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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Last Saturday, I went to the Chingay parade at the very last minute[long story, shall not elaborate]. SO I went with a low battery camera but the battery finished just in time after the parade! It was uber cool because we got VIP seats. WE as in me and 3 of of sister's friends. I was captivated and flabbergasted by the awesome performances. Oh, oh, oh, I got hot firework pictures which I took. The first good picture of the year other than the pictures of my face of course![hahahaha. Just joking!]

Anyhoots, this week is jam packed with ginormous amount of tests and lesser homework! I would prefer more homework and lesser tests but what can I do.

So, yesterday, there was Biology test. I shall not elaborate further.

Today there was an English and Malay test. I think I screwed up big time for my English compo but my Malay test was okay.

Tomorrow, there will be Math test which I am unfortunately unable to study for because of time. Also, there will be a Geography test and I am prepared to fail it because I do not know how to study and what to study! Ms Yeo did not come for a lot of lessons and now I am confused. She has not returned back our assignment and I do not have any reference. Hence, I am screwed!

There will be a REAL Biology practical exam on Thursday which sucks big time because I hate practicals. I always get paranoid in case I break something or did a step wrong.

But anyways, moving on, on Friday, there is ANOTHER math test! Oh btw, if you read my previous post, I mentioned about this uber difficult test. Apparently, everyone did badly but I got a 13/16!! Yahhooo!

So as you can see, there is a test on everyday of this week! However, I am excited about tomorrow's trip to some Biopolis centre to learn more about Bilogy. Duhh.

mammar hey 3:50 PM

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Yesterday was a busy and tiring day which has definitely turned around my sleeping habits. Usually, I would sleep in the day and study at night. However yesterday, I had to stay back in school till 6pm to help out with the herb thingy booth. I was fun even though there were a few bore some points.

Had to stick our hands into some icky and gooey gel!

My hands are frigging yucky!
The homemade soap! Looks edible! ooh...
The mock strawberry in this nutrient gel.
Working hard.
Seeing blue!
Singapore's next top model. In her dreams!

Hot stuff!
This insect was like still moving. Super gross!
We have ugly faces!!
Anyways, today, I did my math and English homework. Math was easy peasy! Oh by the way, yesterday there was a maths functions test which was uber difficult but for the first time after a long time, I could answer the questions[I hope]. Im finally getting my drift back!(:

So for English, I had to complete an essay which the rest of my classmates already completed and handed in a long time ago but since I just got promoted to Band1, I could hand the work in late! So while I was doing the essay, I just could not feel it and I think I did it badly. GAHH! So anyways, while doing my essay, my mother commented that my handwriting is small. She must be blind or something! So I scanned in the first part of my essay for you guys to see my apparently small handwriting and my horrible English!

Oh and I realised that I finally grew taller! Woohoo! Because, on one Wednesday after school, on the bus where all the seats are full, I had to sit at the back. And we all[at least the Singaporeans] know that at the back, the seats are much higher so its near to the roof of the bus. So, i was about to sit down when my head hit the roof[not my hair, I know its tall] for the first time ever! So obviously I had difficulty sitting down but I was smiling like some crazy idiot! hoho[:

Anyways, I was bore and decided to do yoga! LOL!

mammar hey 8:30 AM

Thursday, February 22, 2007

School was especially fun today and English IP after school proved to NOT be such a bore after all.

So I got my chemistry common test back and I was quite upset about my result. I only got 20/30. I actually expected much more since I studied my ass off for it but whatever.

Oh during PE, as usual, I strained myself and by the end of the period, I had a painful hip and ankle. Man, I am getting old.

So anyhoots, after school, there was English IP coaching and it was fun even though the class was still quite quiet.

Oh and Ms Lai listens to Linkin Park's Breaking The RABBIT! Yes RABBIT! Imagine that.
So im breaking the rabbit tonight,
Ill paint it on the wall,
Cuz Im the one at fault,

That was definitely the high point/ highlight of the day. Laughed my ass off at that. Seriously.

I have a Biology test tomorrow and I still have yet to study for it. Dang, I love the subject but I hate to study it!

up up and away!

mammar hey 3:40 PM

Monday, February 19, 2007

Oh my the book Amiro gave me is HOT stuff!! I swear that I am addicted to it!! It is so err, philosophic and quite true even though I do not believe it since it will be against my religion but some of the phrases are meaningful seriously!

So if you get a chance, please read "the five people you meet in heaven" by Mitch something.


mammar hey 5:39 PM

Hello people! today is Sunday and I plan to finish all my homework by today but Im feeling so lazy! Hopefully. GAHH!

So, I have been watching movies/serials on the internet again at this particular website which I will not tell you because later everyone will go there and the site will have to shut down:(

So yah, have been watching Prison break and I am left with the last 4 episodes! next will be supernatural and maybe some korean drama!

By the way, the whole family is wrapping the bunga telur[wedding gifts to give to the visitors] for my cousin's wedding in April but I dunno why I am not involved in wrapping it because maybe my wrapping sucks?! Hahahah. I escaped the treacherous task! hoho.

Okay, and thanks to Amirul who introduced this super cool song by Incumbus called Anna Molly!! Have been listening to it every hour since yesterday!

Okay I have to go eat now!(:

mammar hey 9:30 AM

Saturday, February 17, 2007

So today's Chinese New Year celebration was a blast! So, I brought to school my cybershot camera and I got 117 pictures but I will only post 16 pictures!

Firstly, we had to decorate the classroom and I am glad the spirit is back! So anyhoo, one hour to decorate the classroom is unreasonable but we made do with it and won second place!!! Yahoo! Even though I wanted that first place but idiotic 4D had to steal the title from us[I will explain later on why 4D is an idiotic clss. tsk.]

Me holding the chair. Zehang's life is in my hands!The girls outside.

The flying pigs was my idea! tsk so cute right?
Making streamers.
Hanging up the streamers.
Painting pigs??


So next, we headed to the hall to watch the 1.5 hour long performance which was pretty interesting especially the lion dance and the balancing bowl dance. The Mongolian dancers the school paid "expensively" for apparently, was uberly boring and dumb to the core of the Earth!

The balance bowl dancers.
The boring Mongolian dancers.
The super cool lion dancers.

Oh and I totally forgot that my camera was on flash so all the hall pictures were quite dark. I only realised it till the end of the whole performance. I am dumb, what can you do about that huh? And don't mind my ugly photography skills alright! Even though I am using a Sony Cybershot, if you do not know how to use it, the pictures will turn out ugly, so what's the use? GAHH!!

Oh and the dumb dumb 4D class had to stand up at every performance, blocking everybody's view! How inconsiderate. tsk! So all the peeps at the back were like, "OII get your ass on the floor! You are not the only ones watching right? Inconsiderate idiots!" And the craziest thing was that they were dubbed the most "participative" class that day! Come on people, roll your eyes twice! Mamasitablackcurrentsiaoneneh class! Okay whatever!

The dumb dumb 4Ds!! As you can see, their ass is in the way!

Supposed to go watch a movie with the guys but my ass is feeling too heavy today so I stayed at home! hehe

Goodbye people, Happy CNY!

mammar hey 9:23 AM

Friday, February 16, 2007

hello nenehs! Ni hao ma?[how are you?] Ni men se hen hao mah?[ Are you all feeling good?]

Yeah! Im feeling very good indeed because the chinese new year aka the pig year is coming and though I am not celebrating it, it is a school holiday so should be grateful and bersyukur! Anyhoo, just now I stayed back to do the herb research thingy and help out with the class decorations. I think this year will be very err, sian[boring] and stupid because my class is overly studious[due to Olevels] and the class spirit is gone, so I do not think that we will win the class decoration competition this year:( Im hoping we do though so, woohoo!

Anyhoots, back to yesterday, valentines day! Yeah, received a lot of candies and gave out chocs! Luckily I brought along a zip lock bag to fill in the sweets and such!

I especially LOVED Min Fang's lollipop like stick thing which was total coolness wookay?

Oh and of course my neneh bestie hidung, MIRO's gift! She got it just for me! aww! Anyhoo, Its a book called," the five people you will meet in heaven". Im currently, 1/12 of the book but it seems interesting and I will continue reading! SO THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

And thank you to the rest as well okay??!

Wanted to take pictures of the stupendous and delicious gifts but I cannot find the camera so I will give you a picture of me instead(: LOL. MCP[male chauvinistic pig] indeed! haha but I am sure that my ultra hot plus retarded face is so much more exciting to look at, rather than sweets right? tsk.

okay, I need to go pee now!

mammar hey 12:29 PM

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hello belos[idiots] and selengs[dumbos]! Just kidding. Ya anyhoots, I am super duper hyper glad that the chemistry test is over. A bundle of my shoulders! However, the treacherous journey to a carefree life is not yet over! There is still math test TOMORROW and biology test the day after! Thank god, Friday till Tuesday is a holiday due to Chinese New Year.

I have been making personalised internet valentine cards for people but I decide to stop halfway, infact, not really halfway. So anyways, only a few will receive the hot and beautiful ecards I made myself! So yah, the rest, maybe will get a normal internet valentine day card, still made by hand though, just not as err, intricate.

Oh and I have been listening to Relient K again. I will never get tired of their songs!

Oh my mama, Lastly, let me thank Kranji Secondary School for allowing me to develop to my fullest potential through the numerous amount of tests and homework! I really appreciate it(: *in a sarcastic voice*

You did not really think that I would thank them would you? tsk.

Happy 13 of February people! May tomorrow bring unexpected surprises. Hurrah, Hurray to me, because I am celebrating Vday single!(:

mammar hey 1:24 PM

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I am currently mugging insanely for tomorrow's chemistry test which is clearly bursting my brains! I know, you might ask, "if I am studying, what am I doing blogging?"

Ya okay, I need to digest all the equations and confusing factors right now, so in the meantime, I shall blog. Other than chemistry, there are other important homework to complete as well, for example my overdue English reading task and my mother tongue summary! GAHH! Luckily, Mdm Mah was super kind today and did not give any complicated math homework, so phew!

Its really idiotic and dumb that all the teachers are reading our blogs which is kind of an invasion of the students' privacy. I know, you would say that once you place it on the net, it is already made public! However, we only share our blogs among friends and those whom we want to read our entries. Who in the world would give their links to their teachers. I guess the teachers have to resort to using the government's "special" program to access our blogs as they are rejected in the student's lives.

I mean, first they ask us to write journals and hand it in to them depicting our private lives but they wont even tell us their own profile, nonetheless their age! The irony!

And sometimes the students may keep private blogs where they rant about stuff that are superbly private and no one is given the link as they just want to rant out their emotions and let go. You would say, you should have written it down on a book instead! But as technology improves, the internet diary is found to be much more convenient. Sometimes, even if we password protect the post, the school happens to device a code breaker and read those entries. That is why, I am thinking of switching to either wordpress or b2 to blog instead of blogger as the school has total control of it, apparently!

ahhh, now I have to go back to my "study chemistry mode"!


mammar hey 2:40 PM

Monday, February 12, 2007

I do not know why but it seems that today, I am more err, prone to blogging a lot! That's a good thing, I hope.

Anyhoots, I am super happy for my kucing khairani who have recently gotten attached again and hopefully, this relationship will last long(:

I have been reading articles and studied this topic and it makes me real sad because me, myself, i contribute to this horrible situation. So now, us humans, including me, we shall stop using aerosol cans, Styrofoam and stuff containing chlorofluorocarbons (CFC)!! We shall boycott these companies and create a safe environment where the polar bears can live freely with no fear of extinction and the world can survive better without floods due to the melting of ice caps and a planet where skin or eye disease is not an adverse problem! Let there be no hole in the ozone layer!! YEAH!!

okay, 'Ammar is getting on the crazy side.. I better sign off now!

mammar hey 3:23 PM

I want to do my Maths homework but I cannot find my Math five year series book! GAHH! I heard that there is alot to do! I am so dead tomorrow!

Well anyhoots, thanks to all those encouraging comments, really cheered me up! Love you guys<3!![read previous post]

Okay, got to go study for bloody chemistry test.

mammar hey 9:37 AM

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Yesterday was a sad and unlucky day! Firstly, in the morning, I had a terrible running nose and I think I had a fever. Secondly, I did not bring my tie and had to ask everywhere for those who had an extra and thank god for Tian Feng who had one! Thirdly, I was super nervous about the mother tongue results being released in the afternoon. So when I got my O level mother tongue results, I got only a B3!:( Thanks to those who comforted me especially to AMIRAH MIRO, my hidung bestie for cheering me up like alot!<3!

Anyhoots, today was much happier because yana, sab and me went to Yew Tee to help sell stuff for the school's fund raising! Initially I thought it started at 11am but Sab called me at 8am while I was sleeping ever so soundly to ask me to come to school-___-! So I only had 15 mins to bathe and then I had to rush out of the house. In the end, I was right, our shift started at 11am not 8am!! So to dispense time, we chit chatted at MacDonalds.

Well overall, the day was fun and err, productive? Yeah. I am having a splitting headache and am currently lazy to study for my upcoming chemistry test!

mammar hey 10:22 AM

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Today was GREAT!

First period was chemistry which totally rules because of Mr Lim who can make you understand almost anything in a second!

PE, was refreshing because we had to run 2.4km. It was windy and all and I was in the sleeping mood but in the end, I managed to run 9min 10secs, which was a great improvement from 11min 45secs!

So anyhoots, English was silent well because I was switched from Band2 to band1 and the class was super quiet and dead!

After school, I had IP coaching with Ms Lai which was really enjoyable and all but I was feeling uberly sleepy so I was not feeling the fun that much.

So I went to get a haircut after that which turned out FUGLY and NERDY and IDIOTIC! Dang, I wished I could turn back the clock.

I get comments or rather questions from a lot of people asking,"Hey Ammar, are you wearing makeup?" [-__-"]!! I am a guy, why would I want to and just because my face is super clear and hot and fair[hahaha], it does not mean that I am wearing makeup! Ridiculous!

Well I just found out that tmr there is a SPA practical and I am not prepared for it so kill me right now X)

mammar hey 3:54 PM

Monday, February 5, 2007

Oh My Frigging Hell! Some idiot bitch/bastard just reported me on for not commenting! Hello?? I always comment! I comment once the email comes in! Like the person can go die! Just because your site is so unpopular and disgusting that no one wants to visit that you have to depend on members to comment, you do not have to create such a fuss and point out those who did not comment! However, your eyes are too small for your overly ginormous head that you did not see my NAME down there commenting for you! So at least be grateful that I did! You probably have idiosyncrasy and have a limited number of friends! Now go die because six feet under is where yoyu ought to be(:

mammar hey 9:38 AM

Friday, February 2, 2007

I have finally changed the layout after 10000 million years! I quite like the TV and people love the TV but they love me more[haha]! Oh and this layout is made purely by hand okay. Maybe not the hand but the pen tool!

So anyhoo, school was tiring as usual and there was that "your class is too quiet, please be more responsive" speech again by Ms Lee. Blah blah blah. So I actually slept on the bus and almost leaned on someone's shoulder!-___-" lol. So idiot right? GAHH!

Okay, I feel like eating right now! Goodbye!

mammar hey 8:42 AM

Thursday, February 1, 2007

School was okay. I wouldnt say that it was fun though because during some lessons I felt like dozing off mostly during Math lessons that is! Anyhoo, in the morning, Mr Sia conducted a meeting with the chairperson and vice chairperson[me] of every class and gave a long and stupid speech about how we should discipline our classmates and blah blah blah. Because of him, I missed a period of chemistry! GAHH! Luckily, Mr Lim did not teach anything new or important!

Physical Education was super fun because Mr Kong was not present so we had to run 3 rounds around the school[ tiring but I loved it! Call me weird!]. Then, we got to play either basketball or soccer! This was super duper cool because we never played them during any of Mr Kong's lessons because he loves us to do stupid exercises! So anyhoo, I chose to play basketball duhh! It was fun.

English was thrilling because we had to make a poster to sell ourselves and I made this poster of me when I will be 26 and am the richest dude on the planet!

Ms Yeo did not come for geography as well so we sat around talking crap and sorts and I had to do a very very very stupid dare. I wont even say what because its bleedy stupid!

During Math, I felt like sleeping and tried to doze off behind a book but to no avail ):

So I was uberly happy when I need not stay back after school! So I went home and slept all the way till 7pm!

On another note, I think teachers are making use of my ability to web design and now they are straggling me to help them create a poster for some event! Please note that I have a GINORMOUS amount of homework and have no time for your sissy posters!

Okay maybe I was exaggerating! Only one teacher requested but still...

Now that you finished reading, please tag and say goodbye![:

mammar hey 12:18 PM