bites!

I really LOVEE VILLAINS tribe!
Coach is less annoying. Maybe cus of his new found love, Jerri! AWWWW HAHHAHA
Boston Rob is fabulous!! And that DRAMA faint was super FUNNY yet Scary too!
Russell, is ultimate Ego monster!

"I am KING!"
Rob catches a huge clam, Imma catch us a chicken, y'all!

HAHAH But you gotta love him!

Courtney and Parvarti are just tagging along but they are good to watch too! hahah Especially Parvarti! She dislocated Stephanie's shoulder in the first episode! Hello?!!

"Gimme that tile or Imma break your arm!"

Sandra is mother bitch, I swear!! Love her to bits, but she aint gonna win this one.
And danielle WHO?!

I really thought the villains were gonna suffer for sure, but theyve done a really good job so far! Winning 2 immunity challenges! Good team work!

Btw, does Stephanie look like fergie or what???!!!

If she stayed any longer, we'll probably see her break out into London Bridge while making a fire!

And, poor Rob had to fake a faint to make his team work harder to survive!... Oh and to get screentime.
They all make it to sound and look so real, but we all know it was staged!

producers: "Hey, maybe we can make it look like he fainted?"
Jeff: "why not? The medics have nothing to do anyways.."

You guys better, watch out, cus Rob's out to win it!

I really didnt like Rob during his season cus he was such an ass during The Amazing Race, but I really like him now! Amber's proud!

I was kinda disappointed with this episode's challenge, cus they combined reward and immunity.
But all that drama, sure made up for it!!

Just walk away Fergie, walk away! Youre better than that!

In other survivor news, Candice is fading out. She's a nobody in this game! She and that Danielle from villains tribe! Didnt hear a word from her(Danielle) AT ALL!! Im serious!

Okay, enough of survivor! (:

mammar hey 3:08 PM

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I am DRAINED!! cus it has been an eventful past few days!

Sunday evening was the Apex BBQ, Monday night was familia movie outing, today was a meet up with old pals!
Apex BBQ

I had a really GREAT time! Everyone was happy and energetic and easy to get along with!
The highlights are the FOOD, Ping pong, and Taboo!

Thanks to all that brought and bbq-ed the food! It filled me up(:

Ping pong was fun cus everyone was so competitive and into it! But, it wasnt like serious serious cus we laughed non- stop.

Taboo was another fun game we played!
Everyone was participative and into the game, even though it was already so late at night!
All in all, I had a fantastic time and I cant wait for the next gathering! (:

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.

So yesterday night, part of my family( my mother sat at Macs and my eldest sister stayed home) watched the above mentioned movie!
I have to admit, it was a really good and exciting movie.
It had some Harry Potter elements to it, but otherwise, it had its ermm individuality. sort of..
Then it was Macs and home cus it was already so late at night.

Meet up with old pals!
Today's outing was amazingly fun and full of LAUGHTER!
I have not laughed so much in a long time!

The plan was to visit the Egyptian Exhibition but because it was FREE FOR ALL today, the queue was terribly loooong and so was the wait.
So, we decided to come back another day(maybe) when its only free to students! HEHEH

So, we ventured elsewhere within the museum compounds.
We entered some random History of fashion in Singapore gallery.
It wasnt that interesting.

After wards, we walked aimlessly around the museum, taking random photos.

After a while, we got bored, hungry and Faza needed her coffee rush!
So, Starbucks it was!

Laughed ALOT!

Then, we went to Cathay to catch a movie.
They wanted to watch Percy Jackson.
Even though, I already watched, I did not mind watching it again. See, I am such a good friend.
Expectantly, it was crowded and we were seated in the Grand Theater! HEHEH

Okay, goodnight y'all! (:

mammar hey 10:42 PM