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Saturday, March 31, 2007

It's so obvious that they won't last long. I mean, one has a modest and bubbly persona while the other is just an arrogant and egoistic b*stard. Good luck to them.

Anyhow, moving on, today was the Leader's/ Prize/ Speech Day rehearsal. I dunno why they have to give the event 3 names. Every teacher uses different names. I'm not even sure if they are referring to the same thing. Well, amazingly, the rehearsal lasted only for an hour which was faster than expected since last year they took 123456 hours to finish.

The sad thing was, I missed visiting parliament house! Bohoo. But I heard only 7 people from my class was able to go! The rest either had Leader's Day rehearsals or had SYF. Cannot blame us for having too many leaders in the class!

I want to make this clear. Either you are deaf or you must be insane! I am not quiet during Ms Lai's English class! How is that even brain-fully possible?! I am utmost shocked! But its quite cool to be labeled quiet for once! So yay and boohoo!

Tomorrow, my geog group mates are coming over again to FINISH up the geog project. Hopefully.

On Sunday, my cousin will be getting married and I only realised/ remembered about it last week when my mother reminded me. Hoho.

I go fly! [Oh man, kucing! See lah you influenced me with this fly2 stuff! Now I sound so bimbo!]

mammar hey 12:17 AM

Friday, March 30, 2007


Math test sucked to the max and so did Bio SPA! I am so frigging dead man!

Anyhoo, today I went back with my hidung bestie cum temporary neighbour. Yah, she's staying above me on the ninth floor until Friday to accompany her sister and I must say it was quite cool to go back home with someone and like she said, it was interesting hoho.

I need to gain weight desperately! GAHH! Let's binge ourselves people!

ok, I fly!

mammar hey 2:59 PM

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Today is Tuesday and I don't remember the day's event.

Okay, let me try to recap. Hmm, oh ya I had diarrhea in the morning before school and I Spent like 123456 hours in the toilet man!

So, I wasnt too worried about the English Feature Article common test because I thought I studied enough ie. nothing! LOL. hoho. Anyways, I think I did okay for it. The word here is OKAY not good not bad. Just okay.

Teachers are the dumbest smart people on the face of the world! They keep telling us not to invade people's privacy etc. but they them self contradict what they say and invade our privacy. An example would be a COMPULSORY written journal depicting our PERSONAL life even though we were reluctant to do so. Of course now there is no such thing in schools. Thank the lord!

But now, with the rising popularity of blogs, they apparently have so much time to read our blogs and even if we password protect it or set it to private they still read it! I dunno how, I dunno why, they just frigging know how to access password protected posts. That is why I don't bother trying to password protect any. And they claim that this is not invasion of privacy because we already publish it to the net and made it public blah blah but the fact that we password protect it already indicates that it is private and they should be CLEVER enough not to read it because it is PRIVATE and none of their bloody business!

I think that was my third post on teachers reading blogs. hoho.

ps: last Sunday I farted like 1234567 times! SERIOUS! I dunno what I ate. Kucing thinks its the baked beans. I figured.

mammar hey 9:57 AM

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I am super duper happy because there are no test for this whole week except maybe for English, Chemistry, Bio and Chem SPA and Math. I know that you think that 5 is still a lot but in my case, 5 is actually not much compared to the usual 8 tests per week!

Anyhoots, yesterday, the three nenehs came to my house and we did our geog poster at the park near my house. I was like their waiter for the day because every time I went up be to pee or get some materials they will ask," eh go bring us some water!"

They asked until I had no juice left in my fridge!! AHH!!


Today, we continued our geog project in the school library and a/some stupid and hopefully AIDs infected kid(s) disturbed us and etc.

Not much to update on! Okay I need to fly and study for English feature article! nighty night night!

Okay Sean where are you??! I need the report TONIGHT!!

mammar hey 10:28 AM

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Almost got top 10 for the annual road run! GAHH!

No more next year!

I felt like shitting near the end of race! I mean it literally. I had my "oh man i need to shit" face on. And, Mr Yeo stopped us at the gate because the top 10 positions have already been filled! Good thing was that I was the first in my class but its not really an achievement since my class only has 10 boys?

ok whatever!

So anyhoo, after the "family day" thing, the guys went to play soccer at the field! Long time since I played and I was sweating like a pig for the second time!

Later, we went to eat at Lot1, Macdonalds. I felt very insecure about going because I had been sweating and I think[?] i smelt bad. But I did not smell quite as bad as someone. Won't say who.

On the way there, the other guys could not stop sprouting vulgarities and making fun of people's parents. Since I am a well refined man, as Jesper would say, I never sprout any vulgarities and the only time I make fun of people's parents is when they make fun of mine first, so I kept quiet all the way, rolling my eyes continuously. And, my friends know me as a sarcastic person and when I fight back, I always [want to] win!

So anyways, at Macdonalds I was especially quiet again and I dunno why. Quite scary come to think of it. hoho.

Later, everyone went home, leaving me and Zehang. So we explored the CD shop and Zehang is obsessed with war movies I tell you.

I'm like hey, look there's blood diamond and he points beside it and says, eh flag of our fathers! -__-"

Went home after that and bathed! Felt so refreshing!

geog project tomorrow.

have a fun filled weekend!

ps: NEW LAYOUT and I'm still coughing!

mammar hey 10:30 AM

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Oh brother, oh sister!

Yesterday and today was an awesomelicious day!

Lets talk about yesterday's "drama/soup opera" event.
So while having Biology lab lesson, the class heard a loud noise from the opposite class. At first we did not bother about it. Then, another louder sound was made!

Apparently, Mr________ was fed up with his class and said, "f*ck! Im tired of your f*cked up attitude! C**bye!" And he threw HIS pencil box out of the class, making the loud noise and he banged the door and left! I'm not sure if this is true or not since it came from a bias source and if it is, then, I am in utmost awe! How cool?! Hopefully Mr________ does not get sacked or anything.

But why throw his own pencil box? That was so dumb!

Ok, enough drama. Today was fun!

So, for the first time, I was paying attention to social studies because Ms Ram was teaching my favourite subject, growth of Singapore! I know, I know, I am a boring person but I love that topic because it is related to geography and is super easy okay!

Oh and so after school there was Math IP. Mdm Mah said that I need not come since my math is already good[I'm super flattered] but I came anyways since i wanted to ask her about the homework.

Also, she was going to teach vectors , my weakest topic. Maybe she has not started marking for the vector test to know that I was going to flunk it. Maybe thats why she thinks I need not go! Hoho.

Oh and Sandy thought me the new dance! HAHA. So besides hockey pockey, i can dance the dumdum dance! hoho.

My DISC personality test result is a director! oh and I tend to get arrogant at times so bear with my boasting heh!

I hate that the personality test is telling the truth about me! Oh brother, oh sister!

mammar hey 9:26 AM

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hola people!

I blew my Geography common test today! GAHH! I did not finish the last question and the other questions were badly done.):

So, like every other Tuesday, Zehang, Suren and me would go to Lot1 and eat Long John to commemorate the completion of our common test. However today, Zehang and Suren got into another big tiff and so there goes our lunch together. They are like husband and wife. Correction, husband and husband. Oh my! Scandal! Just joking.

Anyways, I was freaking hungry like a freaking bulimic/ aneroxic but both of them left me alone at the foyer while they went their separate ways so I had no choice but to just go home. On my way to Lot1, I bumped into Navin and we both decided to eat KFC. So yay!

I heard from him that he shouted at Josiah today and Josiah is friendless yet again. Boohoo Josie. Boohoo. I really pity him but what can I do? His attitude has got to change.

Oh and we talked about his favourite star again today, Madonna! Shall not elaborate.

Chemistry test tomorrow. Dang.

Ok I fly!

mammar hey 7:16 AM

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

School was a breeze today. It was not as hectic as I thought it was. Apparently, most of my classmates did not even do their math holiday homework and they were not even in a rush. Oh man. I wasted 3 hours of sleep just to finish up math.

So, I brought my camera to school today since I had to take picture of my geography group to place in our video. So during lesson time, I sort of played around with it. hoho.

I am currently taking a break from studying for my geography and I really hope that tomorrow's test will be easy. At least, make it doable.

Considering that I am studying every single thing, I really hope that everything in the tourism chapter will come out because I do not want to think that I have studied for something with little relevance to the test. But, I know that that will not happen. It is impossible to chunk in every single topic about tourism in the 45 minutes test.

Math has always been a bore.
Stupid one mark! While everyone was busy studying,
I was busy taking pictures of my beutiful foolscap.
My hot Fossil watch.
And my shoes??
Haikal's "I need to shit" face.You want to what?
Eww. Someone wants to shit!
Paparazzi shot.
I was TRYING to be artistic.
I was thinking of swensens during Physics.

bye people(:

mammar hey 2:27 PM

Monday, March 19, 2007

I almost died today trying to finish all my homework by tomorrow.

Unfortunately, my Math is still uncompleted and I'm left with my English summary. It is actually not that much left but it still means that I have to stay up late again today to finish it. boohoo.

Anyhoots, Im having a love hate thing going on with my new haircut. I like the back. I like the sides. I like the top. But the front aka the fringe sucks cow balls.

I specifically told that bloody hairdresser not to bloody cut my fringe. But she was bloody busy chatting with her bloody friend that she bloody forgot that I said that I did not want to cut my fringe. Now I take a bloody long time to style my hair because I try to bloody hide the fugly-ness. hoho.

Okay, enough bloody.

On to happier stuff.

School starts tomorrow! Okay maybe not so happy but at least I get to meet up with my friends again and dance the hockey pockey with Sandy at the back and maybe she can teach me her new dance. hoho. Math lessons will be a bore no more!

But of course, that will not happen on the first day. Because, on the first day, everybody will be busy asking one another how to do the bloody questions in the Math homework and I am particularly sure that there are some who have not even touched their homework and will rush like a mad cow tomorrow. Good luck you guys.

Okay pigs fly and so must I! Goodnight(:

mammar hey 12:41 PM

Sunday, March 18, 2007


I only started on my homework yesterday and I had to flip through my textbook to recap the topics learnt last year so that I could complete my math homework which unfortunately is still not done yet. And now, I'm finishing my English.

I'm left with my mother tongue! hoho.

I'm was freaking pissed while doing my homework. Why you ask? Because, while I was doing it, suddenly, many people wanted to chat with me on MSN about the class blog and how to post blah blah.


It's like they had all planned to chat with me when I was doing my homework and not when I have nothing to do. tsk.

School reopens on Monday with a bunch of tests waiting for me. Yay!

mammar hey 9:21 AM

Friday, March 16, 2007

So, lets start with yesterday.

After physics IP, most of the 4F boys went to Macdonalds to have our breakfast.

Since Sean and I were waiting for Wan Zhen to finish her dance rehersals so we could do our geography project, both of us decided to follow the rest to Syarif's house to slack.

Syarif still uses Teletubies bedsheet.
At about 10.30am, we[me and Sean] met up with Wan Zhen at my place to do our geography project which was really fun because we played with dolls. hoho. We used the dolls as our actors/actresses instead of ourselves. How cool but gay.

super cool.

Later on, Sandy came and we finished up the project.

Today, I had service learning. I went with Natasha, Muneera, Fairuz, Hannah, Michelle, Josephine, Xiong Jie, Zhi Yang and Jun Xian.

on our way there. Almost got lost.

At first it was quite boring but once we were left alone without the presence of the volunteer, we went insane and started taking "bodyless" pictures and joked around as if we had mad cow disease. It was the best laugh I had in a few months. hoho.

when the volunteer was gone, we showed off our camera skills!

They tried to die but they failed. And we tried to kill but we are not murderers!
We had to place papers into envelopes.
Josephine's killer look when she found out we had to fill envelopes.
throwing away papers and stuffing them into boxes.
And what other better way than to jump on it? hoho.
Gdbye peeps(:
ps: my handphone is spoilt so please do not send me SMSes. Instead, you can email me at

p/ps: Dear 4Fians, the class blog is finally revived so please blog on whatever happenings.

mammar hey 2:57 PM

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Today, I danced the hockey pockey with Sandy in class during Math lesson again! Just Kidding! But we did so last week. hoho. Typical things 4F would do during Math lesson besides sleeping!

Anyways, there was physics SPA practical and I screwed it up again! GAHH. Wont blab about it.

So, yesterday, instead of revising for my physics SPA, the family went out to the IT fair to buy me and my sister an MP4! We bought it at only 60$ each but I am going out to Sim Lim to exchange it because they gave me the wrong wires and the radio is not working. This is what you get from purchasing cheap stuff. tsk.

Oh well, just now, I stayed back for a while to help Nat, Fai and Muneera with their chemistry.

On Wednesday, I will be doing my geography project after Physics IP. Its gonna be tiring but hopefully Fun!

On Thursday, I will be heading down to St. Luke's Hospital to do my duty to the community. hoho.

and, maybe on Friday, I might go there again to watch the performance.

oh boy, the March holiday is full of events and oh, not to forget HOMEWORK!!

I gotta go study for my Chemistry SPA tomorrow. I dont want to screw it up as well. :(

mammar hey 4:42 AM

Sunday, March 11, 2007

I created a poster for deforestation for my geography project and I think its quite cool except for the weird hands. lol.

if you do, please credit/link back(:

I could go into advertising.

Oh and if you have not realised, I changed my layout(:

mammar hey 11:30 AM

I am trying to keep my mind off homework so I decided to blog or rather make a list. A list of the models/actresses I wish to date if i could! lol.

1. Gisele Bunchen[hot!]
2. Adriana Lima
3. Scarlett Johansen
4. Ashlee Simpson
5. Mena Suvari
6. Charlize Theron
7. Alexis Bledel
8. Hilary Duff
9. Ayumi Hamasaki
10. Cinderella[if only]

I bet that they are all taller than me -__-"

A man can dream, can't he? huhuhu.

ok i fly.

mammar hey 8:16 AM

Saturday, March 10, 2007

hey ho lets go! Im not dead yet people! Still alive and kicking!

Sorry for the super lack of updates. School has been super duper hectic the last few weeks since the teachers were trying to squeeze 123456 tests in a day. Insane.

So anyway, today was meet the parents day cum report book/ppr collection day. I have to say I did pretty well.

English A2
Higher Malay A2
Amath A1
Emath A1
Combined Humanities A2
Chemistry A1
Biology A1
Physics C5!!

A image of my report card(:

Oh man! Physics is such a bloody disappointment! How could I drop from an A2 to C5! I'm like so flabbergasted okay! All because of the first test which I apparently failed! Luckily, I got 83 for my second test which pulled up my scores! Could have got straight As. And the ironic thing is that my father is a physics teacher! GAHH! tsk.

Whatever it is, I am contented with the overall and that is all that matters. Will work harder on physics. I promise! Oh and I got 94 for geog elective! It really helped pull my Combined Humanities up! huhu.

Oh and Ms Tan commented that she hates my study habit of studying in front of the computer/ TV late at night while listening to music. Im super okay with it and apparently it has worked well for me[see above] and if I switch study habits, I might not do as well in studies. So why take a risk?

I know its unhealthy and blah blah blah. But its my prerogative and I like the way I study. Different people have different study methods . If you hate mine then let it be. There is no need for you to tell me to change it and control the way I lead my life. Healthy or not, it is still my life.

Okay, feels so good ranting that out.

ps: I got full marks for my math common test!! woopee! You rock Ammar.

Ok I fly!

mammar hey 7:42 AM